Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 31

There were more and more people on the street one after another, passing by the door of the store.

Through the glass, Ye Cheng could see that Ye Cheng was wearing a white sweater, matching grey trousers and sneakers, which seemed a little casual.

Lu Xiao looked at Tan Mengmeng, a well-behaved student with particularly big eyes, wearing a pink suit and looking somewhat similar to Tan Xiaoqi.

The two didn’t look like they were dating, but more like they were going on a field outing or something.

When Ye Cheng turned his head to talk to her, his face just turned around.

Lu Xiao raised the long menu reflexively, covering himself with extremely skillful movements.

Jiang Jin asked suspiciously, “Brother Xiao, don’t we go and say hello to them?”

Without saying a word, Lu Xiao quickly covered his face with another menu and said, “Shh.”

Jiang Jin: “…”

When the two people entered the door, Lu Xiao put down the menu worthy of being.

Jiang Jin’s cheeks twitched, and his face was full of question marks: “So…what are we going to do? After sitting here for an hour, isn’t it just to wait for them?”

“Tan Xiaoqi wants to introduce Ye Cheng’s girlfriend.” Lu Xiao said distractedly, still looking at the opposite.

Jiang Jin was puzzled: “Is it illegal?”

Lu Xiao glared at him, then continued to stare at the other side: “He is going to be admitted to Peking University, how can he fall in love?”

For a time, Jiang Jin was unable to refute.

To be admitted to Peking University… It seems that we should not fall in love… Right.

He had no choice but to accompany Lu Xiao to monitor.

in the coffee shop.

Ye Cheng ordered two lattes, then took out the printed materials from the bag and handed them to Tan Mengmeng.

“This is an English competition question over the years, you can pass them all,” he said.

Tan Xiaoqi told him that her sister was going to participate in this year’s English competition, because she knew that he had won the provincial one, so she wanted to ask him for some experience.

The little girl was very sincere, and she was very polite when she invited him.

Ye Cheng’s nature is still a person who likes to study hard and ask questions. Thirteen Middle School finally has a person who wants to participate in the competition, and he will naturally help if he can.

“Thank you, senior, you are really kind.” Tan Mengmeng accepted it happily and said, “If I have any questions I don’t understand in the future, can I ask you?”

Ye Cheng took a sip of coffee and said, “Of course, you can ask on WeChat, or you can come to see me in class.”

“Okay!” Tan Mengmeng smiled sweetly.


Jiang Jin asked curiously, “Are the school tyrants reading books even on dates? Why is that girl still writing?”

He didn’t get Lu Xiao’s look back for a long time, and when he tilted his head, he saw Lu Xiao gritted his teeth and looked like he was going to rush out at any time.

Jiang Jin: “Brother Xiao…you, are you okay?”

Lu Xiao scooped up a scoop of ice cream and angrily stuffed it into his mouth, trying to physically cool himself down.

Damn, you’re still laughing, what’s so funny about it?

Aren’t they learning? This affects their learning. Don’t they know?

In the coffee shop, Tan Mengmeng did a few questions.

He raised his head and chatted with Ye Cheng, “Senior, is the one who danced with you in “No Tomorrow” at the party, is it Senior Lu Xiao?”

Ye Cheng was stunned, wondering why she suddenly mentioned this, nodded and said, “It’s him.”

Tan Mengmeng laughed: “You should have a very good relationship in private, after all, you cooperated so well on stage, and you even won the first prize.”

Ye Orange blinked, it should be very good, but the other party sometimes has intermittent seizures.

“What kind of person do you think he is?” Tan Mengmeng asked.

It was not the first time that Ye Cheng had been asked such a question, and she wanted to laugh a little involuntarily.

In the interview with “Top Ten Husbands”, he answered this question like this –

“He is bold, gentle and considerate; very mature and stable, and occasionally childish; very responsible and very responsible to everyone.”

But now, there was a smile on his lips, and his tone was much lighter.

“He’s very annoying.”

“Small-tempered, childish, explodes at a little bit, and often gets sullen in glass.”

Obviously the adjectives in his mouth are not praise, but the smile on his face makes Tan Mengmeng feel that he may be in a good mood.

“Sometimes it’s rough, and sometimes it’s very careful.” Ye Cheng smiled and shook his head, looking helpless, “It’s just a contradiction.”

Tan Mengmeng concluded: “In this way, it is not very mature.”

Ye Cheng agreed very much: “It’s really immature.”

“However, immaturity is also a virtue,” he added.

Tan Mengmeng had an incomprehensible expression.

