Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 25

The old-fashioned air conditioner in the teaching office sent cold air, and the Haier Brothers sticker on it was even more warped.

Hua Wangchun was sitting at the desk, facing the two father and son on the sofa.

He has been in the teaching profession for decades, and he has seen countless families who get along with each other, but he has never seen such a strange one.

Let’s talk about intimacy, the two are separated by nearly half the sofa, as if no one wants to be next to each other;

Let’s talk about alienation, they can still see their relationship on the surface, and they don’t have a bad face on each other.

After the conversation just now, Ye Gaoyang was still very concerned about his situation at school, and Ye Cheng also had a trace of unease when he saw his parents.

But after the two people sat down, there was no communication at all, not even a greeting like what they had eaten at noon.

Hua Wangchun cleared his throat and broke the silence: “Since the child is here, let’s continue the conversation just now.”

“I will answer your question here. I’m sorry and sorry that the school failed to apply for a recommended spot this year.” He said regretfully, “But according to his grades, one of the key 985 exams is 985. There is no problem.”

Ye Cheng thought to himself, this school would be a ghost if it could apply for a recommendation.

Places are limited, and not every school can get a piece of the pie.

He also slowly realized in his heart that the reason why Ye Gaoyang appeared here was 80% because of Zhu Yufen’s phone call home to look for trouble.

“I’m not worried about his grades, I’ll have to trouble the teacher to take care of him in the future,” Ye Gaoyang said.

Hua Wangchun didn’t know him very well, but as soon as he entered the door, he saw his outfit. He was probably also a well-mannered person, so his attitude was also very polite.

“No trouble, this is what we should do. Also, the question you mentioned about changing the head teacher is like this. The head teacher of their class has asked for a month’s leave, and I will temporarily replace the class this month.” He explained.

Ye Gaoyang frowned: “The children are already in their third year of high school. Frequent changes of teachers will always do them more harm than good. I hope the school can understand this.”

Hua Wangchun nodded again and again: “Yes, I know this, you can rest assured that there will be no accidents in the future.”

Ye Cheng felt a little bored. He used to be eager to hear this kind of conversation, which was a symbol of Ye Gaoyang’s concern for him.

However, now he just feels like chewing wax.

Ye Gaoyang was still arguing with Hua Wangchun, and Ye Cheng stared at the crumbling label on the air conditioner opposite.

The shabby sign was swaying from the air-conditioning wind, and he seriously wondered when the thing was going to fall.

“You’re right, I’ll arrange to change seats as soon as possible.”

“Don’t get me wrong, Director Hua, I just don’t want him to be influenced by unimportant people.”

“I understand, I understand… It’s like this morning, these two children didn’t come to class. Lu Xiao, I know, is on leave.”

Ye Gaoyang turned to Ye Cheng: “What did you do in the morning? Don’t ask the teacher for leave.”

Ye Cheng gradually came back to his senses, and the two adults looked at him in unison.

He had no choice but to say: “I went to find Lu Xiao last night, but it was too rainy to come back.”

Hearing this name, Ye Gaoyang’s expression changed: “Where have you been, does your grandma know?”

“Yes, I told her.” Ye Cheng was reluctant to reveal about Qingshan, so he said lightly, “Dad, it was too rainy yesterday, and we were late in the morning because we couldn’t get a taxi.”

“You’re late? You’ve been absent from school all morning.” Ye Gaoyang rarely speaks in such a stern tone, the more he thought about it, the more wrong he became, “Xiaocheng, you were not like this before, you have been very good since you were young. , the teacher has never approached me or your grandma for this kind of thing.”

He was passing by Nandu on business, and he just came to the school to take a look. Who knew such a thing would happen.

Previously, Zhu Yufen told him on the phone that there was a student in their class named Lu Xiao, who was a gangster with the lowest grades and one demerit, and was very close to Ye Cheng.

Ye Gaoyang couldn’t help thinking of that time, the drunk guy from the house should be Lu Xiao. He suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart.

Ye Cheng didn’t let him worry about his studies since he was a child, and the friends he made were all serious people.

Since his last reckless transfer, his behavior seems to be very different from before.

Ye Gaoyang didn’t know if his son had quietly entered a period of rebellion in a place he ignored. He thought that no matter what, he should avoid letting him go astray.

Ye Cheng looked at him quietly for a few seconds, his indifferent gaze was completely different from when he was a child.

