Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 42

Ye Cheng saw that he kept staring at him, thinking that he didn’t believe that no one played with him when he was a child.

So he added: “It’s true, I didn’t like talking to others before, and those kids didn’t like me.”

So in his short childhood memories, only that little black charcoal left a deep impression on him.

Of course, the main reason is that he is too dark to be remembered.

Lu Xiao was silent for a moment, then said, “What happened to you and that… little black charcoal?”

Ye Cheng felt that his focus was a bit strange, curious about what was wrong, and curious about Xiaoheitan.

But he still answered honestly: “He gave me a mango, you know, I am allergic to mango, and then I was sent to the hospital. Later, it is estimated that he was educated by his family, and I never saw him again.”

I’ve been taught a shit, that’s because I moved out, Lu Xiao thought to himself.

But when he thought of what Ye Cheng said just now, he couldn’t open his mouth to tell the truth – in that case, wouldn’t it mean that he actually only had two friends.

Ye Cheng said regretfully: “Actually, I don’t blame him for that. I know I have allergies, so I have to eat mangoes.”

“Know that you still eat?” Lu Xiao came back to his senses and looked at him.

Ye Cheng said: “Well, at that time my dad didn’t come home all the year round. I missed him so much, and I wanted to use these to attract his attention.”

He smirked: “It’s so stupid.”

Lu Xiao just wanted to go back to when he was a child, scratch his ears and tell him to get out of the way and eat the mango for me.

He became ruthless, but he even wanted to hit himself.

“…Not stupid, not stupid at all.” Lu Xiao comforted him.

Ye Cheng raised the corner of his mouth and said, “So it seems, I should also thank you for waiting for me.”

He endured it but couldn’t, raised his hand and touched Lu Xiao’s head, he looked at himself like this, it really made people want to touch.

Lu Xiao’s hair was hard, and it felt a little prickly to the touch, and there was a tingling sensation on his skin.

“We’re even.” Ye Cheng smiled slightly.

Lu Xiao’s eyelashes trembled twice, his fists under the table clenched secretly, and he made a sound of “um”.

“Write quickly, it will be over within half an hour.” Ye Cheng put down his hand and yawned again.

Lu Xiao obediently grabbed the pen and threw himself into the composition again.

This time, he didn’t have any distractions in his mind, so the efficiency was much faster than before, and he finished writing in less than half an hour.

Ye Cheng checked it out for him, and although the wording was still bad, at least the sentence patterns were much richer than before.

No more “howareyou” and “nicetomeetyou” at every turn.

Yes, some progress.

In class the next day, it was no surprise that Lu Xiao’s grades were at the bottom again.

However, not only did he not feel low, but he was also a little proud.

Because he once again killed everyone at the same table, and firmly ranked first.

For the second time, Hu Haiyang took Ye Cheng’s composition as a scope and sent it to the group chat, and everyone else looked at each other in dismay.

In addition to Ye Cheng, Li Nanke, who was named and praised on the first day, ranked second.

This person never played with them, never went to the cafeteria to eat, and went back to his room after class.

Since the first meeting, he has been wearing a hat, and almost no one knows what he looks like. There was a gossip in the class that he seemed to be a trainee of a certain company.

Hu Haiyang gave a passionate lecture on the podium, bringing the atmosphere to its peak.

Everyone listened carefully, and no one deserted.

Lu Xiao also miraculously didn’t doze off for three days in a row, even though he had been sleep deprived for the past three days and had dark circles under his eyes.

Coffee is two packs a day, and it has to be drunk even if it is unpleasant. He can’t help but start to miss Father Xing, who he had disliked before.

Three days later, the military training came to an end, and the winter camp also started another program – field camping.

This time, it seems that in addition to the key test questions, the institution is trying hard to come up with some useless tricks.

After camping, they will take them back to the “five-star hotel” in Nandu, euphemistically called “sweet after bitterness”.

There is a mountain near Yingcheng, and the camping site was chosen at the foot of the mountain.

Fortunately, the conditions were not as difficult as imagined, and the tents, water and electricity were prepared in advance by the agency.

Hu Haiyang called everyone together and announced that they needed to get ingredients through English games, so that they could make a fire and cook by themselves.

The area where the classes were held for the past two days was a large tent that had been set up earlier, covered with carpets and looked like a yurt.

And where they sleep at night are small tents scattered around, each tent can accommodate two people.

The first game is “Who’s Undercover”, with one person in each room.

They have all played the game in school, so there is no need to specify the rules.