Because it is immature, it is invaluable.

Because there are no traces of polishing, it maintains his original appearance.

That’s fine.

Lu Xiao looked at the opposite side, his expression gradually melancholy.

“Old Jiang.” His sudden long-awaited address almost sent Jiang Jin away on the spot.

Whenever he called someone like that, it meant something big was about to happen.

“Ah?” Jiang Jin agreed with a trembling voice.

“Do you think Ye Cheng would like that Tan Mengmeng?” Lu Xiao kept staring at the window seat with a hint of resentment in his eyes.

Jiang Jin said, “Who is Tan Meng… oh oh, that girl across from me.”

He looked at Lu Xiao’s face and carefully thought about his words: “I probably won’t like it, Brother Orange probably doesn’t like cute ones.”

Lu Xiao’s eyes finally lit up a little, looked at him and said, “Really, then what do you think he would like?”

Jiang Jin swallowed and said, “Maybe… Maybe I like it. Taller, more handsome… Sister Yu? Uh, it’s better to be a little more temperamental.”

“Fuck! That’s right, I think so too.” Lu Xiao slammed the table.

The shopkeeper was taken aback and thought he was going to fight.

Jiang Jin found the right idea, and immediately followed the vine: “Yes, yes, it is the kind of sports that is good and the skin color is healthy. It is best not to be too thin, to be strong, and then like to fight with him every day.”

Lu Xiao praised, “Extremely correct.”

“Play games with him and spray the other side, accompany him to run and play basketball, can help him do anything at any time, anywhere, and don’t be a moth outside.” Jiang Jin boasted with a rainbow fart.

Lu Xiao was simply moved: “You **** understand, is that Tan Xiaoqi blind? You can’t tell.”

Jiang Jin breathed a sigh of relief, and finally made this ancestor happy.

While Tan Mengmeng was writing the title, Ye Cheng looked out the window and suddenly saw two very familiar figures.

He was stunned for a moment, and recognized that it was Lu Xiao and Jiang Jin.

Tan Mengmeng lowered her head and pretended to work hard, but she was actually sending a message to Tan Xiaoqi secretly.

[Don’t worry, your cp is very in love with each other, I think Brother Orange may be quite deep. 】

Tan Xiaoqi: [Yes, yes! Woohoo, I always feel that Brother Xiao loves without knowing it, but I didn’t expect Brother Orange to do the same. 】

Tan Mengmeng: [Hey, in fact, I feel that Brother Orange is self-aware. But it’s strange, he gives a very restrained, very secret feeling, as if there is some secret hidden, I can’t tell. 】

Tan Xiaoqi: [[Screenshot] His WeChat nickname is called, restraint. 】

Tan Mengmeng: [Hahahaha, it means restraint, don’t fall in love before college? 】

After she finished, the sisters fell silent at the same time.

Tan Xiaoqi: [Fuck, doesn’t that really mean that? 】

Tan Mengmeng: […Fuck]

She was typing attentively when Ye Cheng suddenly stood up and said, “You do the question yourself first, I’ll go out.”

Tan Mengmeng thought he found something, the phone almost smashed under his feet, and hurriedly responded: “Ah, okay, okay, you’re busy with you, I’m fine myself!”

“Yeah.” Ye Cheng nodded apologetically to her, turned and walked out of the coffee shop.

Lu Xiaozheng was blown away by what Jiang Jin said, but he didn’t notice that the wind chimes at the door of the store rang a few times, and someone came in.

“And, keep talking.” He took a savage bite of the ice cream, feeling both icy and sweet.

Jiang Jin was almost at a loss for words, so he could not wait to hug the Chinese teacher’s thigh and beg her to come on: “And…that is, that is, someone who likes sweets, and is more childish at heart…”

Halfway through his words, he looked behind Lu Xiao and opened his mouth blankly.

Lu Xiaozheng listened eagerly and urged, “Goon, don’t be like squeezing toothpaste, what else does Ye Cheng like?”

Jiang Jin was choked, coughed twice, and said weakly, “Hello, Brother Orange.”

Lu Xiao’s smile froze on his face as he slowly turned around.

Ye Cheng stood behind him and said lightly, “What a coincidence, you are here too.”

Lu Xiao was silent for more than ten seconds, and then immediately made a surprise: “What a coincidence, do you want to sit down and eat ice cream together?”

He was sitting, Ye Cheng was standing, slightly taller than him, looked at him from top to bottom and said, “Didn’t you still have a cold war with me two days ago? You are so kind to invite me to eat ice cream?”

