Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 44

Although Ye Qiaoqiao was young, she could still sense something was wrong.

Qu Tian hasn’t answered her phone for several days, Ye Gaoyang doesn’t come to see her, only the nurse and Gao Qiulan will come.

Holding the quilt, she asked Ai Ai, “Brother, did my parents quarrel?”

Ye Cheng sat down at the end of the bed, looked at her and said, “Well.”

“Because of my illness?” she asked nervously.

“Half and half.”

Ye Qiaoqiao scratched her head, a little annoyed: “If I knew I wasn’t sick, then they wouldn’t quarrel.”

Hearing this sentence, Ye Cheng felt a little speechless.

She is really completely different from her shrewd mother, naive and stupid, and has not inherited her wit at all.

Ye Cheng was not interested in people with low IQs, so she casually told her to go to bed quickly, and got up to wake Gao Qiulan.

He sent Gao Qiulan to the **** ward and made her a cup of warm milk.

The elderly have poor sleep quality and cannot take sleeping pills. They have to drink a cup every night before going to bed.

After taking care of Ye Qiaoqiao for a few days, she herself was too tired.

Ye Cheng handed her the milk and said, “Didn’t my dad hire a nurse? You don’t have to stay here all the time.”

Gao Qiulan drank a few mouthfuls of milk, leaned against the bedside and said, “Please, please, but that girl Qiaoqiao is too naughty, and the nurse can’t control her.”

“She’s cheating on you?” Ye Cheng said, “I’ll go see her tomorrow, so I can’t get used to her.”

Gao Qiulan sighed, “She doesn’t know about Qu Tian, ​​and I don’t know how to tell her.”

Speaking of Qu Tian, ​​Ye Cheng felt a little strange, and he expressed his suspicions.

“When she was pregnant, didn’t my dad notice something was wrong?”

Hearing this, Gao Qiulan said embarrassedly: “It’s not like this, you were still young at that time, and you probably don’t remember it. She brought Qiaoqiao to the door directly. Later, your father did a paternity test, but I don’t know. How could you be fooled?”

Ye Cheng was even more surprised: “A female star is pregnant for ten months, and no media has reported it. Grandma, don’t you think it’s strange?”

Gao Qiulan nodded and said: “To be honest, I was quite puzzled at the beginning, but your father seemed to be fascinated by her, and no one would listen to her advice. Later, your mother… something happened again, his The mind is not at home anymore.”

Ye Cheng was too young at that time to have no memory at all.

When Gao Qiulan mentioned his mother, he was silent for a while.

“Forget it, only she can explain this matter.” Ye Cheng said, “What should Ye Qiaoqiao do now?”

Gao Qiulan glanced at him hesitantly and said, “Your dad plans to go abroad to find Qu Tian after he has finished his training, and ask her for an explanation. I don’t know if I can force her out, so I can only help him take care of Qiaoqiao temporarily. ”

She was a nurse when she was young, and even the cats and dogs on the side of the road couldn’t bear to watch the stray, let alone a living person like Ye Qiaoqiao.

Although she didn’t like Ye Qiaoqiao, she couldn’t watch the child fend for itself.

Ye Cheng frowned and said, “I can’t let you stay in Shengzhou alone. What the **** is my dad doing? He’s not a child anymore.”

Gao Qiulan was speechless and just touched his head.

The room was quiet for a moment, Ye Cheng said,

“Grandma, you can’t stay here. Why don’t we take her back to Nandu first, she needs a long-term hospitalization, and the medical conditions in Nandu are much better than here. After my dad has dealt with this matter, let him take care of it himself. Custody, at least legally he is not qualified to escape.”

“Bring it back to Nandu? You… won’t it be uncomfortable to see her?” Gao Qiulan looked at him and said.

Ye Cheng said lightly: “She lives in the hospital, and I don’t see her often. Remember to ask my dad for more money, and the medical expenses will be doubled.”

Gao Qiulan thought about it too, but she was still worried about Ye Cheng’s feelings and said,

“After returning to Nandu, I will ask your Uncle Ma’s house to help take care of her.” She felt that if she ran to the hospital every three days, Ye Cheng would inevitably feel uncomfortable.

Ma Yao was Ye Gaoyang’s elementary school classmate in Nandu, and was also their next-door neighbor. He had always had a strong relationship with Ye Gaoyang.

