Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 50

touch room.

It’s icy cold as imagined, with a very light wine aroma.

It was even softer than expected, as soft as a piece of almond tofu, as if it melted in your mouth.

The moment Lu Xiao was kissed, his head went blank, a tiny electric current spread between his lips and teeth, and every cell was so sensitive that it didn’t seem like it was his own.

The kiss for just a few seconds felt like a century had passed for him.

Ye Cheng’s breathing, heartbeat, and snorting were infinitely enlarged and enlarged.

Lu Xiao felt the hand holding his face getting colder and colder, and it took a while before he realized-

It’s not that his hands are getting cold, but that his face is really hot.

One second, two seconds,

Ye Cheng slowly released him, took a step back and stood up straight.


His chest undulated slightly, and the end of his eyes was still slightly moist.

A sudden departure is just as sultry as a sudden approach. Lu Xiao’s mood was as if he was on a jumping plane. The moment he left, he suddenly fell from the highest point.

Up and down.

Grab your heart and your liver.

He almost couldn’t hold back, and reached out and pulled Ye Cheng back again.

He stretched out his hand an inch, but he still held back, and repeatedly warned himself not to be reckless.

will scare him.

Lu Xiao’s heart turned upside down, and after he let go, he lowered his head, not daring to look at each other.

He thought in a mess,

Fuck, Ye Cheng kissed me! How should I react to make him think I’m not a fool who doesn’t understand anything?

Nima, why do you want to confess now, but what should I do if I don’t remember a word…

what to do…

Help, why does he seem so calm? !

In fact, Ye Cheng was not as calm as he thought, his clenched palms were already wet with sweat, and his heart was beating fast.

But he pretended to be more natural.

He lowered his eyes and said first, “We should go back.”

Lu Xiao originally wanted to say something, but was interrupted by him. He stood up and stammered, “Ah… ok, ok.”

He stood together, only to find that his hands and feet were so stiff that he couldn’t even walk.

After he walked more than ten meters with his hands and feet, Ye Cheng finally couldn’t stand it any longer, and reminded in a low voice, “The way you walk is a bit strange.”

Lu Xiao woke up and wanted to find a crack to crawl in. After a pause, he finally moved his hands and feet over.

The two walked side by side on the street, and the awkward and subtle atmosphere quickly swept the entire street.

It seemed that every grass and tree on Shanhai Road froze, and a huge word “embarrassed” was written on the fallen sycamore leaves.

Lu Xiao’s hands were almost crushed by himself, and he was thinking frantically to speak and speak quickly.

You’re kind of **** kind! take it easy!

Talk ah ah ah!


He shouted in his head for three minutes, and finally his heart was overwhelmed, and he turned around and blocked Ye Cheng on the road.

Ye Cheng was thinking about how to speak with his head lowered, but was taken aback by his sudden action, and raised his head to look at him.

Lu Xiao forgot all the remarks he had memorized. He ignored the small note in his pocket and said with a blushing face,

“Why did you kiss me just now?”

He was too tense, and he didn’t speak in a tone that seemed to be a confession, but a question.

Ye Cheng was also made nervous by him, so he tried his best to remain calm and said, “Because I want to kiss.”

His voice was also a little rushed, and the two sounded as if they were going to fight at any time.

Lu Xiao opened his nose slightly, his tone trembling slightly, he mustered up his courage and said, “Then I want to kiss you too.”

Ye Cheng’s eyes stared at him for a moment, then slowly closed.

Lu Xiao’s face was flushed with blood, and his heart was about to pop out of his mouth.

He closed his eyes…

When a boy closes his eyes, he just wants you to kiss him.

Lu Xiao took a deep breath, leaned closer little by little, and carefully pecked his lips.

His movements were so light that he was stroking the soft thorn of a rose, for fear that if he exerted a little force, the tender thorn would feel pain.


When Ye Cheng opened his eyes, he couldn’t believe it.

He felt that it was over without even touching Lu Xiao’s mouth.

Lu Xiao next to him was so shy that he curled up, and even quickly moved one meter away from him.

Ye Cheng: “…”

Pinch Mom, he thought that even if it wasn’t a tongue kiss, he would still bite and bite.

Now that he came out like this, it would be impossible for him to fix it.

