Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 38

The next morning, Ye Cheng fell asleep and woke up naturally.

He hasn’t slept more than eight hours a day for a long time since he started preparing for the exam.

The moment he opened his eyes, all the muscles in his body seemed to have been dismantled and reorganized, sore and weak.

This feeling is inexplicably like overindulgence…

He covered his drunk and aching head, and barely got up from the unfamiliar big bed.

Dark grey silk sheets rubbed bare legs.

He glanced at the quilt and saw that he was only wearing a wide T-shirt.

Ye Cheng was different from Lu Xiao. He drank too much and would not break the pieces, and he remembered some details very clearly.

For example, he called Meng Li “mother-in-law” one by one;

For example, in front of Meng Li, he raised Lu Xiao’s ears and reprimanded him;

For example, before he went to bed, he thought the floor was too hot, and refused Lu Xiao’s suggestion to put on pants.

Ye Cheng took a few deep breaths and patted his cheek expressionlessly.

It doesn’t matter, as long as you don’t feel embarrassed, it’s them who are embarrassed.

Haha, isn’t it just drunk, who hasn’t been drunk a few times yet.

It took him twenty minutes to do enough psychological construction, and he was about to get out of bed to take a shower when Lu Xiao pushed the door open and came in.

“Are you up? I thought you passed out.” A malicious voice sounded.

Ye Cheng looked up.

Lu Xiao wore a black low-neck sweater, thinly propped up his beautiful shoulders, showing half of his collarbone, and loose trousers were stacked at his feet.

With his hands in his pockets, he leaned against the door and looked at Ye Cheng lazily.

Even if it is not cleaned up, it is enough to make a person handsome and refreshed.

However, the dark circles under his eyes showed that the master didn’t seem to be resting very well.

Ye Cheng slowly slipped off the bed, pretending that nothing happened, and said nonchalantly, “You got up early.”

Lu Xiao smiled calmly, raised his index finger and shook it: “No, it’s not that I got up early, it’s that I didn’t sleep at all.”

“Ah? Are you insomnia?” Ye Cheng wondered.

Lu Xiao smiled and gritted his teeth, and said, “Ye Cheng, do you know how bad your sleep is?”

“Kicked me off the bed three times, put my foot in my face five times, talked in my sleep, drooled, and called me a faceless bastard.”

When he mentioned this, he was so angry that his nose was agitating, obviously these were not made up.

Ye Cheng was stunned, and immediately grabbed his words and retorted: “How is it possible, your bed is so big, I can kick you down?”

The kingsize in the bedroom is really big, and it won’t fall off if a few adults roll on it.

Lu Xiao got even more angry: “You kept sticking to me, cornering me and kicking me out of bed. Ha, I suspect you are awake at all, right? You just want to kick me, right?”

Ye Cheng guiltily avoided his glare, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

In the name of washing up, he fled and locked himself in the bathroom, slamming Lu Xiao out.

The only thing that made Ye Cheng happy was that when they went downstairs to eat, Meng Li had already gone out.

Fortunately, he didn’t have to face her, otherwise he would rather be hungry all day than take half a step out of this door.

Sister-in-law Wang once again offered up her specialty crab roe dumplings and greeted them warmly for brunch.

Under Lu Xiao’s glare, he endured the boredom and ate all the xiao long bao.

After eating, Ye Cheng visited this unfamiliar house for a while.

He never knew before that Lu Xiao lived in this area.

Only the old house of the Lu family was in my mind, and the interior was majestic, but it always had a gloomy atmosphere in the dead of night.

Back then, he didn’t control Lu Xiao and let him force his opponent to bankrupt his family.

The old man punished them both kneeling in the ancestral hall all night, making them face the wall and reflect on their mistakes.

Outside the ancestral hall is a corridor, with antique lanterns hanging, and it is raining lightly outside.

