Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 28

Was molested, **** it.

This is Ye Cheng’s first reaction.

It was the feeling of being molested by a high school student who was much smaller than me.

Then he had a strange premonition.

As if a switch had been turned on, this thought intensified.

This guy, Lu Xiao, doesn’t mean that to him, does he?

Don’t say how much you like it, at least you can’t deceive people.

Ye Cheng stood in the corridor for a long time, motionless.

The teenage education and the craving for hormones were once again fighting in his mind.

Lu Xiao propped his chin and looked at him through the glass window, his eyes sparkling.

The man just stood there in the same place, as if he was thinking about something, his brows furrowed, and he didn’t look very good.

Did you cause trouble for him?

should be.

Lu Xiao curled the corners of his lips and thought indifferently.

Then worry about it.

A headache for him is better than a headache for him alone.

A few days later, the Games kicked off.

The end of October is the season when Nandu is talking about whether it is hot or not, and whether it is cold or not.

At one time the sun drenched people sweating profusely, and at another time the autumn wind blew.

The students all changed into long-sleeved autumn school uniforms, red and black, with nameplates on the outside.

With the cover of the jacket, people usually wear their favorite short sleeves inside.

When it’s too hot, take off your school uniform and wrap your cuffs around your waist. Many people like to do this.

Those boys and girls with long legs will also roll up their trousers a few times, trying their best to make themselves different.

The sports department started to convene early in the morning, and the sports committees of each class went to the playground in advance.

The students in Class 20 came to the stands of their own class and sat down noisily.

Ye Cheng called a few boys over to help, and moved two desks from the classroom and placed them behind the class card of Class 20.

It took Jiang Jin a day to design the class card. It was almost enough to get a comic, but he just made it look like a Van Gogh.

The sunflowers are full of teeth and claws, clinging to the three characters “Twenty Classes” arrogantly. It seems like a group of lively and youthful teenagers, but it unexpectedly fits the style of their class.

The living committee used the class fee to buy two boxes of Mobility, as well as various small snacks such as Snickers, chocolate, and glucose to supplement physical strength.

Since Hua Wangchun, as the dean, was going to the podium to preside over the opening, Ye Cheng could only shoulder the responsibility of managing the class.

While holding the roster for roll call, he arranged for the phalanx to gather.

In ten minutes, the phalanx team is about to enter.

The morning sun gradually rose, and the temperature also rose a lot.

The plastic track exudes a choking smell, and the playground is crowded and bustling.

Every class committee relied on roaring to speak, and after a long time, his voice became hoarse.

“The national flag class will come to the podium immediately! The national flag class will come to the podium immediately!”

“The phalanx team of Class 11 has a small number of people, please fill it up as soon as possible!”

“Please, Mr. Hua Wangchun, come to the rostrum!”

All kinds of news were constantly broadcast on the school radio, making people’s brains buzzing.

After Ye Cheng dealt with trivial matters, he temporarily handed over the class to the life committee, and left with the phalanx team.

Tan Xiaoqi reported for the women’s thousand-five long-distance running, and stood side by side with him under the rostrum and waited.

Above the head came the host’s cliché and impassioned opening remarks: “Hello, teachers and classmates! The warm autumn wind is blowing on our cheeks and bathed in warm sunshine, we gather here to welcome the 68th Games of the Thirteenth Middle School. …”

Tan Xiaoqi was so hot that she fanned the wind desperately with her hands, and asked Ye Cheng, “Brother Cheng, why didn’t Brother Xiao come with us?”

“He is from the National Flag class, and he has to walk in the front.” Ye Cheng replied casually.

Tan Xiaoqi looked at him and said tentatively, “Have you been arguing these past few days? It seems that you haven’t seen you talking to him.”

Ye Cheng said uncomfortably, “The seats are far apart, it’s just inconvenient.”

Ever since he was inexplicably molested that day, he always felt nervous when he saw Lu Xiao, so he deliberately didn’t take the initiative to find him.

Lu Xiao also seemed a little embarrassed, and stopped sticking to him all the time. It is only occasionally that there is a problem that he cannot understand, and he will be used to ask him for advice.

Tan Xiaoqi said, “It’s fine if there is no quarrel. Do you want to cheer him on in the basketball game that afternoon?”

