Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 34

Regarding Lu Yaoshan, Ye Cheng didn’t know very much about him.

I only know that he later became the major shareholder of the Lu family, that is, the actual person in power.

The industry evaluates his methods as vigorous and resolute, and he is a very courageous leader.

Father Lu has three sons in total, of which Lu Yaoshan ranks second.

Lu Xiao’s two uncles and uncles looked dog-like and polite, but they were not fuel-efficient lamps.

In order to please the old man, he has done all kinds of open and secret activities in private.

The eldest has an only child, and the third has never been married.

Among the sons of the Lu family, only Lu Yaoshan was born by his first wife. The old man is a traditional person in his bones, and Lu Yaoshan will automatically win in terms of blood.

At this time, Yecheng appeared.

Because of coming out of the closet, Lu Xiao almost fell out with his family. At that time, Lu Yaoshan didn’t know the old man’s attitude towards him. He wanted to ask him out for a couple of times, but Lu Xiao didn’t give him a chance.

Although there was no official face-to-face meeting, he didn’t have to think about it to know that Lu Yaoshan definitely didn’t like him.

But fortunately, the old man liked him and admired him, and found that Lu Xiao had changed a lot after getting to know him.

This did not let Lu Yaoshan intervene in this matter.

And Ye Cheng’s impression of Meng Li was even rarer.

The only time he was closest to her was when he and Lu Xiao went abroad for their honeymoon and passed by the villa where Meng Li was recuperating.

Lu Xiao found someone to show him around, and went to visit Meng Li alone.

Although they were already married at that time, Ye Cheng did not ask to see his “mother-in-law” without him asking.

This is actually also related to his character. He was very insecure since he was a child, and it is difficult to give unreservedly to people and things.

They have been together for three years, but still retain their personal space and freedom.

Ye Cheng didn’t feel anything in the past, but after returning to the present, he suddenly realized that maybe that kind of marriage was not perfect.

Jiang Yirong drew his attention back: “I don’t know the specifics, but during that parent-teacher meeting, I overheard their conversation by chance.”

She said solemnly: “Ye Cheng, Lu Xiao, doesn’t like other people’s nosy. But I don’t think you are ‘other’.”

Ye Cheng looked at her lightly, without revealing her emotions.

“See you next time, I don’t know when it will be.” She looked at the group of people who were running to make trouble below with nostalgia, with some emotion.

“I’ll see you again, and thank you for telling me this.” Ye Cheng said.

Jiang Yirong said, “I hope so.”

Ye Cheng seemed to remember something and asked, “When you were playing the game, what was your wish that you wish Lu Xiao an early realization?”

Jiang Yirong laughed: “I knew you would ask. That time I wanted to give him the letter I had been saving for a long time, but he not only didn’t want it, but also said to me, ‘If I fulfill your wish, who will fulfill mine’. ”

She looked at Ye Cheng seriously and said, “His wish is very simple and pure. He just wants to go to the same university as you.”

When Jiang Yirong said “wish”, he felt that Lu Xiao was a little unnatural.

I thought it would be something more serious, but I didn’t expect it to be an agreement for them to pull the hook and hang them.

There was a commotion under the embankment.

Jiang Jin raised his head and shouted to them, “Come down and play skateboarding! This place is so big!”

Jiang Yirong whispered, “Go down and play with them, I’ll go back first.”

“I’m going back now, don’t you tell them?” Ye Cheng asked in surprise.

Jiang Yirong pouted: “I don’t like to say goodbye seriously, so that Jiang Jin can’t cry. Thank you for your clothes. It’s a little cold today. Let me put them on, and I’ll let Tan Xiaoqi pay you back.”

She turned around and waved to Ye Cheng.

This sister, she comes and goes with style.

Without saying hello, he ran away.

Ye Cheng walked down the steps, Jiang Jin saw him alone, and asked suspiciously, “Where’s Rongrong?”