Ye Cheng followed everyone to the front, and six people stood in a row.

Hu Haiyang sent everyone a card, and they needed to describe the content of the card they got in English.

There are a total of two undercover agents, and one card is blank. If these three people can be successfully identified, then others can choose the staple food first.

Everyone looked at the cards in their hands and looked at each other with different expressions.

Ye Cheng put down the card expressionlessly, and Hu Haiyang said to the first person, “Let’s start with you.”

The first one was Liang Moyu, he threw out a few key words, round, small.

The second nodded in agreement, feeling that he could clear his suspicions and describing it as a sport.

The third person stumbled and couldn’t find the right words for a while.

Because the big brother was too flustered, he was thrown out in the first round.

Hu Haiyang said: “Show everyone the cards.”

He turned the card over, and sure enough, it was a blank slate.

Everyone gradually grasped the essence, and their eyes glanced suspiciously.

After the start of the second round, they managed to find an undercover agent, who was holding a “football” in his hand.

In other words, as long as one more undercover agent is picked, the other three will win.

The onlookers looked forward to it and cheered for their teammates.

Lu Xiao has already started to choose the main food in advance. Whether to eat rice, steamed buns or noodles, this is a very difficult question.

Liang Moyu said: “Thatisahittingsport”

From start to finish, he basically did not attract any firepower, and everyone else followed his train of thought.

The second person agreed very much, and looked at the next one after he finished speaking.

Now only Ye Cheng and the people behind him are left.

Ye Cheng thought about it and said, “ThesportoriginatedinFranceinthe14thcentury.”

The three exchanged glances, a little confused, and whispered, “Is it the 14th century?”

“I don’t think so.”

Lu Xiao couldn’t understand what they were saying, even if he spoke 0.5 times faster, but he could feel as if they were suspicious of Ye Cheng.

The person next to me said, “Can you check it with your phone?”

Hu Haiyang smiled and said, “No, it’s time to test the knowledge reserve.”

The man had to quit.

After the last person finished speaking, Hu Haiyang said: “You can start voting, as long as you find the last undercover agent, you will win.”

Liang Moyu hesitated for a few seconds, then pointed at Ye Cheng first, and the other two looked at him and followed suit.

Ye Cheng glanced at him flatly, without the slightest panic.

“You can justify yourself a few words.” Hu Haiyang said at the right time.

Ye Cheng said, “Tell me, No. 1, what color are the keywords you drew.”

Liang Moyu looked at the other two and said tentatively, “Yellow.”

The two immediately transferred the tickets, pointed at him and said, “Damn it, it’s you.”

He panicked, waved his hand and said, “Orange yellow, not pure yellow, what I said is more general.”

“It’s you, Mo Yu,” someone said.

Hu Haiyang said, “They all decided to vote for him, right?”


“Congratulations, you found the last undercover agent.”

The person who spoke earlier smiled and turned out his cards: “We are all tennis, you are table tennis.”

“…” Liang Moyu threw the sign with a dark face.

The man patted Ye Cheng and said, “Thanks to you, brother. Let’s go, let’s pick the main food.”

Just as he was about to give Ye Cheng a high five to celebrate, he was preempted by a hand.

Lu Xiao calmly grabbed Ye Cheng’s hand, forcibly clapped himself, and asked gently, “That’s awesome, what should we choose?”

The man’s hand was empty and hung awkwardly on the spot.

Ye Cheng was led to the table by him and said, “Why don’t you eat noodles, it’s easier to cook.”

He and Lu Xiao are both southerners, they are not used to eating steamed buns, and if they cook rice… the devil knows if they can cook it.

“Okay.” Lu Xiao took a pack of noodles.

Hu Haiyang whistled to attract everyone’s attention: “The second competition is ready to start.”

The second competition is two people and three legs, according to the order of reaching the end, choose dishes and seasonings in turn.

The rope of Hu Haiyang’s hair is relatively thin, and it feels a little tight when tied.

So Lu Xiao took out the headband from his schoolbag and bent down to tie their legs.

Ye Cheng looked at the muddy grass in front of him, and then looked at his white coat, his eyes were erratic: “You must not fall, and don’t hurt me if you fall.”

“I’ll let you fall? Who do you look down on?” Lu Xiao was provoked by him, and bumped him with his elbow on purpose.

“Hey!” Ye Cheng tied his legs and leaned to the side unsteadily.

Lu Xiao easily pulled him back with one hand, like a cat playing with a mouse, and he laughed so hard.