This afternoon is the grade-level basketball competition. Lu Xiao only signed up for the long jump and basketball in the sports meeting.

Ye Cheng thought to himself that after running three kilometers, he would be fine anyway, so he nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll call the rest of our class at that time.”

“Okay! I’m going to be a cheerleader for Brother Xiao.” Tan Xiaoqi said expectantly.

As the phalanx entered the stadium, the sound of taking pictures continued to be heard from the playground, and the flashes went on and on.

From far away, the group of girls taking pictures can be heard talking.

“Damn it, the leader of the national flag class is so handsome!”

“Wait a minute, zoom in for me to see, your hands were shaking too much just now.”

“Isn’t this the first brother, help, you don’t know he is the team leader. As expected of our school grass, he’s so handsome!”

As soon as Tan Xiaoqi came off the stage, she heard two girls covering their mouths and screaming.

“Ahhhh, the senior is so handsome! Can I ask him for his contact information?”

“Go and go! But I feel like he should be very fussy, and he looks like a thief recruiting women.”

“Really? I heard that he has never talked about a girlfriend, will he still be…”

The two huddled together and laughed.

Tan Xiaoqi couldn’t listen to it anymore, and said with his hands on his hips: “Hey, what are you doing in the second year area of ​​high school?”

“Sister, don’t get me wrong, we are the referee,” said one of the girls with short hair.

Another long hair pouted: “So fierce, what’s the matter.”

“Hehe, do you want the contact information of the national flag team leader?” Tan Xiaoqi squinted at them and asked.

The short hair was immediately excited: “Sister, do you know him? Can you help me introduce it?”

Tan Xiaoqi sneered and said, “Dead this heart, he has a target.”

“How is that possible? The logistics department said he was single, okay?” Short-haired blinked and wondered.

Tan Xiaoqi sneered: “Little sister, you are still too tender. Just wait and see, his partner will come to cheer him on in the afternoon basketball game.”

She smugly flicked her nostrils and walked away with her head raised.

Two girls:

“…what the hell, do you know what she’s talking about?”

“I don’t know, speechless.”

Ye Cheng was running around all morning.

Busy handing water to athletes and submitting manuscripts to the podium.

It was originally scheduled for him to write, but he really had no idea, so he gave it to Yu Kun to write.

When the announcer read it out, the entire twenty classes burst into laughter.

Lu Xiao, who was jumping long distance in the sand pit, almost fainted.

The announcer said impassively: “To Lu Xiao, the second handsome schoolboy in Class 20, here I want to explain why he is the second handsome, because…because the first handsome in my heart is someone else, and his He’s better than me in maths…so I think he’s number one.”

Her voice gradually changed from firm to uncertain, but out of professional ethics, she still read on.

“Lu Xiao, the second handsome schoolboy, your eyes are like black ferric oxide, your hair is like flying… carbon dioxide, and your long legs are like the two tallest Metasequoia trees behind the cafeteria. May you …may you leap, may you soar, may you cross the…chasm of the bunker.”

The announcer couldn’t read it anymore, and whispered: “Is this the manuscript written by the science class? Is it so stupid?”

She forgot that she had not left Mai, and the voice was broadcast throughout the playground.

The playground was full of laughter.

The companion looked at her with horror on her face. In the distance, Hua Wangchun was running to the rostrum with her short legs.

The referee by the bunker nearly fainted from laughter, clutching his chest, and whistling symbolically, “No. 24, Lu Xiao. Come on, may you cross the chasm in the bunker!”


The onlookers laughed, louder and louder.

Lu Xiao squeezed his fists, his joints crackling.

—Ye Cheng is in charge of the manuscript for their class.

It’s okay, I’m trying to fix him.

Who is afraid of who, he has to run three kilometers in the afternoon.

Then wait and see.

Lu Xiao decided to run and jump, and his vigorous figure flew out.

Sure enough, this leap successfully crossed the chasm of the bunker.

The flying sand brought up is scattered all over the sky, and the winner will be determined at one time.

The crowd applauded, and the referee nodded again and again: “It seems that the championship is secure, and the twenty classes are indeed full of talents.”

After a morning of hard work, their class won two first places in the finals, two first places in the group stage, and five second and third places.

Overall, the results are very impressive.

During lunch, Ye Cheng deliberately ate less.