Lu Xiao didn’t have the mind to face the wall at all. With the black rumbling inside, he pressed him into the corner and asked him to help him with his hands.

Originally, Ye Cheng didn’t need to kneel along, but in order to make Lu Xiao feel distressed, the old man had to punish him to kneel together.

Last night he was so drunk that he thought he had returned to the old house.

After visiting the house, Lu Xiao dragged Ye Cheng to help him make up lessons.

Because of Ye Cheng’s unbridled behavior yesterday, he could only ask him.

Lu Xiao’s exam textbook was finally in tatters, and the pages were all copied from his notes.

Ye Cheng ate the cakes that Mrs. Wang made for him, and sat on the desk looking at the “Optimized 28 Sets” he had made.

“This question is too wrong.” He pointed.

Lu Xiao saw that he was eating snacks with Erlang’s legs crossed, while he had to listen to his admonitions scratching his head, and his heart suddenly became unbalanced.

It was Ye Cheng who was compensating him, so why did he turn around?

“I want to eat too,” he protested in dissatisfaction.

Ye Cheng kidnapped all the dim sum, with a non-negotiable tone: “I’ll give it to you when it’s done.”

“Hey, this is my house.” Lu Xiao was bullied by him, but he didn’t feel much anger.

“Sister Wang made this for me.” Ye Cheng didn’t frighten him, “If you eat it every day, you have to grab it from me.”

Lu Xiao said casually, “I can’t eat every day, she just came back.”

Ye Cheng asked, “Does she not live here?”

There is a special nanny room on the first floor, and Mrs. Wang seems to be very familiar with him, not like a part-time worker or a temporary aunt.

Lu Xiao was silent for a moment, and didn’t seem to want to answer this question.

Ye Cheng didn’t continue to ask, as if remembering something, and asked, “By the way, will it be inconvenient if I move here during the winter vacation? Your mother has already returned.”

Although he was dizzy yesterday, he still remembered that there was a faint noise downstairs.

“It doesn’t matter.” Lu Xiao said indifferently, “My mother goes to California to find my father every winter. I don’t know when to go this year. There should only be the two of us at home.”

Ye Cheng tentatively asked: “How is your relationship with your parents? Why doesn’t your father stay in the country?”

Lu Xiao sneered: “Relationship? Hmph, they are desperately trying to support a relationship that hasn’t been divorced yet. They are an arranged marriage. After giving birth to me, they played their own way, and they have no family concept.”

He said it so bluntly that Ye Cheng didn’t know how to answer.

But he was a little puzzled. If they were playing their own way, why did Lu Yaoshan still commit violence against Meng Li?

Looking at it yesterday, Meng Li was really unhappy, but she covered her tightly and couldn’t see any scars on her body.

Did Jiang Yirong guess wrong?

Seeing his expression, Lu Xiao thought he was just curious.

He explained: “My mother doesn’t seem to care on the surface, but in fact she’s stunned. Fortunately, my dad only flies back once or twice a year, otherwise I’d go crazy listening to them quarrel every day.”

Ye Cheng had never experienced the quarrel between his parents, but he could understand his mood.

He touched Lu Xiao’s head and said, “Don’t be sad.”

“I’m not sad.” Lu Xiao looked at him strangely, “Can you stop touching me like a dog every time?”

Ye Cheng retracted his hand unnaturally. He has been troubled by some habitual movements recently, and he always forgets that he is facing the seventeen-year-old.

After Lu Xiao was stared at and completed a set of questions, he was rewarded with a piece of butterfly cake.

When Ye Cheng fed him the Butterfly Cake with two fingers, Lu Xiao felt like he was feeding a pet again.

But this time he endured it, probably because the butterflies were so delicious.

Forget it, don’t bother with him.

Soon, Nandu entered January.

Along with the first snow in early winter, came the vigorous examinations.

Why do you say vigorous, because the exam is full of situations.

The examination room of No. 13 Middle School is in the relatively remote No. 7 Middle School, and everyone needs to take the school bus to go there.

