Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 37

The mother and son looked at each other.

It was warm inside, but Meng Li was still wrapped in three layers.

In November, she put on thick fur, and the pink and white fur made her face small and white, like a sickly beauty.

Lu Xiao put down Ye Cheng cautiously, looked at her, but supported Ye Cheng with his backhand to prevent him from falling unsteadily.

When Ye Cheng was completely on the ground, he released his hand.

Meng Li noticed his small movements, her eyes flashed, she had never heard of her son being so meticulous.

“Xiaoxiao, don’t you want to introduce me to my mother?” she whispered softly.

Unexpectedly, Lu Xiao’s face did not become relaxed, but became more tense.

He pulled a handful of Ye Cheng, pulled him behind him, and said sternly, “My classmate, come and stay for one night.”

“What about you, why did you come back earlier?” He subtly brought the topic to the past.

Meng Li subconsciously patted his temples, although there was no broken hair there, he said softly: “They said that I have basically stabilized and can come back for a while.”

When she speaks, she can’t stop her hands.

Either you can’t help touching your hair, or rubbing it between your fingers.

Lu Xiao approached and carefully observed her state, with an imperceptible worry on his face, as if he wanted to say something, but he held back.

Ye Cheng was stunned, and stuck out a head from behind him.

Meng Li originally felt a little restless under the watchful eyes of his son.

When he saw the hairy head that suddenly appeared behind him, he suddenly burst out laughing.

“What is this child doing, come and sit down.” She patted the seat next to her and looked at Ye Cheng curiously.

Lu Xiao rarely brings friends home, and the reason is well known to her. After all, having such a mother at home is quite hard to tell, and she has blamed herself many times for this.

Besides Jiang Jin, Ye Cheng was the first to stay at home overnight.

Lu Xiao opened his mouth and just wanted to say “Let’s go up first”.

The next second, Ye Cheng passed him, ran over, and sat down.

When he was drunk, his walking posture was also different from normal, crooked, like a toddler tumbler.

Lu Xiao took a deep breath.

“Hey, what a beautiful child,” Meng Li saw him up close, his eyes lit up.

She couldn’t help touching the back of his head and asked in a soft voice, “How old are you? What’s your name?”

Ye Cheng put his hands on his knees, as if a red scarf had grown out of thin air around his neck, and replied obediently, “My name is Ye Cheng, Ye of Ye, Orange of Orange. About… Twenty-seven years old, almost twenty-eight.”

Apart from his blushing face and illogical speech, he didn’t look like he was so confused that he didn’t even remember how old he was.

Lu Xiao: “…”

Meng Li thought he was talking nonsense, and covered his mouth with a trembling laugh: “Why do you drink like this, Xiaoxiao, you don’t stop me. Xiaocheng, I’ll ask Mrs. Wang to make you a bowl of sober soup later.”

“Thank you mother-in-law.” Ye Cheng said politely.

In Nandu dialect, “mother-in-law” means both “grandmother” and “husband’s mother”.

Obviously, Meng Li thought he was calling the former.

She smiled and rolled her eyes: “I’m not that old yet, you can just call me auntie.”

Ye Cheng nodded sensible and said, “Thank you, Auntie.”

Meng Li hadn’t been in such a happy mood for a long time. Looking at Ye Cheng’s flushed face, she finally remembered where she had seen him.

“Xiaoxiao, is Xiaocheng your roommate? Did I talk to him at the last parent-teacher meeting?” she asked.

Lu Xiao mocked her and said, “You didn’t say a word to them at that time.”

Meng Li’s memory chain was finally connected. As if he didn’t hear what he said, he continued: “The one you said was going to go to the winter camp with you should also be him.”

Lu Xiao was looking for two out of every three sentences: “It’s rare that you still remember that I was going to winter camp. I thought that day, you were thinking about how to hang yourself with a hemp rope.”

Meng Li’s face finally sank: “Can you not say this in front of outsiders? Don’t you think it’s all my fault?”

Her voice became unstable, with vague excitement.

If it were normal, Lu Xiao would probably have quarreled with her.

But today Ye Cheng was sitting next to her, Lu Xiao looked at his blank expression, and could only swallow the words that came to his lips.

Meng Li was unrelenting, as if he had touched an emotional switch, he covered his face and choked up.

“You are the same as your father, you always think that I think too much, that I make a big fuss, do you care about my life or death?!”

Lu Xiao couldn’t make sense with her, so he stepped forward and tried to pull Ye Cheng away.

Meng Li’s shoulders twitched, and suddenly he felt a hand gently caressing his back.

