Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 5

Zhou Kai was like a toy with the battery unplugged, and the machine stuck in place on the spot.

He covered the back of his head and opened his mouth blankly.

Those who play basketball with Lu Xiao are basically from the school basketball team.

A group of tall and tall boys surrounded Zhou Kai and the other five in an airtight manner.

Zhou Kai was visibly cowardly, and stammered: “Xiao, Brother Xiao…how is it you…”

He stepped back reflexively, but was bumping into Jiang Jin, who had stepped forward.

Lu Xiao put the basketball on his index finger and turned it around casually, as if playing.

The tone of speech was calm and assertive, “When did this place become your territory?”

Jiang Jin shoved him with his shoulder, with a fierce expression on his face: “You don’t exist as a **** first brother, you charge protection fees from our class, your brain is stuck with shit?”

Ye Cheng was stunned. He hadn’t told anyone about this, but somehow it spread.

In fact, it can be seen from the melon group that the Thirteen Middle School gangs have a strong sense of territory.

On the issue of face, these people are not trying to help him, they just don’t want to give up.

“Brother Xiao, Brother Jin, this is really none of my business, not my idea!” Zhou Kai hurriedly defended.

That attitude was completely different from the previous one.

Lu Xiao casually threw the basketball to the person behind him and walked in front of him.

He was nearly half a head taller than Zhou Kai, and looked at him condescendingly, like he was looking at an ant.

Zhou Kai’s calf trembled uncontrollably, his face twisted.

“It’s not your idea, then it’s Zhang Qi’s.” Lu Xiao sneered, “Tell me, let Zhang Qi come to me by himself, don’t do some **** things behind your back. I’ll touch you next time. Here, break your dog’s leg first.”

Ye Cheng’s eyelids quickly jumped twice.

Zhou Kai shivered and said, “I-I see, Brother Xiao, if there is nothing else… I’ll go first.”

He impatiently wanted to turn his head to leave, but was held down on his shoulders.


Lu Xiao’s malicious voice made his legs go soft.

“…Brother Xiao, is there anything else?” Zhou Kai looked back tremblingly, seeing that his expression was about to collapse.

Lu Xiao raised his eyebrows: “How are you going to pay back the punch you hit me last time?”

Ye Cheng’s heart skipped a beat.

Sure enough, he knew that this man would be vindictive.

In the past, Lu Xiao was tricked by a partner once, and then he gave him a serial conspiracy, forcing the man to almost jump off the building.

The old man ate fast food and chanted Buddha on weekdays, and repeatedly asked Ye Cheng to persuade him to put aside his temper.

However, at that time, Ye Cheng was overwhelmed by his emotions, and always helped him to say good things and cover up in front of the old man.

Until one time, the opposite family was forced to look for someone to hit their car on the highway.

After that time, Lu Xiao finally calmed down.

It turns out that his violent temperament is traceable, and he has been so ruthless since he was a child.

Zhou Kai was about to cry, and he put his hands together and begged for mercy: “I apologize to you, I really didn’t mean it, there will be no next time…”

Jiang Jin and the others burst into laughter.

“If an apology is useful, why do you want the police? You beat Brother Xiao and ran away without saying a word. Now that I think about it, I apologize? I can go to your mother to force it.”

Lu Xiao made a gesture, and everyone quieted down.

“I’m too lazy to do it with you.” He raised the corners of his lips, and Zhou Kai’s eyes lit up.

But what happened next made him unable to laugh.

“Well, you stand in the middle of the playground with this basketball on, until school is over.”

Everyone laughed wildly, and Jiang Jin cooly whistled.

There were several physical education classes in the science class this afternoon. Let Zhou Kai stand on the playground with the ball on his back, which undoubtedly made him lose face in the science class.

The five people behind him looked at each other, which was worse than beating him.

The sudden humiliation caused Zhou Kai to clench his fists and tremble with red eyes.

Jiang Jin patted his face and said, “Isn’t it very arrogant when collecting protection fees? There is a way to let your master come to vent your anger.”

Lu Xiao said coldly, “If you don’t obey, you know the consequences.”

Zhou Kai’s pupils tightened, as if remembering something more terrifying.

After a few seconds, he picked up the basketball thrown on the ground with his head down, slumped his shoulders, turned and walked towards the playground.

“Hahaha, trash, a bunch of cowards.”

“That’s it, still want to rule the Thirteenth Middle School? Don’t ask who your father is.”

A group of people shouted and walked away in groups.

Lu Xiao passed by Ye Cheng with his pocket in his pocket, and was stopped when he was about to pass by.

Ye Cheng looked at him and said, “Thank you.”

Lu Xiao didn’t say a few words to him at all. At most, he was a classmate who nodded his acquaintance. He didn’t know where Xie came from.