“Go home.” Ye Cheng said.

Jiang Jin showed a disappointed expression: “Okay.”

Looking at this posture, it is indeed like saying goodbye in person and crying. He silently went to the riverside to feel sad alone.

Lu Xiao stepped on his skateboard and slid over. He has developed motor skills and is very easy to use this kind of thing.

The moment he stepped on the stop was neat and handsome, like a cool and bad gangster on the street.

He stretched out his hand and made an inviting gesture: “This handsome guy, do you want to try skateboarding? I can teach you for free.”

Ye Cheng wasn’t interested in anything related to balance, but was tempted by her beauty and stood up funny.

His hand was on Lu Xiao’s palm, Lu Xiao didn’t hold him, just held it loosely.

This method is even more heart-pounding than holding it directly.

“Where’s your coat? Why are your hands so cold.” He asked Ye Cheng.

Lu Xiao only wore a sweater and couldn’t take it off for him. After thinking about it, he put his other hand on the back of his hand.

The warm palm wraps the cool skin, and the few fingers below are slender and cold, making Lu Xiao feel the urge to pinch and play in the palm of his hand.

If the joint is rubbed, will it turn red? He couldn’t help thinking.

However, Lu Xiao finally didn’t dare to move, just warmed his hands honestly.

If he played with his fingers, he would think he was sick.

“You drag me like this, I can’t move.” Ye Cheng glanced at his feet and said.

Lu Xiao took a few steps forward: “Just stand up straight with one foot, and I will follow you.”

He followed a few dozen meters in step, and he didn’t find it troublesome.

The two slid, and gradually moved away from the noisy crowd.

The river bank stretches to distant places, invisible under the street lights, and the end is drowned in darkness.

After skating for a long time, Ye Cheng no longer felt the erratic feeling of riding a bicycle before.

Because Lu Xiao was holding onto him all the time, and followed wherever he could see.

He played for a while, then stopped.

Lu Xiao reluctantly let go of his hand and praised, “It was a great slide, I fell a few times for the first time.”

Ye Cheng knew that he was blowing rainbow farts, and said with a smile, “Bullshit, I didn’t fall because you supported me.”

“…This is also one of the reasons. I’m not encouraging you.” Lu Xiao was a little embarrassed when he exposed it.

It’s like a little boy who wants to be nice to someone, but is so clumsy that he doesn’t know how to start.

Ye Cheng looked at him and sighed softly: “I wanted to learn skateboarding with you during the winter vacation, but there shouldn’t be a chance.”

“Why? I’m free during the winter vacation.” Lu Xiao asked inexplicably.

“Because my dad will take me to Shengzhou before the winter camp starts.” Ye Cheng’s tone was a little low.

Lu Xiao immediately said, “Don’t you want to go? Don’t go if you don’t want to go.”

Shengzhou is not so close to Nandu that you can get there by subway, so he cannot see Ye Cheng for several days.

Ye Cheng looked at him and said embarrassingly, “Where am I going? Grandma is definitely going there. I’ll be scared in such a big house by myself.”

If Lu Xiao woke up a little bit, he would have reacted.

How could a person like Ye Cheng put the word “I’m afraid” on his lips, at most he would find other excuses like “unsafe” instead of “I’m afraid”.

Too bad he wasn’t awake.

“You can come to my house.” Lu Xiao blurted out without thinking.

Ye Cheng blinked, looking very pure: “Is it okay, won’t it be inconvenient?”

Lu Xiao hesitated for a moment, then nodded and said, “Yes, there is nothing inconvenient.”

Ye Cheng tried to ask, “Do you live with your mother or alone?”

“Live with my mom, my dad… usually won’t come back.” Lu Xiao said.

The stone in Ye Cheng’s heart fell. He didn’t expect that he would agree so easily. It wasn’t abrupt when he was still thinking about how to get to his house.

“Thank you then, do I have to pay for the food?” he asked pretending to be relaxed.

