Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 40

Three days later, the organization of the English winter camp sent a message informing them of the official opening of the camp.

According to Ye Cheng’s past experience, the winter camp should be similar to the summer camp. Find a comfortable hotel with a mini bar in the lobby. Go to school during the day and go to the night market for supper at night.

He calmly told Lu Xiao that you don’t need to bring too many things, the agency will prepare them.

Lu Xiao was convinced of his words, so he only brought a few changes of clothes, as well as a mobile phone and a game console.

In the morning, the two of them went out together, and it took half an hour to choose clothes.

Ye Cheng wanted to wear a white down jacket, but Lu Xiao glanced at his wardrobe and felt that there were really no light colors to match with white.

So he suggested: “Can’t you wear that brown one? If I wear black, we will look a lot like black and white.”

Ye Cheng was inexplicable: “Can’t you wear white, why do you want me to change it?”

He ignored a problem – Lu Xiao was already obsessed with “matching” with him. From studying to dressing, it’s just crazy.

Ye Cheng put on his jacket on his own, and Lu Xiao was a little anxious: “I don’t have any white clothes, I’ve never bought them.”

“Then you wear black.” Ye Cheng said indifferently.

Two dumplings, one black and one white, look really funny.

Lu Xiao had to make a compromise: “Then do you have any other white ones? Let me wear them.”

“No.” Ye Cheng said decisively, noticing his thoughts at all.

Lu Xiao suddenly felt hurt, and lowered his eyes for a while in silence.

In the end, he reluctantly gave up his favorite black, and wore a lead gray coat, which barely seemed to “fit” with white.

After staring at the clothes stare at the accessories.

Ye Cheng wore a Crowley Heart Ring on his index finger, and Lu Xiao immediately took out another one from his suitcase and put it on.

Ye Cheng opened the box to choose the sweater chain, and Lu Xiao consciously picked up his necklace box and started rummaging.

Ye Cheng finally couldn’t stand him anymore, and said, “You are determined to bump into my shirt to the end, aren’t you?”

He couldn’t understand Lu Xiao’s strange behavior, he just thought he was provoking himself.

Pinch mom, does he think he can be more handsome than him when he wears it like this? Can you beat him?

Black chicken mackerel.

Lu Xiao didn’t expect his little trick to be misunderstood, and instantly felt aggrieved, but he couldn’t say that I wanted to wear a couple’s style with you.

Damn, I’m crying, I really want to wear a couple’s style and accessories.

But he knew very well that if he said that, he would definitely be beaten by Ye Cheng with a hanger.

He lowered his head silently, his soft heart was hurt ten thousand points, as if the sky in the southern capital would never be clear again.

Then he reluctantly put the necklace back in the box, and took off the ring.

“Fuck, can you not look like you’ve been bullied.” Ye Cheng couldn’t stand it any longer.

He threw the ring and necklace back to him and said, “Take it, don’t make it look like I won’t let you wear it.”

Lu Xiao immediately put on his accessories as he wished, without refuting or retorting.

The two of them made a bells and whistles and finally went out.

The agency asked everyone to arrive at the bus station on time at eight o’clock. When he got the location, Ye Cheng was very puzzled.

In the past, I used to train in the urban area. It took a taxi to arrive. This year, I have to take a bus to another place.

When the driver sent them off, he happened to meet the morning rush hour.

Although he had already left early, he was still ten minutes late.

When the two got into the car, there were already a dozen people in the car.

There are five classes in this winter camp, and each class has a car.

The leader of the team was a slightly fat middle-aged man whose hairline moved back to reveal a piece of Mediterranean Sea called Hu Haiyang.

He is a teacher at Nandu Normal University. He has tutored Ye Cheng in English before, and he is considered an acquaintance.

After they came up, Hu Haiyang greeted Ye Cheng: “Little Ye, long time no see, find a seat and sit down.”

He didn’t know Lu Xiao, so he just nodded to him.