When was the last time he spoke to each other like this, in his junior high school? Or elementary school?

Suddenly, Ye Cheng smiled and said without the slightest panic: “Dad, you are so humorous. How many times have you been to school since you were a child, and how many times have you been back home?”

The atmosphere in the office instantly dropped to freezing point.

The label on the air conditioner finally couldn’t stand the wind speed and fell to the ground.

Hua Wangchun felt a little embarrassed when he saw other people’s family affairs.

“Well, let’s talk well, Ye Cheng, pay attention to your tone of voice.” He quickly smoothed things out.

As the leader of the 13th Middle School, he has seen many times when parents beat their children in the office.

The most famous of them is that Lu Xiao had a fight with his father in the principal’s office.

At this moment, he didn’t want the father and son to fight in his office.

Fortunately, Ye Gaoyang’s upbringing was fairly good, even though his chest was up and down with anger, he didn’t scold or do anything.

He pointed at Ye Cheng with trembling fingers and said, “Look at your attitude now! It’s not that you can be unscrupulous if you have good grades. What I told you, the most important thing is to learn to be a person and respect others first, I think you are I was spoiled by that Lu Xiao!”

“Really, learn to be a human being, learn to respect others, do you lead by example?” Ye Cheng looked at him coldly, “You don’t have to implicate innocent people, he is not the so-called ‘bad student’ you call him.”

Ye Gaoyang quickly stood up from the sofa, his face turning blue.

Hua Wangchun also hurriedly stood up and discouraged: “Mr. Ye, calm down.”

He turned to Ye Cheng: “Don’t quarrel with your father, the whole family needs to have a good talk about this matter. Or, why don’t you call your mother too? If she is free.”

With multiple women present, these two would never rush like this.

Ye Cheng got up and said blankly, “I don’t have a mother.”

Then he slammed out the door without looking back.

Hua Wangchun stood there and opened his mouth subconsciously, a little dumbfounded.

After a long time, he said apologetically, “Ah… this, this… I don’t know Mrs. Zun… I’m sorry.”

Ye Gaoyang took off his glasses with a headache, rubbed his temples, and said, “It’s alright, it’s our child who is too worry-free.”

He put on his glasses again and sighed: “His mother died when he was five years old, so he is a bit stubborn. It’s also my fault that I don’t usually care about him so much. I will work hard for you to pay more attention to him in the future.”

Someone just jumped off the building in the school, so he didn’t need to say that Hua Wangchun would also take care of Ye Cheng.

He said solemnly: “Don’t worry, I will talk to students every week. I will go to class later and arrange for him to sit in the front row.”

“Thank you.” Ye Gaoyang shook hands with him wearily.

His cell phone rang, so he said hello to Hua Wangchun, and got connected while going out.

“Hey, Tian Tian, ​​what’s the matter?”

“…No, there’s something going on at Xiaocheng’s school. What, she coughed up blood? Did she go to the hospital?”

Hua Wangchun couldn’t help shaking his head.

After Ye Cheng came out of the teaching office, instead of going back to class, he went to the playground for a walk.

The rain has stopped.

The horizon is still gray, and the plastic runway has been washed clean, showing a bright red.

The air was refreshing and moist, swept away the sultry heat and dryness of the previous two days.

Whenever he is in a bad mood, he goes for a jog, which helps to relax his mind and body.

It was lunch break, and there was no one on the playground.

He circled the outer track, lap after lap.

When I ran to the fifth lap, a person suddenly followed behind.

Ye Cheng heard footsteps and breathing, turned his head and glanced back.

Lu Xiao appeared out of nowhere, and ran after him at a constant speed.

“I thought it was almost enough for you to run two laps, but you are still addicted.” There was dissatisfaction in his tone.

Ye Cheng remembered that he hated running the most, and seeing him following her reluctantly felt a little funny.

“What are you doing here?” He slowed down, his voice breathed a little.

Lu Xiao ran to his side and stood beside him, “Hua Wangchun went to class just now and said he wanted to change seats.”

“I know.” Ye Cheng said.

It is unheard of for the dean to change seats himself.

Lu Xiao said, “A man stood at the door for a long time, is that your dad?”

Ye Cheng pouted: “Probably so.”

“I think so, because he’s been staring at me.” Lu Xiao looked at him quietly.

Ye Cheng said, “He’s looking for you?”

“That’s not true, but he’s still at the door now.”