Lu Xiao sneered: “You can be a tutor for me, just pay for the food.”

I don’t know why, when he said the words “tutor”, an evil image appeared in Ye Cheng’s head.

For example, in a certain movie that Lu Xiao forced him to watch before, the protagonist and his tutor, Jiang Jiang, were stuffed.

Playing around with a pen and a ruler, the table is a mess.

Later, while facing the video, Lu Xiao called him “teacher” behind his ear.

He quickly calmed down, coughed twice, and said, “Okay, don’t cry when I’m strict.”

“Hmph, who will cry then?”

“…” Ye Cheng was silent again.

When school started on Monday, Xu Chao finally came back.

As soon as he stepped into the classroom, he was almost deafened by the deafening cheers.

Yu Kun and Jiang Jin were both holding a fireworks cannon and squirting wildly at him.

While squirting, let out the monkey-style cheers like “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”.

Everyone yelled, “Brother Xu, welcome back—”

Xu Chao was sprayed with cobwebs on his face, and he was about to be sent away before he took up his post.

He scolded in disbelief: “You want to rebel, you are so noisy in the early days of self-study, and you will be deducted when you are born on duty. Be careful of being snitched by the next class.”

“Uuuuu, Brother Xu, we miss you! Deduct points, whatever you want!” Jiang Jin threw the fireworks cannon and threw himself into his arms and wailed.

Li Junxiao cried with snot and tears: “You don’t know what kind of life we ​​lived during the time you left!”

Xu Chao’s face was full of red, and he became more and more refreshed.

He didn’t push Jiang Jin away, he scalded his tin foil a few times, and said with disgust, “It’s been more than a month, can’t you cut your hair off?”

Jiang Jin said aggrievedly: “Isn’t it good-looking?”

“Brother Xu, do you know that there are several major events in our class?” Yu Kun immediately tipped off.

Xu Chao flicked Jiang Jin away and looked around the class, as if missing everyone’s face.

“The biggest thing, isn’t it because your positions have changed, I was stunned as soon as I walked in.” He laughed and teased.

Lu Xiao originally brushed the 600 pages of questions in the back row regardless of himself. Hearing that, he raised his head and suggested, “Then why don’t you change it back.”

Xu Chao looked at him from a distance and mocked: “I think you just want to sit with your dance partner.”

Everyone laughed, but he didn’t expect him to remember “No Tomorrow”.

Being laughed at by so many people, Ye Cheng blushed and couldn’t help but refute him: “Teacher, how long have you been on the 2G network, why are you still staying at the art show?”

“It’s not that I want to stay, it’s that I can’t get out at the bottom of the pit.” Old Xu Chao shook his head slyly.

After he went back, he added a daughter and spoke more and more like their peers.

“Where’s Tan Xiaoqi, how have you been with Li Junxiao recently? Have you quarreled?” Xu Chao cared about his cubs, no, his CPs.

The roar grew louder, and Tan Xiaoqi bit her lip and said, “Teacher, you are really busy. I suggest you bring your daughter to work.”

“Hahaha, if the little devil king of my family is brought here, other teachers can throw me out of the office.” Xu Chao laughed loudly.

He went straight to the point and warned: “You two try not to fall in love before the college entrance examination, and you will endure it for a year and a half without losing a piece of meat.”

Tan Xiaoqi snorted.

Throughout the morning self-study, Class 20 was noisy.

During the morning exercise, students from other classes either despised or passed by with disdain, but Xu Chao didn’t take it seriously at all.

The flag-raising ceremony was to be held this morning, and Ye Cheng responded to Hua Wangchun’s request and delivered a speech under the flag as a representative of his age.

It is not so much a flag-raising speech as it is a mock test mobilization.

Xu Chao happily rubbed his hands underneath, and boasted loudly when he met everyone: “This is the backbone of our class, look, this handsome appearance, this smooth mouth, whoever sees it and doesn’t say a good seedling.”

