Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 47

Ye Cheng blew the cold wind downstairs for a long time before going upstairs to return to the ward.

Ye Qiaoqiao didn’t play games this time, and was obediently lying on the small desk to do her homework.

Seeing him coming, he put down his pen and called out “Brother”.

Ye Cheng said to her: “If someone else takes you to play a game, just take a bite of Brother Xiao. Anyone can kidnap you.”

Ye Qiaoqiao blinked and said, “I called him Brother Xiao only because of your good relationship.”

“How do you see that we are on good terms?”

Ye Qiaoqiao was dumbfounded, she couldn’t say, I think you treat him differently than Huang Shengan.

“You are not allowed to play games behind my back in the future. After you finish your homework, I will give you a grade.” Ye Cheng said lightly.

Ye Qiaoqiao got a blessing in disguise and almost jumped up with joy: “Brother, are you taking me to fight? Really?”

“The premise is that the correct rate of your homework is more than 80%.” Ye Cheng emphasized.

“Then I will definitely write well!” Ye Qiaoqiao clenched her fists and said, “Although Brother Xiao is very strong, I think my brother is more powerful than him.”

Ye Cheng said amusingly, “He also has to finish his homework before he can play. You two are both children.”

Ye Qiaoqiao tilted her head: “You are also a child, you are not yet eighteen years old.”

When Ye Cheng heard this number, he felt a little dazed unconsciously.

Eighteen years old… such a distant vocabulary, he coughed twice and said uncomfortably, “It will be full in five days.”

In his eyes, Lu Xiao, like Ye Qiaoqiao, are just assholes.

But what’s different, because every time he is three or five, he can’t help but be moved by this “little kid”.

The steelyard in his heart swayed back and forth, unable to calm down for a long time.

“Brother, do you have any special gifts you want?” Ye Qiaoqiao asked him.

She is a competent little intelligence officer, and has not forgotten Lu Xiao’s entrustment to her.

“No, don’t bother.” Ye Cheng glanced at her.

Ye Qiaoqiao raised her hand timidly and said, “Then can you accompany me to the playground for a day?”

Ye Cheng gave her a full smile: “I want to play with you on my birthday?”

Ye Qiaoqiao pursed her lips, and it was Lu Xiao who told her to frame Ye Cheng to the playground.

But it seems that Ye Cheng doesn’t want to pay attention to her.

“Don’t go, take your online class well.” Ye Cheng made a final decision.

Ye Qiaoqiao signed up for an online tutoring class and had to check in every day to study.

She had to bow her head and sighed, “Okay.”

After Ye Cheng checked her homework, she went home.

As soon as he left, Ye Qiaoqiao took out the mobile phone hidden under the pillow and sent a message to the black-faced monster just added to WeChat.

[Brother Xiao, my brother said he doesn’t want to go to the playground, what can I do? 】

She didn’t get back to her for a long time, and she didn’t know what she was doing.

Ye Qiaoqiao was bored and waited, so she hugged her mobile phone and watched Qu Tian’s costume drama, thinking about when she would come back.

She couldn’t help sending Ye Gaoyang a message again. Although Ye Cheng said that he was busy recently and asked herself not to disturb him, she still missed Ye Gaoyang.

None of the three paid any attention to her, and in the end she had to send a message to Ye Cheng in a bored way: [Brother, are you home yet? 】

Ye Cheng took care of her, and replied quickly: [Are you playing on your phone? 】

Ye Qiaoqiao was like an idiot, only then did she realize that she had made a fool of herself, and hurriedly typed to explain.

Another message was sent over there: [Shut down and go to bed immediately, otherwise I won’t be able to go there tomorrow. 】

His deterrent to Ye Qiaoqiao was increasing day by day, and she was so frightened that she didn’t even dare to reply.

He turned off the phone and tucked the phone under the pillow. He lay down with his eyes closed, his little heart thumping.

After Lu Xiao returned home, he saw the news.

He called Ye Qiaoqiao, and it showed that it was turned off.

He thought about it and decided to tell Ye Cheng himself.

Suspect X: [I’m home. 】

Ye Cheng asked him to talk to himself after he went home, and he sent a message in the past.

