Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 29

This question was asked inexplicably, but Ye Cheng’s face gradually turned from red to white.

He will indeed have a tattoo on his ankle in the future.

And it was tattooed by Lu Xiao himself.


Right above the raised bone, pierced into the thin flesh, telling the most obscure love.

He didn’t know why Lu Xiao suddenly asked this question, his eyes dodged a little, and he hesitated: “I don’t like tattoos.”

This answer is the safest. He usually looks like a good student. If he likes tattoos, he will be a ghost.

Hearing what he said, Lu Xiao felt that he was stunned again.

It’s just a dream, according to Ye Cheng’s character, is it really possible to get a tattoo?

But he thought about it again, if he really hated tattoos so much, but got them for the person he liked… Then how much he must like this person.

It must be love to the core.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiao felt a soreness in his chest.

When he happened to know that Ye Cheng was in love before, he was just curious—curious about ordinary friends.

What kind of person can get into his discernment, after all, he is so picky.

But now that I think about it again, the sour and numb taste is really not very pleasant. He couldn’t even help but scatter and make up his mind, did they hold hands? Did you hug? Have you ever kissed?

Lu Xiao couldn’t quite understand why he had these thoughts, but it was as if his own things had been invaded.

A little upset.

Kind of want to get it back.

Ye Cheng saw his face getting darker and darker, didn’t he like tattoos that made him so annoyed?

He quickly changed the subject and said, “What time is it, aren’t you going to prepare for the basketball game?”

Lu Xiao stretched out his hand, put the piece of Red Devil under his eyelids, and said, “Two o’clock, what’s the hurry, I’ll wait until you’re done dressing up.”

“Okay, I’ll go with you later.” Ye Cheng remembered what he said to Tan Xiaoqi.

The whole class has to go to the game, and it is not easy for him to be absent.

When Lu Xiao heard that he was going, his eyes lit up, but then he hesitated: “Don’t your feet hurt? Or forget it, just rest here.”

Ye Cheng tried to move his ankle, but it didn’t seem as painful as before, maybe it was too much.

So he shook his head and said, “It doesn’t hurt very much, and I want to watch you play.”

Lu Xiao lowered his head, the corners of his mouth raised little by little.

He seemed to remember something and asked, “Why did you twist? I saw you warming up.”

Although he was on the podium, he asked someone to borrow a telescope to look at the playground.

Ye Cheng coughed and said, “I didn’t pay attention, I’ll be careful next time.”

He saw Lu Xiao flustered with joy and anger, for fear that he would say that because of his manuscript, he would be so sad that he would not play basketball games.

Not long after, Dr. Wang came in with the spray.

He sprayed the wound a few times, rubbed it, and finished.

Lu Xiao always felt that he was perfunctory, and kept asking this and that, whether he could touch the water, whether he could apply ice, and whether there was anything else to pay attention to.

In the end, Dr. Wang got angry, slapped the table and said, “He has twisted his tendons, not broken bones! Is there anything you can’t eat spicy food? Is there a relationship between the two?”

As soon as Lu Xiao lifted his chin, he was about to fight him, but Ye Cheng hurriedly pulled him away.

He limped to help Lu Xiao, not letting him carry himself again.

On the one hand because he can really go, on the other hand because he is embarrassed.

After the two got to the basketball court, Zhou Minhao came over and asked Lu Xiao to warm up, and by the way, he cared about Ye Cheng’s condition.

The basketball court has been surrounded by circles, with three floors inside and three floors outside, which is very lively.

The annual basketball game is a day where handsome guys gather, and the girls are all excitedly looking forward to it.

“Brother Orange, why don’t I bring you a chair? How can you see it when you sit here?” Zhou Minhao said thoughtfully.

Ye Cheng was sitting on a platform a few meters away from the arena, and the cheerleading team jumped up to cover him.

“Don’t, make me look like a coach.” Ye Cheng decisively refused, “I can see it here, I will cheer you on.”