Ye Cheng patted the back of her hand and said, “As you wish, don’t think too much, I won’t mind these little things.”

His mother died of cancer that year. Later, her hair fell out and she became a skeleton. She had to endure the torture of chemotherapy every day. In the end, she was so unbearable that she jumped from the hospital building.

He thought that Ye Qiaoqiao looked alive now, and he wondered if she would become as thin as his mother in the future.

Leukemia requires bone marrow matching. Whether you can get better depends not only on medicine, but also luck. The probability of growing up healthy is too low and too low.

After Ye Cheng coaxed Gao Qiulan to sleep, she made a phone call to contact lawyer Guo.

Guo Lu was an entrusted lawyer found by his mother during her lifetime. He briefly explained the cause and effect of the incident.

Guo Lu was very distressed about what happened to him. He was only seventeen years old, and his mother passed away, and this happened again.

On the phone, Guo Lu asked him to meet after returning to Nandu, because in addition to Ye Gaoyang’s custody matters, there is also the fact that he is about to be eighteen years old – when he is over eighteen years old, he can be obtained Mother’s legacy, of course, also includes that letter.

Ye Cheng was walking on the way to the hotel. After finishing these matters, he was half relieved.

When he was about to arrive at the hotel, he received a call from Lu Xiao.

Lu Xiao was distracted all day, and was called by Hu Haiyang to stand up several times.

It was difficult to wait until the dead of night before hiding in the tent and calling him.

“Hello?” he whispered into the phone.

Ye Cheng also responded with “Hello”, and the two fell silent at the same time.

The atmosphere was a little subtle, so embarrassing that people didn’t know what to say.

Voice calls and text communication are not the same.

While typing, Lu Xiao could freely ask him if he was angry, but now he is speechless like a mute.

Even though Ye Cheng had experienced a hundred battles, he felt very speechless when faced with such a situation.

As soon as he heard Lu Xiao’s voice, he thought of last night’s events and that angry little essay.

Lu Xiao guessed that there was more than he thought. In order to avoid him dying in embarrassment, Ye Cheng reluctantly spoke first.

“You’re there, is your study going well?”

“…Going well.” Lu Xiao hesitated, then asked him, “What about you, what happened at home, is it okay?”

Ye Cheng looked around the unfamiliar city and sighed, “It’s hard to say, I just got out of the hospital.”

Lu Xiao was surprised: “Hospital? Is grandma sick, are you two together now?”

After he finished speaking, he heard the sound of a car horn coming from there.

The night in Shengzhou was colder than in Nandu, Ye Cheng changed his hand and put the hand that answered the phone just now into his cuff.

I don’t know if it was because of this day’s experience, or because of the unfamiliar environment in life, he suddenly felt a little miss Lu Xiao.

He sniffed coldly and said, “I don’t live with them.”

There is only one **** bed in the ward, which is not very convenient.

Lu Xiao pricked up his ears and listened to him, and immediately said, “You have a cold? Damn it, why did your father drive you out, or I’ll go to Shengzhou to find you.”

He opened the blue app and prepared to buy a ticket and escape overnight.

Ye Cheng hurriedly said: “He didn’t rush me. This is a long story. I’ll talk about it later. You stay in Yingcheng, and since you signed up for the class, finish your studies seriously.”

Lu Xiao understood his hidden meaning.

“Aren’t you coming back?” he asked after a moment of silence.

Ye Cheng said: “I have to stay here for a few days, and the winter camp is expected to fall.”

The other end was quiet and said, “I’ll be fine, don’t worry about me, you take care of yourself.”

“Yeah.” Although Lu Xiao didn’t say anything, Ye Cheng was still warm.

“Well, hang up.”

Lu Xiao still said this.

Ye Cheng hung up gently, and the coldness on his fingertips dissipated a lot in just a few minutes.

He stayed in the hotel for one night, and the next morning, he went to the ward to see Ye Qiaoqiao.

Gao Qiulan said that she is usually very skinny, but every time she acts like a good baby in front of him.

As soon as he got out of the elevator, there was a burst of yelling in the corridor, mixed with the cry of a child.

Ye Cheng seemed to hear Ye Qiaoqiao’s voice and immediately walked over in three steps.

He thought that Ye Qiaoqiao was being bullied, but the truth was just the opposite.