He nodded casually and started walking.

Ye Cheng said again, “Can you please not fight that Zhang Qi.”

Lu Xiao turned to look at him, Ye Cheng was about as tall as his eyebrows, and when the two stood facing each other, they could basically look at each other.

The person in front of him had the tone of a proud and good student, and lectured him in a straight-forward manner.

This gesture is not like thanking him, but looking for something.

Lu Xiao felt extremely absurd, and even laughed angrily: “None of your business.”

He glanced at Ye Cheng with a bad look on his face, and then strode away.

Ye Cheng couldn’t help thinking, “Damn, it’s really rebellious.”

It’s hard to do.

After the gym class, Ye Cheng was called by Xu Chao to the office.

At first he thought that some rumors had reached the teacher, but it turned out that Xu Chao just asked him to find someone to report on the blackboard together.

“This issue of the board newspaper is going to participate in the selection, you’d better get it out today.” Xu Chao arranged, “I think your handwriting is very beautiful, you should have practiced calligraphy, right?”

Ye Cheng nodded absently: “I studied for a few years when I was a child.”

Xu Chao patted him on the shoulder with satisfaction, and said, “It’s hard work for you. You ask Jiang Jin to be with you. He is an art student studying fine arts. The two of them will get it done soon.”

The last class in the afternoon was a computer class. The two took the privilege from Xu Chao and stayed in the classroom to publish the blackboard newspaper.

Jiang Jin was very keen to skip class, and happily brought paints and brushes.

While drawing the first draft on the paper, he talked to Ye Cheng: “I can’t see it, you are quite good at fighting, I heard that you turned Lai Zi up in the toilet.”

Ye Cheng took out his glasses from his schoolbag and put them on. He was short-sighted by more than 100 degrees, so he basically didn’t need to wear glasses.

In order to write chalk and read the manuscript later, I put it on in advance.

He replied casually: “Fighting is not the only measure of ability, nor does it resolve any contradictions.”

Jiang Jin sneered disapprovingly: “You put politics here, I thought you were bloody, but you came from a monastery.”

Ye Cheng snorted softly: “If you are really nice to Lu Xiao, you should persuade him not to fight Zhang Qi.”

He thought that Jiang Jin would be dismissive, but when he saw him put down his pen, he said with a straight face: “You know the shit, don’t open the microphone if you don’t, okay?”

If it was someone else who spoke in this way, Ye Cheng probably wouldn’t betray him again.

But he was a little curious as to what the **** that Zhang Qi came from.

“Then you give me some popular science?” He continued Jiang Jin’s words.

Jiang Jin glanced at him vigilantly: “Zhadi, you care so much, do you want to join us? But you are really good at fighting, and you are tough enough when things go wrong. No wonder Brother Xiao didn’t embarrass you.”

Ye Cheng suddenly had an idea.

Perhaps the best way to defuse the enemy is to integrate into the enemy.

He tried his best to put on the attitude of a high school student, and asked earnestly, “Do you still accept people? Do you have to pay protection fees first?”

Jiang Jin was choked, coughed and said, “What the hell, you think we are Lao Qi’s group. Brother Xiao doesn’t charge protection fees.”

“Then how can I join?” Ye Cheng asked with rare perseverance.

Jiang Jin was temporarily passed the test, scratched his hair, and simply showed off: “What do you want to do? I don’t think you like to be a socialist.”

Ye Cheng pressed the back of her hand to her chin, and said frankly, “I want to know more about your brother Xiao, I’m curious about his relationship with Zhang Qi.”

Jiang Jin’s cheeks twitched, and he always felt that the first half of his sentence was strange.

“You want to know this? Actually, it’s not a secret.” He hesitated for a moment, but then said, “Brother Xiao used to have a very good friend who was a boring gourd. Later, he was bullied by Zhang Qi and Zhou Kai and couldn’t bear to transfer already.”

He paused for a while, then continued: “In the first year of high school, Zhang Qi and the others were very crazy. They even charged the protection fee for the third year of high school, and some people dropped out of the school. Later, after the gourd left, Brother Xiao became completely angry and beat him to the ground. I was in the hospital for two months, and since then everyone started to call me a brother.”

“You know why they are all afraid of Brother Xiao, but no one has told the teacher that he is not good. Because without Brother Xiao, the 13th High School would have been messed up long ago.” Jiang Jin said seriously.

The current Siyuan Building is divided into East Building and West Building. The East Building is Zhang Qi’s site, and the West Building is covered by Lu Xiao.

Ye Cheng listened quietly, as he said, Lu Xiao is very popular in the class.

Whether it’s in the joint school grass ballot, who voted for him like water, or everyone in the physical education class obeys him, you can see it.