On the day of the spot, the school bus forgot three people in No. 7 Middle School.

On the second day of the exam, two more people did not bring their admission tickets, and one person lost their temporary ID card.

Fortunately, Xu Chao had foresight, and felt that these people did not seem to have the ability to take care of themselves.

So the night before the exam, everyone’s admission ticket and ID card were collected.

On the day of the exam, he stood in the hall on the first floor and distributed them one by one.

Every time you send a person, you have to shout: “Come on! I wish you success!”

Other classes were not escorted by teachers, and Class 20 became a unique landscape.

After everyone got the documents, they surrounded Ye Cheng at the innermost point, and Shasha breathed desperately, trying to bathe in the brilliance of the gods.

In the end, one of them touched him and went to the examination room with satisfaction. The other classes were envious.

Lu Xiao and Jiang Jin were assigned to an exam room, and they were still fighting before entering.

“If you touch it again, I’ll chop your hand off.” Lu Xiao punched him in the head.

Jiang Jin accidentally touched Ye Cheng’s waist just now, making him almost jump up.

Jiang Jin was extremely aggrieved: “I’m not the only one who touched it! You have the ability to chop off their hands!”

Lu Xiao raised his fist: “Are you **** reasonable?”

“If you want to do well in the test, go and touch him too!” Jiang Jin dropped a sentence, and a savage coward went into the test room.

…it seems reasonable.

After Lu Xiao entered the examination room and sat down, he was bored and turned the 2B pencil.

He was sitting by the window, and there was a little snow outside, falling on the window edge in small pieces.

As the New Year is approaching and the place is remote, the sound of fireworks and firecrackers can occasionally be heard outside the examination room.

Having lived for seventeen years, this winter is what excites him the most.

After these two days and the end of the exam, the winter vacation will officially begin.

Ye Cheng said that after the exam, he will go to live at his house. If he can get 3 A’s, he can ask anything.

And Meng Li will be leaving in a few days, he can stay with Ye Cheng alone for several days, hehe.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiao was full of expectations for this winter.

He hasn’t had a good New Year’s celebration since he was a child.

He laughed out loud by the window, causing the invigilator to look at him like a monster.

“Please check the degree of sealing of the test paper bags…” the teacher said on the podium.

Lu Xiao retracted his attention and placed the documents one by one.

The pens in the pencil case were all used by Ye Cheng and collected by him in every possible way.

There is an unwritten custom in Class 20, that is, if you use the test pen, you will get a good score in the test.

Lu Xiao is not a superstitious person, but this time he couldn’t help but believe it.

It was not until he got the papers and started answering the questions that he understood how crucial the training Ye Cheng usually gave him.

The first is proficiency – his reaction speed on the questions is nearly twice as fast as before.

There was still about half an hour left, and he had already finished writing.

The second is pertinence. He thought that what Ye Cheng gave him was a tactic of titling and casting a wide net.

In fact, almost all of the test sites in his notes were covered.

After the exam, Jiang Jin was about to go crazy.

He pulled Lu Xiao to the back and tried his best to keep his excited voice down: “Fuck! Brother Orange is too good! I borrowed his notebook yesterday and wanted to sprint, but Nima actually hit two questions!”

“There’s the third-to-last question, and it turned out to be an exact test!” Jiang Jin was about to burst into tears, “Wuwuwu, Brother Orange is my father, Brother Orange is really awesome.”

He was still immersed in the ecstasy of betting against the question, but Lu Xiao looked straight ahead as if he had been hooked.

Finally, Jiang Jin found that no one responded to him, and asked ignorantly, “Brother Xiao, what’s the matter with you?”

He saw Lu Xiao’s expression and followed his line of sight.

School uniforms are not allowed in the exam, everyone wears their own clothes.

Ye Cheng put on a light-colored short lamb fleece coat, revealing the white turtleneck sweater inside.