Restrain for a moment: [Auntie okay? 】

Suspect X: [Don’t worry, it’s very stable]

Suspect X: [Are you still in the hospital? 】

Restrain: [I am eating with my aunts. 】

Suspect X: [[Shocked]]

Suspect X: [[Shocked]]

Suspect X: [[Shocked]]

Suspect X: [[Shocked]]

Suspect X: [[Shocked]]

Suspect X: [[Shocked]]

Restrain: [Are you going to die? Brush so many lines. 】

Suspect X: [Sorry, the deep-rooted fear…]

Suspect X: [When are they leaving? 】

Restrain: [Three days later [cold sweat.jpg]]

Suspect X: [Are you free these days? 】

Restrain for a moment: [Why? 】

Suspect X: [Jiang Jin said that he wants to do a Valentine’s Day team building, and invites us to play in Happy Valley. 】

Restrain: [? 】

Restrain: [He is off the list? 】

Lu Xiao organized the language and sent a voice over.

“He’s chasing Jiang Yirong recently and wants us to go cover together.”

After a while, Ye Cheng also sent him a voice: “That’s fine.”

There was a lot of noise on his side, but his clear voice overcame the noise, and his tone was a little lazy.

His voice-changing period is completely over, and his voice is almost the same as when he was an adult.

A little less green and slightly dumb, a little more low and calm.

Lu Xiao listened to this voice over and over several times, and then couldn’t help but click Favorites.

He licked his lips and sent another message: “I watched a foreign movie recently, you should like it.”

Ye Cheng was probably also bored to eat, so he quickly replied, “Send it to take a look.”

Lu Xiao sent him the link to the film, and after seeing him say “go to see”, the corners of his mouth slowly raised.

During this time, he always wanted to share all kinds of things with Ye Cheng, big and small, good and bad.

Even walking on the road of Qingshan Manor, when he saw a little squirrel passing by in the woods, his first reaction was to take a picture and send it to him.

What made him the most happy was that Ye Cheng also responded to him in every way.

When I see the little squirrel, I will praise it as cute, when I see the purple-black fruit, I will say it is poisonous. I will watch the movie he shares immediately, and I will add the song to my playlist when I see the song shared by him.

Does this mean that Ye Cheng actually likes his sharing?

Lu Xiao rubbed the corners of his mouth with his index finger, and planned a plan in his head for five days later.

Then send a message to Jiang Jin.

Suspect X: [Lao Jiang, do me a favor. 】

This title made Jiang Jin have to reply in seconds: [Brother Xiao, I’m afraid of you calling me like this… What’s the matter? 】

Lu Xiao broke down and said: [On Valentine’s Day, can you and Jiang Yirong pretend to be a couple for a day? 】

Jiang Jin: [? ? ? ? ? ? 】

Early in the morning on Valentine’s Day, Jiang Jin was woken up by Lu Xiao’s phone call.

Jiang Jin returned to the Quuen coffee shop as if in a dream, and said with a bitter face, “Brother Xiao, didn’t we have an appointment for the afternoon?”

Lu Xiao said, “Just to confirm the arrangement with you, is it really okay?”

He was busy looking for someone to order gifts, and he didn’t go to Happy Valley yesterday.

“If something goes wrong, I’ll turn my head off and kick it for you.” Jiang Jin yawned and said, “It’s our Orange Brother’s coming-of-age ceremony anyway, how could something go wrong.”

Lu Xiao was still worried: “Have you told the staff of the haunted house, don’t dress up too scary, I’m worried he’s afraid.”

“No, no, he pretended to be an ordinary vampire.” Jiang Jin said, “The cakes and bouquets are ready, the fountains and passersby are also arranged, and there are surprises in the confined space.”

He and Lu Xiao are responsible for half of these, and they communicated with the staff of Happy Valley yesterday.

It was the first time that Lu Xiao prepared such a big surprise, and he was afraid of messing it up.

Jiang Jin said, “After eating the cake, Rongrong and I took the little leaves away and put the flowers in a small confined space.”

“Okay, thanks for your hard work, you still have to act with Jiang Yirong.” Lu Xiao said.

Jiang Jin hesitated and said, “Actually…it’s not even acting.”

“Oh? Are you really together?” Lu Xiao laughed.

Jiang Jin said, “Hey, not yet, but I think it will be soon.”