The first project in the afternoon is 3000 meters. It is not easy to digest if you eat too much.

Compared with other projects with shorter duration, 3000 meters is a big project.

Therefore, before the start, many people gathered on both sides of the track to cheer for their class.

Almost all of the 20th class were dispatched, holding streamers and inflatable hand sticks, whistling whistling.

“Squad leader, Li Junxiao, come on!” Tan Xiaoqi took the lead and shouted.

The others shouted: “Come on, squad leader! Come on, Li Junxiao! You are the best!”

Ye Cheng stood at the starting point, but did not see Lu Xiao in the crowd.

He had already warmed up, the short sleeves with the number plate were slightly sweaty, and he moved his wrists and ankles a few times in the same place.

A yellow-haired buddy next to him said to him, “Are you Ye Cheng? Are you going to run together later?”

For the long seven and a half laps, everyone often finds a similar speed to follow.

He pondered in his heart, what kind of sports advantage can the first grade have, 80% of which is to catch the ducks on the shelves to make up the number.

Because the school has a requirement for the number of entries, each class tacitly sent two people to participate. One is in charge of running seriously, and the other is likely to fish in troubled waters.

Who is in charge of fishing in troubled waters in Class 20, the results are clear at a glance.

Huang Mao pointed to the boy in shorts on the other side and said, “That guy is a sports student, and he’s here to break the record. Damn, I don’t want to be with him.”

“How long do you usually take?” Ye Cheng asked him.

He replied, “In fifteen minutes.”

Ye Cheng: “…” You are too slow, brother.

He sincerely suggested: “Why don’t you go to Li Junxiao, the one on runway 3.”

That guy is really here to fish in troubled waters.

Huang Mao gave him a strange look, and had no choice but to turn around to find Li Junxiao.

“Everyone, get ready—go!”

With the referee’s gunshot, the athletes at the starting point all rushed out.

Long-distance running is not as exciting as sprinting. At the beginning, everyone didn’t try too hard, only the sports student was far ahead.

The one who followed closely behind him was Ye Cheng, whom Huang Mao thought was a “scoundrel”.

There were overwhelming cheers from both sides of the aisle, and the slogans of various classes were mixed together, and it was almost inaudible.

“One class, one class, extraordinary!”

“Five classes and five classes, work together to create great results!”

After the first lap, the ranking did not change.

Ye Cheng and the first place were bitten very tightly, only about 30 meters away, which was a problem that could be solved with a sprint.

His strategy was obvious: run after the first few laps and try to overtake the last lap.

But this time the follow-up was not easy.

As a sports student, that person is used to maintaining a relatively fast speed at the beginning, and the group of people behind can’t keep up at all, and even if they keep up, they will not have the physical strength to surpass him in the end.

Therefore, the third place is almost half a playground between them.

On the second lap, the two were already a full lap ahead of the yellow hair who was running at the end.

Huang Mao opened his mouth wide and stared blankly at Ye Cheng running past him.

His delicate face was slightly red, and he kept his nose breathing evenly, and he didn’t look like he was struggling.

Whenever they passed the crowded place, everyone went out of their way to cheer up.

On the last lap, the announcer’s sweet voice sounded.

“To Ye Cheng, the most beautiful monitor in class 20, from the first day I saw you, I’ve been deeply fascinated by you…Ahem, Bao, I had noodles for noon today, what noodles did I eat? , I want to meet you…”

When the word “treasure” came out, Ye Cheng stumbled.

The announcer continued tremblingly: “When you are speeding on the runway, it is like a deer running freely in the jungle.”

It sounds like it’s finally normal, but the next second.

“You are not running the ordinary road, but the road leading to my heart…”

Ye Cheng’s foot was swollen and he almost fell.

The laughter outside the runway was deafening.

He looked at the rostrum, and Lu Xiao was running down in a hurry, chasing Hua Wangchun behind him.

Ye Cheng took a deep breath, held back his smile for a while, and chased after him.

This mentally retarded thing, he really accepted.

He closely followed the first place for seven laps, but the athlete was really strong, and even in the last half lap, he still had amazing explosiveness.

The moment he accelerated, Ye Cheng also accelerated.

The two rushed to the finish line at the same time, and finally reached the red line in an almost tandem state.