Standing in the corridor with broken snow, he looked more and more picturesque, so beautiful that it made people look at him.

That kind of feeling is like a person in a landscape painting, walking out.

Ye Cheng originally planned to come to the examination room to find Lu Xiao, but Yu Kun stopped him in the middle of the answer.

He was talking to him with his head down at this time, his light brown eyes focused and serious.

Lu Xiao walked over quickly and squeezed in between them.

Ye Cheng’s attention was immediately attracted to him: “You came out so soon, how was the test?”

“It’s good, let’s go eat, I’m starving.” Lu Xiao turned him over, hooked his shoulders and walked towards the stairs.

Yu Kun stood there dumbfounded, and said to himself, “No way, I’m still a jerk, I haven’t finished asking my questions.”

Jiang Jin passed him and said sympathetically and sincerely, “Why don’t you ask me, I think I can get an A.”

Yu Kun has never seen such a brazen person, “…”

Due to the relatively early Chinese New Year this year, the final exam was scheduled a few days after the exam.

This winter vacation should be the busiest holiday, because they have to go to winter camp before they can rest for a few days.

Ye Cheng was packing clothes into a suitcase at home, and Gao Qiulan was also packing clothes.

The way the grandparents and grandchildren are packing their luggage together is inexplicably funny.

Seeing that he brought a lot with him, Gao Qiulan said strangely: “Didn’t you only go for three days, why did you bring so much?”

“After I went to Lu Xiao’s house, I went straight to the winter camp.” Ye Cheng sat on the suitcase and finally closed the lid, “I’m too lazy to come back and collect it again.”

Gao Qiulan instructed him: “When you go to other people’s homes, don’t cause them any trouble. I put bird’s nest and everything on the table, you remember to bring it to Aunt Meng.”

Ye Cheng nodded: “Don’t worry, grandma. When will my dad pick you up?”

Gao Qiulan glanced at the clock: “He said it would arrive at one o’clock. It’s almost three o’clock now, and there is no one around.”

“Let me call him.” Ye Cheng was afraid that she would be worried, so she picked up the phone and said.

He had just dialed when the doorbell rang outside.

Gao Qiulan hurried over to open the door, the wind and snow came, and Ye Gaoyang was covered in snow.

“Mom, Xiaocheng.” He took off his coat as he entered the door and greeted the two of them.

Ye Cheng coldly called “Dad”, then turned around to do her own thing.

“Why did you arrive so late, is the plane late?” Gao Qiulan asked him.

Ye Gaoyang sighed, looking very tired: “No, Qiaoqiao suddenly had a high fever, so I had to change my flight.”

Ye Cheng put away the bird’s nest on his own and put it into a bag.

Gao Qiulan glanced at his back, not too much to ask about Ye Qiaoqiao’s condition, and comforted him: “The child is weak, and it is normal to have a cold and fever in the winter.”

Ye Gaoyang shook his head and said, “It would be good if she had a simple cold. She has been suffering from nosebleeds for a while now, and she went to the hospital several times and couldn’t find anything wrong.”

“What? Is it so serious?” Gao Qiulan said, “Then why don’t I go through, so as not to cause trouble for you.”

If it wasn’t for Ye Gaoyang’s begging, she wouldn’t want to go to Shengzhou, and now she just found an excuse.

“Don’t, Mom, I’ve come all the way back to pick you up.” Ye Gaoyang advised.

Ye Cheng turned her head and said, “Grandma, you’d better follow her to see her.”

He was actually quite puzzled. In the past life, Ye Qiaoqiao’s body was as strong as a cow, so how could she have become a medicine jar now.

“Xiaocheng, you and Dad also go to Shengzhou.” Ye Gaoyang took the opportunity to say.

Ye Cheng refused without hesitation: “I’m going out soon, my friends are waiting for me.”

Ye Gaoyang looked at Gao Qiulan in confusion: “What friend? Is Xiaocheng going out too?”