Ye Cheng stopped slowly, breathing calmly.

“If he’s looking for you, ignore him.” He said to Lu Xiao, “Zhu Yufen sued him, and he has a prejudice against you.”

Lu Xiao didn’t react. He lowered his head and kicked the stones: “Even if Zhu Yufen didn’t tell me, he wouldn’t like me. After all, I went to your house to borrow it last time.”

Ye Cheng was stunned.

Lu Xiao said, “I know your family doesn’t want you to be close to me. In fact, Chen Zhen’s family is like this.”

He said it naturally, but it made one’s heart twitch.

Ye Cheng’s eyelids jumped: “What do you mean?”

“It means, you better stay away from me, don’t let your parents worry.” Lu Xiao said gloomily.

After Ye Cheng returned to work, he saw Ye Gaoyang at the back door.

With a bag in hand, he paced back and forth while talking on the phone.

Ye Cheng walked over and heard him say to the phone: “Li Mi, you help me cancel the meeting at three o’clock. Well, it’s not postponed. I won’t be going to the meeting today. I don’t have time here.”

Ye Cheng quietly waited for him to finish the call, Ye Gaoyang turned off the phone and walked towards him.

“Where did you go, I didn’t answer the call to you.” He calmed down a lot and handed over the bag in his hand, “I heard that your voice was hoarse just now. I went to the infirmary to buy some cold medicine and took it with me. .”

Ye Cheng silently took the bag.

Ye Gaoyang sighed: “Okay, don’t be angry with Dad. I know that I owed you too much in the past, and Dad apologized to you.”

Ye Cheng felt like a dog in his heart.

It’s really funny, does it really mean that noisy children have candy?

He used to be so obedient and sensible, but he couldn’t even get a look from Ye Gaoyang. Now it is rare to be a “problem student”, and he is immediately “concerned”.

Ironic thinking about it.

Unfortunately, he no longer desires this kind of “care”.

“I have work to do in a while, so I can’t accompany you.” Ye Gaoyang said, “After the final exam, I will pick you up to live in Shengzhou for a few days.”

Ye Cheng frowned and was about to speak when he heard him say again: “I have read your winter camp information, it will only start in mid-January.”

Ye Cheng was speechless.

“Go ahead and prepare for class. Dad won’t disturb you. The teacher said that you have no evening self-study on Friday. I will pick you up from school in the evening and have a meal together.” Ye Gaoyang patted his shoulder unskillfully. turned away.

Ye Cheng looked at his back and walked into the classroom after a while.

As soon as he entered the door, he found that the seat had been completely changed.

There were three groups in total, and he was transferred to the second row of the third group.

Lu Xiao was still in his original position, but it was changed from the window to the aisle.

Jiang Jin moved to the third row of the second group, which happened to form a diagonal line with them.

Ye Cheng’s new deskmate is Yu Kun, a top-notch science student.

He sat down to pack his things, without looking in the direction of the back row.

After a while, the phone vibrated.

Jiang Jin: [Brother Orange, did you quarrel with Brother Xiao? Why don’t you speak [poor]]

Ye Cheng looked at Hua Wangchun on the podium and typed quickly: [There is nothing to say. 】

After sending it, don’t look at your phone anymore.

Hua Wangchun glanced around the brand new classroom with satisfaction and began to teach.

That afternoon, gossip was flying around the forum.

Hot post: [Shocked! Xiao orange be? ? 】

Landlord: The first brother and girlfriend’s fans can be supported. According to reliable information, the seating chart of the twenty shifts has been changed. The pair of desperate mandarin ducks, Xiaocheng, were unfortunately beaten and warned, and the two have ignored each other now.

1L: ? ? ?

2L: Eat melon, why does Class 20 have such incidents of catching horses every time?

3L: Sister Rong, is it not your post, Sister Rong?

4L: Fuck you, I didn’t post it, I was shocked too.

23L: Woohoo, I’m in class 20. I testify that they haven’t spoken for an afternoon.

24L: I cried hard, beda baa baa! Why did I bet the first time I hit a real person?

25L: It seems that Ye Mei’s father has come to the school, emmm, I said they can’t be real, or why even the parents came?

26L: Upstairs… not really, let’s be a fart. Just the look of the brother on the stage, it’s clear that we’re stuck in it.

38L: This building is poisonous, why is it all starting to txl?