In the afternoon, there was a long queue at the entrance of Happy Valley.

Today happens to be the weekend, and many couples have bought tickets for the night show.

Ye Cheng wrapped Ye Qiaoqiao like a zongzi and took her out of the hospital.

Jiang Yirong happened to pass by here, and told the driver to stop and wait for them at the entrance of the hospital.

She put on a dark style of makeup today, wearing a short black lace skirt and boots, and stunned Ye Qiaoqiao to the point of shrinking behind Ye Cheng.

“Is this your sister?” Jiang Yirong asked with a lollipop in her mouth.

Before Ye Cheng could speak, she pulled the little girl out of his back and said, “Call me sister, or I won’t take you there.”

“…Sister.” Ye Qiaoqiao was a bully and feared hardship, so she could only scream.

Jiang Yirong smiled and said to Ye Cheng, “You don’t look like you, but she’s cute.”

Ye Qiaoqiao glared at her, daring not to speak.

Ye Cheng calmly changed the subject and said, “How was your new school?”

“Just like that, private schools are so boring, you have to live on campus.” Jiang Yirong complained.

Ye Cheng noticed that she was wearing a sign on her chest, which was the nameplate of the Thirteenth Middle School.

“You’ve already transferred schools, and you’re still so nostalgic,” he said.

Jiang Yirong followed his gaze, her eyes flashing: “Look more closely.”

She leaned over a little, Ye Cheng could see clearly this time, the words “Jiang Jin” were written on the sign.

“Is this Jiang Jin’s nameplate?” He was a little puzzled, “Why are you wearing his nameplate?”

Jiang Yirong laughed, with a shallow dimple on her cheek: “You don’t even know this, it’s a pity that you’re still at No. 13 Middle School for a semester.”

Ye Cheng was puzzled, only to hear her whisper: “According to the custom of the Thirteenth Middle School, whoever has a crush on him will give his nameplate to him. If the person who is confessed agrees to him, he will wear the nameplate he gave him. ”

– What a childish “custom”.

Ye Cheng raised his eyebrows and said, “So you and Jiang Jin?”

Jiang Yirong shrugged and said helplessly: “My parents won’t let me fall in love, so we can only confirm the relationship after college.”

“Don’t let you fall in love? Then you were chasing Lu Xiao before.” After Ye Cheng finished saying this, she realized that she also had a little love for turning over old accounts.

Jiang Yirong looked at him keenly and said, “Do you seem to care that I chased after Lu Xiao?”

“Is there, your illusion.” Ye Cheng said indifferently.

Jiang Yirong explained: “I chased him just to tell him that I like him, and I didn’t plan to be with him.”

Ye Cheng was convinced by her logic, but she couldn’t find a reason to refute for a while.

Ye Qiaoqiao sat aside and looked at them curiously.

“Children are not allowed to eavesdrop.” Jiang Yirong raised her index finger to warn her, and she immediately lowered her head.

When they arrived at Happy Valley, Lu Xiao and Jiang Jin were already in line.

Everyone scans the QR code to enter the venue, surrounded by groups of couples, and some people are broadcasting live with selfie sticks.

Jiang Jin first called everyone to play a few ordinary projects, but they were not very exciting.

Jiang Yirong took Ye Qiaoqiao to put on makeup at the roadside stall, and after applying the makeup, she suggested, “Would you like to go to the haunted house? I heard that a new copy of “Twilight” has been opened.”

“No.” Ye Cheng refused decisively, “Go ahead, Ye Qiaoqiao and I are waiting outside.”

Ye Qiaoqiao snorted with a small face, “I want to go too, brother.”

“Then you go,” he said.

Ye Cheng didn’t want to set foot in any haunted house, not even a movie copy.

Ye Qiaoqiao said, “If you don’t go, I won’t go either. I want to eat grilled sausages.”

Ye Cheng took her to the front to buy sausages.

As soon as they left, Lu Xiao immediately made a gesture to beat Jiang Jin: “You have so many things to do, I said that he can’t enter the haunted house. You let that vampire take out the cake.”

“I don’t want to give you a chance to show yourself,” Jiang Jin said with a frown. “If you just show it to him like this, wouldn’t the surprise be in vain?”