The hand was very soft, and the palm was warm, but not scorching hot.

Like a needle with a soothing potion, it was injected into the chest along the spine.

“Auntie, don’t cry.” A clear voice rang in his ears.

Meng Li raised his head in a daze, with a few teardrops hanging on his face.

Ye Cheng wiped her face with the back of her hand and wiped away her tears very gently.

It was the first time Meng Li was touched by a stranger like this, and he shrank back in a conditioned reflex. But the child was not aggressive, which made her gradually let go of her vigilance.

She blinked, holding back her tears, feeling a little embarrassed.

At an age, he still needs a drunk child to comfort him.

“Auntie didn’t cry.” Meng Li rubbed it twice and said apologetically, “I’m sorry, I made you laugh.”

Ye Cheng’s thinking remained literal, and he answered her in a dizzy and serious manner: “I didn’t laugh.”

Meng Li was amused by him again, crying and laughing for a while, he felt like a lunatic.

Lu Xiao couldn’t take it anymore, dragged Ye Cheng from the sofa, and said to her, “I’ll take him upstairs first, you go to bed earlier.”

Meng Li watched them turn around quietly, maintaining the position just now, sitting still in the original position.

Lu Xiao took a few steps, and finally turned around and ordered: “Don’t think about it all day, take sleeping pills if you can’t sleep, and eat less.”

Then, he left with Ye Cheng.

Not long after they left, Mrs. Wang came over from the kitchen with a bowl of black things.

“Ma’am, it’s time to take medicine.”

She put the bowl on the table and took out a pill storage box from the cabinet, which contained various colorful capsules and white pills.

Meng Li walked slowly to the table, his face turned fierce like thunderstorms without warning.

She pointed at the medicines and scolded: “What are you feeding me? You want to kill me too, don’t you?!”

Her expression was completely different from the gentle look just now, like a shrew who was scolding the streets indiscriminately.

But Mrs. Wang was not shocked at all, she pushed the medicine forward with no surprise: “Madam, if you don’t drink it, it will be cold.”

“You just want to kill me! If I die, he can marry that slut!” Meng Li screamed.

She picked up the medicine bowl, used all her strength, and threw it on the fireplace next to her.

Ye Cheng and Lu Xiao walked to the second floor, and suddenly heard a sound of broken china downstairs.

He shivered.

Lu Xiao held his hand tightly and comforted: “Don’t be afraid, it’s alright.”

Ye Cheng reminded him in a low voice, “It seems that someone is arguing.”

“Well, there are often quarrels in my family.” Lu Xiao said blankly.

“…Then aren’t you afraid?”

“Don’t be afraid, I’m used to it.”

He originally wanted to take Ye Cheng to the guest room, but after hesitating for a moment, he still led him into his room.

Ye Cheng said, “You are so pitiful.”

Lu Xiao thought that he was going to feel sorry for himself, but he added: “Living under noise for a long time will lower your IQ.”

“Shut up. Don’t think that if you drink too much, I won’t beat you.” Lu Xiao’s men pushed him into the room, slamming the door.

There was no light in the room, Lu Xiao touched the switch with his hand and heard him scream.

“Ah ah ah!” Ye Cheng was startled by the sudden darkness, slammed into the door and made a loud noise.

Lu Xiao quickly turned on the light and reached for him: “Fuck, what are you running around for! Did you bump into it? Let me see.”

He opened Ye Cheng’s flowing sea, and sure enough, there was a red spot on his white forehead.

“I thought… this is the ancestral hall.” Ye Cheng’s eyes panicked, and he turned his head to look at the surrounding environment uneasily.

Lu Xiao lost his temper after being rectified, and said with a smile, “I don’t have an ancestral hall at home, but there is one in my grandfather’s house.”

Ye Cheng ignored his explanation and said to himself, “If you make a mistake, you will be imprisoned in the ancestral hall and kneel all night.”

“How do you know the rules of our house?” Lu Xiao raised his eyebrows in surprise, “Wait, I think your thinking is quite clear, are you drunk or not?”

Ye Cheng murmured: “Kneel for a night, kneel for a night…”

“Okay, I know you’re drunk.” Lu Xiao was speechless to him.

He placed Ye Cheng on the bed, bent down and rubbed his forehead, looked into his eyes and said, “Can you stay in this room by yourself for ten minutes? I’ll come after a shower.”

Ye Cheng nodded simply, although he still looked like he had no bones, he could barely sit still.

Lu Xiao breathed a sigh of relief, feeling that he looked rather sleepy, he should have fallen asleep while sitting.