39L: A bunch of idiots, a straight man of steel thank you, he likes me.

40L: The speech upstairs vomited, and you know that the first brother is a straight man again? What age still discriminates against gays, and the same-sex marriage law will be passed soon, don’t you know?

41L: Don’t quarrel everyone…

42L: I don’t know if the first brother is straight or not. Ye Meimei is definitely not straight. Hehe, if he is with the first brother, I will go after him.

43L: Help, when did this forum become like this!

Tan Xiaoqi put down the phone weakly and lay on the table with red eyes.

She looked at Ye Cheng, who was doing her homework indifferently, and at Lu Xiao, who was scratching with a pen in the back row, only to feel that her fragile heart was hit hard.

The two really didn’t look at each other again.

like strangers.


Is the cp she knocked really be?

Hua Wangchun observed for a while in the crack of the back door, then turned and left with a smile on his face.

He called Ye Gaoyang and said repeatedly, “Yes, he is reading a book now.”

“I’ll just say they’re just kids playing around, just sit separately.”

“Okay, don’t worry about it… You don’t need to invite me to dinner, I really don’t need to, this is what I should do.”

When the get out of class bell rang, Ye Cheng picked up her schoolbag and walked out of the classroom.

When he passed by the back door, he didn’t even glance at Lu Xiao.

Jiang Jin was in a hurry, grabbed his schoolbag and rushed to Lu Xiao’s side.

“Brother Xiao, what’s the matter with you two? Wasn’t it okay this morning?” he asked in a panic.

Lu Xiao slowly stuffed the game console into his bag, and said without raising his head, “It’s okay, if you can play together, just play, if you can’t play together, forget it.”

“…You, do you have a fever?” Jiang Jin’s eyes widened, “How else would you say such a thing.”

Lu Xiao: “Go away.”

Ye Cheng had just walked out of the school when he saw a familiar black Bentley parked at the door.

Ye Gaoyang pulled down the back seat window and waved to him.

Except for the Spring Festival every year, Ye Cheng has almost never seen this car in the south.

It takes more than three hours to drive here from Shengzhou, which is not far.

But whether a person can go home or not depends on whether he is willing or not, not the distance.

Ye Gaoyang took him to Jiulong’s private kitchen for dinner, along with Gao Qiulan.

During the banquet, Gao Qiulan kept asking about Ye Gaoyang’s current situation. He also picked up some things related to Qu Tian, ​​but he didn’t mention anything about Qu Tian’s daughter.

Ye Gaoyang knew very well that the old man only recognized Ye Cheng as his grandson.

After Ye Qiaoqiao was born, she didn’t even hug her.

For a dinner, I almost had indigestion from Yecheng.

Gao Qiulan agreed to take him to Shengzhou to live for a few days during the winter vacation, but it was in another house, not his and Qu Tian’s home.

If she could agree to this matter, Ye Gaoyang could only ask for it.

Since he married Qu Tian, ​​Gao Qiulan has never given this daughter-in-law a good look.

The most memorable time for Ye Cheng, Qu Tian came to visit with the New Year’s goods, and was thrown out by Gao Qiulan.

At that time, he was still young, and the sound of firecrackers was loud outside during the Chinese New Year, and Gao Qiulan in the room hugged him and wiped away tears.

“Don’t be afraid, grandma kicked that bad woman out and won’t let her bully you.”

He later learned that Ye Gaoyang had cheated on his mother before his mother died of cancer.

His mother was a wealthy lady who was arrogant and unwilling to reveal her scars. She only left him a letter and an inheritance, which he could legally inherit when he became an adult.

However, he hadn’t seen the letter before because it was taken by Qu Tian.

It didn’t take long for his grandparents to pass away, so he could only follow Gao Qiulan.

More than ten years have passed, and Gao Qiulan has been taking good care of him. There was still a year left until he was eighteen, and Qu Tian seemed to be starting to act.

After eating, the driver drove them home.

Ye Gaoyang was embarrassed to go to the hotel again, so he also stayed at home.

He will go to the branch office for a meeting tomorrow morning, and he will probably stay at home for two days.

As soon as Ye Cheng got home, he entered the room and took off his clothes to take a shower.

After wearing a school uniform that was dry and not wet for a day and a half, I was finally able to take a good shower.

He was lying in the bathtub, thinking about how to make Ye Gaoyang get out of the way.

Or did you poke the switch?

