Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 41

Everyone in the cafeteria looked over, and even forgot to eat.

Lu Xiao stepped on the stool, as if he was about to push the food on the tray onto someone else’s head in the next second.

The little fat man was too frightened to move, his shoulders trembled slightly.

From entering the winter camp to now, Lu Xiao basically didn’t talk to others, except for Ye Cheng.

When he looked at people, there was no expression, and he seemed to be indifferent.

During the training session in the afternoon, the little fat man tried to talk to him and asked him about the ranking of the final exam.

Lu Xiao glanced at him lightly, and left “None of your business” and left.

The people in the winter camp have been whispering about him in private for a day, saying that he is fierce and vicious, as if he is going to beat people at any time.

These people were all good babies when they were in school, but they all did their part to spread gossip, and soon everyone knew that he was from the 13th High School.

They never thought that Lu Xiao would get angry in public. He was used to the appearance of harmony.

There was silence for a while, and no one dared to answer him.

Lu Xiao kicked the chair again, making a loud bang,

“Speak, why are you dumb?”

The little fat man trembled even more, and even the table was shaking.

Liang Moyu looked at them and lowered his head silently.

At another table near them, two girls from their class were sitting.

Seeing that the situation was not good, the two looked at each other, stopped eating, and at the same time got up and walked towards the door.

Ye Cheng intuitioned that they were going to find Hu Haiyang or Instructor Liu, so he reached out and tugged at Lu Xiao’s cuff.

Lu Xiao turned his head and looked at him with a frown.

Ye Cheng exhaled and said softly, “Go eat, I’m hungry.”

The little fat man turned his head tremblingly and looked at Ye Cheng like he was looking at a savior.

Lu Xiao’s face was not good-looking, and his shoes were still stepping on his stool.

In fact, Ye Cheng was quite clueless in her heart. She wondered if this guy would listen to her.

After all, those few people mentioned him just now.

If they just said the **** of the 13th Middle School, Lu Xiao would probably be buzzing like a fly, and would be too lazy to get to know them in general.

But the bad thing is that they mentioned themselves. Ye Cheng has had this realization since a long time ago. When someone talks about Lu Xiao behind his back, there is a half chance that he will beat people, and the other half chance that they will fart.

If they were slandering Ye Cheng behind their backs, then Lu Xiao would 200% beat these people all over the place.

Not to mention slander, even if a subordinate of a department complained a few words “President Ye is so harsh”, when Lu Xiao heard it, he would have to be taken to the office for more than an hour of education.

He could see from the last time about Zhou Kai, whether it was in the past or now, Lu Xiao never saw anyone gossiping about him.

Ye Cheng secretly sweated, worried that he would be criticized by Hu Haiyang for embarrassing people in front of so many people.

The surrounding air became quieter, and the people at the other tables looked at them disguisedly. Almost didn’t dare to look at it, and only looked at it in the middle of the meal.

Lu Xiao’s cuff moved, and when Ye Cheng was thinking about whether he would throw him away, he heard him say in a deep voice, “Let’s go.”

He took his foot off the stool, stopped looking at the fat man, and walked forward with the plate in his hand.

The whole table was visibly relieved and looked at each other. The little fat man wiped the sweat from his brow and picked up the chopsticks tremblingly.

Ye Cheng looked at Liang Moyu, who just raised his head. The moment he met his gaze, he couldn’t help but froze for a moment, then avoided his gaze.

Ye Cheng looked at him coldly for a few seconds, then followed Lu Xiao who was walking in front.

Before they sat down to eat two bites, Hu Haiyang really came.

The cafeteria was peaceful and quiet, even the chatter was much quieter, and everyone’s eyes were scrambling everywhere.

Hu Haiyang looked around and found that there was no abnormality, so he left on his own.

Lu Xiao gave Ye Cheng the stir-fried pork with green peppers on his plate, and mocked, “These good students seem to like to make small reports.”

He obviously doesn’t like spicy food, but he still ordered two spicy dishes.

