Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 49

Lu Xiao returned home with a bewildered face.

After Ye Cheng put the nameplate on him, he went in without looking back.

He touched the sign suspiciously, feeling that Monk Zhang Er was confused.

After arriving home, Jiang Jin sent him a message: [Brother Xiao, how are you, are you satisfied with today’s arrangement? 】

He didn’t say it was okay, as soon as he said Lu Xiao he wanted to slap him.

He reckoned in the autumn and said: [Satisfied fart, who asked you to put flowers in the Ferris wheel? 】

Jiang Jin: [But I saw you holding hands above, eh? Ok? 】

After Jiang Yirong’s day of ideological education and secret observation, he found that Lu Xiao’s attitude towards Ye Cheng was indeed different.

Tan Xiaoqi didn’t lie to him, she seemed to be knocking… true.


Jiang Jin grew up in the studio since he was a child, and many of the friends he has come into contact with are crooked, so his reaction to this kind of thing is normal.

There was silence for a while, and said: [By the way, I want to ask you something. 】

Jiang Jin: [Loved [poor.jpg]]

Suspect X: [Shut up. 】

Suspect X: [If a person gives you his nameplate, what does that mean? 】

Lu Xiao vaguely remembered that when he was a freshman in high school, someone also put the nameplate on his seat.

At that time, he thought who had dropped it, and threw the podium to claim it.

Jiang Jin’s reaction was huge: [Fuck me, Brother Cheng gave you his nameplate? 】

Suspect X: [How do you know it’s him? 】

Jiang Jin: [Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! ! 】

Jiang Jin: [Ah ah ah ah! 】

Suspect X: […]

Suspect X: [What the **** are you calling me? 】

Jiang Jin: [[Big cry.jpg] Woohoo, Brother Xiao, I’m cheering for you, happy for you. 】

Suspect X: [? ? ? 】

Jiang Jin: [Didn’t you notice that I’m still wearing Rongrong’s nameplate today. 】

Lu Xiao saw it, but he thought it belonged to Jiang Jin himself, and wondered if this was a new trend, casual clothes with nameplates.

Suspect X: [Wow, so? 】

Jiang Jin: [so this means “I like you”, giving someone a nameplate = confessing to someone. 】

Jiang Jin: [He likes you too, Brother Xiao. 】

Lu Xiao had read this line of words ten times.

Although it was all Chinese characters, he found it extremely confusing.

Until the moment of understanding, the whole head “buzz”.

– What he means is that Ye Cheng gave him the nameplate, and Ye Cheng likes him too!

He blinked, and the pink bubbles quickly popped out, rushing from his chest all the way to his throat, drowning his whole being.

My heart was pounding like fireworks, I just wanted to jump up and shout a few times, my chest heaving up and down.

After five minutes, he typed with trembling fingers: [Really? Could it be a misunderstanding? 】


Jiang Jin is very sure: [It’s not a misunderstanding, I just went to ask Rongrong when you were waiting for your spring, and she said that Brother Cheng asked her about the nameplate today. 】

“I…Fuck!” Lu Xiao threw away his phone, threw himself on the bed, and rolled around a few times while hugging the pillow.

He buried his hot face in the pillow and ruffled the sheets.

Woohoo, ahh, fuck, Ye Cheng really likes him!

Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I don’t know how long it took before he sat up from the bed.

His mouth hurt a little from laughing, and there were a few tears in the corners of his eyes, and the whole person was going crazy.

Lu Xiao wiped his face and retrieved the phone from under the bed.

Jiang Jin sent him several messages.

[Don’t worry, he will definitely give it to you if he knows it. 】

[Rongrong said that he was in a bad mood today, maybe after struggling for a while before deciding to give you the nameplate. 】

[How are you, brother Xiao. 】

【Have you talked to him yet? 】

Lu Xiao took a few deep breaths, inhaled the air deep into his lungs, and exhaled it slowly.

He suppressed the excitement that was about to explode, and typed: [I didn’t look for him. 】

Suspect X: [Will it be too insincere to say this kind of thing on WeChat? I want to ask him face to face. 】

Jiang Jin: [It’s hard not to support, I also think it’s best to ask face-to-face. 】

He sent another emoji with a wretched snicker and joked: [Is it cool to be confessed by the first grader? 】

Lu Xiao didn’t squeak as expected, and was even a little serious.