I saw that she was pulling a little girl’s hair and shouting: “Let you move, you move again!”

The little girl screamed and kicked her.

The nurses around didn’t know whether they were on duty or what, and there was no adult in the corridor.

“What are you doing, don’t stop!” Ye Cheng hurried up to stop her, holding her back collar with one hand and grabbing her hand with the other.

Ye Qiaoqiao grabbed her hair so tightly that she finally pulled her hand off.

The little girl lost a few hairs and burst into tears.

“I’m going to tell my dad to kill you!” She pointed at Ye Qiaoqiao and yelled angrily.

Ye Qiaoqiao was even more angry, she reached out to tug at her hair again, and the little girl screamed again.

The nurse on duty then hurried over and asked, “What happened?”

Ye Cheng slapped Ye Qiaoqiao on the back of her hand and said with a sullen face, “There is no end to it.”

When he was expressionless, his aura was really shocking.

Ye Qiaoqiao shuddered when he beat her, she pursed her lips, and she was about to cry.

“Why did this start? Didn’t you have a good time just now?” The nurse hugged the little girl and looked up at Ye Cheng.

“You are her parent? Don’t stop me.”

“I’m really sorry.” Ye Cheng greeted her and glanced down at Ye Qiaoqiao.

Ye Qiaoqiao pursed her lips and did not speak stubbornly.

Ye Cheng said coldly, “I haven’t apologized yet.”

Ye Qiaoqiao remained silent and buried her head on her chest.

Seeing this, the nurse smoothed out: “Forget it, it’s all children, don’t kill her.”

She picked up the little girl and sent her back to her ward.

When they left, Ye Cheng turned around immediately, without looking at Ye Qiaoqiao, and walked to the ward on her own.

Ye Qiaoqiao hurriedly followed him, for fear that he would leave her alone.

As soon as Ye Cheng entered the door, he saw a pink doll thrown on the ground.

Ye Qiaoqiao passed him, trotted to pick it up, and hugged her tightly.

Ye Cheng looked around the ward and found a few hairs on the ground. He said speechlessly, “You guys also got into a fight here?”

Ye Qiaoqiao bit her lip, and she was so aggrieved that she burst into tears.

“I’ll tell you, I’ll come here occasionally during this time.” Ye Cheng stared at her eyes and pressed, “I don’t care how you usually dominate at home, if I see these problems again in the future, I don’t care. I will forgive you lightly.”

The last time he spoke in such a heavy tone was in the summer vacation a few years ago, when Ye Qiaoqiao burned the spider plant that Gao Qiulan planted to death.

The corners of Ye Qiaoqiao’s mouth gradually drooped, and finally she couldn’t help crying: “I didn’t take the initiative to fight, she was the one who scold me first, and even broke the doll my mother gave me.”

Her tears ran out like a gate, and she burped while crying: “She said that my mother stole, and that my father hated me. Brother, is what she said true?”

Ye Cheng frowned slowly looking at her crying face.

He stood there for a while, until Ye Qiaoqiao couldn’t cry anymore, so he went over and took a pack of paper and threw it on her.

“Stop crying, it’s a headache,” he said.

Ye Qiaoqiao choked twice and didn’t dare to cry anymore.

She was exactly the same as when she was a child, and she was not afraid of anyone except Ye Cheng.

The little girl always has a natural admiration for Xueba, and feels that this kind of boy is worthy of being her own brother, so she obeys him.

Ye Cheng asked her casually with no expression: “Would you like to go to Nandu with your brother?”

This was the first time he called himself “brother” in front of Ye Qiaoqiao. She used to call after him like a bastard, but he didn’t make any sense.

Ye Qiaoqiao was stunned for a few seconds, then nodded frantically without hesitation.

After she agreed, she asked cautiously, “So my parents really don’t want me? They think my disease is difficult to cure, right?”

Ye Cheng started to have a headache again, and he felt that he couldn’t explain it to her.

Let Gao Qiulan do this kind of thing, he is really not good at comforting little girls.

“Dad didn’t want you, he just wasn’t in good health recently.” He casually made an excuse and said perfunctorily.

Ye Qiaoqiao was convinced of his words and breathed a sigh of relief.

“But if you want to go to Nandu with me, I want to make an appointment with you for three chapters.” Ye Cheng said.