Ye Cheng ate slowly and said, “Probably they were afraid that you would blow up the cafeteria. Didn’t you find out? They are all afraid of you.”

He thought that Lu Xiao would become angry, but who knew he sneered and said, “It’s better to be afraid of me and not cause trouble in front of me, or I’ll hit one at a time.”

Ye Cheng was amused by his food-like tone, and teased: “You were able to hold back just now, it’s rare to be so obedient.”

Normally, when he said this, Lu Xiao would feel embarrassed and smiled a little shyly.

Several times, Ye Cheng deliberately praised him for playing just to see his reaction.

However, this time Lu Xiao was not shy, he raised his eyebrows and said, “You did a good job, so does Party A have any incentives?”

I don’t know if it’s Ye Cheng’s delusion, but I always feel that he has become more advanced recently, and it seems to be a little bit more than before.

“Let me think about it.” This rebellious guy couldn’t be perfunctory, he had to think seriously.

Lu Xiao didn’t ask any more questions. He piled all the vegetables into his bowl and said, “Eat more, you’re too thin.”

At first, he always felt that Ye Cheng was perfect, and there was nothing to change.

Now he wants to interfere more and more with him and change him.

After hugging, I felt that he was too thin and needed to eat more; when we reviewed together at night, I felt that he slept too late and should not spoil his body so much; after getting drenched in snow, I always wanted to help him clean, worried that he would catch a cold and have a fever .

Although Ye Cheng only stayed at his house for three days, many of his little habits were kept in his mind one by one, lingering like a movie.

For example, this person often kicks his slippers under the bed, and when he can’t find his shoes, he runs over barefoot to open the door for him.

For example, people who don’t like to drink hot water in cold weather and have to drink iced coffee have a bad stomach and often have stomach pains.

For example, he always kicked the quilt when he was sleeping, and when he called him the next morning, half of the quilt was on the ground every time.

It was obviously trivial matters, but Lu Xiao remembered it better than the number of his own basketball shoes.

Had it been changed a few months ago, he might have wondered why this happened.

But now he understands and accepts this mentality because he cares too much about this person.

Involuntarily, I will record every bit about him in the small universe of my mind.

It’s over, Lu Xiao.

He said this to himself in his heart.

After dinner, Hu Haiyang gave them homework, two sets of papers and an essay to practice writing.

These assignments are the questions that many people dream of and want to get. After they are distributed, there is no need for him to say anything, and everyone starts to brush the questions consciously.

There is a small room on the second floor of the hotel, which was transformed into a study room.

Unlike the city, the town is very quiet at night. Without the neon night scene outside the window, there is a little more calming atmosphere.

After everyone went back to wash up, they all came to the study room to do their homework.

Ye Cheng and Lu Xiao sat in the last row, with their backs almost touching the peeling wall.

There was only the sound of writing and turning pages in the room, and the air conditioner was constantly pumping warm air.

Ye Cheng put the phone on the stand, started the countdown, and started to brush the rolls.

This is the first time that Lu Xiao has watched him do the English test paper up close. When he was at the same table before, what he did most of the time was the exercise book.

At that time, he didn’t think how powerful Ye Cheng was, because he didn’t see how long it took him to finish half of the book.

And at this moment, Lu Xiao’s only thought is: he’s so **** stupid, he is indeed the person that Lao Tzu likes.

When all the people in front of them lowered their heads and wrote fiercely, Ye Cheng had already written three essays on the scratch paper.

Lu Xiao could only hear the sound of him turning the page gently, and he turned the page in a while.

Wang Lili once told them that the composition should be written directly after typing the draft. She thinks that most people do not have time to finish the draft before copying it.

And Ye Cheng would type the draft every time, sometimes even twice, which means that he has more than enough time.

After he slowly put the draft on the answer sheet, Lu Xiao had just written the second page.

“You’re so fast…” Lu Xiao whispered in disbelief.

