Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 36

No. 3 Shanhai Road is a romantic bar, which should be very suitable for dating.

Its officially listed name is No. 3 Shanhai Road, and its real address is No. 117.

Usually, the booths here are half-separated by hanging curtains, which not only ensures a vague sense of strangeness, but also protects the privacy of guests.

Today is different, the first and second floors have been changed into the setting of the party hall.

In the middle of the lobby, there is a buffet supply point, and the curtains between the booths have also been taken down.

Every boy who enters will be handed out a flower.

The type is chosen by themselves, there are lilies, roses, and carnations, which are used as gifts for girls who see the right eye.

Everyone picked up the bouquets at the door one by one and walked in one after another.

With a displeased expression on his face, Lu Xiao picked up a sunflower that was hidden in the corner as a gift from the flower shop.

The whole table looked at him in confusion as he sat down with a pole.

Ye Cheng thought it was a little funny: “I’m afraid you won’t be able to send this flower to the end.”

“I didn’t want to send it out either, you take care of me.” Lu Xiao looked up at him angrily, with a bit of dissatisfaction in his eyes.

The tables here are all long tables, and two people sit face to face eating peanuts.

Ye Cheng propped his chin up, looked him up and down, and commented, “It’s quite handsome today.”

It can be seen that it has been cleaned up. In fact, it is not only handsome, but also pleasing to the eye.

When they first came in, many girls’ eyes were caught by Lu Xiao.

Contrary to him, Ye Cheng didn’t dress very “nightclub style” today.

A simple white sweater with a denim jacket looks like a junior high school student who has strayed into a bad place, so tender that he can pinch water.

It’s good that he didn’t mention this matter, but when he mentioned Lu Xiao, he wanted to turn over the old accounts.

“Didn’t you say you wanted to invite me to drink, why are there so many people here?” he asked, staring at the other side.

The voices of the two were not loud enough to attract the attention of the people next to them.

Ye Cheng’s eyes widened, as if he didn’t understand why he was unhappy.

He lined up the cocktails he had just brought from the buffet table. Two trays filled to the brim with champagne in the ice bucket next to it.

He pointed to such a large pile of wine, and his expression was natural: “200 per capita, a large amount of drinking, is this still not inviting you to drink?”

The “please drink” Ye Cheng thought was simply “please drink”, which was completely different from what Lu Xiao thought.

Lu Xiao laughed angrily at him, but he couldn’t refute it, so he picked up the cocktail in front of him and drank it.

God **** it is two hundred per person, and there is a lot of free drinking. The co-author really thought he was an alcoholic.

Jiang Jin came back after a round of inspection, sat down beside Lu Xiao dejectedly, and said, “There are no beautiful women, not a single one.”

Tan Xiaoqi, who was opposite him, looked over and said, “You are blind. Isn’t that row full of beautiful women?”

“I can’t see or can’t see, I can only see Rongrong, woo woo.” He was even more sad, he picked up the wine in front of Lu Xiao and drank it.

Li Junxiao comforted him and said, “Don’t worry about being beautiful or not, I’m here to drink anyway. Shall we play that poker?”

Blowing cards is a small game they often play. They mix various wines into a big glass and put a few playing cards on it. Everyone takes turns blowing, trying to keep only one or two blows out at a time.

The person who blows the last card will drink the whole cup of “Grand Slam”.

Lu Xiao also wanted to fight wine, pushed the empty bottle and said, “Come on.”

Saying that, he poured a small half bottle of xo into the empty beer mug.

Jiang Jin also went crazy and poured three cocktails and half a bottle of red wine into it.

Tan Xiaoqi hurriedly discouraged: “Enough is enough, you want to knock people down after the first cup! What if it’s yourselves?”

“That’s it, I can get bored with just two.” Jiang Jin sneered.

Li Junxiao was aroused to win or lose: “I can get bored in one bite.”

Lu Xiao said coldly, “I can get bored in half a mouthful.”

Not to be outdone, Zhou Minhao said, “I’m stuffy with my nose.”

Tan Xiaoqi and Ye Cheng looked at each other and whispered incredulously, “Are they sick?”

Ye Cheng couldn’t help but smile, the comparison psychology of young people is so inexplicable.

