Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 27

What Lu Xiao said in class quickly spread throughout the school with lightning speed.

The protagonist was invited by Hua Wangchun to the office for tea, and even brought Cai Xujia with the girl.

There is no figure of Lu Xiao in Jianghu, but his name is everywhere.

The strongest habitat on the surface, the news is frantically swiping.

Diga is the light: [Help, brother came out of the closet? 】

Xiaodoubaoer: [It seems to be, but not quite. 】

Xiaodoubaoer: [His focus should be “not to have random relationships”, that’s good, I thought he was very rambunctious in private. 】

Borrow another 500 years from Thirteen Middle School: [The people in the forum are going crazy, after all, we Xiaocheng are the official match. 】

Jiulong Wu Yanzu: [Hey, pay attention when you speak. 】

Borrow another 500 years from Thirteen Middle School: [Wu Yanzu, why are you so fierce qaq]

Xiaotangchuan’er: [I think the first brother said this to clear his relationship with this matter. It’s not a day or two that he likes to hate the teacher. 】

Your mother will increase the price of food: [To be honest, I think so too. If you really like men, you won’t say it so frankly. 】

Xiaodoubaoer: [That’s the reason, only straight men would clamor for a base, hahahaha. 】

Xiaotangchuan’er: [But 80% of that taozi has nothing to do with the first brother. I feel that he is really not interested in girls. 】

Your mother will increase the price of food: [What if the other party is not a woman? 】

Little Tang Chuan’er: [Stupid, you, you can’t even tell, it’s Cai Xujia and Tao Min. 】

Another five hundred years from Thirteen Middle School: [I only care whether the first brother is straight or curved? If it is really crooked, aren’t he and Ye Meimei…]

An unfamiliar head jumped out, with a black profile silhouette on it.

Restrain: [Are you busy? Guess this. Guess that. 】

Another five hundred years from Thirteen Middle School: [Who are you, who just joined the group? 】

Little Tang Chuan’er: [== He is Brother Orange, your cp is the master himself. 】

Borrow another five hundred years from Thirteen Middle School: [Huh? ! 】

Borrow another 500 years from Thirteen Middle School: [Fuck, I’m sorry! Sorry! 】

Jiulong Wu Yanzu: [I told you to pay attention when you speak…]

Ye Cheng turned off her phone, and her mood became more complicated.

After a class, Lu Xiao came back, Cai Xujia and the girl were still in the office.

He sat in the back with no clue on his face.

Yu Kun pondered: “It seems that this is really what Lao Cai did, tsk tsk tsk, this is going to be a big mess.”

The person in front turned to participate in the topic, sighing: “He has a girlfriend and cheats? Damn, it’s disgusting.”

“I heard that his girlfriend has been crying in class. It’s so pitiful.” Yu Kun shook his head and said.

“Fuck, I’m going to have a shadow on the tool room, can you clean it thoroughly…”

Yu Kun snickered: “Then don’t go in.”

He added: “However, Brother Xiao is too awesome. He came out like this and quickly cleared the suspicion. Hua Wangchun had suspected Tao Min for a long time, and had been trying to find out that man.”

Ye Cheng glanced at him: “Do straight men confuse their sexuality so casually?”

Yu Kun lowered his voice and said, “I don’t know about others, but Brother Xiao can definitely do it. He is most likely straight.”

“Why do you say that?”

“As far as he and Jiang Yirong are concerned, who doesn’t know yet. A few days ago, Jiang Yirong wrote him a bunch of small essays, saying that it was a confession of his crush on the 100th day.”

Ye Cheng was silent.

The classmates in front asked curiously: “Small composition? What kind of small composition?”

Yu Kun is well-versed in gossip: “Just a few days ago, I heard that she saved the love letters she wrote before and gave them all to Brother Xiao.”

“I’m going, Sister Rong is quite sentimental.”

Ye Cheng: “…”

For this matter, Lu Xiao never mentioned it to him.

The condom incident finally came to light. Sure enough, Cai Xujia did it.

He carried his girlfriend and got together with Tao Min in the class. The two of them pursued excitement and made a mess.

Originally, Cai Xujia refused to admit it, but Hua Wangchun was very good at this kind of thing, threatening to have a DNA test, and if it turned out that they were both of them, they would have to drop out of school.

As a result, Tao Min was frightened, and broke down and cried and admitted the incident.

Hua Wangchun did not have any intention of covering up them, and directly notified the criticism and asked the parents to record and punish the one-stop service.