Ye Cheng just finished a set of questions, his mind was still immersed in a state of excitement, and he replied,

“You are fast, you can’t speak fast if you are a man.”

Among the group of LSPs in the 13th Middle School, Zhou Minhao likes to drive the most, and often goes up to 200 yards without a word.

Lu Xiao was also used to his surprising words in private, and occasionally followed suit. Boys can chat and share videos with each other, which is not a problem for him.

You can hear Ye Cheng driving, which is unprecedented.

Lu Xiao licked his lips and accused him with a half-smile, “Hey, you are uncivilized.”

“Let’s put less garlic.” Ye Cheng said disdainfully.

He didn’t expect that he would blurt out, he was a little embarrassed, and could only use this tone to hide his discomfort.

“What am I pretending to be, and I have no sexual experience.” Lu Xiao looked at him thoughtfully and said, “Why, have you ever had one?”

After he has been enlightened in the past few days, he has to comfort himself a hundred times every day: Ye Cheng’s predecessor is already past tense, past tense is past tense.

But he still underestimated his jealousy, and many times he couldn’t help but be concerned and curious, wondering what step they had made.

This feeling is simply heart-wrenching.

But he can’t ask directly, he can only grasp this topic and take it carefully.

Ye Cheng looked at him vigilantly and said, “It’s none of your business, just do your papers.”

He didn’t really want to talk about this kind of things with Lu Xiao, and he didn’t know how to fool him in many aspects.

Lu Xiao snorted unhappily, lowered his head in disappointment, and continued to write the topic.

Time passed minute by minute.

He couldn’t keep up with the speed of the previous students, everyone had finished writing, and his composition had not yet started.

In addition to the additional questions, there are two essays on the paper.

All of these have to be handed in tomorrow, so he had to bite the bullet and write, as if to empty out all the words in his head.

Before I knew it, it was already half past eleven, and the people in the front row packed up and went back to sleep.

There is still half a day of military training tomorrow morning, and no one wants to work too **** themselves.

When Liang Moyu passed by their table, he stopped, as if he had something to say.

But after glancing at Lu Xiao’s extremely cold face, he left silently.

After a while, only the two of them were left in the study room.

Ye Cheng had nothing to do when he finished writing, and propped his head to look at the English dictionary, occasionally making a little sound.

Lu Xiao yawned, so sleepy that he couldn’t lift his eyelids.

Help, there are no good words, why is there a foreign language in the world, only Chinese can’t be enough.

He couldn’t help but started pulling his hair again, biting the end of the pen in pain.

Seeing that he couldn’t write anymore, Ye Cheng interrupted him: “If you can’t think of it, forget it, list the framework, and I’ll change it for you according to your ideas.”

“You want to change it for me? Is it true or false?” Lu Xiao woke up instantly, sat up straight, and looked at him eagerly.

Ye Cheng’s requirements for him are gradual, “There are already two essays on the paper, plus this one has three essays in total, this exercise intensity is indeed a bit too much for you.”

He stretched out his hand and said, “Bring it.”

The most taboo for someone with a bad foundation like Lu Xiao is trying to eat fat in one go.

To get a high score in English composition is a long-term accumulation process. Forcing him to keep writing in a short period of time will only make him lose interest and patience.

Lu Xiao immediately presented the text, raised the corners of his mouth and said, “Orange, you are too kind.”

Ye Cheng was greeted by his sudden name Nausea, and said coldly, “Brother Cheng.”

“No.” Lu Xiao smiled and refused decisively.

Ye Cheng glanced at him while editing the composition and said, “I’m older than you.”

His birthday is in February, and Lu Xiao’s birthday is in October, eight months older than him.

Regardless of birth or psychology, he is an older brother.

However, Lu Xiao insisted on confronting him, making an excuse: “But you are not taller than me, and you look younger than me.”

In terms of height, boys have an obsession that all age groups cannot give up.

Ye Cheng’s mouth was tougher than his: “Don’t be funny, aren’t we all 1.8 meters tall, and our height is nothing.”