Ye Qiaoqiao looked up at him with tears on her face like a cat: “What two chapters and three chapters?”

Ye Cheng: “…It’s the rules, you have to abide by them.”

He had the illusion of seeing Lu Xiao, and he was exactly the same illiterate.

Ye Qiaoqiao nodded seriously: “Okay, then about three chapters.”

Ye Cheng said: “First, you are not allowed to pick things up when you eat, and the nurses give you what to eat.”

Ye Qiaoqiao has always eaten meat and not vegetarian. Meat is her favorite, and vegetables are often put aside.

In order to stay with her brother, she could only bear the humiliation and agree.

If you eat one more chopstick of vegetables, you shouldn’t spit it out.

“Second, you are not allowed to ask grandma to do things for you, and solve your own affairs yourself.” Ye Cheng said.

Ye Qiaoqiao’s head became heavier and heavier, and she continued to nod mechanically.

“Thirdly, I will buy you Barbie dolls rewards only when you perform well.”

Ye Qiaoqiao couldn’t help it: “Dad buys me new toys every month, and he doesn’t ask me to behave well.”

Ye Cheng said indifferently: “Then you can follow him, he is lying next door now, you can bring him some tea and water.”

Ye Qiaoqiao closed her mouth and completely compromised.

After educating Ye Qiaoqiao, Ye Cheng went to the next door to find Ye Gaoyang and brought his main card.

Ye Cheng used to disdain for these, but now it is different. Since Ye Gaoyang likes to smash people with money, let him smash it.

Without hesitation, he found a bank and transferred one million to Gao Qiulan’s card twice as hard work.

Then he took the card to Ye Gaoyang and told him, “Dad, the limit is today, and you will transfer the medical bills tomorrow.”

Ye Gaoyang was stunned by his sudden transformation, feeling that a mouthful of old blood was stuck in his throat again.

After a morning of baptism of thought, at noon, the nurse looked at Ye Cheng as if looking at an angel.

She reported to Gao Qiulan in disbelief: “I ate green vegetables and okra. I didn’t get angry and throw the tableware and chopsticks, and I didn’t ask me to go downstairs to buy her a keychain… Very, very well-behaved.”

Gao Qiulan thought to herself that Ye Cheng would have to come out to control her.

Ye Cheng was sitting on the table by the window writing winter vacation homework, and a message was displayed on the screen of her mobile phone.

Suspect X: [When are you going back to Nandu? 】

Ye Cheng didn’t know when to go back. He wanted to see Lu Xiao as soon as possible, but he didn’t know how to chat with him after meeting.

So I left my phone there for a long time, and gradually forgot to reply.

Ye Qiaoqiao came over with the book in her arms and whispered, “Brother, I don’t know this question.”

She has not applied for a leave of absence for the time being, so she still has to write her homework during the winter vacation.

Ye Cheng glanced at her homework, solved it in threes and fives, and explained it to her in detail.



“Repeat it to me.”


Ye Cheng said lightly: “When I was talking, you glanced around, what were you looking at?”

Ye Qiaoqiao was caught by him, so she had to tell the truth: “I was looking at the message sent by that ‘stupid dog’, why is someone called ‘stupid dog’?”

Ye Cheng was stunned, and immediately picked up the phone and folded it on the table.

“Brother, do you hate him? Don’t reply to his news.” Ye Qiaoqiao asked.

Ye Cheng said with a dark face: “It’s none of your business, go do your homework.”

Ye Qiaoqiao said, “Oh, okay.”

After she left, Ye Cheng turned on the phone again.

He typed a few words and deleted them.

I typed a few more words and deleted it again.

Finally, sent a “not sure” in the past.

After a while, Lu Xiao replied: [Okay, got it. 】

Two days later, Ye Gaoyang bought a plane ticket to Milan.

This time, he didn’t hit the south wall and didn’t turn his head, and even if he died, he would arrest Qu Tian and ask him clearly.

Gao Qiulan went through the transfer procedures for Ye Qiaoqiao, and then called the teacher to tell the teacher about the temporary suspension of school.

After dealing with the chicken feathers, the grandparents and grandchildren bought tickets and returned to Nandu.

Ye Qiaoqiao came to Nandu for the second time and was full of novelty about everything around her.

But she wasn’t able to stroll around for a while and was taken to the hospital.