He pointed to a doorway in the corner of the room: “Inside is the study room. There is your favorite English dictionary. If you are bored, you can go to memorize the words.”

Ye Cheng blinked at him, her light brown eyes were crystal clear, and she nodded her head to peck rice with the chicken.

Lu Xiao narrowed his eyes, straightened up, took off his coat and went to take a shower.

He didn’t drink much at night, and his mind was very clear at this time.

When I mistakenly thought that Ye Cheng invited him alone, there was still some fuss.

Now that people are really sitting on his bed, and he gets up again, he always feels that he can’t be abrupt to that person.

In Lu Xiao’s limited knowledge system, Ye Cheng always reminds him of a sentence.

– It can be viewed from a distance but not to be played with.

Just like the description in “Ai Lian Said”, he looks so indifferent and so precious.

Not someone you can touch casually.

The wrong call Ye Cheng accidentally made today was a distant relative of his.

Opened an entertainment company, and all day and the little stars under his hands were unclear.

Lu Zhanyang was only a few years older than him, so he could have fun with the young people like them, and he also preferred some young boys who had just grown up.

People in their circle are not taboo for men and women, but they also have deep-rooted prejudice against homosexuality.

I always feel that the same **** is just for fun, and in the end, I have to find a woman of the right match to marry and have children.

The cold water poured down from his head, making Lu Xiao’s mind even calmer.

He felt more and more that Ye Cheng was different from those people. Even if Lu Zhanyang brainwashed him a hundred times, the difference is different.

Just as he was thinking about it, the bathroom door was suddenly pushed open.

Lu Xiao suddenly opened his eyes and looked through the transparent frosted shower glass.

Ye Cheng lazily leaned against the door and said feebly, “Lu Xiao, I want to take a shower too.”

This fright was too fierce, Lu Xiao touched the switch with a flick of his hand, and the hot water made him scream.

“Why, why did you come in?” He even broke his voice.

Rushing to reach for the bath towel hanging on the wall, the shower fell and hit him on the head, making a thud.

Lu Xiao covered his head and didn’t move.

Through the frosted glass, Ye Cheng couldn’t see it clearly, but only heard the chaos inside.

He felt as if he had done something wrong, and asked cautiously, “Can’t you?”

Didn’t this person always like to take him to take a bath together, and also like to press him in the bathtub and let him sit up and move by himself.

“No, of course not! You go out first, go out!” Lu Xiao hurriedly surrounded himself with a bath towel, almost on the verge of collapse.

Ye Cheng reluctantly said “Okay”, and then turned his head out indifferently.

Lu Xiao leaned against the slippery wall washed by the water, his heartbeat was so loud that he suspected that he should call an ambulance.

No, no one will die suddenly because of too fast heart rate, right?

This guy is so lawless when he’s drunk, he’s so different from what he usually does, and no one knows what he’s going to do.

In his life, Lu Xiao has never been naked in front of other people except for his parents and the doctor who delivered the birth.

He was so excited that his head was dizzy now, and his whole body was hot as if he was going to burn at any moment.

I thought it would calm down after a short rest, but who knew it would be useless. After five minutes, my heart beat faster, which was abnormally fast.

So he unscrewed the shower again and ran cold water for ten minutes before he calmed down.

After taking a few deep breaths, Lu Xiao put on his clothes, opened the bathroom door and walked out.

“I’m done, you can…”

Halfway through his words, he stopped.

– The room was empty.

After a lot of tossing, Meng Li finally vented his dissatisfaction.

She was going crazy in the living room, while Mrs. Wang watched. When she got tired of the noise, she packed up the pieces and cooked the second bowl of medicine.

She sat for a while without speaking. Feeling tired and thirsty, he opened the refrigerator, poured a glass of ice water, and sat at the table to drink slowly.

Sister Wang turned off half of the lights in the living room, leaving only one above her head, and the surrounding light was very dim.

Meng Li took a few sips and suddenly felt a figure behind him.

She immediately turned her head to look and saw Ye Cheng standing blankly behind her, the beam of light falling from the top of her head, illuminating him extremely horribly.

“Cough cough cough…” Meng Li choked the air intake pipe with a mouthful of water, and coughed violently while clutching his chest.

Ye Cheng lowered his eyes and looked at her coughing calmly.

Meng Li was full of tears, and it took a long time to stop it. He wiped the corner of his mouth and asked him, “You… why did you come down? Do you need anything? Cough, I will ask Mrs. Wang to prepare it for you.”

For some reason, as soon as she saw this child, she felt agitated, even milder than Lu Xiao.