“You are 1.79.5, I’m 1.85.” The smile in Lu Xiao’s eyes gradually deepened, reminding him of his height when he was drunk.

He said triumphantly: “You said that, have you forgotten?”

Ye Cheng secretly made a mistake, and was caught by this naive ghost. God knows how long he will miss it.

He ignored Lu Xiao and corrected his English composition.

In order to avoid an outrageous gap with the previous two articles, he also deliberately split the long difficult sentences to write, and checked the papers for him by the way.

After all this was done, it was past twelve o’clock.

Lu Xiao changed from sitting to lying down, stared at him and said, “Is this the reward?”

He looked very well-behaved on his arm, his hair exploded a few times, and his eyes were wet like a puppy.

Ye Cheng suddenly softened and said unconsciously, “Of course not.”

“Huh? What is that?” The puppy seemed a little happy, raised his eyes to look at him, and asked expectantly.

Ye Cheng thought for a while, took out a red pen from the pen bag, and pulled his hand out from under his head.

Lu Xiao didn’t know what he was going to do, so he let him squeeze his hand.

Ye Cheng held his index finger, and Lu Xiao trembled.

There was an icy cold touch from his fingertips, and the tip of the red pen poked around on his finger.

“What are you doing?” Lu Xiao noticed that he was doodling, but he didn’t move, and asked him to draw honestly.

“Okay, a small reward.” Ye Cheng let go of his hand with a faint smile in his eyes.

Lu Xiao looked down at the fingertips, and saw a cute smiling face painted on it, with two red hearts in his eyes, very similar to the silly emoji.

His chest felt as if it was scratched by a small hook, and his whole body felt numb.

Shit, Ye Cheng really knows how to control his thorns.

The seemingly ordinary little expression made his mood take off from the ground to the air, and he couldn’t even say “childish”.

Ye Cheng lowered his head, drew one on his index finger, and then raised his hand and stretched it out in front of him.

“Look, it’s the same.”

In an instant, Lu Xiao felt that it was difficult to breathe.

Even let him live, why is it so disturbing.

When he went to bed at night, Lu Xiao had insomnia. This was the Nth time he had slept with Ye Cheng together.

There are two single beds in the standard room, separated by a distance.

The sound of the air conditioner in the room was enough to cover up Ye Cheng’s breathing. But for some reason, Lu Xiao always felt that his panting was right in his ears.

Can’t sleep, can’t sleep at all.

He had always been a heavy sleeper, but he wanted to get up again and again to see if Ye Cheng had kicked the quilt, or if he had fallen asleep.

Perhaps because of the cold weather, Ye Cheng slept fairly well at night, and the quilt was tightly wrapped.

Even so, Lu Xiao didn’t fall asleep until three o’clock with his eyes open.

At six o’clock the next morning, I was woken up by the assembly post.

Lu Xiao fell into a daze, thinking that he was at home and wanted to shut up the whistle.

A cold, steamy hand patted his face, “Get up, we’re going to gather.”

In the big winter, being touched by something cold just after waking up from sleep is fatal for someone like him who wakes up with a gasp.

He opened his eyes full of anger, the swear words had reached his mouth, but after seeing Ye Cheng’s face, he silently swallowed it back.

Ye Cheng had already washed up and was standing by the bed neatly dressed.

Forget it, what else can be done except forbearance, Lu Xiao lifted the quilt with a sullen face to wash his face.

The morning training was fairly peaceful, and no one in the class dared to speak to the two of them.

To put it another way, these people spontaneously formed small groups and distanced themselves from them.

Ye Cheng was accustomed to these things. He had been in the affiliated high school for a long time, and he knew very well that they were very different from the people in the Thirteenth Middle School.

Some people like to group together and crowd out those who are “maverick”.

Liang Moyu also obviously chose to follow suit and stopped talking to him.

But Lu Xiao didn’t care about it, he didn’t plan to make friends with these people at all, he only cared about when he could sneak Ye Cheng’s hand.