The sports student’s chest hits the line first.

The onlookers cheered and swarmed up, pinching their shoulders and relaxing their bodies.

The sports student gasped and gave Ye Cheng a thumbs up: “Brother, strong, few people in this school can catch up with me.”

Ye Cheng’s last sprint used up all his strength, nodding to him sweating profusely, panting on his knees.

Tan Xiaoqi shouted frantically: “Silver medal, great squad leader! You don’t know how terrifying that guy is. He has been the school’s record holder since he entered school.”

Jiang Jin also roared: “Brother Orange, you are my god! Pinch mom to study well, to be strong in sports, woo woo woo I love you so much!”

Ye Cheng rested for a while and drank the glucose handed over by others, and then he recovered.

Not far away, Lu Xiao was walking towards this side, his left ear was red, probably by Hua Wangchun.

Ye Cheng looked at him amusingly, just as he was about to walk over, he suddenly became unsteady and his body was crooked.

A few people next to him exclaimed and wanted to reach out to help him.

Lu Xiao’s eyes were quick and he took three or two steps forward to support him first, frowning, “What’s wrong?”

“Hey.” Ye Cheng felt the pain coming from his ankle, the kind of pain that was attached to the tendons.

It hurts to move.

I ran so fast just now that I was already a little paralyzed.

He held Lu Xiao’s arm with one hand and said, “It seems to be twisted.”

Jiang came in to help check: “Did you get sprained while running just now? Go to the infirmary and have a look.”

Ye Cheng picked up his trouser legs a little, and his right ankle was already swollen.

“My God, it’s all red, I have to go to the infirmary quickly.” Tan Xiaoqi said anxiously.

Ye Cheng opened his mouth, and just wanted to say who of you would help me to get the class card, so I can walk a little easier.

Suddenly, Lu Xiao bent down, put his hand on his shoulder, and carried him on his back in front of everyone.

The series of movements was so fast that even Ye Cheng didn’t respond. When he recovered, he was already on Lu Xiao’s back.

Everyone else was dumbfounded.

Lu Xiao held his leg firmly, turned and walked towards the infirmary.

Ye Cheng was stunned.

Tan Xiaoqi stayed for two seconds, and hurriedly covered her mouth to prevent herself from screaming.

“Fuck… I fuck! Brother Xiao’s boyfriend is so powerful!” She shook Jiang Jin, who was beside her, so excited that tears came out, “Is this what I deserve to watch? I don’t pay for it. Can you watch it?! My God, he is so easy to memorize, help!”

Jiang Jin was about to be spit out by her at lunch, and said dissatisfied: “I’m going to accompany Brother Cheng to the infirmary. By the way, did Brother Xiao forget that he has a basketball game? Why don’t I call him to remind him? .”

He was about to take out his phone when Tan Xiaoqi slapped him on the back of his hand, making a loud, crisp sound.

“You are sick, what kind of light bulb.” She said plausibly, “The basketball game doesn’t start until four o’clock, it’s still early, don’t disturb the little couple.”

Jiang Jin: “…”

Ye Cheng never thought that one day he would be carried away by a high school student in public.

And he couldn’t help blushing, it was a mess.

Lu Xiao’s shoulders are broad and strong, and his hands are clinging to each other, and he can vaguely feel the lines of his muscles.

He was wearing a light gray T-shirt today, and his back was a little wet with sweat.

The broken hair half covered the back of the neck, and there was a faint smell of orange blossom on his body, and he still used the perfume he sent.

Ye Cheng stared at his collar in a daze, not daring to get too close to him, and suddenly swayed.

Startled, he hurriedly put his hand on it.

Lu Xiao’s back froze, and then returned to normal.

Ye Cheng didn’t want to withdraw his hands anymore, as if he seemed guilty, he kept his arms around his neck and cleared his throat.

“Actually, you don’t need to be so troublesome, you can just hold me.”

“Can you go down?” Lu Xiao asked.

Ye Cheng said, “It should be possible.”

He thought that the other party would put him down.

Who knows, Lu Xiao said, “Oh, but I want to carry you.”

Ye Cheng choked.

The arm that hooked his shoulder slowly became unnatural, and he once felt that his hand was sore, but he couldn’t move it.

Not only could he not move, but he couldn’t move, as if he had been placed under a body-fixing spell.