Zhou Minhao had to give up: “Well, if you can’t see it, let the substitute help you to the front.”

Jiang Jin and the people behind him came with a few boxes of water, put them at Ye Cheng’s feet, and said, “Brother Cheng, help us watch the water, everyone will come over to drink it during the intermission later.”

Ye Cheng smiled and nodded: “Don’t worry, you can’t lose it.”

“Come here to gather.” Zhou Minhao beckoned.

Lu Xiao looked down at him worriedly, and asked, “Can you do it alone, do you want someone to accompany you?”

Ye Cheng was almost speechless for him: “Brother Xiao, I haven’t reached the point where I need to find someone to push me in a wheelchair.”

Jiang Jin chuckled beside him.

Lu Xiao was dragged away by everyone.

At about four o’clock, the cheerleaders on the sidelines began to line up.

A group of girls in short skirts and holding streamers stood in a row.

Next to them, two teams came over.

The team on the far left, uniformly wearing a black basketball vest and shorts, was led by Lu Xiao.

They have the team name tattooed on their chests – Tiga is light.

Full of taste from head to toe.

The cheerleading team was immediately boiling, and shouted in unison: “Diga Diga, fight for the top! Go forward bravely, and cooperate with each other!”

“Come on, Lu Xiao! Come on, Zhou Minhao!” Tan Xiaoqi shouted heartily.

Ye Cheng was so embarrassed that he couldn’t move, his scalp tingling from laughter.

Help, who planned this!

With the referee’s order, the game officially began.

Every time Lu Xiao plays basketball, he likes to wear wrist guards.

This time, in addition to the wristbands, he also wore a black headband.

Ye Cheng couldn’t take his eyes off the moment he glanced at him.

Not only could he not move his eyes, but all the girls around him could not take their eyes off him.

Lu Xiao is in the forward position, and is particularly aggressive when dribbling the ball and rushing to the rebound. Every time he went to dunk, it would cause countless screams, and the posture made others feel that they would faint at any time.

By the last goal of the first half, Tiga led by three points.

Just when the opponent was about to fight with all his strength and came up to grab the ball, Lu Xiao turned around beautifully and dodged.

Then he quickly made a fake move, deceived the opponent’s teammate, and made a backhand dunk.

The ball goes in.

The whistle sounded.

The audience cheered, and several girls covered their mouths excitedly, tears almost coming out.

“Halftime, come back in ten minutes.” The referee made a gesture and said.

The Diga team was in high spirits, and they came over to the rest area in a mighty manner.

Lu Xiao had just finished exercising, and there were crystal beads of sweat on his hair.

He seemed to be playing very well, turned the basketball and walked in front of Ye Cheng, smiling and doing the action of hitting him with the ball.

The basketball was about to drop and fly to him.

Ye Cheng was startled by his fake action, and raised his arm in a conditioned reflex to block his eyes.

However, the basketball was not thrown over, and there were unbridled mockery of the male high school students all around.

Lu Xiao laughed especially loudly.

Ye Cheng also thought it was funny, and scolded him: “You are not childish.”

“Not as naive as you.”

The two habitually fight each other.

A group of people scrambled to drink water, Lu Xiao was busy squirting with Ye Cheng, and accidentally was a step late.

By the time the reaction came, the water had already been divided.

“Fuck you, don’t leave a bottle for me?” Lu Xiao said angrily.

Jiang Jin hurriedly unscrewed the bottle cap and took a sip along the mouth of the bottle, fearing that he would steal his own.

Lu Xiao: “…”

Just as he was about to raise his hand to beat someone, he heard a female voice in a loli voice.

“Senior, do you want some water? I just bought it.”

Lu Xiao turned his head, and Ye Cheng followed him.

A girl who looked like a doll was holding a bottle of water and handing it to him. It was cold and water droplets, and it was just taken out of the refrigerator.

Jiang Jin choked on his throat, stabbed Zhou Minhao with all his might, and whispered, “Fuck me, she’s the school girl of the first year of high school.”