Ye Cheng looked at the tears choking from the corners of her eyes, and said slowly, “Mother-in-law, you’re crying again.”

Meng Li felt dumbfounded when she heard this title. She just finished pouring, and she really didn’t have the strength to correct him.

“Did Lu Xiao bully you?” Ye Cheng asked.

He vaguely remembered that before going upstairs, the atmosphere between the mother and son was not very good.

Meng Li said helplessly: “It’s not a day or two that the **** likes to be angry with me. I always have nothing to do with him.”

Hearing this, Ye Cheng’s brows furrowed deeply, and a fold appeared between his brows.

Meng Li looked at his wrinkled face and felt as if he saw Lu Xiao when he was a child.

She just wanted to touch it twice and tell him that she was fine.

There was a sound of footsteps on the stairs, and the two turned their heads to look, only to see Lu Xiao rushing down from above, it was really a rush.

His hair was still dry, his clothes were dripping with water, and he was wearing a home t-shirt and shorts, and hastily flip-flops on his feet.

“Why did you come down? It took me a long time to find me!” He ran in front of Ye Cheng, his tone a little rushed.

Just now that Ye Cheng was gone, he was so frightened that he broke into a cold sweat. His first reaction was to look at the window to make sure he didn’t jump out of the window.

This person is usually gentle and gentle, but he didn’t expect to be so uneasy when he was drunk.

Meng Li was about to explain when Ye Cheng suddenly raised his hand and grabbed Lu Xiao’s ear.

He sternly scolded: “Who told you to bully your mother-in-law? She was crying, and you made her angry.”

Ye Cheng’s voice was full of the words “of course”, which shocked the mother and son on the spot and didn’t dare to move.

Lu Xiao was completely dumbfounded, his ears hurt so much, and the tall tall man was bent by him, bending his knees in shock.

After a few seconds, he remembered covering his ears and shouting, “It hurts! Take it easy!”

Meng Li got up in a panic and tried to stop: “Xiaocheng, let’s calm down, don’t have the same knowledge as him…”

She didn’t feel much distress for this son, after all, he had beaten his neighbors all over the world since childhood, and he was invincible, rough and thick.

I was just worried that if Lu Xiao was annoyed, he would give this thin-skinned and tender child a fat beating.

But Ye Cheng turned a deaf ear, and even pushed her hand away, saying righteously, “I’ll teach him a lesson, you don’t need to worry about it, you can’t bear to disrespect your mother.”

“Do you know what’s wrong?” Ye Cheng’s subordinates worked hard, pulling his ears red.

Lu Xiao almost knelt down in pain: “Got it! I know I was wrong! Don’t you dare not next time!”

Meng Li: “…”

She has raised this little **** for more than ten years, and she has never heard him apologize to anyone or take it softly.

Even his father threatened to break his leg, but he never gave in.

Ye Cheng turned to her, her eyes blurred but her speech was clear: “Mother-in-law, I’ll take him up and tell him the truth.”

After saying that, he turned around holding Lu Xiao’s collar.

Lu Xiao was staggered by him, and was dragged away with his body hunched over.

Meng Li looked at them dully and muttered, “Okay, okay, it’s time to be reasonable…”

Ye Cheng dragged Lu Xiao back to the room. When entering the door, she accidentally tripped herself.

Lu Xiao quickly wrapped his arms around his waist, so that he didn’t let him fall and eat shit.

After standing firm, Ye Cheng immediately turned his face and didn’t recognize anyone.

He removed Lu Xiao’s hand and said with a stern face, “Kneel down.”

Lu Xiao: “???”

Ye Cheng grabbed his ear again and was very angry: “Can’t you hear me on your knees? Do you have to ask me to bring a washboard?”

He’s drunk he’s drunk he’s drunk.

Don’t care about him, don’t care about him, don’t care about him.

Lu Xiao hypnotized himself a dozen times in his heart, the veins on his forehead jumped, his fists clenched tightly, and then he kneeled down on one knee.

Put on a pretense, anyway, kneeling on one knee is not kneeling.

Who knows, Ye Cheng is very strict: “Bend that leg down, kneel for me.”

Lu Xiao let a hundred swear words float by, and had to kneel with his legs together.

“Why, you look unconvinced?” Ye Cheng was seriously angry, “Are you proud to talk back to your mother? She cried when I went down!”

Lu Xiao sneered: “Are you sure she’s crying, not crazy?”

Ye Cheng kicked him: “You still talk back to me?”

Lu Xiao was silent.