Lu Xiao: “…”

Seeing that he was about to turn into anger, Jiang Jin hurriedly said, “Well, Brother Xiao suddenly wanted to eat this ice cream, so we came to line up. We are all regular customers, right Boss Sun?”

The store manager looked at the only three customers in the store dumbfounded, until they looked over together, only to realize that the “Boss Sun” was calling him.

But he’s not named Sun either…

He nodded hesitantly.

Ye Cheng didn’t care about his reaction, and asked Lu Xiao, “Are you going out for a walk?”

Lu Xiao hesitated for a few seconds.

“Wherever you want to go, don’t worry about me, I’ll just sit here and eat ice cream.” Jiang Jin immediately waved his hands and said.

Lu Xiao acted like a heroic sacrifice, stood up and said, “Let’s go.”

Anyway, it’s already like this, can it be more embarrassing?

Changle Road in early autumn, the sun is shining.

Don’t give money to the sycamore leaves with a layer of gold, so that ordinary leaves become unusual.

There are less cicadas in the air, more chestnut and sweet-scented osmanthus.

Weekends are rest time. Many people go out for shopping and eating. The streets are very lively.

The two walked under the shadows of plane trees, across crowded sidewalks and traffic lights.

Ye Cheng was about to speak when he heard Lu Xiao take the initiative to say,


His voice was muffled, as if he had made a mistake.

“I’ve been very upset these days, and my attitude towards you is not very good. I apologize to you.” He said, “I said that you should stay away from me before, can you take it back?”

Ye Cheng couldn’t help crying and laughing.

I want to break up with him, and now I have to take it back, what a little kid.

He didn’t forgive immediately, but pretended to be indifferent: “Can you take back the water spilled out of what you said?”

Lu Xiao was extremely depressed, lowered his eyes and did not speak.

“Why are you so confused, tell me.” Ye Cheng glanced at him quietly, but fortunately, she didn’t cry.

Lu Xiao clenched his fist: “Can you not say it?”

Ye Cheng said coldly: “If the apology is not sincere, it is better not to apologize.”

Lu Xiao took a breath and calmed his emotions before plucking up the courage to say, “Ye Cheng, I think I’m a little abnormal. Sometimes, I want to do that or that kind of thing.”

When he finished speaking, his face was already swishly familiar.

“What? What kind of thing?” The man jumped so fast, Ye Cheng didn’t keep up.

Lu Xiao squeezed out a sentence between his teeth: “It’s ‘that, kind, thing’, I…had a very strange dream.”

Ye Cheng suddenly realized that, and instantly blushed.

Shit, it turned out to be Sichun.

It’s no wonder that the peacock has opened its screen again recently, and it is irritable and irritable.

Ye Cheng never imagined that in addition to solving the problems of learning and morality of teenagers, he would also care about his physical health now.

It’s really…a shame.

He was already starting to regret having this conversation.

But in order to prevent Lu Xiao from collapsing, Ye Cheng could only comfort him: “This… This kind of thing is actually quite normal, I’ve dreamed of it too. Don’t be too stressed, make sure to exercise moderately and change your underwear frequently.”

The last sentence he read and memorized from a physiology education book.

Who knows, Lu Xiao was not comforted.

He only paid attention to the previous sentence, and asked nervously, “Have you had it too? Did you dream about your ex?”

Ye Cheng didn’t expect him to ask such a question, so she was choked, and it took a while before she said, “That’s it.”

“Dream… like him?” Lu Xiao almost stopped breathing.

He used to say “I’m going to **** you tonight, so you can’t even cry”.

Now shyly replacing it with “like that”, Ye Cheng almost didn’t stop laughing.

He clenched his fist and coughed, trying to remain calm: “Don’t be so shy, this kind of thing is really normal, haven’t you, um, wet dreams before?”

Lu Xiao said unnaturally, “Yes, but not so specific.”

His attention has been completely deviated, and he took a step forward and asked: “What kind of person is your ex?”

This is the second time Ye Cheng has been asked this question today. He recites the belly draft numbly: “Mature, steady, gentle and considerate.”

Then the intersection turned red and they stopped.

Hearing his description, Lu Xiao’s expression became tragic.

Thirty seconds left at the red light.

He said solemnly: “I apologize again for my behavior the other day. No matter what happens in the future, I will not make trouble unreasonably. If you don’t like me, just tell me and I will change it.”

Ye Cheng was startled by his sudden announcement, a little funny and a little unbearable.