Suspect X: [This is not a confession, I should have confessed to him. 】

Jiang Jin: [Huh? 】

Suspect X: [Don’t you need me to do this kind of thing? 】

After Lu Xiao sent this message, his face was already red.

Confess this kind of thing, how can you let Ye Cheng come.

He should be the one who speaks first, he has to give Ye Cheng a confession seriously.

Jiang Jin sent a sobbing emoji over: [Pinch mom, brother Xiao, are you really a solo mother? Why better than me? ? 】


[If I were Brother Orange, I would have been moved and cried. 】

Lu Xiao turned off his phone, went to the study to get a small notebook, and started to write what he wanted to say in a serious manner.

He tried to write as clearly and beautifully as possible, because this was a very important and important thing to him.

I wrote it again if I was not satisfied, and then crossed it out and rewritten it.

After a while, a lot of waste paper was piled up on the table.

This is the first time he has fallen in love with someone, and the first time he has the urge to write a love letter to someone.

For the first time, I felt that I was favored by the person I liked. It turned out to be such a happy feeling.

Ye Cheng has contracted too many firsts for him, and also contracted the heartbeat from summer to winter.

Today’s New Year and Valentine’s Day are very close, and it will be New Year’s Eve in two days.

Meng Li had promised him to go to Ye Cheng’s house for New Year’s Eve dinner together on New Year’s Eve.

When the New Year’s bell is approaching, there is no better time to make a confession.

He bit the pen and thought hard. Although he had enough brain cells, he still laughed out loud from time to time.

In the seventeen years he has lived, he has never been so happy as he is now.

If you wait until New Year’s Eve, will you be so happy that you want to die?

Thinking like this, he couldn’t write anymore, resting his chin on his arm in a daze.

He couldn’t help imagining in his mind how Ye Cheng would react when he finished reading this sentence affectionately. Will I be shy, or will I say something to him?

Then what to do? Can you kiss him, or hug him?

What would his lips taste like, would they be as soft as in a dream?

Still a little orange blossom aroma, with a light sweetness.

Lu Xiao didn’t fall asleep all night, tossing and turning on the bed.

He imagined how many times on New Year’s Eve, he couldn’t control himself at all.

Also unable to sleep, there is Ye Cheng.

After eating the longevity noodles made by Gao Qiulan, Ye Cheng started to help her prepare the ingredients for the New Year’s Eve dinner.


Gao Qiulan asked him to look at the pot where the lard was boiled, and while he looked at the fire, he stood in the kitchen and checked his mobile phone.

Repeatedly click on WeChat, James’ avatar will be smashed by him.

But Lu Xiao didn’t look for him all night, not even to say good night.

Ye Cheng couldn’t help frowning and thought, he doesn’t know the meaning of the nameplate, right?

Thinking about it this way, combined with Lu Xiao’s IQ, it seems really possible… this idiot.

He was starting to regret it a little bit, he knew he wouldn’t have to hint in such a subtle way, **** it.

Accustomed to the tacit understanding of adults, he sometimes speaks a little bit around the corner, which is a difficult habit to break.

“Xiaocheng, is the lard ready?” Gao Qiulan shouted outside.

Ye Cheng put away the phone, glanced at the pot, and said, “It’s almost time.”

Gao Qiulan walked in wearing an apron: “Tomorrow, you go out with me to buy some couplets with blessing characters or something, and dress up the house to be more festive. Aren’t Xiao Lu and his mother coming the day after tomorrow?”

Ye Cheng rolled his eyes and said, “Grandma, remember to give him a big red envelope.”

He secretly thought to himself that this kind of meeting ceremony for the “grandson-in-law” is essential.

Gao Qiulan replied: “It has to be big, I’m ready.”

She thought about it and asked him, “How much do you think Aunt Meng will give you? We can’t be compared by others.”

Ye Cheng thought it was funny: “It is estimated that I will give you 10,000. There is no need to roll in, grandma.”

“That’s not good, how about I give Zhang a hundred thousand cards directly?” Gao Qiulan was very serious.

Ye Cheng couldn’t help laughing: “If you want to, it’s not impossible.”

“That’s it.” Gao Qiulan said full of fighting spirit, “It can’t be less than hers.”

The next day, the grandfather and grandson got up early and took a taxi to the market to purchase.