“Damn, Brother Xiao is really blessed, I’m so envious.” Zhou Minhao said in a low voice.

Jiang Jin glanced at Ye Cheng’s face subconsciously, thinking that this might not be a blessing, but a disaster.

Sure enough, Ye Cheng’s face was cold and light.

Lu Xiao glanced at her and said, “No, I have it.”

Ye Cheng hadn’t reacted yet, only to see him walking straight over, picking up half of the water he had drank, and unscrewing the bottle cap very naturally.

The girl was silent, then bit her lip and turned to leave.

Lu Xiao took a sip of water.

Jiang Jin and Zhou Minhao, you look at me, and I look at you.

Ye Cheng looked at him and said, “Who told you to drink my water?”

“It’s like you haven’t drunk mine.” Lu Xiao wiped his mouth and said, “Last spring outing, who took only one sip of my water?”

Ye Cheng squinted his eyes and said, “Be careful.”

Zhou Minhao scratched his head: “Brother Xiao, why are you always fighting with Brother Orange recently…”

“Is this called mutual confrontation?” Jiang Jin wanted to cry without tears. “This is called flirting.”

After the break, the game continued.

In the second half, Tiga replaced two people, and the cooperation was more brave than the first half, as if tireless, and the opponent was in a hurry.

The cheerleaders were going crazy.

The sun was setting, but it couldn’t stop the sweat and boiling enthusiasm on the court.

Ye Cheng heard the players who were replaced on the side discussing.

“The first brother is in the limelight again this time. I guarantee that the love letter he received tonight will fill the drawer.”

“No, as soon as he touched the ball, those girls looked like they were dying. Fuck, I’m so envious.”

“At the evening celebration party, it is estimated that he will be bored to death.”

“Hahaha, he was about to get angry at the celebration party last year, and a woman kept rubbing against him.”

The celebration banquet they said was a custom after a basketball game. The PE teacher was the host and asked them to have a meal.

Taking advantage of the crowd and the teacher not paying attention, Ye Cheng raised her phone and took a few quick photos.

After the game, Tiga killed the opponent with a double score.

The captain of the liberal arts class stepped forward, bumped shoulders with Zhou Minhao and Lu Xiao, and then punched Lu Xiao, saying, “Brother, you’re awesome.”

The collision of the two boys turned the field upside down, and cheers exploded.

Those players were right, Lu Xiao became famous again.

When he walked towards this side, he attracted countless gazes.

Ye Cheng immediately had the urge to pretend he didn’t know him.

Lu Xiao took off his hair tie, wiped his sweat and asked, “Can I stand up and carry you?”

Carry your head, and I will become famous after you carry me, Ye Cheng thought to himself.

He has tried to move his ankle a few times just now, and he has to say that Yunnan Baiyao is really effective.

Although there is still a twitching feeling of stretching, but it has been able to fall to the ground.

“I can walk by myself,” he said, standing up. “What time do we go to the celebration party?”

Lu Xiao glanced at his feet: “Fuck, don’t go, how do you go like this, rest.”

Ye Cheng was confused and said, “If I don’t go, you will go first. It’s too shameful not to go.”

“If you don’t go, I won’t either.” Lu Xiao said persistently.

Ye Cheng lost to him, so he had to say, “I’m going! I can really walk.”

Saying that, he took a few steps in place to let him see.

Seeing that there was no discomfort on his face, Lu Xiao compromised.

Zhou Minhao had already hit the ball and came out after receiving the trophy. Seeing the two of them still crooked beside the court, the girls around were almost dumbfounded.

He couldn’t look past it and reminded him, “Let’s go, two brothers, you still have to take a taxi.”

“Who is your brother?” Lu Xiao glanced at him with disgust.

Zhou Minhao raised his hand and surrendered: “OK, two dads, let’s go.”

After coming out of the school, the group divided several groups of taxis to the dining place.

It wasn’t until after getting off the bus that Ye Cheng realized that in addition to his class and the basketball team, there were several strange girls following him.