Everyone in the car looked at them curiously. The front row was occupied, and Ye Cheng walked directly to the back row.

Lu Xiao naturally followed him, walked to the back and sat down.

The man sitting in front of them suddenly turned around and said,

“Ye Cheng! It’s really you, I thought I was mistaken!”

The speaker was a boy with glasses, who looked like a scholar.

Ye Cheng raised his head and found that it was his classmate in the attached middle school.

“Liang Moyu?” He subconsciously called out the other party’s name.

In fact, he didn’t remember the names of all his classmates, and there might be some people standing in front of him who didn’t know their names.

But Liang Moyu had an indissoluble bond with him. This man was the math master of his class, and his Chinese and English were not very good, so he often lost to him in the total score.

Also because he ranks second in the grade all the year round and has never surpassed Ye Cheng, everyone nicknamed him “Liang Lao Er” in private.

Liang Moyu looked at him, then turned his eyes to look at Lu Xiao, and asked, “I haven’t seen you for a long time, where have you been?”

Lu Xiao looked at him blankly, like he was 2,580,000.

Liang Moyu seemed a little curious, and looked between them with exploratory eyes.

No one knew about Ye Cheng’s transfer to the Thirteenth Middle School at first, but after a long time, it spread in the attached middle school.

He was feeling puzzled and didn’t understand why Liang Moyu didn’t know, Hu Haiyang picked up the loudspeaker in front.

“Everyone, pay attention, I’ll talk about a few things.” He “hello” twice to try McDonnell.

The car began to start slowly and gradually drove away from the station.

Everyone looked at him, and Liang Moyu temporarily ended the conversation and turned around to concentrate on listening.

Hu Haiyang said: “Considering that everyone will be in the third year of high school in one semester, our model has changed this year. In order to cultivate your hard-working and persevering spirit, we have drawn up a “Devil’s Fourteen Days Training” for everyone. plan”.”

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a lot of discussion in the car.

“What the hell, fourteen days of the devil? What is that?”

“Ah? When my mother signed me up for this class, she clearly said that she was going to a five-star hotel for a 14-day vacation.”

“Oh, don’t worry, that’s all he said. Where can the devil go in English training.”

“It won’t be ten papers a day, hahahaha.”

At this time, everyone has not realized the seriousness of the problem, and everyone is laughing and laughing.

Most of the people who came to the winter camp were from the Affiliated High School, No. 1 High School and Foreign Language Schools.

Basically, they all came here to improve, and everyone knew that all of them were strong competitors.

In their eyes, ten papers a day should be considered “devil” training.

Hu Haiyang interrupted their discussion and said, “I will send the arrangements for the past few days to the group. You can take a good look at it while you are in the car.”

Before coming to the winter camp, he pulled up a temporary group.

He posted the picture in the group chat, and everyone lowered their heads to check their phones.

Half a minute later, the whole car was blown up.

“What the hell, military training?!”

“Help, what is survival in the wild, and what is camping challenge… Why can’t I understand a word…”

“Are you crazy, to go so far from Yingcheng! My God, in addition to the daily remedial classes, I also need to train physical fitness, my brain is bubbly!”

Everyone wailed, and Ye Cheng was shocked. He didn’t expect the agency to do such a thing.

Lu Xiao lowered his voice and said, “What do you mean by ‘self-cooking’? We won’t starve to death in that crappy place, right? Didn’t you say that you would stay in a hotel that serves macarons for breakfast?”

Ye Cheng: “…Maybe Yingcheng also has a ‘hotel that serves macarons for breakfast’.”

After all, the two of them shut up at the same time.

Yingcheng is located on the edge of the southern capital. It is a small town that doesn’t give a shit. The permanent population does not exceed 100,000. If there is such a hotel, it will be a ghost.

Liang Moyu turned around and said with a sullen face: “Did you bring household necessities? Each person only provides a certain amount of them. I don’t think they are enough.”