“It’s not necessary,” he said with a smile, “except for smoking and drinking, there is nothing I dislike about you.”

Lu Xiao endured and looked extremely serious: “I will try my best to quit.”

Ye Cheng opened his mouth and was speechless.

What’s happening here? This guy suddenly turned back?

“Okay.” He said after holding back for a long time.

Lu Xiao then asked him, “What do you think about homosexuality?”

Ye Cheng’s eyes flickered: “It’s the same as heterosexuality, nothing special.”

“Do you really think so?” Lu Xiao’s tone was a little eager, as if he couldn’t wait to get an answer.

“Well, really.” Ye Cheng said.

Lu Xiao said, “Then what you said during your spring outing was true?”

Ye Cheng didn’t know what he was talking about: “Which sentence?”

“You said you were not straight.”


He had black lines all over his face, but he felt that he didn’t need to lie to him, so he said the truth: “Really.”

“That’s great!” Lu Xiao blurted out.

After seeing the surprise in his eyes, he immediately changed his tune and said, “I… I mean, that’s really as good as heterosexuality.”

He was bubbling with beauty.

Lu Xiao is not a straight man with cancer. He doesn’t think others are crooked, so he must be interested in himself.

But this can’t stop him from being happy – this answer is much better than “I like girls”.

His mood flew up again.

The green light came on, and the two of them crossed the road.

There is a shopping mall in front. After they made up, they went to the game hall together.

During this period, Lu Xiao’s cell phone kept vibrating. He concentrated on catching the doll for Ye Cheng, but ignored it.

In the end, I spent 500 yuan and caught two dolls.

One is a pink and white beautiful sheep, and the other is a black and sizzling boiled sheep.

Before leaving, Ye Cheng pushed Mei Yang Yang to Lu Xiao and said, “Here, one person per person.”

Lu Xiao immediately quit: How can a macho use pink? !

“I want to boil the sheep.” He reached out to grab the little black charcoal.

Ye Cheng put his hands behind him to avoid: “No, this is mine.”

“If you didn’t do it like this, I still caught both of them.” Lu Xiao became anxious.

Ye Cheng took out his mobile phone and suggested, “Then let’s roll the dice, whoever wins the most.”

Lu Xiao immediately clicked on WeChat: “Toss and toss!”

Just as he opened the dialog box, Jiang Jin’s phone came in.

He hung up abruptly and rolled the dice.

Gulu Gulu, red and black double-sided rotation.

Ye Cheng also clicked.

Both held their breath and stared nervously at the screen, for fear that their own was smaller than the other’s.

3, 2, 1, the dice stop.

“Hahahahaha, I won.” Ye Cheng let out a burst of laughter, happily took Boiling Yangyang as his own, and shoved that powdery thing into Lu Xiao’s arms.

The mask on Lu Xiao’s face was cracked inch by inch, and he resisted in pain: “I don’t want to be a fan! Is it okay to win two games in three games?”

“Whoever wins two of three games with you is a little bit.”

The young lady at the cashier looked at them blankly, speechless by their childishness.

It turned out that some people really have a handsome face, but their brains are not normal.

This is the first time she has seen two boys who are 1.8 meters tall and have been arguing for ten minutes over dolls here.

She reminded thoughtfully: “Customer, do you still have a card?”

The two of them just remembered that they were going to apply for a card just now.

Lu Xiao turned on the phone to pay, and after getting the card, he gave it to Ye Cheng, and the action was natural.

They came to this game hall for the first time today, but they felt that the experience was not bad, so they made an appointment to come next time.

After walking out of the mall, Lu Xiao realized that something was wrong.

Jiang Jin called him ten times, and pitifully sent him a WeChat message asking him if he was still eating. He was going to be hungry.

Five minutes ago, he couldn’t help saying that he went to eat first.

Ye Cheng also quickly opened the unread messages. Fortunately, Tan Mengmeng said that she would wait for him to come back and eat together.

Lu Xiao frowned as he watched his reply to the message, and said sourly, “Yo, the note is still cute.”

Ye Cheng stopped typing and rolled her eyes: “This is her nickname, the friend she just added, I haven’t given a note yet, okay?”

“You can change it to ‘an unfamiliar school girl’.” Lu Xiao glanced at his screen, “Then what is the note you gave me?”

Ye Cheng hurriedly put away the phone, so that he wouldn’t see it.

Lu Xiao had a bad intuition, “Show me!”

He clamped Ye Cheng’s wrist with one hand and easily took the phone.

“Hey!” Ye Cheng stomped his feet.

But it was too late, and he was still seen.