Tan Xiaoqi said disdainfully: “Dead straight man cancer, I think you can resist a few cups.”

They decided to start with Ye Cheng first, blow it to the opposite side, and then pass it on to the next one.

Lu Xiao put a stack of thin playing cards on top of the cup, Ye Cheng puffed out her cheeks and blew in his direction.

His mouth pursed slightly, and his cold and beautiful face matched this action, as if he was asking someone for a kiss, but his eyes were still unwavering.

Lu Xiao was stunned for a moment, until Jiang Jin’s violent roar could be heard in his ears.

“Brother Orange! You are too impersonal, the first one actually blew half of it!”

Jiang Jin didn’t expect him to play yin, and he got rid of several when he came up.

Zhou Minhao was the last one, and his expression had begun to despair: “Brother Orange, don’t bring such a fool! You will be the last one next time, don’t force me.”

A triumphant smile flashed in Ye Cheng’s eyes, and he pushed the half-hanging card to Lu Xiao.

Lu Xiao and him looked at each other, understood, and blew up.

Whoops, three more cards dropped.

Jiang Jin hurriedly grabbed the cup. There were five or six left on the cup, and he skillfully blew it from bottom to top.

“Ah!” Tan Xiaoqi covered her face, “You spit on my face!”

Everyone laughed, and Jiang Jin hurriedly said, “I’m sorry, I’m too excited.”

He pushed the wine glass to Tan Xiaoqi, and after a careful operation, Zhou Minhao finally got the last card.

Seeing that he was about to drink, everyone knocked on the glass and cheered.

His face was full of bitterness, so he had to resign himself to blowing the last one, and drank the beer mug.

After a glass of mixed wine, I was already a little confused.

In the first cup, everyone did not show their strength, and the second cup was a hell-level wine pairing.

Jiang Jin said with a smile: “Whoever drinks this cup, I will call his father when he falls down on the spot.”

Ye Cheng never imagined that Zhou Minhao, who was so carefree on the surface, was a cheapskate when he was playing games.

From the beginning of this round, he immediately launched his revenge, blowing off more than half of the first bite.

“Hey, did you do it on purpose?” Ye Cheng stopped him.

Zhou Minhao glanced at Lu Xiao subconsciously.

Who knows, Lu Xiao didn’t plan to help him this time.

He licked his fangs and laughed badly: “Aren’t you going to fight with me, let me see how good you are.”

Ye Cheng narrowed his eyes and saw that he held revenge: “You are really a chicken belly.”

Lu Xiao raised the corner of his mouth: “I’ve won the prize.”

This one is still the beginning of the bad, the middle self-defense.

When it came to Ye Cheng, it was a dead end again—there were only two left.

He held his breath and blew lightly, and as expected, he blew off two pieces.

Zhou Minhao grinned and shouted, “Drink! Give me a drink! Not a single drop is allowed!”

“I haven’t seen Brother Cheng drinking wine before, do you want me to pick you up in the back?” Jiang Jin joked with a smile.

Lu Xiao looked at the glass of Devil’s Mixed Wine, and said casually, “Have you drunk it yet? Brother Ye, I’ll drink it for you.”

“You are not allowed to drink on your behalf! Brother Xiao, please don’t break the rules.” Zhou Minhao said immediately.

Ye Cheng squinted at him with disdain, and Lu Xiao’s whole body became hot by his glance.

“Dream you.” Without saying a word, he raised his neck and started drinking.

This beer mug is a large size, full of 1000 ml. Although the wine in it is not full, the stamina of mixing is quite amazing.

He swallowed the wine one by one without changing his face, and Tan Xiaoqi next to him was dumbfounded.

“Damn it, Brother Orange, can you drink so much?”

Ye Cheng’s Adam’s apple moved, and a little wine flowed down the corner of his mouth.

When he put down the glass, his lips were a little red from the alcohol.

There was a numb feeling on his lips, he stuck out his tongue and licked it a few times, swallowing the rest of the wine.

Lu Xiao had been watching him from the very beginning, his eyes fixed on him.

His eyes were dark and obscure, and he didn’t know what he was thinking.

Jiang Jin took the lead and applauded: “Risibai! Salute to you! My brother Orange is too good, as expected.”

“Aren’t you drunk?” Zhou Minhao raised his hand, shook it towards him, and asked, “What time is this?”