Ye Cheng received news from Lu Xiao on the way, and quickly opened it to read, but it wasn’t about the nameplate.

Suspect X: [The exam results can be checked. 】

Suspect X: [I got three A’s in the test, Mr. Monitor. 】

Judging from his tone, he may have no idea what the nameplate symbolizes.

The corners of Ye Cheng’s mouth twitched slightly, forget it, I’ll tell him when we meet tomorrow.

Regarding the confession, he and Lu Xiao both had an almost traditional sense of ritual.

This has been the case since a long time ago, they never talk about their relationship on WeChat. If there is a problem, it is solved face to face.

After all, a lot of times, some contradictions are fine to take a shot, and if not, you can take a few more shots.

The two have the same understanding of this.

He praised: [It’s so good, it’s made great progress. 】

Suspect X: [Really. 】

This time, Lu Xiao wasn’t proud and didn’t ask for a reward—because he was too embarrassed to be praised.

Ye Cheng praised him in the past, and Ye Cheng praised him now, completely different meanings.

In the past, he would feel that Ye Cheng was encouraging him. To put it bluntly, he wanted to make him better and better, purely for the purpose of tutoring him in his studies.

But now, he couldn’t help but substitute the premise “Ye Cheng likes him”.

So when he praised himself, it should be because he really wanted to praise himself. Like him, the kind with filters on him.

The more he thought about it, the more Lu Xiao wanted to go crazy.

He typed a few lines, deleted it, retyped a few lines, and deleted it again.

The hand grasped the fist.

Ye Cheng just stared at the screen like that, and finally saw him send a message: [See you the day after tomorrow. 】

The following is accompanied by a cute and coquettish pig emoji. This is the first time Lu Xiao has sent him such an emoji.

In fact, Lu Xiao didn’t want to post emojis at first, and Kugai never bothered to act like a spoiled child.

But he looked at the chat log and felt that his reply seemed too indifferent.

He didn’t want Ye Cheng to be unhappy because of these, not even a little bit.

So, he added a coquettish expression.

Ye Cheng’s heart was so soft that he typed: [See you the day after tomorrow [Little Love]]

“Xiaocheng, what are you laughing at?” Gao Qiulan sat in the co-pilot and looked back at him.

“It’s nothing, I just saw some interesting news.” Ye Cheng restrained his smile and turned off the screen pretending to be calm.

Lu Xiao looked at the little love on the screen, let out a roar of “Ow, woo,” and rolled over on the bed with the phone in his heart.

He rolled away for a while and started looking at the chat log again.

It’s obviously just a few lines of words, and the conversation is boring to death, but he just feels that he can’t get tired of reading it.

Especially the little love at the end, woohoo, so red, so small, so pretty.

There was a knock on the door, and Mrs. Wang shouted, “Xiaoxiao, come down to eat.”

“Come on.” Lu Xiao shouted angrily, got up and ran downstairs.

His steps were fast and heavy, and Mrs. Wang couldn’t help but look at him more.

Meng Li was sitting at the table watching the drama and drinking porridge. When he saw him coming down, he said to him: “After dinner, help my mother pick some winter jujubes from the yard and bring them together tomorrow.”

“Mom, don’t bring too many things, it looks like our family is very pompous.”

Lu Xiao is worried all the time now that his impression in Ye Cheng’s heart will be bad.

This looks like an exaggerated upstart.

Meng Li retorted: “That’s not possible, I have prepared a car full of New Year’s goods.”

Lu Xiao was helpless: “If you really want to send something, you might as well give Ye Cheng a red envelope.”

When it comes to red envelopes, he thinks of the customs of the southern capital.

When a mother-in-law sees her “daughter-in-law” for the first time, as usual, she has to seal a big red envelope.

He secretly suggested privately: “Pack a big one.”

“It must be a big package,” Meng Li said naturally, “but his grandma should also give it to you. How much do you think she will give?”

Lu Xiao wasn’t sure, so he guessed blindly, “Ten thousand?”

Meng Li nodded: “Then I’ll give you fifty thousand.”

“Pfft, cough, cough.” Lu Xiao choked on the porridge, and said amusedly, “It’s all a comparison. If someone gives you fifty thousand, wouldn’t you want to give one hundred thousand?”