Ye Cheng gave him a punch: “If you move again, be careful and I will beat you.”

Lu Xiao grinned wide-eyed when he beat him up, stretched out his long arms and hooked his shoulders, wrapping him halfway in his arms.

Ye Cheng wanted to win seriously, and discussed with him: “Let’s move to the left leg first. If I move to the left first, you will move to the right first, and then run forward according to the slogan of 1, 2, 1, 2.”

Lu Xiao thought to himself, hey, I feel like I have grown a little taller, I can see the top of his hair when I lift my chin.

“Did you hear that?” Ye Cheng saw him absent-minded and gave him another punch.

What a child, always distracted.

Lu Xiao nodded randomly: “Oh, I see.”

Hu Haiyang whistled: “Prepare, start—”

Everyone rushed out from the starting point at the same time.

Ye Cheng resolutely took out his left leg first, but felt a pull from his right leg, pulling him to the point of falling.

He looked at Lu Xiao angrily, this guy didn’t listen at all just now, and just put out his left leg.

“Sao Rui, Shao Rui!” Lu Xiao hurriedly made up for it, stomping on the spot and adjusting.

In just a few seconds, they were already several places behind.

Ye Cheng held his breath, didn’t care about him, opened his mouth and shouted the slogan: “1, 2, 1, 2, left, right, left, right.”

The next dozen or so meters went smoothly.

The two took big strides in tacit understanding, and soon surpassed the first few.

“Wow, we really suck.” Lu Xiao couldn’t help but praise.

Ye Cheng panted slightly, feeling that she was not so tired after running 800 meters, “Shut up, if it weren’t for you, we would be number one now.”

They were still about ten meters away from the finish line, and the pair next to them were almost side by side with them, it was Liang Moyu and his roommate.

Seeing that they were about to pass, Ye Cheng was suddenly bumped.

He also had to take into account the cooperation with Lu Xiao while running. He had almost no sense of balance, so he bent his knees on the spot.

Lu Xiao reacted extremely quickly, and immediately supported his lower back, so that he could not let him fall to the ground.

“Fuck it!” He stopped immediately, and shouted harshly at the front.

Hu Haiyang stood at the starting point, some distance away from here, so he didn’t find anything wrong.

Lu Xiao lowered his face and bent over to untie his hair tie. He was more than your mother, he was going to beat someone.

“Lu Xiao.” Ye Cheng hurriedly called him, grabbed his hand and said, “Go to the finish first, and talk about it later.”

His hands were icy cold from the wind, he squeezed Lu Xiao hard, his eyes fixed on him.

Lu Xiao exhaled heavily, then got up to continue the game.

They were right behind the first and took second.

After reaching the end, Lu Xiao went up and grabbed Liang Moyu by the collar without saying a word, and picked him up.

“Who are you hitting, you’re blind?” His face was terribly cold.

Others immediately came to dissuade him.

“Hey, what’s the matter, don’t do it.”

“He didn’t do it on purpose. The match will inevitably collide. Lu Xiao, calm down.”

“Ye Cheng, are you not injured?”

Ye Cheng shook his head, grabbed Lu Xiao’s shirt and said, “Forget it, let’s go pick the ingredients.”

Liang Moyu’s face was ashen, his face turned red, and he faltered: “I didn’t mean it…”

Seeing that Hu Haiyang also came over, Ye Cheng touched Lu Xiao again: “Forget it.”

Lu Xiao snorted and threw him away.

Liang Moyu fell unsteadily, and his roommate rushed to help him.

Hu Haiyang frowned and said, “Why, why is there a fight even after a match?”

Ye Cheng looked at Liang Moyu whose eyes were paralyzed on the ground, and said, “It’s okay, teacher, just accidentally bumped into it.”

Hu Haiyang gave Lu Xiao a warning look, and went to pull Liang Moyu up.

When choosing the ingredients, Lu Xiao put the carrots and potatoes in the basket with gloomy eyes, as if these vegetables were his father’s enemy.

Ye Cheng understood, this Liang Moyu probably disliked him from the beginning, once or twice was a coincidence, and more times was intentional.

But he didn’t have time to think about what this person wanted to do, he only worried about how to make dinner at night.

Having lived for more than two decades, he has almost zero life skills in cooking.

Not to mention Lu Xiao, he can’t even tell the difference between green onions and leeks.

Taking advantage of the time to go to the woods to collect firewood, Ye Cheng made a suggestion: “Let’s just eat noodles, don’t listen to Hu Haiyang’s cooking, just put it in a pot and you’re done.”