Ye Cheng was talking to Lu Xiao, but when she heard that, she raised her head and replied, “I didn’t bring it. There should be a small shop in town that sells it.”

Through the gap in the seat, Liang Moyu met Lu Xiao’s gaze.

Lu Xiao was talking close to Ye Cheng at first, but he attracted Ye Cheng’s attention away, and Lu Xiao would not give him a good face, and stared at him dissatisfied.

Liang Moyu was a little confused by him, said “Okay”, and turned back.

“Teacher, do you really want military training?”

“Can I shop online there? I only brought a few pieces of clothes. I wanted to buy them later when I went shopping.”

“Is there water and electricity in the teacher’s place? You don’t want to live a primitive life, do you?”

Everyone was noisy, and they asked Hu Haiyang all kinds of questions.

Hu Haiyang’s head hurt, and he raised his horn and said, “I will send a document to the group for specific arrangements. There is water and electricity. Don’t worry, you will not be allowed to eat raw meat.”

The turmoil slowly subsided.

Everyone still thought it was weird and complained for half an hour.

The nearby highway changed from smooth and smooth to bumpy, and the car went up and down at high speed, bumping back and forth.

The rickety carriage made everyone drowsy.

After their quarrel, they gradually quieted down, some were dozing off, and some were doing homework during the winter vacation.

Xueba people will always seize all the fragments of time to make up for sleep or study.

Lu Xiao woke up early in the morning and felt very sleepy, his head nodded like a chicken pecking at rice.

Ye Cheng was afraid that he would fall into the car window, so he stretched out his hand to break his head and put it on his shoulder.

Lu Xiao opened his eyes immediately, and just wanted to get up, but was pressed down by a slender hand.

“Go to sleep for a while, you are too sleepy.” Ye Cheng’s voice sounded in his ears.

His hand just happened to be on Lu Xiao’s ear, and his fingertips brushed against the steaming earlobe.

Lu Xiao felt the scent of his body wafting from his nose, the shoulders under his head were thin but firm, and that hand gently rubbed his hair.

In an instant, his whole body seemed to have had an electric shock, and a jingling woke up and couldn’t sleep again.

Ye Cheng asked him to rest on his shoulders, woohoo.

He pretended to be in a daze, said “um”, and rubbed against his shoulder.

Although he closed his eyes tightly, there was no trace of sleepiness in his mind.

He could clearly feel the ups and downs of Ye Cheng’s breathing, as well as his chaotic heartbeat.

Like the vibrating drum beats in the earphones, hitting his chest one after another.

A lot of jumbled, irrelevant thoughts floated through his head.

– Ye Cheng’s shoulders are a little puffed up.

– Ye Cheng’s down jacket fabric is so smooth, I’m afraid it will slip.

– Ye Cheng swallowed just now, is he thirsty?

There was light snow outside the car window, and the snow in the south of the Yangtze River was thin and finely broken, and it turned into mud when it hit the ground.

The snoring sound echoed in the car, and the road in the suburbs was bumping up and down, and it was really not that comfortable.

But Lu Xiao had a feeling that he hoped time would stop at this moment forever.

Lying on the shoulder of the person you like and pretending to sleep is something that everyone will wake up from a dream.

He curled the corners of his mouth slightly, trying to keep his breath even.

At first, Ye Cheng was still listening to songs and doing questions, but then she became sleepy while sitting, so she put her head on Lu Xiao’s head and dozed off.

This posture made his neck a little awkward, but he didn’t want to wake Lu Xiao up.

He slowly lost consciousness, and when he opened his eyes again, he realized that something was wrong.

Ye Cheng moved his body, only to realize that he was leaning on Lu Xiao’s shoulder at some point.

The postures of the two changed, Lu Xiao rested the back of his head on the seat, his mouth slightly opened.

Ye Cheng moved, and he also woke up.