Ye Cheng sent Gao Qiulan home, and then asked Huang Shengan to go to the mall.

Huang Shengan hadn’t seen him for a month, rubbed his hands and asked, “Did you call me out to send me a New Year’s red envelope?”

“I’ll send it to you when you call me,” Ye Cheng said.

Huang Sheng’an cried: “In the cold weather, you asked me to accompany you to the mall, and you didn’t give me a red envelope. Do you have any heart?”

Ye Cheng got on the elevator with him, and said, “Didn’t you buy a lot of gifts for that Susu before, please help me for reference.”

Huang Shengan was so surprised that he even forgot to fake crying: “Fuck, you have a girlfriend? No, aren’t you crooked…”

“Bought it for my sister.” Ye Cheng said.

Huang Sheng’an raised his voice: “Oh – what are you doing to buy her a gift, do you do a good deed every day?”

“My dad gave me 3 million, so he has to spend 30,000 on his daughter.” Ye Cheng said.

Huang Shengan howled: “Golden Lord! You can take care of me, can you take care of me?”

“Go away.”

Huang Shengan dragged him sticky for a long time, and then asked, “By the way, how are you and that Lu Xiao? I heard from my uncle that I saw you at his house last time.”

“How did your uncle know?” Ye Cheng was puzzled.

Huang Shengan said, “Oh, nepotism, my uncle drives an ambulance.”

“…I just stayed at his house for a few days.”

“You two, nothing really happened?” Huang Shengan looked at him suspiciously, “Don’t you like his type?”

Ye Cheng thought to himself, he quite liked it.

It’s just that the child is too young to know what to say. Of course, he couldn’t say these words, otherwise he would appear to be abnormal.

When they got to the sixth floor, they went to the toy area to buy some Barbie dolls.

Huang Shengan said disdainfully: “Little girls like this kind of thing, you buy a car and go back, make sure she is happy.”

“I’m not chasing people, I bought a few as a reward.” Ye Cheng said.

By the way, he chose a necklace for Gao Qiulan and Ye Qiaoqiao and asked the clerk to pack it.

The two bought something else and went to wait for the elevator with their bags.

When the elevator door was about to open, someone suddenly called out from behind.

“Brother Orange, what a coincidence.”

Ye Cheng turned around and saw Jiang Jin and Jiang Yirong.

Jiang Jin was wearing a tin foil iron, dressed like a hip-hop singer, Jiang Yirong wearing a coat and short skirt, smiled and beckoned to him.

“Hi, Ye Cheng, long time no see.”

Huang Shengan recognized that she was the girl who “chased” Ye Cheng during the spring outing, and his eyes widened in shock.

“Hello.” Jiang Yirong greeted him generously.

The four said a few words at the door, and the elevator door stopped.

“Are you going down?” Jiang Jin asked.

Ye Cheng said, “Go to the first floor.”

Jiang Jin: “Let’s go to the first floor, let’s go together.”

They walked into the elevator, and Jiang Yirong noticed the Barbie doll in Ye Cheng’s hand and the gift box from Hermes.

She asked casually, “Are you here to buy gifts for your friends? The pink doll is so cute.”

“Yeah, I bought it for a little girl.” Huang Shengan said with a smile.

After a while, the elevator reached the first floor.

Jiang Jin waved to them and walked out of the elevator with Jiang Yirong.

The elevator closed again and descended to the negative floor.

Jiang Yirong immediately said, “You’d better remind Lu Xiao, I always feel weird, why did Ye Cheng come to buy gifts for girls.”

Jiang Jin thought, “It’s really strange. If the jewelry was bought for his grandmother, it wouldn’t be dolls, right?”

So that night, Lu Xiao, who was still struggling to solve problems at the winter camp, received a message like hell.

Jiang Jin: [Brother Xiao, something is bad, Brother Cheng seems to be in a bit of a situation. 】

Lu Xiao almost pierced through the composition paper: [? ? ? ? 】

Jiang Jin: [I met him at the mall today, and he bought a bunch of gifts for little girls. 】

Lu Xiao was like a thunderclap, and quickly received two messages.

First, Ye Cheng has returned to Nandu, and he hasn’t been informed yet.

Second, Ye Cheng buys gifts for girls.

These two messages, no matter which one is, are enough to scorch him.



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