Almost every year, a similar incident occurs in Thirteen Middle School.

Last year, someone dropped out of school because of an unexpected pregnancy, and the year before last, a girl gave birth to a child in the toilet.

Only you can’t imagine, there is nothing that can’t happen in Thirteen Middle School.

The junkyard lives up to its name.

The school leaders only hope that they will not have an accident every year, instead of looking forward to how much the enrollment rate can be achieved.

For example, at the level of twenty classes, it is not bad to have ten students admitted to the university.

These ten people are most likely to be those class committees, because only their grades can be justified, and it is not easy to make a fool of yourself. The others were either single-digit exams, or dismissed from the house.

In the physical education class, Jiang Jin said with emotion: “I said that our class is not very good in feng shui. I don’t know how many times it happened this semester.”

“I don’t know if Feng Shui is good or not, but peach blossoms are quite prosperous.” Zhou Minhao was playing basketball and glanced at Lu Xiao ambiguous.

Lu Xiao was buying water with Ye Cheng and didn’t notice it.

He wanted to talk to Ye Cheng, but the other party ignored him.

Jiang Jin wanted to cry without tears and said, “You can shut up, my goddess also posted on a circle of friends yesterday, saying [Do you know, you are my whole youth], I want to **** die, okay?”

Zhou Minhao pouted and said, “Even if she comes out in public, she can’t save her. She’s really stuck. I think you have no hope in all likelihood.”

“Don’t **** your crow mouth, I thank you for a household registration book.” Jiang Jin clenched his fists and tried to beat him.

Ye Cheng handed them the water and just overheard their conversation.

Lu Xiao divided the water among the basketball team, stretched out his hand and greeted everyone, “Let’s go, let’s take up the space.”

“I’m not going to fight anymore, I have to practice for three kilometers.” Ye Cheng said calmly after dividing the water.

Lu Xiao turned to look at him: “Didn’t you agree to play basketball together?”

“I haven’t run for a long time, I’m afraid I won’t be able to run.” Ye Cheng dropped a sentence and walked straight to the playground.

Lu Xiao immediately threw the ball to Jiang Jin, and said to the crowd, “Let’s play, it just happens that the number of people is full, so there is no need for Min Hao to stand by and be the referee.”

Originally, there was one more person, and they had to regroup.

Jiang Jin caught the ball and looked at the backs of the two thoughtfully.

“Let’s go then, let’s fight.” Zhou Minhao waved his hand and said to him.

Jiang Jin said, “Old Zhou, do you think that Brother Xiao is really not very straight?”

Zhou Minhao was taken aback for a moment: “No way, he even shared **** with me when he was a freshman in high school.”

“Male or male?” Jiang Jin asked.

Zhou Minhao gave him a punch: “Damn, can I look at men?”

On the runway, Lu Xiao caught up with Ye Cheng in two steps.

Although he didn’t like running, he trotted along.

“What’s wrong with you? You don’t seem to be in a good mood.” Lu Xiao asked.

Ye Cheng looked at him: “What are you doing here?”

“Come with me, I agreed to accompany you.” Lu Xiao said naturally.

“It’s not yet at the sports meeting.” Ye Cheng had no expression.

“You take care of me, I’ll accompany me if I want.”

Ye Cheng was speechless to him.

Lu Xiao carefully glanced at him, and finally couldn’t help but say, “Are you unhappy because of what happened this afternoon?”

Ye Cheng’s footsteps slowed down, gradually changing from jogging to walking.

The playground was surrounded by a lot of people taking physical education classes. Two tall and handsome people walking on the track naturally attracted a lot of attention.

A few who knew them began to whisper.

Ye Cheng said seriously: “You obviously like girls, but you want to say that in class, isn’t it too playful?”

“I’ve never liked any girl.” Lu Xiao muttered in a low voice.

Ye Cheng didn’t hear clearly: “What?”

“It’s nothing,” Lu Xiao raised his head and said, “Is it important whether I like men or women?”

Ye Cheng laughed angrily: “Do you think it’s important? Normal people wouldn’t joke about this kind of thing, let alone in front of so many people.”

He added: “And a few days ago, you also received a love letter from Jiang Yirong. It’s really funny. You said last time that you didn’t like her type, so you’re lying.”

Lu Xiao stared at him, feeling a little dry, and said uncertainly, “Are you jealous?”

“Stop being narcissistic.” Ye Cheng sneered disdainfully.

Lu Xiao licked his lips and said, “You’re just jealous, how did you know I accepted her love letter?”