Meng Li said, “Well, I’ll prepare two cards.”

The two discussed countermeasures while eating, and finally decided to make it all at once.

So Meng Li directly stuffed a 100,000 card into the red envelope and went to pick the winter jujube happily.

On New Year’s Eve, Meng Li really dragged a carload of New Year’s goods to Ye Cheng’s house.

Gao Qiulan stood at the door, watching the driver carry the gifts in box by box, which was embarrassing.

She has never met a younger generation who uses such a posture to “pay New Year’s greetings”.

“Auntie, Happy New Year, Gong Xi Fa Cai.” Meng Li said with a smile without her worries.

She was wearing a red coat, looking much better than before, and a little fatter.

Lu Xiao was a lot taller than her, standing behind her in black with his pockets in his pockets, very prominent.

“Grandma, Happy New Year,” he said.

He changed his hairstyle a little today and looked more handsome than usual.

Gao Qiulan laughed hard: “Hey, happy new year.”

Ye Qiaoqiao was fighting with a little boy when she heard a voice running over and said, “Brother Xiao, you’re here.”

She looked at Meng Li and called out “Auntie”.

Meng Li smiled and said, “Is this your granddaughter, she looks so cute.”

Lu Xiao thought to himself that you should stop talking nonsense with your eyes open, how cute.

He probed the probe, but did not see Ye Cheng.

Don’t know where to go.

“This is Qiaoqiao, and that is Xiaoyu, from the next door.” Gao Qiulan introduced, “their family of three also came over for dinner, so it would be more lively.”

Meng Li hurriedly said, “Lu Xiao, go and get the red envelopes from the car. I will also pack one for the two children.”

“No, no.” Gao Qiulan quickly discouraged.

Lu Xiao went back to the car and took the red envelope, Gao Qiulan and Meng Li pushed it around, and finally let the children accept it.

When everyone entered the room, Lu Xiao asked Ye Qiaoqiao, “Where’s your brother?”

“I went to buy vinegar, there is no vinegar at home.” Ye Qiaoqiao said.

Everyone sat down and chatted, and not long after, Ma Yao next door came with his wife.

During this period of time, his family had been helping to take care of Ye Qiaoqiao, and Gao Qiulan specially invited them to have a New Year’s Eve dinner in order to thank them.

Lu Xiao sat next to Meng Li, sitting on the armrest of the sofa, looking at the newly furnished living room.

There is a fortune tree near the entrance, with a few small red envelopes hanging on it, which are for the children themselves.

The glass windows are covered with the word blessing, and the coffee table is full of nuts and snacks.

About twenty minutes later, the entrance door rang.

Lu Xiao immediately looked over, and his hands on his knees clenched involuntarily.

“Little Orange is back.” Gao Qiulan said.

The door was pushed open, and Ye Cheng walked in with a cold air carrying a plastic bag.

He put on a white down jacket with an astronaut pendant on his back, a blue sweater folded inside, and his hair was a little messy from the wind.

His cheeks were red from the cold, so that he couldn’t help but want to hug him.

Lu Xiao sat on the armrest and turned to look at him in a twisted posture.

For the past two days, he had been thinking about this person when he was eating and sleeping, and when he really saw him, his breathing was about to stop.

Meng Li got up and walked over and said, “Xiaocheng, Happy New Year. Come, auntie will give you a red envelope.”

Ye Cheng’s eyes just fell on Lu Xiao, and within a second, Meng Li walked towards him.

“Auntie, you are too kind,” he said.

Gao Qiulan also followed.

Ye Qiaoqiao held her chin and said slowly, “Brother Xiao, aren’t you tired of looking at it like this?”

Only then did Lu Xiao regain his senses and move his neck.

Damn, it’s a little sour.

The three fought a tug-of-war at the entrance, and Meng Li’s red envelope was finally successfully sent out.

Not to be outdone, Gao Qiulan gave Lu Xiao the red envelope she prepared.


When she sat down again, Meng Li was pulled to another sofa by her.

The elders were chatting, Ye Qiaoqiao and Xiaoyu were playing flying chess.

Ye Cheng walked to Lu Xiao’s side, the two exchanged glances, and looked away unnaturally.

“Happy New Year,” he whispered.

Lu Xiao felt an uncontrollable shyness, and even his fingers curled together.

“You too, Happy New Year.” He replied with a murmuring.