But Lu Xiao didn’t think so. He felt that Ye Cheng was touched, and he should make something delicious to compensate him.

“It’s okay, I’ll fry it. I’ve seen Mrs. Wang cooking.” He said ordinary but confidently.

“Can you do it?” Ye Cheng was extremely suspicious.

Lu Xiao vowed: “It must be done.”

They returned with a full load of dry firewood, lit the firewood and put it into the stove prepared by Hu Haiyang.

The smoke from other camps also rose up one after another, floating in the air.

Lu Xiao filled the pot with water, picked up the vermicelli and threw it in.

Ye Cheng sensed that something was wrong, and immediately stopped him and said, “The water hasn’t opened yet, what’s next? I’m fucking, do you have any common sense?”

At least he has made instant noodles himself, knowing that the water can only be boiled.

“Oh, I forgot.” Lu Xiao covered his eyes away, “Well, I’m going to wash the vegetables.”

He took the carrots and potatoes to wash, and planned to make carrots and potatoes.

Ye Cheng waited by the pot until the water boiled, and put the noodles in.

When Lu Xiao came back from washing the dishes, the two of them squatted beside the stove like fools, waiting for the noodles to cook.

Hu Haiyang passed by them with his hands behind his back and asked, “How about the noodles? How’s it going?”

“It’s good.” Ye Cheng said against his will, “Teacher, you can come and rub a little later.”

Hu Haiyang saw the unwashed mud on the carrots, and thought it was better not to try the meals made by these two easily.

“I won’t eat, you guys come on.” He wisely walked around to the next tent.

Lu Xiao glanced at his watch and said, “It’s been ten minutes, it should be familiar.”

He lifted the lid of the pot, and a white gas came up. He used chopsticks to pick up the noodles, which looked very soft and rotten.

Ye Cheng also took the bowl as a matter of course and continued: “Put it in.”

Both forgot one thing, but neither remembered it.

After cooking the bowl of noodles, Lu Xiao began to prepare for cooking.

He lifted the oil bucket and poured it into the pot, stab-

The unfortunate child didn’t wipe the water when he put the oil, and the oil splashed everywhere.

Ye Cheng shouted from the side: “Cover the lid! Be careful not to burn yourself!”

Lu Xiao held the pot lid like a shield, and comforted him: “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, it won’t explode!”

After all, he threw the carrots and potatoes in.

It was indeed “thrown”, and a few pieces fell to the ground.

There was a loud noise in the pot, and the vegetables reacted violently with the water and oil.

Lu Xiao got splashed as he wished, and screamed hotly.

Fortunately, Hu Haiyang didn’t go far and ran over to help them put the lid on.

“Are you all right?” Seeing that the explosion finally stopped, Ye Cheng walked over from three meters away to check Lu Xiao’s hand.

Hu Haiyang was shocked and speechless: “What are you doing, do you want to burn this place down?”

Lu Xiao was still not convinced: “I think my auntie cooks like this.”

Hu Haiyang stepped forward and opened the pot. The potatoes and carrots in it had turned into coke. He said sadly, “It’s better to give them to Li Yang, it’s a waste of ingredients.”

He walked away sullenly.

Ye Cheng and Lu Xiao looked at each other, more or less embarrassed.

“…The above pieces look like they’re still edible.” Ye Cheng was afraid that he would shut himself out, so he used chopsticks to pick out the black stuff.

He hated carrots a little bit, but he still managed to eat a piece.

There is no salt or soy sauce, just a burnt taste, plus the underripe astringency in the carrots.

Ye Orange held her breath, tugged at him, and encouraged, “Yes, it’s delicious.”

Lu Xiao couldn’t stand it any longer, moved the pot aside, and said, “Don’t eat it, let’s eat noodles.”

Ye Cheng didn’t plan to take a second bite, the price of perfunctory him was too high, he was afraid that he would be admitted to the ward if he took one more bite.

“The noodles should be delicious.” Lu Xiao gave him the more bowl.

Ye Cheng picked up a few noodles and stuffed them into his mouth.

Lu Xiao looked at him expectantly: “How is it?”

He felt that something was not right, he ate a few more, coughed and said, “No salt.”

Not only did Lu Xiao forget to put salt, he also forgot to remind him.

Lu Xiao repeatedly watered down, bowed his head and confessed, “I will learn to cook well in the future…”

He was so lost that his hair fell down.

In fact, the reason why he was so eager to show his hand was because he accidentally discovered that Ye Cheng’s predecessor was not only mature and stable, but also cooked well.