Jiang Yirong suggested, “Let Ye Qiaoqiao try to act coquettishly?”

Lu Xiao snorted: “He will carry Ye Qiaoqiao by the collar on the spot and take her back to the hospital.”

“Well, then it’s better…” Jiang Yirong looked at him and smiled maliciously, “You try to act like a spoiled child.”

Lu Xiao: “…”

After Ye Cheng came back, he found that the three people had different expressions, Jiang Yirong and Jiang Jin seemed to be holding back their laughter.

“What’s the matter?” Ye Cheng asked Lu Xiao when he saw Lu Xiao hesitated.

Lu Xiao took a deep breath, followed his example, and pinched the hem of his clothes with two fingers.

He said softly, “I want to go to the haunted house, can you accompany me?”

The boy’s voice was low and hoarse, with a slightly soft tone in his tone, as if scratching his heart.

Sure enough, a smile flashed in Ye Cheng’s eyes.

He looked at Lu Xiao and said, “Are you begging me?”

“Please.” Lu Xiao gave up and left only a little reserved.

The smile on Ye Cheng’s lips gradually deepened: “But I’m also afraid, what should I do?”

Lu Xiao was at a loss for words, and just wanted to shout “Brother Orange” disgustingly, but he heard him say again,

“But since you’ve begged me, let’s go.”

After all, take the lead in the direction of the haunted house.

Lu Xiao stood still and murmured, “He just agreed?”

Jiang Yirong took everything into consideration, shook her head and said, “Lu Xiao, you really have met a master.”

“What?” Lu Xiao looked at her, she smiled and followed silently.

Jiang Yirong took a look at the person and was sure.

Jiang Jin chased after her curiously: “What do you mean by what you just said?”

Jiang Yirong smiled sweetly: “Do you think Ye Cheng really doesn’t know that he is acting like a spoiled child?”

Jiang Jin is a dead straight man, scratching his head.

She said, “Just wait and see, I’m afraid that Lu Xiao will be cured to death in the future.”

Jiang Yirong broke into a cold sweat when she thought that she almost became a rival in love with such a master.

After they reached the entrance of the haunted house, Ye Cheng was still a little hesitant.

This time, Lu Xiao was very good at it. He stood in front of him and said, “Just follow me. This haunted house is not big. You will come out in five minutes.”

According to the description of the staff, two minutes after entering, a child will come out and sing a birthday song in circles around them.

The atmosphere inside is not scary. The handsome “Edward” will appear with a chestnut cake and light a candlestick to make Ye Cheng make a wish.

The staff said that at first, he might have thrown himself into someone else’s arms because of fear.

This is also the main reason why Lu Xiao quickly agreed to this plan under their instigation.

However, things were not what he thought.

He wanted to reach out and hug Ye Cheng, but was pushed away.

Ye Cheng cautiously grabbed his clothes and said, “You go ahead and don’t touch me. I hate anyone touching me in a haunted house.”

Whether it is a companion or an NPC, being touched is a disaster for him.

With the curtain down, they walked into the haunted house together.

Ye Qiaoqiao is very courageous, and still teases the NPC there: “Are your teeth fake?”

Jiang Yirong giggled, the surrounding scenery did not look very scary.

But there is one person who is the most nervous, and that is Ye Cheng.

He went to a haunted house a long time ago and was frightened by the NPC and punched him in the face. He also compensated for the medical expenses and apologized repeatedly.

He said solemnly to the werewolf in front of him: “Don’t come here, I will beat people, really.”

The werewolf pretended to frighten him, and left under Lu Xiao’s gaze.

They walked a little further to the stone steps, where the old vampire in the movie stayed.

Suddenly there was a thin cry at the end of the stairs, and those who heard it were horrified.

Ye Qiaoqiao’s smile also disappeared, and she shrank behind Jiang Jin with Jiang Yirong.

Among the five people, Lu Xiao was the first.

Therefore, only he could hear the sound of the front staff coaxing the child.

“Stop crying, just sing a song, and my sister will reward you after singing.”

“Woooooooo, I can’t remember the words…”

Lu Xiao was sweating profusely, but he didn’t expect such an uncontrollable emergency.

He paused awkwardly and said, “Shall we…let’s rest here for a while?”