Is it better to play games or to eat?

The love-brained Xiao Lu is full of sassy guts, so much that he didn’t notice it himself, because he made a big mistake because of his carelessness.

After the military training in the morning, the English training class officially started in the afternoon.

Hu Haiyang spent all morning correcting their papers and compositions.

Before class, Lu Xiao asked Ye Cheng for an unpleasant cup of instant coffee.

The town of Yingcheng doesn’t even have a coffee shop. Fortunately, the convenience store has the kind of coffee powder that costs a few dollars a pack.

Although you are still sleepy after drinking, it is better than rolling your eyes when you are sleepy.

Hu Haiyang came in with the papers. The air in the small classroom was stuffy. He instructed the classmates by the window to open the windows to breathe.

Then he opened the paper and said: “Before the class, let’s talk about the situation of this exam paper and the arrangement of this class in general. I won’t cover the whole paper, just pick a few key topics. If you have other questions, your class Then ask me yourself.”

As soon as he opened his mouth, Ye Cheng had the feeling of returning to the high school attached to the class.

There is a huge difference between the priority class and the make-up class, and Lu Xiao couldn’t help but concentrate, because even if he was distracted for a minute, he might not be able to keep up with his next step.

“This time, there are two full marks in the objective part.” Hu Haiyang said, “One is Ye Cheng, and the other is Li Nanke. But this paper is not particularly difficult, and it should be full marks.”

There was a little commotion underneath.

“Didn’t you say that Ye Cheng went to No. 13 Middle School? It still looks very good.”

“Who knows if he has searched for the answer. Last night, he and the first brother were left to the end.”

“Li Nanke… This name sounds familiar, is it from No. 1 Middle School?”

“Probably, it seems to be the one with the hat in the first row.”

Hu Haiyang continued: “In terms of composition, I focus on praising one person, Ye Cheng. I will post his composition in the group later. You can see the difference between him and him at the top.”

Everyone, look at me, and I look at you.

Objective questions can still be searched for answers, but essays cannot be found, especially the third article is Hu Haiyang’s self-proposition.

“His word choice and sentence composition have reached the level of postgraduate English, and his vocabulary is larger than most of you.” Hu Haiyang commented objectively, “You can look at the uncommon words he uses and compare your own simple sentences. and common vocabulary.”

Ye Cheng felt that Hu Haiyang was indeed much sharper than the teacher at No. 13 Middle School.

He has been doing the subjects and compositions of English for the postgraduate entrance examination, so many sentences are not of the same level as the English of the college entrance examination.

After praising him, the faces of the people below became brilliant.

Hu Haiyang suddenly changed the subject: “However, I have a question I want to ask Ye Cheng.”

Ye Cheng raised his head, and everyone looked at him for unknown reasons.

Hu Haiyang raised the other test paper in his hand and said, “Don’t you feel tired after writing four essays by yourself?”

Everyone was stunned.

“Lu Xiao’s name is written in this composition, but it’s your font.” Hu Haiyang said, “Do you need an explanation?”

Only then did Lu Xiao remember that he accidentally handed over Ye Cheng’s draft.

Ye Cheng’s English is very recognizable, and the beautiful and elegant flower body is the only one in the entire winter camp.

laughed from below,

“Cut, I’ll just say, a nest of snakes and rats.”

“They’re still doing ghostwriting. They’re not both looking for gunmen, right? It’s one for each person.”

“It’s hard to say, I heard that the teachers who cheated in the exams of No. 13 Middle School don’t care.”


Just as Ye Cheng was about to stand up, the person next to him moved, got up and said, “Teacher, I’m sorry, I was lazy yesterday and didn’t write the essay.”

Ye Cheng was slightly stunned, this was the first time he heard Lu Xiao apologize to the teacher.

Hu Haiyang raised his hand and stopped the discussion below.