Hu Haiyang shouted with a loudspeaker: “It’s here, everyone wake up! Wake up!”

The people in the car woke up one after another, and the scene outside the car window had completely changed.

The car was parked at the town’s long-distance station, and the setting outside looked shabby.

When Liang Moyu got out of the car carrying the suitcase, he almost stepped on the cesspool. Ye Cheng followed behind him and helped him in time, so that he did not fall to the ground.

“Damn it, what the **** is this place.”

“It stinks, how come there are garbage heaps.”

“What about the promised star-rated hotel, ah ah ah! Mom, I want to go home!”

“Fifty thousand dollars to a place like this… can I get my money back?”

Everyone complained.

Of course, they were just talking.

Most people come to this winter camp not for the class, but for the questions given by the institution.

The great thing about this institution is that they have bet on several college entrance examination questions and competition questions.

After all, they still dragged their suitcases resignedly, and followed Hu Haiyang to the residence.

According to the arrangement on the form, they all stayed in the hotel for the first two days. From the third day, camping activities will be carried out.

Fortunately, the hotel found by the agency is the best one in town. Although it is simple, there is no major problem in hygiene.

When these students are at home, many are pampered and are not used to all kinds of noises.

Ye Cheng didn’t hear Lu Xiao complain and felt a little strange.

After all, this winter camp brought him here by himself, but he only said a few words at the beginning, and he never mentioned it again.

If this were normal, shouldn’t he have exploded long ago?

But Lu Xiao not only didn’t blow up, but also took the initiative to help him carry the suitcase.

His excessive tolerance made Ye Cheng more and more puzzled, why did this person suddenly become so tolerant of him?

Hu Haiyang asked them to familiarize themselves with the environment first, change into military training clothes at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, and go to the downstairs auditorium for a meeting.

The so-called auditorium is actually the canteen of the hotel.

Lu Xiao finally got what he wanted and put on the “couple model”, although this “couple model” didn’t seem to be particularly good-looking.

I don’t know if it was for financial reasons or because the genuine version could not be bought. The camouflage provided by the agency almost showed a fluorescent green, which was scary green.

When these two wear it out, it can only be said that they are barely supported by their looks.

When the others came out to gather, it was like the scene of a disaster movie, like a refugee from a certain place who went hungry for three days to rob the canteen.

The five classes sat down noisily, and the principal of the institution began to teach them.

He talked nonsense for half an hour, and Rory went on and on.

Lu Xiao was under the table, pounding Ye Cheng with his hands for a while, so naive he was as naive as some of his elementary school tablemates.

Maybe it’s been a long time since he sat side by side and listened to the teacher’s class. He was as excited as a little spring animal.

At first he was pounding and pounding, but Ye Cheng ignored him.

Later, when he touched the itchy flesh on his waist, Ye Cheng couldn’t help but start to fight back.

Lu Xiao took the opportunity to squeeze his hand, but he didn’t dare to squeeze it too hard, so the two of you gave me a shot.

Hu Haiyang turned his head and glanced at them, warning them not to move with his eyes, and the instructor in the class also looked at them both.

“Don’t move.” Ye Cheng said angrily.

Lu Xiao’s voice was even lower than his: “It’s all your fault, you have to move so loudly.”

As he spoke, he looked at Ye Cheng’s face with ill will, and almost wrote “the wicked to complain first” on his face.

Ye Cheng bit his lip and pinched his arm: “You made me first.”

Lu Xiao’s sub-plot succeeded, and they happily pinched them back, and the two secretly poked under the table to fight again.

He found one thing.

Ye Cheng actually does not reject the tendency to have physical contact with himself, and it is becoming more and more natural. Although he can’t do something out of the ordinary, he still likes this kind of touch.

In the name of fighting, touch.

After the meeting, Hu Haiyang and Instructor Liu took them out for military training.

Their class was divided into three classes with a total of twelve people.