Sure enough, as the team members said, 80% of them came to Lu Xiao.

The place where they had dinner was in a building on a commercial street.

Everyone checked that it was still early, so they discussed to take a stroll around.

The boys went to the game hall, and the girls went to the clothing store in twos and threes to catch dolls.

When passing a store, Lu Xiao suddenly stopped.

Ye Cheng thought it was a men’s clothing that he had taken a fancy to, so he followed his line of sight.

Then, froze in place.

In the transparent window, there is a set of jk with matcha light green.

White short top, cute bow, matcha plaid skirt.


Lu Xiao tilted his head to look at it, and said, “This is pretty cool.”

Ye Cheng’s blood rushed to his forehead, only to feel his qi and blood surging, ashamed and angry.

Several girls nearby covered their mouths and laughed, one of them was wearing pink jk.

Lu Xiao couldn’t help but glance at her, then turned to Ye Cheng and asked, “Do you think it looks good?”

“Good-looking your mother.” Ye Cheng squeezed out four words from between her teeth.

Lu Xiao: “???”

When the second monk-in-law was at a loss, Ye Cheng shook him off and walked straight away.

Lu Xiao quickly chased after him: “Hey, why are you walking so fast? Watch out for your feet!”

During dinner, Lu Xiao went to sit next to Ye Cheng, but he avoided him.

Ye Cheng stood up and sat next to Zhou Minhao.

Zhou Minhao looked at him, and then looked at Lu Xiao’s fierce eyes, not knowing what he had done wrong.

Looking at this posture, are you jealous?

Lu Xiao was puzzled, just because he glanced at the girl, he was jealous again?

Oh, how hard to coax, he thought.

Have to think about what to do.

After the dinner, everyone discussed to sing.

Ye Cheng said that he wanted to go back to rest first, so he took a taxi and left.

Originally, when he was talking, Lu Xiao wanted to take the opportunity to send him back, but Ye Cheng didn’t give him a chance to follow.

“Brother Xiao, you are not allowed to leave.” Zhou Minhao stopped Lu Xiao and said, “Come on, let me celebrate today’s victory!”

The others roared: “walk around, drink the fuck.”

A group of people noisily booked two large private rooms, and asked for a few more cases of beer and snacks, and began to call Mai.

Lu Xiao took a bottle of rose beer and sat in the dark corner drinking it.

Bitter beer has the fragrance of roses, not as pungent and mellow as spirits, with a very light sweetness.

He licked his lips, frowning slightly.

How to explain it, his first reaction when he saw that jk was not that the girl also wore it, but… what would happen if it was worn on Ye Cheng.

It’s outrageous, but it’s uncontrollable.

If he explained it like this, Ye Cheng could punch him in the face on the spot.

Just when he was sweet and distressed, a strong scent of perfume suddenly drifted into his nose.

A girl sat down next to him.

The lights were so dark that it was impossible to see who it was.

“Brother, why are you drinking alone?”

A delicate voice sounded.

Lu Xiao was annoying, and just as he wanted her to go away, he heard an angry voice interject.

“Li Jiaojiao, who asked you to sit here? This is my seat!”

Tan Xiaoqi held the wine bottle and stood in front of them domineeringly, sounding like she had drunk too much.

“Your name is written on the seat? Why do you say it’s your seat?” Li Jiaojiao said sharply.

Tan Xiaoqi pointed at Lu Xiao: “If you don’t believe me, ask Brother Xiao.”

Her meaning is obvious, do you need me to help you out?

Lu Xiao nodded: “It’s hers, let’s go.”

Li Jiaojiao immediately burst into tears, stood up reluctantly, and said to Tan Xiaoqi, “You and Li Junxiao deserve to break up with you all day long!”

Tan Xiaoqi picked up the bottle: “Damn, don’t force me to slap you!”

“…Don’t fight.” Lu Xiao unfortunately got involved in the girls’ ripping off scene, and was a little speechless.

Of course, Li Jiaojiao couldn’t talk to others in front of him, she glared at Tan Xiaoqi angrily, turned around and walked away.