Gao Qiulan knew that he didn’t want to see Lu Xiao, so he was speechless.

Ye Cheng pulled the suitcase and walked past him gracefully.

“Bye, have a good time.” Then he slammed the door shut.

It was snowing heavily outside, falling down like a goose feather.

Ye Cheng walked swiftly, and only when he left the door did he remember that he forgot to take his umbrella. But he really didn’t want to stay under the same roof with Ye Gaoyang, so he had to bite the bullet and walk into the heavy snow.

He walked in a hurry, and put his hat and scarf in the suitcase.

The gust of wind wrapped the snowflakes on his cheeks, and the bone-chilling cold made him shiver, as if a basin of ice water had been poured from head to toe.

Damn, this guy Lu Xiao agreed to pick him up, but he didn’t know where he went.

Ye Cheng dragged his suitcase out of the community, only to see a tall figure standing outside the door holding an umbrella.

When Lu Xiao saw him, he ran over immediately.

“Damn it, why don’t you hold an umbrella.” He raised the umbrella above Ye Cheng’s head as fast as he could, and the hot air he exhaled condensed into white mist.


Before Ye Cheng could say the words “not in time”, he was covered with a scarf.

The brown cashmere scarf firmly covered the tip of his nose, and the rushing heat made him reflexively close his eyes, and his whole body relaxed.

The scarf brought Lu Xiao’s body temperature, as well as a faint scent of orange blossom and sandalwood.

“You’re courting death, haven’t you, forgot about the last time you got a fever in the rain?” Lu Xiao tying up the scarf viciously, the technique was almost the same as that of Gao Qiulan.

Originally a very fashionable item, he was surrounded by him like a country man.

“Cough cough.” Ye Cheng choked on him.

Lu Xiao immediately seized the opportunity to teach him a lesson: “Look, everyone coughs.”

“You’re not finished yet,” Ye Cheng said, pulling his hands away, unable to bear it any longer, “I agreed to pick me up at the door, if it weren’t for you, I would freeze like this?”

Lu Xiao’s voice dropped a little in an instant: “I saw your dad coming, so I found a place to hide.”

Ye Cheng just remembered that there was a time bomb at home.

He didn’t want Ye Gaoyang to find a chance to force him, so he pushed Lu Xiao and left quickly.

The second time I came to Lu Xiao’s house, it was much more natural than the first time.

Although it was only a three-day stay, Meng Li invited a Michelin chef to prepare dinner.

She changed her sickness and laziness from the previous meeting, her hair was loosely tied into a bun, and she wore a wine red dress, looking very good.

“Try this beef sashimi, it’s delicious.” Meng Li greeted Ye Cheng and said, “Xiaoxiao always thinks that my cooking is not delicious, so I had to invite someone else to do it.”

Ye Cheng smiled, and Lu Xiao said unhappily, “Can you call me by my name?”

Being called “Xiaoxiao” in front of him, he always felt uncomfortable.

Meng Li ignored him and continued: “Xiaocheng, I’m really sorry, I’m going to California tomorrow, and I wanted to entertain you.”

“It’s okay Auntie, I’m the one who bothered you.” Ye Cheng said gently.

Meng Li pursed his lips and smiled: “Don’t call me mother-in-law this time? The next day after you called me, I hurriedly made a Thermage.”

Ye Cheng knew that she had misunderstood, and her face flushed: “You…you are not old, very young.”

Meng Li said indifferently, “I’m in my forties, how can I not be old.”

At this time, Mrs. Wang brought a plate to serve the dishes, and she urged, “Are the quilts in the guest room ready? You can take Xiao Ye over to have a look later, and if you are not satisfied, change them.”

“Ready, ma’am.” Sister Wang said.

Lu Xiao immediately put down his knife and fork and said, “Who said he was going to sleep in the guest room?”