“Eating your mother’s jealousy, said no!” Ye Cheng immediately scolded back in anger when he heard him admit it himself.

Lu Xiao said deliberately, “She also gave me a bunch of yellow roses, and I took them too.”

Ye Cheng stopped and stared at him angrily, his chest constantly heaving up and down.

What does this guy mean, is he showing off?

“She said that she might never meet someone as handsome as me again. Who doesn’t know.” Lu Xiao continued without knowing what to do.

Ye Cheng took a deep breath and decided to cut the seat with him: “You can run for three kilometers by yourself, and don’t talk to me in the future.”

After all, he turned his head and left.

Lu Xiao grabbed his wrist and pulled him back.

His hands were so strong that Ye Cheng struggled a few times, but didn’t let go.

Seeing that he was still breaking free, and his wrist was already red, Lu Xiao hurriedly said, “Hey, hey, okay, I’ll make fun of you.”

Ye Cheng said angrily, “Let go, get out of the way.”

“Don’t be angry, don’t be angry,” Lu Xiao almost played out, and hurriedly explained, “I apologize! I was just saying hi! Don’t you know what the yellow rose means?”

Ye Cheng rolled his eyes, what he meant was none of his business.

Lu Xiao said, “It means breaking up and breaking up. She came to me that day to say goodbye.”

Ye Cheng stopped and frowned at him.

“She’s going to transfer schools, so she gave me everything she wrote before.” Lu Xiao looked into his eyes and said, “I said I didn’t want to leave any regrets, and—”

“How could blue roses look good in that bunch of yellow roses,” he said with great sincerity.

The seventeen-year-old Michigan crushed ice blue rose, the petals gradually became cold, and the branches and leaves were green and powerful.

He specially went to check, the flower language of blue roses is simple and beautiful love.

The boy’s prank succeeded, but he felt uneasy in his heart.

The butterfly in his chest fluttered, staring nervously at the person in front of him.

Ye Cheng pulled his hand back from his and blinked slowly.

Lu Xiao suddenly felt a little embarrassed, and had a hunch that he would say something in the next second.

“I… I lied to you. I returned the letter to her, and I didn’t receive the flowers. Are you angry?” He kept peeking at Ye Cheng.

Ye Cheng’s heart was even more messy than before.

Emotions fluctuated, this really shouldn’t be the state he should be in.

He made a random “um” and said nothing.

Throwing Lu Xiao on the runway, he walked away.

Lu Xiao was a little dumbfounded, not knowing what he meant, he stood on the runway with his hands down.

Ye Cheng walked into the empty bathroom and splashed cold water on his face a few times before he calmed down.

On the playground just now, his entire brain was dazed.

From involuntary tantrums, to embarrassment at the back, as an adult, he was rarely so out of control.

Mingming had repeatedly told himself not to confuse him with the twenty-seven-year-old Lu Xiao.

But a lot of times, it’s still involuntary.

will be thrilled.

Will be possessive.

Lu Xiao’s possessiveness towards him is on the bright side.

And he hid it in his heart.

Sometimes it looks like he doesn’t care, but in fact, he doesn’t want to see anyone else having anything to do with him except himself.

Paranoid and obscure, even afraid that speaking out would scare him.

In the end, he couldn’t say what he said. He didn’t have the courage to ask Lu Xiao again, so is it true that you don’t like girls?

He was afraid of getting a negative answer, and even more afraid of getting a positive answer.

The next day, Hua Wangchun called Ye Cheng to the office alone.

After several incidents in the teaching office, Ye Cheng was about to ptsd this place.

The air conditioner on the wall was changed from Haier to Midea, and the cooling effect seems to be much better than before. This is the only improvement.

Hua Wangchun made a cup of tea and poured him a glass of water, as if he wanted to talk for a long time.

“Xiaoye, how have you and your father been recently?” he asked politely.

Ye Cheng didn’t say that Ye Gaoyang had returned to Shengzhou early, and nodded perfunctorily: “It’s okay.”

“Is there no more conflict?”


Hua Wangchun breathed a sigh of relief: “That’s good, you are a good and understanding child, I believe you can get along with your father in the right way.”

It’s a pity he can’t, Ye Cheng slandered.

Hua Wangchun took a sip of tea and said, “I called you here today. I hope you can help the teacher and do something for the classmates.”

Ye Cheng pricked up his ears. His squad leader usually doesn’t have much to do, so it’s rare that Hua Wangchun has demands on him.