“It’s not just your problem. It’s a good thing to admit your mistakes bravely. But I also want to say to Ye Cheng, I hope you can help your classmates in the right way.” Hu Haiyang said.

“I see, teacher.” Ye Cheng also stood up and said.

Hu Haiyang didn’t embarrass them too much, and waved his hand gently: “Okay, sit down, let’s start the class.”

After the two sat down, Lu Xiao seemed hesitant to say anything, but in the end he didn’t say anything.

After class, Hu Haiyang, like yesterday, left two sets of papers and an extra essay.

This time, Lu Xiao didn’t ask Ye Cheng to help him with his composition.

He sat in the back row silently and wrote with his head sullen, turning over the dictionary when he encountered words he could not understand.

When he finished writing an article and raised his head, the seats in front were completely empty, and Ye Cheng sat next to him to do math five-three.

“I haven’t finished writing yet, why don’t you go back first.” Lu Xiao said.

Ye Cheng yawned slightly and said casually, “I’ll wait for you.”

Lu Xiao’s voice was very low: “Don’t wait for me, you have to wait for everything.”

Although Ye Cheng was sleepy, he was keenly aware of the lowness in his tone.

“What’s the matter, why do you say that?” He immediately looked at the other party and asked.

Lu Xiao stared at the paper and said stubbornly, “It’s nothing.”

Ye Cheng gradually woke up, took the pen from his hand, let him face himself, and asked seriously, “What happened?”

He looked at Lu Xiao intently, the sincerity in his eyes made Lu Xiao embarrassed to run away again.

He gritted his teeth, but still said what was in his heart: “I always need you to stop and wait for me, it’s like this in study, and it’s like this in life. If it wasn’t for me, you should be able to get along well with them. ”

Lu Xiao’s words were already euphemistic, but Ye Cheng still understood his thoughts in seconds.

– He is too familiar with this kind of Lu Xiao, and he thinks almost exactly the same as the twenty-seven-year-old.

He felt that he was not good enough and dragged him down.

Ye Cheng actually quite understands his mentality, especially since all their companies are masters and Ph.Ds. In this environment for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be pressure.

At this time, he would kiss Lu Xiao on the face. Tell him with various practical actions that you are very important to me, and no one can compare to you.

But now he certainly can’t do that.

He thought for a moment and asked, “Do you really think so?”

Lu Xiao thought he would comfort him, but he didn’t expect such a question, and stared at him, not knowing what to say.

Ye Cheng said: “But I think so too. I feel that sometimes, I will need you to stop and wait for me.”

“Ah?” Lu Xiao was stunned.

Ye Cheng said lightly: “What makes you think that without you, I can get along well with them?”

Lu Xiao was silent.

“Do you know why I transferred from the Affiliated High School so simply, because I was there, and there were almost no friends who could talk to me.” Ye Cheng said.

There was surprise in Lu Xiao’s eyes. In his impression, Ye Cheng should be a sweet pastry, the kind that the whole school is scrambling to be friends with.

But what he saw was not the real, seventeen-year-old Ye Cheng.

At seventeen he was withdrawn and unsociable. There are indeed many people who want to be friends with him, but he does not cherish or accept those friendships.

It was not until he entered university and entered the society that this situation gradually improved.

When he first saw Lu Xiao surrounded by so many people, he didn’t covet his handsome appearance like others, but envied him for having such a group of really good brothers.

Ye Cheng held his chin and said, “I have a weird personality. My subordinates… um, other friends can’t stand me.”

“No, you’re fine, I can stand it.” Lu Xiao immediately refuted him.

Ye Cheng smiled and said, “You count as one, Huang Shengan counts as one, and the little black charcoal I met when I was a child counts as one.”

“What little black charcoal?” Lu Xiao looked at him and asked suspiciously.

Ye Cheng said: “It’s a small neighbor from the past. It’s dark and dark. Among the children in the whole community, he is the only one who will come to play with me, and others will walk around when they see me.”

Lu Xiao opened his mouth and was really stunned.



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