Lu Xiao stood at the end of the line with his pocket in his pocket, and heard the female teacher beside him say,

“This child is simply too good, Lao Xu, remember to leave a contact information and introduce him to my daughter in the future when he is in college.”

Lu Xiao almost spat out a dirty word.

Xu Chao couldn’t help laughing: “Your daughter is only a freshman in high school, why are you in such a hurry.”

The female teacher complained: “Oh, you don’t know how high the single rate is now. My eldest daughter is in her thirties, and she hasn’t found a partner yet, so I have to look for the younger one first.”

Ye Cheng talked on it, and she tutted: “This little leaf, what school are you going to go to in the future?”

“According to his current results, it is estimated that the key point is 985, and maybe he can rush to Qingbei.” Xu Chao said matter-of-factly.

The female teacher immediately covered her mouth: “No way, is he going to be the first in our school to be admitted to Tsinghua University? Ah, ah, ah, you must remember to keep in touch with him!”

Lu Xiao couldn’t help it anymore, and interjected, “He’s not very suitable to be a son-in-law, auntie.”

Xu Chao and the female teacher looked at him at the same time, the female teacher’s expression was slightly stiff.

Lu Xiao smiled politely at her and said viciously, “Because his grandmother is very naive, she will vomit blood from her future granddaughter-in-law.”

“Jiasheng” is a local dialect, which probably means more acerbic and caring.

“Ah? You… know his grandma?” The female teacher was taken aback for a moment.

Lu Xiao said seriously: “Every morning she asks her granddaughter-in-law to serve her for dinner and tea, and at night she asks her granddaughter-in-law to give her water to wash her feet. She asks the other party to only be a housewife, to be a husband and to teach her children, and to report to her when she goes out. Three Hug two years is the foundation…”

The female teacher took a step back and said tremblingly: “Enough, enough! What age is this, there are still people like this! Forget it, it’s really bad luck!”

She hurried away.

Xu Chao said suspiciously: “Is Xiaoye’s grandmother so bad? Why don’t I know.”

Lu Xiao shrugged with satisfaction.

After the morning exercise, Xu Chao called Ye Cheng to the office and chatted with him in detail about the recent period of time.

Looking at the transcript in his hand, he shook his head in disbelief: “I didn’t expect that their enthusiasm for learning would become so high during the month I was gone. Lu Xiao actually entered the top 400 of the grade, even though the English and Chinese scores were still the same. Terribly bad.”

Ye Cheng said: “Progress is easy at the beginning, but it is difficult later.”

Xu Chao put down the report card, looked at him and said, “I heard that this mock test, have you participated in the proposition?”

“It’s just to give some advice to the teachers, it’s not a participation.” Ye Cheng said humbly.

Xu Chao touched his chin: “I read the math paper you recommended to Director Hua, and it doesn’t feel good.”

He took out a simulation paper from the bottom and showed it to Ye Cheng: “This level of difficulty, starting from the sixth question, it is estimated that the whole army will be wiped out.”

Although this mock test did not take the main subject, Ye Cheng still sent Hua Wangchun some subject propositions for reference.

Hua Wangchun praised him fiercely in front of Xu Chao.

Xu Chao said helplessly: “Although this is a lot simpler than the final exam papers in the attached middle school, you can’t look at everyone from the perspective of Lu Xiao and Yu Kun.

They were actually quite miserable this year, and it was difficult for them to take the college entrance examination.

Xu Chaodao: “I thought about it carefully, it’s better than this. I also discussed with Director Hua yesterday, and it is recommended to start with the textbooks. Starting from the next semester, on the basis of the existing textbooks, an additional lesson plan for No. 6 Middle School will be added. And What do you think of the new review plan for the college entrance examination?”

No. 6 Middle School ranks in the middle of the city, not as strong as Affiliated Middle School, No. 1 Middle School and Foreign Language, but not too weak.