“You must have understood what happened two days ago. The atmosphere of our class is really not optimistic.” He said earnestly, “I asked a few classmates to talk to each other, but the results were not satisfactory. So I want you to replace it. I’ll talk to them.”

“Maybe they have a estrangement with me and are reluctant to tell the truth. But you are the squad leader and a peer of the same age. They may be willing to tell you a lot of things.”

Ye Cheng understood, it turned out to be looking for him as a spy.

Hua Wangchun coughed twice: “Especially Lu Xiao, this kid is so rebellious, he actually said such things in class. The relationship between the two of you was pretty good before. He is the key person who needs help this time. Please have a good chat with him.”

“What am I talking to him about?” Ye Cheng didn’t expect such a task.

Hua Wangchun got up, took out a few pieces of A4 paper from the table, and handed it to him: “I have prepared a question outline for you, and the list is also on it. You can just ask these questions.”

Ye Cheng glanced at the paper, and his face was immediately covered with black lines.

No.1 Lu Xiao (key target SSS)

Q1: Do you have any good girls/boys at school?

If the answer is female, go to Q2; if the answer is male, go to Q3

Q2: Which class, what is the name? Why do you like her? Have you been in close contact?

Q3: Is it true that you say you like boys? When did you find out, why do you like that boy?

Put it here to play the test game.

Ye Cheng put down the A4 paper: “Teacher, you are embarrassing me.”

Knowing that he had misunderstood, Hua Wangchun waved his hands again and again: “I don’t mean to betray your classmates. You don’t have to ask these questions secretly. Just take the questions and record them in an open and honest way, and say that I asked for them.”

Ye Cheng became more and more perplexed: “Then they won’t tell the truth.”

Hua Wangchun sighed heavily: “This is a task given to me from above, and I have to fool myself. But do you know how these people responded after I talked to them?”

“Lu Xiao replied to me with three words, do you have any cigarettes? Jiang Jin said that he suffered from hypoglycemia, and he went to the infirmary and never came back. And Li Junxiao, this kid went to the toilet three times and finally answered that I don’t like humans. , he has a fetish.”

Ye Cheng: “…”

Hua Wangchun pointed to his forehead: “These people, there are some problems here. I didn’t want to waste any more time, so I came to you for help.”

As the director of the teaching office, it is impossible for him to spend all his time on these rascals.

Ye Cheng had to say, “Okay, I’ll try my best.”

Hua Wangchun was overjoyed: “After this matter is resolved, the teacher will invite you to dinner. I’ve been really busy these days, and the grades have been holding meetings, hey.”

“No, then teacher, you are busy, I’ll go first.” Ye Cheng stood up and said.

Hua Wangchun politely sent him to the door and finally felt relieved.

Ye Cheng returned to the classroom, everyone was studying in self-study, and it was quite quiet.

He beckoned and let Jiang Jin come up the corridor.

Many people looked over curiously, not knowing what he was going to do, Lu Xiao leaned on the chair and looked outside.

Ye Cheng took out a pen and paper, lay on the armrest and wrote: “Take a few minutes for you, routine, questionnaire survey.”

“Pfft, Brother Cheng, when did you change careers to become Hua Wangchun’s spy?” Jiang Jin burst out laughing.

“Being forced by duty, don’t laugh, be serious.” Ye Cheng asked helplessly, “The first question, do you have any good boys or girls?”

Jiang Jinthi smiled and said, “Who do I like, don’t you know?”

Ye Cheng said without emotion: “Then I write about Jiang Yirong?”

Jiang Jin came back to his senses and hurriedly said: “No, no, I can’t write, just write ‘not for the time being’.”

“The second question, have you been intimate with the opposite **** recently?”

This questionnaire is all about investigating the relationship between the sexes.

They can only answer well.

Anyway, it’s all about the edge, Ye Cheng just made the answer a little more beautiful, and basically listened to their nonsense.

For example, Li Junxiao has a good impression of the next-door neighbor, and Tan Xiaoqi has a brother who has a crush on a long-distance brother.

Only Hua Wangchun dare not think about it, without them they dare not make up.

Before ending the question, Tan Xiaoqi asked carefully: “Squad leader, does everyone have to accept this kind of investigation?”

“Almost.” Ye Cheng replied while recording.

Tan Xiaoqi’s eyes lit up: “Then brother Xiao will also be asked these questions?”

Ye Cheng looked at her: “Your curiosity seems to be very strong.”

Tan Xiaoqi stammered: “Ah, I, I just asked casually.”