Tan Xiaoqi sat down next to Lu Xiao, raised the bottle and gulped a few sips.

“Are you lost in love?” Lu Xiao gave her a sideways glance.

Usually Tan Xiaoqi is quite a lady, and when she gets drunk, she immediately reveals her true shape.

She sniffed and said, “Dog man, there’s nothing good!”

Lu Xiao raised his eyebrows: “I’m a man too.”

“Except you and Brother Orange.” Tan Xiaoqi burped.

Lu Xiao moved away from her in disgust, mocking: “This is the benefit of falling in love, look at you like this.”

Tan Xiaoqi was not as afraid of him as before, looked at him with red eyes and said, “Don’t you want to fall in love? Don’t you want to suffer from love? Haha.”

“I don’t want to,” Lu Xiao said decisively, “Love will only affect my dashing and happy life, what to talk about, whether the game is bad or the beer is bad.”

Tan Xiaoqi didn’t expect him to say this, and even forgot to cry.

She said in disbelief: “You… don’t like Brother Orange?”

Lu Xiao choked on the wine: “What are you talking about?”

“Damn it, you said in front of Hua Wangchun last time that you don’t like women! You don’t like Brother Orange?” Tan Xiaoqi shouted.

Fortunately, their place is very marginal, otherwise it would definitely cause an uproar.

Lu Xiao hurriedly said, “Shut up and keep your voice down.”

Tan Xiaoqi was still shocked.

Lu Xiao said angrily, “I was trying to resist Hua Wangchun.”

Tan Xiaoqi looked at him, up and down, left and right.

Lu Xiao’s face was cold and he said, “What are you looking at?”

“Brother Xiao, let me ask you a question.” Tan Xiaoqi tentatively said, “Have you ever been in a relationship before?”

Lu Xiao frowned and said, “No.”

“Then have you ever liked someone else?”


Tan Xiaoqi took a deep breath and covered her chest: “Then you know, what kind of love is love?”

Lu Xiao: “…”

Tan Xiaoqi encountered this kind of elm head for the first time, and calmly said:

“Before I came here, why did you sit here alone drinking? Also, you didn’t sit with Brother Orange during dinner.”

Lu Xiao’s face became even more ugly, and he said firmly, “He’s jealous, I’m thinking about how to coax him.”

Tan Xiaoqi almost rolled her eyes and fainted.

“You know, the words you use are very unclear.”

“‘Jealous’, will brothers be jealous often, will you eat Jiang Jin’s jealousy? ‘Coax him’, do brothers need to be coaxed, will you coax Jiang Jin?”

She hates iron not turning into steel.

Lu Xiao slowly put down the bottle, and finally realized that something was wrong.

Tan Xiaoqi continued to hit him hard: “Did you feel distressed after his ankle was sprained? Will there be moments when you think he is good-looking? Have you broken your own principles for him? Have you ever wanted to kiss him or hug him? he?”

The first few Lu Xiaos all stepped on the thunder.

He groaned, groaned, groaned, and when he heard the last one, he immediately retorted: “I didn’t want to kiss him, and I didn’t even want to hug him.”

I just felt dry mouth and my heart beat faster, and I didn’t think about hugging.

Tan Xiaoqi asked unwillingly: “Then have you ever dreamed of him? Well, I’m talking about that kind of dream, you know. My boyfriend, bah, ex-boyfriend, said that boys often have those dreams.”

“How is it possible, I never dreamed of it.” Lu Xiao understood in seconds.

He only dreamed that Ye Cheng ordered him to pour out the water to wash his feet.

Tan Xiaoqi was silent.

Lu Xiao seized her loophole and asked back, “Does this mean that I don’t actually like him that much?”

People like Ye Cheng are good-looking, good at learning, and have nothing wrong with their personality except for being arrogant. It’s normal for him to like him and like him like ordinary people.

Don’t think about that.

Yes, it is like that.