Ye Cheng tightened her hand holding the plastic bag and said, “I’m going to cook first. I promised you last time that I’ll cook you a dish after the exam.”

Lu Xiao immediately raised his head: “Are you going to cook?”

“Well, sweet and sour pork.”

He ran out to buy vinegar just to make this dish.

Lu Xiao’s ears turned red: “How do you know that I like sweet and sour pork?”

Ye Cheng said, “Auntie said it.”

Meng Li and Gao Qiulan were halfway through talking, as if they were sensing, they looked over and smiled.

Lu Xiao’s palms sweated for no reason.

He stood up and said, “I’ll go and help you. In the past two days, I have learned how to cut vegetables with Mrs. Wang.”

Ye Cheng thought it was a coincidence that my grandmother also taught me.

But he still nodded and said, “Okay.”

After entering the kitchen, Lu Xiao consciously washed his hands and cut the meat, carefully changing the knife for the tenderloin.

This level of proficiency has been practiced many times at a glance.

He noticed that Ye Cheng was wearing the watch he gave, and carefully took it off while washing his hands and put it aside.

Feeling happier.

While mixing the sauce, Ye Cheng asked, “Do you have anything to do tonight? If you have nothing to do, you can stay and watch the night together.”

Here in Nandu, it is fashionable to cook dumplings at twelve o’clock in the middle of the night, and Gao Qiulan has already prepared the dumplings.

“I’m fine, look at my mother.” Lu Xiao said.

What he thought in his mind was that the small note was in the right pocket, right? How can I take it out and read it so that it doesn’t seem so deliberate?


Yecheng heats the oil, throws the meat slices in the pan and frys.

Lu Xiao watched from the side and said with emotion, “You cook better than me, and the oil didn’t even spill out.”

“That’s why you didn’t see me a few days ago.” Ye Cheng said casually, and then he realized that he had leaked.

Lu Xiao grasped the point: “How many days have you been preparing this dish?”

Ye Cheng didn’t want to answer: “Give me the salt.”

“You said, how many times did you do it?” Lu Xiao took the salt in his hand and refused to forgive.

Ye Cheng took a breath and admitted, “Five times.”

Lu Xiao stopped talking, lowered his head and laughed.

Ye Cheng grabbed the salt from his hand, and the only thing that was quiet in the kitchen was the sound of oil sizzling.

After a long time, Lu Xiao smiled and said, “I’ll do it for you next time.”

“Let’s talk about it.” Ye Cheng replied vaguely, his face flushed red from the smoke.

It was almost six o’clock when the New Year’s Eve dinner began.

Gao Qiulan cooked several Sichuan dishes by herself, ordered some dishes from the hotel, and filled a table.

Originally, according to Lu Xiao’s plan, he planned to ask Ye Cheng out after dinner.

He hid a bunch of night light flowers in the car, as well as a commemorative photo album he spent all night making, which contained the memories of the two of them from their acquaintance to the present.

But the plan couldn’t keep up with the changes. He never imagined that Ma Yao was a boxing player.

Since there were only three men, Ye Cheng and Lu Xiao both accompanied him for a few drinks, but Ma Yao couldn’t control it as soon as he got up.

This meal was eaten for more than two hours, and it was dark after eating.

Ma Yao was taken home by his wife’s ear for education. Xiaoyu didn’t want to go home, so he was arguing that he wanted to watch cartoons with Ye Qiaoqiao.

Meng Li also drank some wine and was leaning against Gao Qiulan on the sofa.

“Nan, you want to open up, do you know?” Gao Qiulan hugged her and comforted her softly.

Meng Li’s nose is sour. Except for her dead mother, no one has called her “NanNang” for a long time.

The Sichuan side is not called Nannan, but Gao Qiulan is called that because she is from the Southern Metropolis.

Ye Cheng cooked a few boxes of dumplings and packed them in a thermal insulation bag.

He carried the bag to the living room and said, “Grandma, I’m going to deliver some dumplings to the nurse and the doctor.”

Gao Qiulan instructed: “Pay attention to safety on the road, and come back soon after delivery.”

Ye Cheng responded, looked at Lu Xiao who was sitting next to him, and raised his eyebrows at him.

His expression was very subtle, but Lu Xiao caught it instantly.