There is an open space behind the hotel, and Sanban occupies one of the corners.

Instructor Liu first introduced himself and asked them to say their names one by one.

When Ye Cheng mentioned his name, several people looked at him.

Instructor Liu was very sophisticated and smooth. He caught a glimpse of those who were moving and asked, “What, do you know each other?”

The others shook their heads and said, “I don’t know.”

“Then you are still moving around in the queue?” Instructor Liu lowered his face.

Everyone fell silent.

They originally thought that this military training was just a formality, and it was okay to pretend.

When Instructor Liu took Liang Moyu out and made him stand in a military posture with playing cards between them, everyone felt that there was a real military training.

Everyone was divided into two rows of military postures. Lu Xiao was behind Ye Cheng, boringly studying the texture of the fabric on his clothes.

Looking at it, I found a small hole in the hem of his clothes.

It seems to have been accidentally poked with a toothpick when they were fighting under the table just now.

Lu Xiao didn’t hold back, he burst out laughing.

Instructor Liu immediately noticed it and looked at him with a stern face.

“What are you laughing at? Is it funny?” he said sternly.

Lu Xiao restrained his smile and said with a stern face, “It’s not funny to report to the instructor.”

His answer was too serious, and the people next to him also burst into laughter.

Laughing one after another successfully angered Instructor Liu.

“Do you like to laugh so much,” he said angrily, “all in the first row, turn back and forth—”

The first row followed the instructions and turned around unevenly.

Ye Cheng happened to have a face-to-face with Lu Xiao, and both of them were stunned.

Instructor Liu didn’t think it was enough: “First row, take three steps forward.”

One, two, three, Ye Cheng took three steps forward.

The distance between the two was only the size of a fist, and the brim of his hat was almost touching Lu Xiao’s nose.

They looked at each other, then quickly looked away from each other.

Instructor Liu said, “Look at me in the opposite eyes, and don’t allow me to laugh at all!”

This trick is so **** vicious, and someone will break it soon.

Once broken, he was punished to the side to do push-ups.

Ye Cheng tried her best not to look into Lu Xiao’s eyes, her shoulders trembling slightly.

He didn’t know how Lu Xiao was feeling, but he really wanted to laugh anyway.

Standing face to face like this, normal people can’t help it.

Unable to bow his head, he stared at the other’s lips.

Lu Xiao’s upper lip is a little thin, his lower lip is a little fuller, the lip line is sharp with a hint of sexy, and the corners of his mouth are pursed into a straight line.

When he is angry, just looking at his chin and lips is quite shocking; but when he laughs, he is very juvenile.

Ye Cheng was so focused that he forgot to laugh for a while.

The brim of his hat blocked his view, and he didn’t notice the look in Lu Xiao’s eyes, like a hunter watching a prey that was about to enter a cage.

Instructor Liu’s voice came over: “Every group of people who persisted to the end, go under the eaves to rest for five minutes. The one who laughed first, go over there and do push-ups for me.”

Although it is the cold winter and the twelfth lunar month, the sun is still quite bright.

Standing for a long time will inevitably feel hot and tired, especially their pirated clothes, which are called airtight.

Ye Cheng exhaled quietly, a small cloud of fog condensed around his mouth.

Suddenly, the corners of Lu Xiao’s mouth rose little by little, and then hummed.

Instructor Liu grabbed him and said, “Lu Xiao, go out and do push-ups.”

“Yes, instructor.” Lu Xiao pressed the brim of his hat and walked out of the queue.

Ye Cheng didn’t know why he laughed suddenly, and Instructor Liu said to him, “Go and rest for five minutes.”

He walked under the eaves inexplicably, stood with the other winners, picked up the kettle and took a sip of water.

Lu Xiao propped himself on the concrete floor, his long legs were straight, and he easily pressed his shoulders to the bottom.

“You brat, you’re doing quite standard, have you practiced?” Instructor Liu said standing in front of him.