Ye Cheng thinks it is feasible: “I agree, the style of No. 6 Middle School is relatively close to ours.”

Xu Chao nodded: “If you can understand, that’s fine. Also, in a moment, you will inform the class for me that the students who got three A’s in this mock test will invite them to eat fried skewers.”

Ye Cheng laughed: “Okay, I haven’t used much of the class fee here.”

Xu Chao waved his hand and said, “You don’t need to pay for the class, I’ll ask you in private. I’ll apply to the school for a final bonus in the future to see if it can be approved.”

After returning from Xu Chao, Ye Cheng walked into the classroom through the back door.

When the get out of class is over, the class is noisy.

As the mock exam approached, it was much quieter, and many people were sitting in their seats reading books.

As Xu Chao said, there have been too many subtle changes in the past month.

He quietly walked around behind Lu Xiao and watched him brush the six hundred pages of questions with his hands behind his back.

Li Junxiao just looked back, his eyes were horrified as if he saw Zhu Yufen coming.

These 600 pages are not all simple questions, they are arranged in order from easy to difficult.

After doing this, Lu Xiao’s speed became slower and slower, but the accuracy rate also became higher and higher.

The end of the pen was almost gnawed by him, and he was pulling his hair while doing it.

Ye Cheng felt distressed for the few hairs that he pulled out, and couldn’t help but say, “Don’t pull it, you’ll be bald if you pull it again.”

Lu Xiao was startled, turned his head and said, “You scared someone to death.”

He learned two Sichuan dialects from Ye Cheng, and a few words popped up inadvertently these days.

“I don’t want to wait for you to finish this set of questions and go straight to buy Overlord to prevent slipping.” Ye Cheng said.

Lu Xiao said angrily, “Damn, I have thick hair, can you see the crevice? Can you see it?”

He arched his head back and forth under Ye Cheng’s eyelids.

Well, really can’t see it.

Ye Cheng snorted and went in with his hands behind his back and continuing to patrol the front of Jiang.

Hua Wangchun was wearing a red badge on patrol. Seeing this scene, he felt that he didn’t need to check.

The squad leader of Class 20 can patrol better than him.

For several consecutive nights of self-study, the discipline of class 20 is full marks.

In addition to the class leader sitting in the class, there are also routine inspections for the students on duty in the grade.

So in the second week, I got the first mobile red flag in history.

Xu Chao burst into tears, and hung this bright and flowing red flag on the TV set at the front of the class.

The TV was used to show them the news feed, although most of the time it didn’t.

Jiang Jin took this red flag and posted it in the class group.

[Comrades, we must move forward bravely! Win glory for the squad leader, glory for the class, glory for Lao Xu! Come on for the mock exam, come on for the exam, come on for the college entrance exam! 】

[Lao Xu said that the highest scorer in this mock test will receive a kiss from the monitor! 】

Tan Xiaoqi: [You **** look like an xj boss. 】

Yu Kun: [I’m dying of laughter, isn’t the highest score the monitor himself? Is he going to perform one for everyone, I kiss myself? 】

Xu Yuhuai: [Hahahaha, help, our family group doesn’t have such embarrassing things. 】

After all, the day before the mock test, the group was miraculously silent.

Before going to bed, Ye Cheng finally sent out the precautions, reminding everyone to bring a 0.5mm black signature pen and 2B pencil.

The phone vibrated.

Suspect X: [Can No. 1 really get the squad leader’s kiss? Lao Xu is so perverted? 】

Restrain: [==You also believe this. 】

Suspect X: [He said it himself, why don’t you believe it. 】

Restrain: [By the way, I won’t take the exam tomorrow. 】

Suspect X: [? ? ? 】

Suspect X: [Fuck, you don’t really want to sacrifice your life for the first place, right? ! 】

Ye Cheng was afraid that he would find out that he didn’t go to the exam room, so halfway through the exam, he slipped to Bai Ze to find him.