Seeing Tan Xiaoqi’s blank expression, Lu Xiao took a sip of wine with satisfaction.

The rose flavor in the wine reminded him of Yecheng inexplicably.

The rose on his seventeenth birthday, and the person who gave him the flower is as delicate as a rose.

After everyone gathered, it was already past eleven o’clock in the evening.

Lu Xiao and Jiang Jin dropped by, and they walked on the road to blow off the alcohol.

Jiang Jin blushed from drinking, crying that his goddess was about to transfer to another school.

Lu Xiao listened for a while, then suddenly said, “You always talk about Jiang Yirong, have you considered my feelings?”

“Ah?” Jiang Jin was stunned.

After Lu Xiao finished speaking, he felt that there was something strange, and he felt uncomfortable all over.

But he was not discouraged, and continued: “I’m angry.”

Jiang Jinren was stupid, thinking that he was hallucinating.

“Brother Xiao… are you alright?”

Lu Xiao rubbed his hair angrily.

Shit, it’s really not right anywhere.

He tried to treat Jiang Jin with an attitude towards Ye Cheng, but not only did Jiang Jin feel that he was sick, but he himself was about to vomit.

Shit, what went wrong?

Back home, the living room on the first floor was lit.

Lu Xiao pushed open the door and went in, and sure enough it was Mrs. Wang.

“Xiaoxiao, you’re back.” Sister Wang said, taking the schoolbag in his hand.

She married Lu Xiao’s mother Meng Li, and she always called him young master from the beginning.

Later, when Lu Xiao grew up a little, when Sister Wang went to pick him up from school, she told the young master to be overheard by her classmates.

Everyone was laughing, and then Lu Xiao stopped her from calling her that.

“Why are you back, my mother is at home too?” Lu Xiao asked.

Sister Wang hurriedly said, “No, no, Madam asked me to come back and help you clean up, make you something to eat and put it in the refrigerator.”

Lu Xiao looked indifferent: “I can take care of myself, and there are part-time workers at home to clean up, you can just stay there with her.”

Seeing that he didn’t seem to be in a good mood, Sister-in-law Wang nodded wisely and said, “Don’t worry, I will take good care of Madam, and you should also take good care of yourself at home.”

Lu Xiao responded, took the schoolbag and went upstairs.

He drank some wine in the evening and was a little sleepy at this time.

But some can’t sleep.

Lying in bed tossing and turning for a while, turned on the phone and clicked on WeChat.

The first one on the top is a black silhouette avatar.

This head portrait is very sensual, like a window sill at dusk was specially selected.

The profile of the face is also very clear, from the slightly protruding brow bone to the smooth root and delicate jawline, it is Ye Cheng himself.

Lu Xiao never thought about this question before – who took this photo for him?

He’s a bit too far from the camera, and it’s unlikely to be a selfie.

With a sour mood, Lu Xiao clicked into his circle of friends.

At this time, a new dynamic happened.

It was a picture of Ye Cheng taking a selfie with a full-length mirror. He was wearing black t and black trousers, his elbows were clearly articulated, and his skin was surprisingly white.

Text: The new pants look good.

Lu Xiao was stunned.

Ye Cheng is not a person who likes drying clothes and jewelry in the circle of friends, and basically does not like hair very much, this one…

A string in his head snapped open.

Shouldn’t it be, in the connotation of that jk…

He put his arms over his eyes, his heart beating wildly.

Ye Cheng, what do you know? He couldn’t possibly know his own thoughts.

Lu Xiao just lay there for more than 30 minutes, the room was silent.

Lying down, his consciousness blurred.

The hour hand points to twelve o’clock.

The second hand is turning.

In the hazy picture, he seemed to have returned to the private room just now, sitting in the corner drinking boring wine.

A man came up to him, the skirt brushing his bare arm.

Lu Xiao waved his hand irritably: “Go away.”

A cold voice sounded: “Are you sure, want me to go away?”

He raised his head suddenly and saw Ye Cheng who was standing in front of him wearing jk.



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