Lu Xiao’s eyes widened, and he shouted in disbelief, “Stupid dog? The note you gave me was stupid dog?!”

“…I didn’t let you see it, you had to see it.” Ye Cheng awkwardly grabbed her phone back.

Lu Xiao was so angry that his hair stood on end, he took out his mobile phone on the spot, and said in revenge, “I’ll change it for you too.”

He typed a few words hard, then put the screen on Ye Cheng’s face brightly, and said triumphantly, “Don’t think you’ll change it.”

Ye Cheng saw the word “stupid cat” on the right side of his head.

He closed his eyes, held his forehead, and said horribly, “Can you not be like a primary school student?”

“Is the note you gave me not a primary school student? Could it be a junior high school student?” Lu Xiao was very dissatisfied.

Ye Cheng raised his hand in surrender: “Let’s go to dinner, don’t let the girls wait.”

Speaking of “girls”, Lu Xiao remembered that he had come out in front of him just now, and only he knew this little secret.

He nodded generously: “Let’s go, what to eat, how about hot pot?”

“Ask Tan Mengmeng, I can do it.”

“Okay, then it’s according to her taste.”

After the three met, they chose to eat Haidilao, because Tan Mengmeng lined up five restaurants in advance, and only the hot pot was about to be called.

When ordering, Ye Cheng asked Tan Mengmeng what kind of pot he likes.

She was very happy to sit opposite the two handsome guys and said happily, “Spicy, I like spicy food very much.”

Lu Xiao pinched his fingers under the table, feeling that he couldn’t drop the chain, so he didn’t speak.

“Put the butter pan on the other side and the tomato pan on the other side.” Ye Cheng turned his head and asked him, “Do you want to add more tomatoes?”

Lu Xiao didn’t expect that he actually knew that he couldn’t eat spicy food, “Ah, no need to add it.”

Ye Cheng responded and continued to order.

He didn’t want the waiter to wait, so he grabbed the phone and pulled it.

The three of them bowed their heads and ordered dishes.

Lu Xiao saw that the dishes continued to increase, including yellow throat, hairy belly, fat beef, yuba, enoki mushroom, and frozen tofu.

All are what he likes to eat, and he is very obsessed.

He turned his head to look at Ye Cheng, and couldn’t believe that this person’s taste matched his own, except for the spiciness.

Ye Cheng noticed his gaze, raised his head and smiled at him, and said, “You ordered small crispy pork, don’t you like it, although this restaurant is not as delicious as Sichuan pot.”

Lu Xiao was stunned: “How do you know that I like small crispy meat the most, we don’t seem to have eaten hot pot together, right?”

Hearing this, Tan Mengmeng covered her mouth.

Ye Cheng came back to his senses, tried to remain calm, and found an excuse: “Jiang Jin said it.”

“Oh.” Lu Xiao lowered his head suspiciously and continued to look at the menu.

Tan Mengmeng was about to cry, and sent a message by ordering food.

【I’m going to die, sister! I’m dying! I’m dying, I’m dying, I’m dying! 】

Tan Xiaoqi: [Hold on, take a deep breath, you can! 】

Tan Mengmeng: [I’m about to cry, I really cry, I’m so afraid that I will drool into the bowl in front of them… Help, I can feel your daily mood up close. 】

Tan Mengmeng: [When the two of them weren’t sitting together, I didn’t kowtow very much. Once they were sitting together, it wouldn’t work…]

Tan Xiaoqi: [It’s still a long way off, where is this going? 】

Tan Mengmeng: [My toes are about to burst my socks, do you understand? 】

Tan Xiaoqi: [I understand, so what are they doing? 】

Tan Meng sprouted a string:

[Ye Meimei said: Gougou, I ordered your favorite little crispy pork. 】

[One brother asked: Wife, how do you know what I like to eat? You are so attentive. 】

[Ye Meimei: I asked **** (sorry for not remembering the name). 】

[One brother: Woohoo, I love your wife. 】

Tan Xiaoqi: [Fuck it! **** it! **** it! What fairy love is this! Is it okay to invite my brother to explode the beautiful leaves right after dinner? ! 】

Tan Mengmeng: [Hey, please have a good meal to eat, can you have a beautiful? ! 】

“Mengmeng, do you have any more points?”

Just when she was holding back her tears, Ye Cheng’s voice suddenly sounded.

Tan Mengmeng was shocked and dropped the phone on the table.

Unbiased, the screen is exposed in front of the two.

One is: [呜, ! 】

The three were silent at the same time.



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