Ye Cheng said lightly: “It’s the defeated general.”

“Fuck!” Zhou Minhao said.

Everyone else laughed.

In the next few rounds, the intensity was slightly smaller, about half the volume of the first two rounds.

Lu Xiao lost twice in a row, Li Junxiao lost once, and Jiang Jin lost three times.

Ye Cheng was quietly used as a wallpaper the whole time, smiling and watching them take revenge on each other.

It was Lu Xiao who first noticed something was wrong with him.

He got up and told Ye Cheng to go to the toilet. Before today, the two of them had not been to the toilet together.

When walking in the aisle, Lu Xiao was a little nervous, thinking that he must not aim at random, if he was caught, he would be embarrassed.

He took a few steps and found no footsteps beside him, so he turned his head.

Two meters away from him, Ye Cheng was sticking to the wall like a noodle, and his cheeks burned red at some point.

The speed of the mixed wine on the face is not so fast, and it often takes ten to twenty minutes before it can be applied to the face.

Lu Xiao reacted, and quickly walked over to support him and asked, “Are you okay…”

Before he could finish the word “ba”, he was entangled by two hands, and his whole body stiffened in an instant.

Ye Cheng leaned against him softly as if he had no bones, hanging his hands around his neck.

He put his head on the other person’s shoulder, his voice was more than a degree thicker than normal, with a faint hint of coquettishness.

“Lu Xiao, I’m dizzy.” He grumbled.

Because of the drink, he was extremely hot all over, but his fingertips were a little cold, poking at the back of Lu Xiao’s neck like a few small ice cubes, causing him to shiver.

“I’ll let you **** yourself up. If you can’t drink it, you have to drink it.” Lu Xiao scolded in a low voice, but he didn’t let go of his hand.

The person in his arms is full of wine aroma, like a sticky sticky maltose with a tempting aroma.

He unnaturally tried to straighten the person and distanced himself: “You stand up, I’ll take you out first.”

But Ye Cheng couldn’t stand at all, everything in his eyes was doubled.

“No, I can’t walk, you carry me.” He ordered arrogantly.

Lu Xiao said a dirty word.

“Why are you cursing?” Ye Cheng frowned, a little aggrieved.

Lu Xiao took a deep breath and said patiently, “It turns out that it is a virtue that you drink too much. Don’t let me drink alcohol outside in the future.”

Ye Cheng felt very uncomfortable, dizzy, and agreed: “I don’t want to drink anymore, I don’t want to drink anymore, it’s so uncomfortable.”

Seeing that he really couldn’t walk, Lu Xiao squatted down and supported his leg with one hand to prevent him from falling.

“Can I come up by myself?” he asked.

Ye Cheng’s movements were much slower than usual, and he slowly climbed up on his shoulders, like a sloth climbing a tree.

“Come up, drive, let’s go!” After successfully going up, he suddenly kicked his legs twice.

Lu Xiao almost didn’t hold it, and let him slide down.

“Stand up your head, is Lao Tzu a horse?” he said with tears in his eyes.

This guy is drunk, how can he be so cute?

That’s right, he didn’t find a drunken annoying, but rather cute.

If it was Jiang Jin or Zhou Minhao, he would have kicked him to the toilet and washed his face with cold water.

In the aisle, the bartender with the tray watched for five minutes, completely stunned.

When Lu Xiao carried Ye Cheng on his back and walked out, he regained his senses and hurriedly followed to open the door.

“Two gentlemen, have you found someone who is destined? If so, can you give our store a good review on the public comment?” The bartender pushed the door open and vigorously promoted it.

Lu Xiao: “…”

Seeing that he didn’t speak, the bartender continued to plead: “It would be better if you brought a picture! If there is no picture, I can take a picture for you now. The picture of you carrying this gentleman on your back is very suitable.”

Lu Xiao couldn’t bear it any longer, and said impatiently, “Let’s go, we’re leaving.”

“Ah, then, well, don’t bother you anymore.”

The bartender is very sorry, these two handsome guys could have been a wave of top advertisements. Oh, what a pity.

It got dark, and night fell quietly.

At the beginning of Shanhai Road, the lanterns came on, and the vehicles passed back and forth.