Ye Cheng educated him cracklingly, from Meng’s mother’s three moves to her mother-in-law’s tattooing, saying that she was tired and drank water before continuing.

Lu Xiao didn’t dare to interrupt him, he was almost in a trance after hearing it.

Ye Cheng closed his mouth after he was completely stunned.

Thinking that the torture was over, Lu Xiao stood up and planned to coax him to sleep. When he fell asleep, he would be quiet, and when he fell asleep, everything would be fine.

Unexpectedly, Ye Cheng opened his arms and said, “Help me take a shower, I’m sleepy.”

That posture, that demeanor, was like an aloof emperor.

Lu Xiao really felt like he was on a roller coaster this night.

His mood went up and down along the winding track, up and down.

He said tactfully: “I’ll take you to the bathroom, you can simply wash your face and take a shower tomorrow morning.”

There are two reasons: First, he does not dislike it. Second, he is afraid of being tough on himself.

It is estimated that Ye Cheng is also too difficult, so he nodded and agreed to this suggestion without embarrassing him any more.

However, after Lu Xiao took him into the bathroom, he started again.

“Brush my teeth,” Ye Cheng said lazily, sitting in front of the mirror, “I just carried you for a long time, but I couldn’t lift my arms.”

Lu Xiao was about to faint, so he resignedly found a new toothbrush, bit his head, squeezed toothpaste, and put it to his mouth.

It was the first time for him to do something like taking care of a child. Although he was more than half a head taller than Ye Cheng, he could easily surround him from behind, but his hands were shaking a little because he was too nervous.

Before Ye Cheng opened his mouth, he accidentally rubbed toothpaste on those two lips.

The toothpaste contains mint, which makes the lips feel tingly and uncomfortable.

Ye Cheng rolled that bit of white into his mouth in disgust, and opened his mouth slightly to let him brush his teeth.

The tip of the pink tongue has brushed the white toothpaste, and a man will think crooked.

Lu Xiao felt that he was about to suffer a myocardial infarction. This Nima was not brushing his teeth, but torturing him.

He dodged his eyes and didn’t dare to look in the mirror. He gently brushed his two rows of white teeth by feeling.

“Well, you’re so stupid…” Ye Cheng was stabbed twice in the cheek, and scolded him vaguely while wrapped in foam.

Lu Xiao was complained, and immediately said humbly, “My first time… I’m sorry, I hurt you, and I will do better next time.”

Ye Cheng hummed twice, spit out the foam at will, and rinsed his mouth with water from his cup.

Lu Xiao looked at him from the side, saw that the foam on his lips was not clean, and took a cleanser to help him wipe it.

Although these are trivial things that he could never do for the second person in his life, he actually noticed a little bit of fun while doing it.

Such Ye Cheng seems to be unable to accomplish everything independently, and everything has to depend on him and cannot be separated from him.

Lu Xiao took the initiative to help him wash his face again, holding his chin and carefully drying the water.

“There is no change of clothes for the time being, can you wear mine first?” He was tossed all night, but his voice softened several degrees.

Ye Cheng naturally arranged with him: “Yes.”

Lu Xiao completely forgot about his ears being pinched and being punished for kneeling. He happily ran to the cloakroom and brought him a wide white tee and a pair of trousers.

He doesn’t like wearing pajamas very much, sleeping either naked or with short sleeves.

After putting the clothes on the bed, he turned around and said: “You change, I don’t look at it.”

The corners of his mouth were raised high, and his left ear was red and swollen, but he didn’t feel any pain at all.

After three minutes, he asked softly, “Is it ready?”

No one answered, and there was an even sound of breathing in the room.

Lu Xiao turned his head and almost bit his tongue after seeing the scene on the bed.

Ye Cheng was wearing only a white t-shirt, and lay on the bed, sleeping soundly.

The two long white and straight legs were so wide open, and they were placed on the dark gray sheets, making the lining even more astringent, making people see nosebleeds.

Lu Xiao’s clothes are one size larger, and the hem of the clothes just covers his buttocks, and the scenery in the middle is looming.

Lu Xiao was almost mad at him, he hurriedly picked up the trousers thrown under the bed, climbed onto the bed and tried to put on his trousers.

“Don’t go to bed yet, put on your clothes before going to bed.”

He stepped forward and groped to put his trouser legs over his bare legs, Ye Cheng turned around, stretched his arms, and hugged his head.

Lu Xiao was caught off guard and pulled over by him, the tip of his nose hit the soft and warm white tee, a smell of sea salt mixed with bellflower.

Ye Cheng put his head in his arms, and said in a daze: “Dear, stop making trouble, go to sleep.”



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