“Report to the instructor, I usually like sports.”

Ye Cheng was drinking water when Liang Moyu walked up to him.

“Is he and you from the same school?” he asked aloud.

Ye Cheng looked at him, then turned back to look at Lu Xiao: “Well, we are in the same class.”

Liang Moyu said, “He was very nice to you. He laughed on purpose to let you rest. But he looked a little fierce, so he didn’t talk to others very much.”

After he said this, Ye Cheng turned around and understood why Lu Xiao didn’t smile at first, but then suddenly laughed.

“He’s pretty good.” Ye Cheng and Liang Moyu hadn’t been in contact for a long time, not knowing what to say, so he found an adjective ambiguous.

After he finished speaking, he remembered that Lu Xiao had said that he didn’t like the good person card.

But a good person does not necessarily describe a person who is kind, but can also mean “even if he has many shortcomings, he is the best in his heart”.

He looked at Lu Xiao and raised the corner of his mouth.

Liang Moyu was a little surprised and said, “I’ve heard of him. Although I don’t know what he looks like, I have an impression when I hear his name. He is the first brother of No. 13 High School, right, so you transferred to No. 13 High School?”

The people next to them looked at them curiously.

Ye Cheng didn’t like his tone when he mentioned Thirteen Middle School.

It’s not that he is sensitive, but that he has more knowledge, and some people’s tone can understand what he is thinking.

He couldn’t blame Liang Moyu for this. He dared to say that in this winter camp, except for Liang Moyu, everyone’s impression of No. 13 Middle School would not be much better.

Especially these top students, if they knew that they were training together with the 13th Middle School, it would definitely be as uncomfortable as eating flies.

Before entering the camp, each of them filled out a report, and only Hu Haiyang could see their respective schools.

Due to some concerns, Hu Haiyang also wisely did not let them introduce themselves to the school.

Ye Cheng didn’t care too much about Liang Moyu’s behavior of not opening the pot and lifting it, and just nodded.

Liang Moyu was quiet and said with a dry smile, “But according to your grades, you should be the first wherever you go.”

“Other schools can’t guarantee it, but both the Affiliated Middle School and the Thirteenth Middle School are.” Ye Cheng said calmly.

Liang Moyu was immediately stabbed in the sore spot of “Liang’s second child”. Since Ye Cheng left the attached middle school, he was able to get the first throne.

Now people deliberately emphasize “affiliated middle school”, and his face is visibly pale.

Ye Cheng has always disdained the intrigue between these so-called academic bullies. In his opinion, it is both naive and inferior.

Without more speculation, Liang Moyu silently walked away.

The training in the afternoon included military postures and formations. When they walked in unison, their classes were scattered, and everyone went their own way.

Instructor Liu got angry all afternoon and failed. When it was time for dinner, he just dragged them out for ten minutes before letting them go to dinner.

Under Hu Haiyang’s recommendation, Instructor Liu had two team leaders, including Ye Cheng. He left the two behind and told them the arrangements for tomorrow.

Lu Xiao waited beside him, kicking stones with his toes bored.

After Ye Cheng finished the small meeting, the two went to the cafeteria together.

The cafeteria was full of people. They went to the window to have their meals and looked around with their plates.

Just as they passed the table of the third shift, there was a chatter.

“I laughed so hard, the 13th Middle School came to train with us, are they okay?”

“And that Ye Cheng, isn’t it the top of your school before, why did it go to the junkyard?”

“Damn top, I think he is very close to ‘Smelly Face’. He likes fooling around, he usually pretends to be a good student.”

All of them turned their backs to Lu Xiao and Ye Cheng, and only Liang Moyu faced them.

He didn’t say a word from beginning to end, and his eyes widened instantly after seeing the two of them.

A little fat man was talking eloquently when he was suddenly kicked on the stool from behind.

An arrogant voice sounded from behind: “What about your mother, say it again in front of your father, come.”



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