He stood up staggeringly and said, “I’ll go with him and let go of the alcohol by the way.”

“Go.” Meng Li said.

The two opened the door and walked out.

When passing Meng Li’s car, Lu Xiao stopped for a while.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Cheng asked.

Lu Xiao walked forward, “It’s okay.”

I’d better go to the hospital first and wait until I get back.

At the dinner table just now, Lu Xiao drank several taels more than him, and his walking posture looked crooked.

Ye Cheng was afraid that he might spill the dumplings, so he stretched out his hand and said, “Are you a little drunk, let me carry it.”

Lu Xiao lightly avoided his hand, and took advantage of the situation to embrace his shoulders, “No, just hold me.”

His arm was on Ye Cheng’s shoulder, and to be honest, it was a little heavy.

But Ye Cheng didn’t shake it off, and let him surround himself with a domineering gesture.

Not only did his obedience not bring Lu Xiao’s satisfaction, but instead made his breathing a little heavier.

For some reason, Ye Cheng’s lack of resistance caused a violent impulse to rise in his body.

The more obedient he behaved, the more he wanted to be cruel to him.

Lu Xiao gradually put most of his weight on him. He didn’t walk well, and occasionally rubbed his chin against his hair.

In fact, he wasn’t drunk, he was just acting out of alcohol.

There are almost no people on the street, and everyone spends the New Year at home.

The roadside is decorated with colorful lights, the street lights are dim and bright, spreading the warm light all the way from the soles of the feet to the horizon.

Lu Xiao hummed in his ear: “My head is a little dizzy.”

“Go back and make honey water for you.” Ye Cheng tried to support him.

I didn’t think he was drunk and wanted to follow me, and I didn’t think he was causing trouble.

“Sweet and sour pork is delicious, can you make it for me next time?”


Not “see your performance”, nor “consider”, but “can”.

Lu Xiao just wanted to lean on him and never get up.

He felt that he was about to fall in love with Ye Cheng.

When he arrived at the hospital, Ye Cheng asked him to wait at the gate of the outpatient clinic, and went upstairs to deliver the dumplings.

Ten minutes later, Ye Cheng walked to the gate and saw him sitting on the steps of the flower bed with his back to him.

The big boy who stood up to 1.85 meters, still looked childish when he sat down.

Especially when holding your legs and tilting your head to look at the night sky.

The corners of Ye Cheng’s mouth rose slightly, ready to scare him from behind.

As soon as he approached, he heard Lu Xiao muttering to himself in a slightly drunk and hoarse voice.

“Moon, Moon, do you think Ye Cheng will promise me?”

Ye Cheng stopped and stared at his back blankly.

Once Lu Xiao quarreled with him, he happened to be flying abroad on a business trip, and the two had no contact for three days.

On the night he returned to China, he didn’t see Lu Xiao coming to pick him up, and he felt even more depressed.

When he got home, he found empty wine bottles everywhere in the living room.

He walked to the terrace and saw Lu Xiao sitting on the ground holding his legs, his voice was thick and nasal.

“Moon Moon, do you think Ah Cheng will forgive me? Will he not want me?”

Lu Xiao looked up at the moon like a big dog falling into the water, and asked drunkenly.

In an instant, Ye Cheng felt that something was broken in his heart.

The surging enthusiasm welled up in his eyes. He hadn’t felt this way for a long time, and his uncontrollable emotions grew wildly in his heart.

Like an unstoppable vine, gradually filling his entire chest.

He turned around and walked right in front of Lu Xiao.

Lu Xiao obviously didn’t expect him to appear behind him, and stumblingly said, “You… why did you come out so quickly?”

Ye Cheng’s eyes were slightly red, and his voice was a little hoarse when he spoke: “What are you asking about the moon?”

“Ah?” Lu Xiao’s first reaction – he heard it.

He raised his head in a little panic, damn, the plan was disrupted again.

There were a lot of surprises prepared in the car, as well as the confession in my pocket that I didn’t have time to read.

Ye Cheng’s Adam’s apple moved, as if he was trying his best to endure something.

He whispered: “It’s better to ask me about this kind of thing.”

After saying that, he bent down and covered Lu Xiao’s face with both hands.

Lu Xiao was completely stunned, not knowing what happened.

When he came back to his senses, Ye Cheng had already lowered his head and kissed his lips.



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