“If you have nothing to do, just go back and call out the next one.” Ye Cheng put away the paper and said coldly.

Tan Xiaoqi rushed in.

Finally, it was Lu Xiao’s turn.

In fact, Ye Cheng really didn’t want to call him out, but it was his turn anyway.

The people in the class were talking in low voices, looking at the two people outside from time to time.

Lu Xiao stood face to face with him, the atmosphere was indescribably subtle.

Ye Cheng used a pen to draw on a piece of white paper, with a few written words on it.

“Have you been dozing off in class recently, can you fully understand the key points and difficulties that the teacher taught?” he asked.

Lu Xiao raised his eyebrows slightly in surprise, and said, “Why is it different from asking someone else’s when you ask me?”

Ye Cheng’s temple jumped, and sure enough, he got through with Jiang Jin.

“Everyone’s questions are different, you can answer whatever you ask.” He took out the majesty of the squad leader and said arrogantly.

“Oh—” Lu Xiao stretched his voice, “reported to the squad leader, dozed off twice, and was caught zero times. The point is, some can understand it, and some can’t.”

Ye Cheng raised his head: “If you can’t understand it, you won’t ask?”

“My tablemate can sleep better than me, who do you want me to ask?” Lu Xiao stared into his eyes and asked back.

Ye Cheng tried to hold back for a while, but still couldn’t hold back.

“I really can’t, you can ask the teacher, or you can… ask me,” he said.

Lu Xiao said calmly, “Really, yesterday you left me alone on the playground, I thought you didn’t plan to hang out with me in your life.”

Ye Cheng wanted to quickly brush over this topic and said, “The next question is, how about the accuracy of the homework? Which one is the weakest?”

“Tsk, I found it,” Lu Xiao touched his chin and said, “These are actually what you wanted to ask, not Hua Wangchun asked you to ask.”

Ye Cheng was pierced on the spot, and his face quickly turned red.

“I’m only responsible for your studies.” He said stubbornly.

Lu Xiao smiled and said, “Okay, what the monitor says is what the monitor says. I’ll answer it. The accuracy rate is half and half, and English is the weakest, because I really can’t learn without the monitor.”

Ye Cheng’s face was red and his ears were red, and even the breath he exhaled was very hot: “Speak well.”

“I have a good talk, what else do I want to ask? Regarding life, I can’t eat or sleep well. I haven’t played basketball for three days. When I went back last night, I kept thinking about whether I made the squad leader angry. After the squad leader, it seems that everything is not going well.”

Lu Xiao’s voice was low with a smile, and there was no way he couldn’t eat or sleep well.

Ye Cheng took a step back.

Lu Xiao, who spoke in this tone, gave him a faint feeling of familiarity.

A long time ago, when Lu Xiao broke away from treating him as an “imaginary enemy sent by the old man to the company” and gradually launched an offensive against him, the tone of his speech was carved out of the same mold as he is now.

– Comes with a taste of peacock opening screen.

The obsidian-like eyes flashed with a smirk, the voice was deliberately lowered, and the corners of the mouth were slightly upturned.

Everyone tells each other: I’m fussing, I want to flirt with you.

Ye Cheng’s inner alarm bell rang out, and he looked at him with a look of alertness.

Seeing his expression, Lu Xiao immediately showed hurt eyes: “I’m telling the truth.”

Ye Cheng’s heart beat faster, and she just wanted to send him away quickly: “Okay, I understand, I’m done asking.”

“This is the end of the question?” Lu Xiao opened his eyes slightly, pretending to be surprised.

“Do I have a good impression of a boy or girl? Why do I have a good impression? Why don’t you ask?” He said dissatisfiedly.

Ye Cheng secretly said to Jiang Jin that you are finished, and I will strangle you to death.

On the surface, he said calmly: “I said that problems vary from person to person, and everyone is different.”

“Really?” Lu Xiao asked suspiciously.

Ye Cheng: “Really, you doubt me?”

“…I dare not doubt.”

Ye Cheng stood there, quietly waiting for him to leave.

Lu Xiao hesitated for a moment, but still opened his mouth and said, “Then if I have any questions, can I ask you?”

Ye Cheng’s heart was beating fast from the beginning.

Hearing his words, he made a vague “um”.

It should be quiet now.

Before leaving, Lu Xiao seemed to suddenly remember something, smiled at him and said, “By the way, you were jealous yesterday, I’m very happy.”

After speaking, he smiled and went back to the classroom.

Ye Cheng’s head hummed and his body shook.



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