When he came out of the bath after dawdling, he heard faint noises in the living room, and it was estimated that the two of them hadn’t slept yet.

Ye Cheng temporarily put away his vicious thoughts so as not to frighten Gao Qiulan, and picked up the constantly vibrating mobile phone.

WeChat has received several new messages——

Suspect X: [Are you home? 】

Suspect X: [Do you want to eat barbecue on weekends? I said I wanted to invite you last time, but I haven’t. 】

Suspect X: [Won’t you reply to my message? 】

Suspect X: [You won’t be really angry, be careful. 】

Suspect X: [Really angry? 】

The last one was sent twenty minutes ago, and Ye Cheng was about to type when another one popped up on the screen.

Suspect X: [Is that the one with the light on in your room? Window with wisteria flowers. 】

Ye Cheng was stunned, and quickly ran to the window and opened the curtains.

He had a towel over his head and a bathrobe wrapped around him.

As soon as the curtain was opened, he saw the shadow outside, which almost scared him to death.

Their house has a small yard, Lu Xiao came in directly from outside the fence, and was standing at the window with a irritable face.

“Damn…why are you here?” Ye Cheng almost scolded dirty words.

Lu Xiao shook the anti-theft window, “Can you **** take it down, otherwise how can I get in. No, why do you still install this in your house?”

Ye Cheng said, “Are you an idiot, don’t you have security windows on the first floor of your house?”

“Fuck, then I’m standing outside to feed the mosquitoes!” Lu Xiao was a little annoyed, “Your neighborhood is full of trees, and I was bitten three times.”

Ye Cheng really wanted to punch him in the face: “Shut up! My dad is in the living room!”

He couldn’t help being taken and scolded, reached out and took out a small key from under the window, and opened the security window.

Lu Xiao quickly jumped through the window and jumped in.

He stretched out his hand to scratch the tickling and asked with a complaint, “Is there any toilet water? Spray me with some.”

Ye Cheng went to find Hualushui for him, looked him up and down and said, “You’re so good, you’ve only been here once, and you can still find your way.”

The terrain of this community is intricate, and their home is close to it, so I don’t know how Lu Xiao has such a good memory.

Lu Xiao touched his nose embarrassingly, but didn’t say anything to him.

After spraying toilet water, he said, “Aren’t you mad at me?”

Ye Cheng squinted at him.

Lu Xiao added: “But just fool the teacher and your father. I didn’t talk to you.”

“so what?”

Lu Xiao coughed and said, “You said that you wanted to fool your dad away quickly, so I came up with this solution.”

“I’ll invite you to dinner, can’t you?” He compromised.

“The barbecue is what you promised before.”

“Tsk, then please have another meal.”

“I think I can be bribed for two meals?”

“Fuck, ten times, ten times if two times are not enough!”

Ye Cheng finally couldn’t help it, and burst out laughing.

Lu Xiao blinked his eyes, then reacted immediately, furious: “Are you kidding me? You’re not angry at all!”

“Hahaha, are you out of your mind, and you came to my house specifically.” Ye Cheng died happily.

Sweep away the unhappiness of the day.

Lu Xiao blushed, approached him and said, “If you don’t reply when I send you a message, I really think you misunderstood! Be yourself!”

He got closer and closer, with a posture of reckoning after the autumn.

Ye Cheng noticed that something was wrong, and quickly retreated to the bedside, holding up the toilet water in his hand: “Come here again, be careful I spray you!”

“You give it a try.” Lu Xiao’s face was gloomy, and he rushed up.

“Don’t force me, ah…” Ye Cheng stumbled on the carpet with his heels, and fell backward unsteadily.

Lu Xiao quickly wrapped his arms around his waist, but was pulled forward and both fell on the bed.

His hand barely supported the sheet so that it didn’t hit Ye Cheng’s face.

The tips of their noses were almost touching, and they could smell each other’s breath.

Lu Xiao’s face flushed red, staring blankly at those light brown eyes, clear and translucent, he could clearly see his own reflection.

Ye Cheng was also stupid, and he didn’t expect such an accident at all.

This perspective… He had only had the good fortune to see it when he slept with Lu Xiao before.


Suddenly, the door lock moved.

Dong dong dong, the person knocked twice in kindness, and then pushed the door and came in.

“Little Orange, Dad wants to talk to you…”

Ye Gaoyang walked in with determination, and halfway through the words, it got stuck in his throat.



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