The night wind was cold and biting, and the pavement was covered with a thick layer of sycamore leaves, like a gorgeous carpet of dark gold.

Lu Xiao originally wanted to take a taxi, but after going out, he changed his mind.

There was a small heater behind him, and he didn’t even feel the chill from the night.

The dead leaves under your feet made a clack, and every step you took would flow out a note, so it was fun to walk.

The only shortcoming is that the person on the back is too light, which makes him feel a little distressed.

“How much do you weigh?” he asked.

Although Ye Cheng was drunk, his ears were still sensitive. He held a sunflower in one hand and counted twice with the other: “Fifty-eight kilograms.”

“You are 1.8 meters tall, but only 58?” Lu Xiao was shocked.

“I don’t have 1.8 meters. Let me tell you quietly, I measured it last month, and it was 1.79.5 meters.” Ye Cheng whispered to his ear.

The hot air he exhaled made Lu Xiao’s earlobes ticklish, and he laughed at the same time.

“You are really drunk, any boy who is 1.79 meters tall will admit that he is not 1.8 meters tall.”

He let out a deep laugh, his chest shaking slightly.

Ye Cheng said solemnly: “So I tell you quietly, you can’t tell Jiang Jin, you can’t tell Zhou Minhao, and you can’t tell Tan Xiaoqi.”

Lu Xiao was almost mad at him. He couldn’t stop laughing. He deliberately asked, “What else? Besides these, who else can’t you tell?”

He wanted to see if Ye Cheng would tell everyone in the class.

As a result, this guy really said it all again, as fluent as he reported the recipe, he was indeed the leader of the class.

Lu Xiao laughed until tears came out, and the giant **** regretted not giving him that recording just now.

When he mentioned those people, he just remembered that he and Ye Cheng left first, without telling them.

Lu Xiao stopped for a while and said, “Hold me and don’t fall off.”

“Huh?” Ye Cheng was stunned, but he still chose to follow his words and immediately folded his arms.

Lu Xiao let go of one hand and reached into his trouser pocket to get his phone.

He could obviously put people down before picking them up, but he didn’t want to.

It seems that he doesn’t want to put him down for a moment, it’s better to carry him like this all the time.

“Call Jiang Jin and tell him we’re going back first.” He handed the phone behind him without looking at it.

Ye Cheng took the phone, Lu Xiao took advantage of the situation and carried him on his back, and continued to walk forward.

“password is…”

Just as he said a few words, a pleasant “I untie” came from behind him.

Lu Xiao was stunned: “You untied?”

Ye Cheng put on a show-off tone: “Isn’t it 3.14.159?”

Lu Xiao was shocked: “How do you know that I like to use pi as a password?”

“Didn’t you use pi all the time?” Ye Cheng recklessly poked around on his phone.

Lu Xiao felt even more strange in his heart, but he couldn’t get anything to ask a drunk, so he had to give up.

Ye Cheng dialed the phone and said to the other end, “Hello, hello, can you hear me?”

He looked serious and funny.

Not knowing what to say, he replied, “I’m not Xiaoxiao’s little lover, nor a canary, I’m his classmate.”

The more Lu Xiao listened, the more wrong he became. He turned his head and said, “Who did you call?”

Ye Cheng put the phone to his ear.

There was a mellow male voice with a bit of evil charm: “Tsk tsk, Xiaoxiao, when did you find a little boyfriend?”

Lu Xiao glanced at the screen, and there were three big characters “Lu Zhanyang” written on it.

Immediately, his head was as big as an ox, and he quickly explained: “Cousin, I made a typo, I’m sorry.”

Lu Zhanyang obviously didn’t believe it: “Come on, you’re so drunk, which nightclub are you in? Would you like my cousin to wipe your **** for you?”

“Hang up, hang up.” Lu Xiaoteng commanded Ye Cheng in a low voice without making a move.

Ye Cheng is a polite child. He took the phone and moved it back to his ear, and said to the other end, “Cousin, Xiaoxiao told me to hang up.”

Lu Zhanyang laughed wildly, almost choking himself to death.

“Quick, hang up!” Lu Xiao was really going crazy.

Ye Orange tapped the red button and said obediently, “Hang up.”

With that posture, it seems that Lu Xiao should also praise him for his good work.