There are many people who are afraid of him and many who like him.

It turns out that in Lu Xiao’s life, there are so many love-hate relationships that he has never participated in.

He vaguely remembered that Lu Xiao had mentioned that in high school he knew a brother who was good at studying, and he could have helped him make up lessons, but unfortunately he changed schools and left.

At that time, Lu Xiao was joking, saying that if the buddies don’t leave, maybe I’ll be able to get into a university with you. Then, my university will chase you down.

Ye Cheng felt that he was bragging, and mocked that even if you devoted yourself to studying, it was impossible for you to be admitted to Peking University, and it would be your next life.

Now that he heard these “past events” with his own ears, unconsciously, he had a strange feeling.

While speaking, a figure walked in from the back door.

Jiang Jin looked over and almost bit his tongue off.

When Cao Cao Cao Cao arrived, Lu Xiao walked into the classroom lazily, glanced at them, and threw the computer book on the table.

“Brother Xiao…Aren’t you going to class?” Jiang Jin said something about him behind his back, looking at him a little guilty.

Lu Xiao leaned back on the chair, rubbed the back of his neck, and said, “I’m bored.”

Jiang Jin shrugged his shoulders and agreed: “It’s quite boring, and I can’t play games.”

After a while, he put the finished manuscript on the back table and started to publish the blackboard report with Ye Cheng.

The two stood on chairs, first using chalk to outline the lines, and then using a brush to dip in paint to color.

Because the area to be smeared is very large, Ye Cheng also picked up the brush to help him paint together.

Jiang Jin has the bottom line of being an art student. He would rather be dirty than let his paintings be dirty.

So after 20 minutes, their hands were covered with colorful paint, and the whole table was ruined.

Lu Xiao straddled the chair in the opposite direction and played games on the switch facing them.

From time to time, I looked up and commented on Jiang Jin’s painting skills, where the chromaticity was not enough, and where the shadows were too heavy.

Jiang Jin took a breath, jumped down from the chair, and said to Ye Cheng, “I’ll change the basin of water, and you will apply it first.”

As soon as he left, Lu Xiao stopped talking, closed his mouth and played games quietly.

Ye Cheng drew with his back to him, and neither of them paid any attention to the other.

The fan turning in the classroom occasionally made a little noise, and cicadas filled the quiet gap in between.

The scent of unknown flowers floated out of the window, floating up and down between the empty seats, turning the pages from time to time with the breeze.

Ye Cheng suddenly turned around and said, “Lu Xiao, can you help me get my glasses off?”

It was the first time he called him by his first name in front of him, and he was quite audacious.

His lips pursed slightly, the tip of his tongue pressed against his upper jaw, and two familiar words slipped out of his throat with ease.

As if I had practiced it thousands of times, even I felt that it was a bit too natural.

Lu Xiao raised his eyes and saw that his silver-framed glasses were hanging on the tip of his nose, staggering down.

He frowned for a while, then said angrily, “Are we familiar with each other?”

It’s not that Lu Xiao is unfriendly, it’s that he really doesn’t understand what’s wrong with this transfer student.

He has only met a few times, but every time he speaks in a tone that he has known for eight hundred years.

Moreover, there are always some requests that are a bit outrageous in his opinion.

He looks careless on the surface, but in fact he rejects physical contact with unfamiliar people.

Not to mention things like pushing glasses, it sounds like it’s going to be “intimate”.

Ye Cheng opened her colorful palms, and in order to keep her glasses from falling off, she could only slightly raise her head without looking at Lu Xiao.

He answered honestly, “I don’t know.”

At least, not familiar with the seventeen-year-old him.

Looking at it from Lu Xiao’s point of view, it happened to be facing his delicate chin and a small raised Adam’s apple.

Because of the movement of looking up, Ye Cheng slightly opened his water-colored lips, and he could vaguely catch a glimpse of the flashing tongue.

Lu Xiao suddenly felt short of breath, and replied impatiently, “Are you challenging my patience?”

He didn’t quite understand what the throbbing of this collision was, but he just felt like he wanted to beat the transfer student.

Too annoying.

Ye Cheng’s face was sweating, and the glasses slipped more and more.

He said still, “No.”

Lu Xiao: “…Then talk about a chicken.”

Ye Cheng said helplessly, “But my glasses are about to fall off.”

His voice was somewhat anxious and aggrieved.

But it may just be an illusion, and he probably won’t feel anxious and aggrieved.

However, this sentence was like a soft thorn attached to a rose vine, scratching Lu Xiao’s chest, neither light nor heavy.

He was silent for a moment, and finally stood up unbearably, and walked towards Ye Cheng with a grumpy face.



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