The other four looked at him at the same time, and Ye Cheng said, “You are sick, hurry up.”

He can’t wait to rush to the exit right now.

Also rest a hammer.

Just then, a child in a red dress suddenly appeared in front of him.

Except for Lu Xiao, everyone was startled.

The child wiped a handful of tears and choked and sang: “Hi Pi, Hi Pi Boston, spit oil…”

Before he finished singing, the small door beside him seemed to open with a signal, and it slammed open.

The actor of “Edward” appeared inside the door holding a small cake.

His face was as pale as the walls of the palace, staring at Ye Cheng with blood-red eyes, grinning his fangs and saying, “Dear guest…”

“Fuck me!”

Before he could finish his sentence, Ye Cheng shouted and shoved the cake over him.

“What, go away!”

Lu Xiao didn’t expect this to happen, so he stayed where he was.

The red-clothed child was so frightened that he didn’t dare to cry, and hiccupped.

Jiang Jin and Jiang Yirong were also dumbfounded, “Edward” looked at them innocently and blankly: “Guest?”

Ten minutes later, everyone was sitting around the table.

On the table is a new blue cake with a miniature version of a small leaf orange with a small crown on top.

Fortunately, Lu Xiao just let the vampire take a small cake, and the real birthday cake is at the exit.

Ye Cheng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “You really put a lot of effort into it, thank you.”

He said it very tactfully, but the three of them still looked at each other with a guilty conscience.

Jiang Yirong said in a false alarm: “I almost screwed up, I thought you were going to throw the cake in the face.”

Ye Cheng smiled awkwardly.

She smiled and said, “But still, I wish you a happy birthday. Be happy every day, and let your troubles go away.”

Jiang Yirong took the lead, and everyone began to say their best wishes.

“Happy birthday, Brother Orange.” Jiang Jin said happily, “I wish you can get into the ideal university.”

“Happy birthday, brother, can I eat that blueberry if I want?” Ye Qiao looked at the cake.

Ye Cheng took the blueberry down and stuffed it into her mouth.

Everyone looked at Lu Xiao, only he hadn’t said his birthday wishes.

Lu Xiao’s Adam’s apple moved up and down, and said seriously, “Ye Cheng, happy eighteenth birthday.”

He paused, then continued: “I hope you will never doubt yourself, you are a person who can illuminate others, just like the sun.”

The other three laughed, finding his analogy straightforward and apt.

Only Ye Cheng didn’t smile, he remembered a scene from a long time ago.

Lu Xiao and him went to Xiamen to watch the sunrise.

When the sun rose, he smiled and looked at him and said, “The luckiest thing for people to live in the world is to find a sun that can illuminate themselves.”

“Acheng, you are my sun.”

After a while, Ye Cheng pulled the corner of his mouth and said, “Thank you for your blessing.”

His hands tightened in his sleeves, as if suppressing something.

“Make a wish.” Lu Xiao said.

“Okay.” Ye Cheng smiled at him.

In the gentle halo of the candle, he closed his eyes, and his emotions seemed to be surging.

Jiang Jin first sang: “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…”

Ye Cheng clasped his hands and made a short wish.

After a few seconds, he opened his eyes.

“So soon?” Jiang Yirong said in surprise, “You shouldn’t have made a wish, ‘I want to go to Peking University’.”

Lu Xiao stared at him with deep eyes.

Jiang Jin said, “Brother Orange wouldn’t make such a wish, because he will – go – okay.”

Ye Cheng just smiled and blew out the candle in one breath.

“Eighteen years old, congratulations on coming of age!”

“Wow, I’ll be eighteen in a few months.”

Seeing that he was smiling all the time, Lu Xiao asked curiously, “What wish did you make?”

“Wish is something that doesn’t work if you don’t say it.” Ye Cheng said softly, “I hope it works.”

Lu Xiao felt that something in his eyes seemed to have quietly changed.

Everyone laughed and shared the cake, gave some to the staff, and then went to other equipment.

When passing by the fountain, the music box played a happy birthday song. The doll on the road handed Ye Cheng a gift box from Jiang Jin. The little monkey riding a bicycle also brought a gift box, which belonged to Jiang Yirong.

With a smile, Ye Cheng reached out to Lu Xiao and said, “Where’s your gift?”



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