With a dark face, Lu Xiao said, “Call Jiang Jin, Jiang, Jin! Did you become illiterate after drinking? You’re still the first in the grade, and you can’t tell the difference between three words and two words?”

Before he finished speaking, the screen of the mobile phone slammed into his face, and **** almost poked into his nostrils.

“Jiang, Jin—is that so?” Ye Cheng was afraid that he couldn’t see clearly, so he leaned under his nose to confirm it for him.

Lu Xiao really convinced him: “Yes! That’s it! Young Master Ye, can you stop putting your hand so close to my nose, you know it’s dangerous.”

Ye Cheng dialed the phone and touched his nose perfunctorily: “Sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

I don’t know why, obviously he is the stupid one, but Lu Xiao always has the illusion that he is coaxing a dog.

There was no mistake this time. After he and Jiang Jin finished talking, he took the phone and said in the same cheerful tone as before: “It’s over.”

Lu Xiao heard it, he really wanted to praise him…

“You’re awesome,” he said speechlessly.

Ye Cheng smiled and tightened his arms again.

Lu Xiao’s eyes darkened, and he carried him even tighter.

The two passed by the plane trees along the street, and their bodies were covered with fallen leaves.

Ye Cheng asked him, “Where are we going?”

He didn’t know where Lu Xiao was going to take him from the beginning, but he didn’t have the slightest anxiety or uneasiness, and even asked this question when Shan Hai Lu was about to come to an end.

Lu Xiao bent the corner of his mouth and said, “I sold you.”

“Sold me?” Ye Cheng stared blankly.

“Well, just follow me out like this, and you will count the money for me when you sell it.”

“Count the money for you? How much can I sell it for?”

Ye Cheng, whose mind was occupied by alcohol, could only understand his literal meaning, but after the words were connected into sentences, he couldn’t quite understand it.

“How much is it, let me think about it.” Lu Xiao looked up.

The cunning figure of the moon revealed in the gaps in the dense phoenix tree leaves.

“I won’t sell it for any amount of money,” the bright moon reflected in his dark eyes, calm and gentle, “I’m reluctant to sell it.”

Even though Ye Cheng didn’t quite understand it, he still thought Lu Xiao was really nice.

Lu Xiao didn’t sell him anymore.

He kicked two more kicks happily and leaned against his broad back.

Lu Xiao’s family lived not far from Shanhai Road, a quiet villa area.

From the moment he entered the carved iron gate, Ye Cheng looked around curiously.

“If you drink like this, grandma will be worried when I send you back. Stay at my house for one night first.”

Lu Xiao thought he was suspicious and explained to him.

Ye Cheng ignored his words, leaned on his back and pointed forward, “Lu Xiao, where’s the fountain in the middle?”

“Ah? What fountain?” Lu Xiao looked at the swing he was pointing at, not knowing what he was talking about.

Ye Cheng added: “What about the rockery that the old man brought from Hangzhou? Where are the two hundred-year-old sons in the pond? What about the pair of red lanterns at the door?”

Lu Xiao: “…what are you talking about?”

Ye Cheng was a little angry: “Who asked you to put those two ugly stone lions there? I asked you to plant hydrangea on that field, what is it now? Did you plant an acre of leeks!”

Lu Xiao looked at the stone lion that Meng Li specially bought back to the town house, and the leeks that she had nothing to grow, and her eyes gradually became very confused.

“No, where the **** is this?” Ye Cheng couldn’t wait any longer, and slapped him on the back, “Put me down!”

Lu Xiao felt that he didn’t drink alcohol, but ate undercooked mushrooms, and hallucinations began to appear in front of him.

How dare he put him down, and coaxed: “Let’s go in first, I’ll make you a glass of honey water when you go in, you need to sober up.”

Ye Cheng angrily said, “I’m not drunk! Do you think I’m talking nonsense?”

Lu Xiao struggled to get him back from the iron gate to the entrance door.

He gave up the boss again, and opened the door while holding him down.

When he walked in with Ye Cheng, who was struggling desperately, he suddenly realized that something was wrong—

In the living room, a familiar female voice sounded: “Xiaoxiao, why are you coming back now? Hey, who is this?”

Ye Cheng stopped struggling.

Lu Xiao also turned around slowly, his face pale and said, “Mom, why are you back?”



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