Meng Li reproached: “You two boys, don’t be afraid of crowding into others if you live in one room.”

Ye Cheng also remembered that last time he complained about his poor sleep, so he nodded,

“I’m also worried about disturbing Lu Xiao’s rest. Aunt Lao will bother.”

Lu Xiao was abruptly laughed at by the two of them, and said to Ye Cheng, “I said you would disturb me? If you don’t sleep with me, what should I do if I encounter problems?”

“I haven’t seen you love studying so much in normal times, but now it’s exciting.” Meng Li interrupted him, “In the evening, if you don’t sleep by yourself, Xiaocheng has to rest.”

Lu Xiao was so angry that he couldn’t eat anymore, and when he lost his spoon, he didn’t want to drink the soup.

“Don’t worry about him, we eat ours.” Meng Li said to Ye Cheng.

Lu Xiao frowned and looked at her, thinking why don’t you go to California now.

He counted the stars and waited for the moon until today, just to sleep with Ye Cheng.

Of course, this “sleep” is simply “sleep”. He even had the projected videos and soda popcorn ready.

I also bought a bunch of small night lights online, turned off the main lights, and turned on the night lights, the atmosphere in the room was called a romance.

Even if you don’t do anything, staying in the same room with Ye Cheng is enough to make people feel happy and satisfied.

However, the plan that had been prepared for half the winter was in vain.

He poked the steak angrily with his fork and ate it grimly.

After Ye Cheng returned to the room at night, he realized that Lu Xiao was abnormally quiet.

Don’t text him or call him.

Seems really annoyed.

He tossed and turned on the bed in the guest room, but he couldn’t sleep.

This kid is so naive, he can be so angry if he doesn’t sleep in the same room as him.

After thinking about it for a long time, Ye Cheng decided to find him.

He opened the door lightly, several wall lamps were lit in the corridor, and the house was very quiet.

This room was some distance from Lu Xiao’s room. There were too many rooms on the second floor of their house, and it was as big as a maze.

Ye Cheng stood on tiptoe and tried to touch Lu Xiao’s room with her memory as lightly as she could.

Just as he passed a room, he suddenly heard a scream coming from inside.

Because the surrounding is too quiet, the scream is particularly obvious, and it is accompanied by the sound of glass smashing.

Ye Cheng was startled, and immediately recognized Meng Li’s voice.

He didn’t have time to think about it, so he quickly knocked on the door and said, “Auntie, are you alright?”

“Why do you say that? Come when you let me come, and go when you let me go? Why, why?!”

The shouting inside was even more heart-wrenching, with a thud, as if something had fallen.

Ye Cheng couldn’t care about anything else, and immediately turned the door lock.

Unexpectedly, the bedroom door was unlocked, and he twisted it open at once.

“Auntie, what happened…”

Just as he was about to enter the room, before he finished speaking, a porcelain bottle just landed at his feet.

With a loud bang, the tiles exploded under his feet and shattered to pieces.

It was very warm inside, and Ye Cheng only wore a pair of sandals when she came out.

The cracked china jumped onto the back of his foot, making a small incision on his fair skin, and blood seeped out.

The scene in the bedroom was messy, and the strong smell of perfume penetrated into the nose, making people dizzy.

The bed sheet was ripped off to the floor, and there were broken perfume bottles and cosmetics scattered around the bed.

Meng Li was wearing a nightgown, his eyes were so red that he was bleeding, his hair was messy on the phone, and he was panting heavily.

Ye Cheng was worried that she would step on the glass, and cautiously shouted, “Auntie?”

Meng Li didn’t respond, and the hand holding the phone slowly fell, and the other end seemed to be hung up.

Ye Cheng stood outside the door for a few seconds, and finally decided to go in and have a look.

Just as he lifted his foot, a hand suddenly stretched out behind him and grabbed him, yanking him away from the tiles.

“Be careful.” Lu Xiao’s low voice sounded in his ears.



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