When ordering takeout one time, Li Junxiao asked Ye Cheng if he wanted to eat squirrel mandarin fish. One restaurant made it very delicious.

Ye Cheng was reading a book at the time, and said casually: “What delicious food is there in that house, only the authentic ones are made by a person I know.”

Li Junxiao’s gossip cell is very keen, and the thief smiled: “Who did it for you? Is it your family or your ex?”

“The latter.” Ye Cheng said frankly.

“Wuhu! Your ex can still cook fish? It’s amazing.” Li Junxiao envied, after all, Tan Xiaoqi didn’t even know how much water to put in cooking.

Ye Cheng smiled and said, “The seafood he makes is also delicious, like steamed eggs with sea urchins and grilled oysters.”

Lu Xiao happened to be on duty, standing behind with a broom, beyond recognition of jealousy.

Isn’t it just cooking, and it’s not that you don’t have hands, you can’t learn it if you learn it.

However, today he overturned the car on the ground, which made him even more sad.

Ye Cheng didn’t understand his little Jiujiu, so he asked the neighbor to borrow some mustard, and then he decided to eat the noodles.

At night, everyone simply rinsed with running water, and then went to their tents.

The double tent is quite spacious, and each bed is also equipped with electric blankets and sleeping bags.

Lu Xiao washed up behind Ye Cheng. As soon as he entered the tent, he saw Ye Cheng wrapped himself in a sleeping bag with only one head exposed.

This sleeping bag is quite thick and looks like a fat bug with a human face.

Lu Xiao was so cute, but he hurt him by saying, “You look like a caterpillar.”

Ye Cheng rolled his eyes, lying down and using his mobile phone to brush up on the question.

Lu Xiao lay down and took a book to read. The electric blanket on his bed was so warm that he didn’t need to get into his sleeping bag at all.

The two read a book under the light, and it was silent outside, with occasional dog barks.

Ye Cheng looked at it, but it didn’t feel hot, but it got colder and colder.

He wondered, “Lu Xiao, is your electric blanket hot?”

“Hot.” He was so hot that he put his sleeping bag aside.

Ye Cheng sat up and looked down to check the switch, “Strange, why isn’t mine hot.”

He pulled the cord of the electric blanket from under the bed and it snapped.

The cut surface is very neat, and it is artificial at first glance.

The two stared dumbfounded at the truncated line, no wonder it was not hot.

Lu Xiao was quiet for a few seconds, then turned over suddenly, put on a coat and went out.

“Wait.” Ye Cheng just called out, but the cold wind blew his face.

It was so cold that he wrapped his quilt and sleeping bag tightly.

There were several noises outside, accompanied by the rattling of the tent.

Ye Cheng pricked up his ears and stared at the door vigilantly.

A few minutes later, Lu Xiao came back.

He threw his coat on the bed with a sullen face, unharmed.

Ye Cheng saw through the gap and saw that the lights in the opposite tent were off, as if it had nothing to do with him hanging up high.

He asked, “What are you doing?”

“It’s nothing, just smash that fool’s tent.” Lu Xiao said unbearably.

Don’t think about it, you know who the idiot is.

He looked at Ye Cheng and found that he was so cold that he wrapped the quilt tightly, and immediately patted his bed and said, “Come and sleep.”

“No.” The bed was too small, even smaller than the one in the Qingshan Hotel last time, so Ye Cheng was embarrassed.

Lu Xiao was about to get up and said, “Then I’ll give you the electric blanket?”

“Hey, don’t.” Ye Cheng was afraid that he would really take out the electric blanket.

After hesitating for a moment, he abandoned the sleeping bag and quickly went to his bed.

He had been in that bed for a long time, and his body was as cold as a block of ice.

Lu Xiao let out a “hiss”, then wrapped him completely with the quilt and put his hand under his head.

“It’s so cold, so I said no.” He didn’t mind holding Ye Cheng in his arms, even though it wasn’t a good feeling.

The tip of Ye Cheng’s nose was against his chest, and the thin clothes revealed the faint outline of his chest muscles.

He felt that he could hardly breathe, so he stretched out his hand and pushed it, and muttered, “Lu Xiao.”

“Huh?” A low and hoarse question word came out of his nose, full of temptation and ambiguity.

Although I didn’t notice anything wrong, Ye Cheng’s heart beat faster involuntarily.

He moved his legs unnaturally and said, “Can you please stop holding me like that.”

There will be a reaction.



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