In order to prevent this situation, he explained in advance: [No, because of some special reasons, you should not say it in class. 】

After a while, Lu Xiao replied: [What special reason? Does it have something to do with the fact that you are often absent from the first period of your evening self-study? 】

Pretty smart.

Ye Cheng thought about it for a while, and decided to tell him secretly: [I gave some advice to the mock test. In order to avoid suspicion, it’s better not to participate. Don’t tell other people about this. 】

Seeing him so unreserved, Lu Xiao immediately jumped up: [So this is our little secret? 】

Ye Cheng’s face is full of black lines: [The point is wrong, you swear first that you can’t say it. 】

Lu Xiao immediately stated: [Speak out, I will be single for the rest of my life. 】

He had another flash of inspiration and asked: [So the six hundred pages you made for me are all from the mock test bank? 】

[Wuwuwu, you are so kind to me! 】

The corners of Ye Cheng’s mouth twitched: [No, those are all outside the question bank. I worked so hard to screen them out, and they will never appear in the mock test. 】

Suspect X: [? 】

Suspect X: [? 】

Suspect X: [? 】

Restrain: [Exercise ability is the most important thing, if you are young, don’t be so utilitarian. 】

Suspect X: [¥#@%&*)]

Restrain: [no swearing [smile]]

On the second day of the mock test, Lu Xiao actually felt nervous as never before.

I don’t know if it was because he had memorized it in advance, but this was the first time he had answered the whole set of papers seriously and attentively without drowsiness all the way in the examination room.

The invigilator recognized him and was so frightened that he thought he had Alzheimer’s, and even saw the school bully draw the answer sheet with a 2B pencil attentively.

Out of curiosity, he pretended to pass by and took a peek.

Not all B, nor all C, shocked his whole family.

After the exam, Lu Xiao rushed out of the exam room immediately, and then,

Take the textbook out of the bag and start answering the questions…

Jiang Jin was dumbfounded: “Brother Xiao, what are you doing?”

Lu Xiao interrupted him and said, “Which one did you choose for the last question, B or D?”

He glanced at Jiang Jin, then turned away from him and said, “Forget it, I’ll ask the history class representative.”

Jiang Jin opened his mouth: “Meow meow?”

After answering the answer, Lu Xiao was in a good mood.

Even the withered and yellow ginkgo leaves on the roadside have become graceful.

He wanted to send Ye Cheng a message to tell him that he did well in the exam.

But what to say?

[I think I can get an A in the test. 】

No, they are all-A players, and they must feel justsoso, so I am embarrassed to talk to me.

[Reviewing according to your method, I think I have made a lot of progress, thank you. 】

nono, this is too official.

[Well, isn’t there a reward for being the first? 】


Lu Xiao thought hard for a long time, but to no avail.

Until the evening self-study, Ye Cheng came back to class.

Xu Chao was working at the top of the class, and Lu Xiao saw that he was doing the questions at the bottom. Without looking at his phone, he wrote a note.

“I seem to have done well in the test, do you want to go out and celebrate?”

After he finished writing, he read it several times, crumpled it into a ball, threw it away, and wrote another one.

“I have good news for you, will you listen?”

Knead into a ball again.

In the end, he chose a more lively opening.

“Haney, talking about fifty cents?”

This is the most natural way to cut in, chatting and inadvertently revealing that I did well in the test, which is very pleasant.

Lu Xiao proudly kneaded the paper ball and smashed it on Jiang Jin’s table.

Jiang Jin looked back at him, and he pouted in Ye Cheng’s direction.

Jiang Jin scratched his head and opened the note.

Seeing his actions, Lu Xiao immediately widened his eyes.

A few seconds later, Jiang Jin turned his head blushing, and whispered shyly, “Brother Xiao, why are you calling people Hani, they’re embarrassed.”

Lu Xiao gritted his teeth and said in a low voice, “Ha, your mother, are you an idiot?”



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