It’s not that he hasn’t been backed by Lu Xiao, but it’s two completely different moods.

Before he drank too much, Lu Xiao walked slowly under the plane tree with his back.

The night was like water, and he leaned his face against that back, a kind of peace of mind that he had never experienced since he was a child.

Children only feel this way when they are on their father’s back.

In Lu Xiao, he found an unprecedented sense of security.

But at this moment, his mood is nervous and hesitant.

Accompanied by a unique sense of greenness.

Whether it was a T-shirt different from a suit, or the unfamiliar campus environment around him, everything reminded him that this was not the Lu Xiao he remembered.

But the attraction does not distinguish between time and space, no matter which Lu Xiao, he can’t help but want to approach.

Ye Cheng slowly pressed his face against his slightly raised shoulder blades.

A little nervous, but still very safe.

Lu Xiao’s breathing suddenly became rapid, but he didn’t say anything, just let him lean on him.

The infirmary was not far from the playground, and within a few minutes, the two arrived.

After entering the door, Lu Xiao carefully placed him on the chair.

Mingming was sweating profusely, and it was uncomfortable to have someone sticking to his back, but the moment Ye Cheng let go, he was still a little disappointed.

As if reluctant.

“Doctor Wang, he has a sprained foot. Please help him take a look.”

Seeing the doctor bent over to roll up Yecheng’s pants, Lu Xiao said.

When he was a freshman in high school, he ran to the infirmary every three days.

Either he was injured in a fight and came in for medicine, or he begged the doctor to give him a sick leave with stomach pain, so Dr. Wang was half acquaintances with him.

Of course, Lu Xiao would not forget how he cheated on him.

On the sick leave, he quickly wrote “dysmenorrhea”, and he handed it over to the head teacher without looking at it. As a result, he was taken to the office and punished on the spot.

Dr. Wang glanced at him: “I haven’t seen you for a few months. How can you still be a good person?”

“We are…” Lu Xiao paused, “Good friends, not good people or good deeds.”

Ye Cheng looked up at him.

Dr. Wang sneered: “It’s good friends, have you been playing Jiajia?”

He casually squeezed Ye Cheng’s ankle a few times, causing him to scream in pain.

Lu Xiao became anxious: “Take it easy, how can you squeeze like that!”

“You child is too intolerant of pain,” Dr. Wang looked at Ye Cheng with disgust and said, “It’s not a big problem, it’s just a twist, just spray a few times with Yunnan Baiyao.”

He got up and rummaged in the cupboard, and said, “Children are getting more and more delicate now… Hey, where’s my spray?”

Dr. Wang searched for a long time, but couldn’t find it, so he said to them, “I’ll go to the warehouse to find it, you guys stay here for a while.”

As soon as he left, the infirmary fell silent.

Ye Cheng looked around, he was sitting on a chair, there was a hospital bed not far away, and there was a screen behind him.

“You come here often?” he asked casually.

Lu Xiao squatted down to check his feet, and said casually, “Well, I came here often last semester.”

For some reason, his straight eyes made Ye Cheng a little embarrassed.

Obviously it is not a private part.

He couldn’t help but shrank his feet back, trying to divert his attention: “Is it because of the fight?”

Seeing him step back, Lu Xiao stretched out his hand and hooked his calf over. He frowned and said, “Don’t move, let me take a look.”

His hand strength was as strong as ever, and Ye Cheng’s face instantly turned red again.

Lu Xiao lifted his trouser legs up, exposing his slender calves and ankles.

Compared with his peers, Ye Cheng’s skeleton is not too big. In addition to being taller, to a certain extent, his bones are slender.

His calves were straight and snow-white, and his ankles were so thin that Lu Xiao could wrap them around with one hand.

The red and swollen areas stand out a little and are more noticeable on the whiter skin.

The blood vessels on the instep were pale blue. Before that, Lu Xiao had never thought that someone’s feet could look so beautiful.

The picture in front of him seemed to overlap with the previous dream, and he couldn’t help but feel a little confused.

The ankles are empty and don’t have any tattoos.

Ye Cheng was staring at him with red face and ears, and suddenly heard him ask.

“Have you ever thought about getting a tattoo for someone you like?”

“Ah?” Ye Cheng was stunned.



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