However, taking into account the face of the male high school student, he had to clear his throat and said, “Let’s go back, grandma and auntie should be in a hurry.”

After saying that, I want to move forward. But just as he took a step, Lu Xiao hurriedly grabbed his wrist.

“Wait a minute,” Lu Xiao’s eyes flashed a trace of injury, and looked at him with a little uncertainty, “You…you haven’t given me an answer yet.”

He swallowed and said with difficulty: “I like you, what about you, do you like me?”

Ye Cheng’s shyness has almost dissipated, and I couldn’t help thinking to myself, your sense of useless ritual is really more than I expected.

Mom’s kisses are kissed, can I still not like you?

He said a little helplessly: “I like you too.”

Lu Xiao’s eyes suddenly fluttered, and he let go of his hand like an electric shock, and asked again, “Then did you agree to be with me?”

The boy’s sense of insecurity is stronger than his.

Ye Cheng looked at his red face and couldn’t help pinching it.

Soft, smooth and tender.

If anyone else pinched Lu Xiao’s face like that, he would immediately kick him three feet away.

But after being pinched by Ye Cheng, his heart was about to overflow, so he obediently let him play with it.

“Come on, little boyfriend.”

Ye Cheng didn’t answer his question directly, dropped a sentence lightly, and walked towards home.

His words are light and ambiguous, especially the word “small”.

Really a “little boy”.

Lu Xiao was stunned for a few seconds, hurriedly strode after him.

“Wait for me!”

On the way home from the hospital, Lu Xiao gradually transformed into one hundred thousand whys.

He suddenly had many, many questions to ask Ye Cheng.

“When did you start liking me?”

“What do you like about me?”

“Is there anything in particular you don’t like about your boyfriend?”

Every question was very difficult to fool, Ye Cheng was distracted while walking, and the last one didn’t want to answer.

“These questions, I will tell you later.” He found a reason and said perfunctorily.

But Lu Xiao thought he was unhappy, and quickly apologized: “I’m sorry, I was too impatient.”

He has never been in love, but he still knows the truth of “I can’t eat hot tofu in a hurry”.

In fact, he had more to ask.

For example, do you like your ex-boyfriend more or do you like me more?

For example, if I don’t do well in the college entrance examination, will you still be with me?

But these questions were too naive, and he was really angry if he asked Ye Cheng about it.

After the two returned home, they separated as if nothing had happened.

Gao Qiulan cooked dumplings for everyone to eat. After eating Meng Li, he planned to go back and greeted Lu Xiao to say goodbye to Gao Qiulan.

Lu Xiao really didn’t want to leave. He still had a lot to say to Ye Cheng, but he couldn’t find a suitable excuse to stay.

Before leaving, he went to the car and moved the prepared things, which was a large box about one meter five.

Meng Li said with a smile: “I almost forgot, this kid also prepared a New Year’s gift for Xiaocheng. You can move directly to Xiaocheng’s room.”

“Why are you still preparing gifts, my God, it’s so big.” Gao Qiulan also laughed.

Meng Li said, “They have a good relationship. Look at Xiaoxiao’s unwillingness to go home with me. The last time I fell in love with a little girl in elementary school.”

Ye Cheng glanced at Lu Xiao, both of them kept silent and allowed to tease, and together they moved the box into the bedroom.

Ye Cheng half-closed the door, and the sound of a car starting came from outside.

“When elementary school fell in love with a little girl?” Ye Cheng gave him a sideways glance, parroting his tongue.

Lu Xiao’s face flushed red: “Don’t listen to my mother’s nonsense.”

Of course, Ye Cheng couldn’t be serious with him. He looked at the box and asked curiously, “What is this?”

“You’ll know after a while.” Lu Xiao said.

The air was quiet, he tugged at the corner of his clothes and said, “Then I’m leaving.”

An idea came out of the ground, making his heart beat very fast.

“Well, be careful on the road.” Ye Cheng looked at him and said.

Lu Xiao hesitated for a moment, as if he wanted to do something, but finally gave up. He waved at him, turned around and walked out.

Ye Cheng didn’t take him to the door, but pulled him to the window and watched him get into the car.

Meng Li waved to him from the back seat, and he also smiled and waved his arms in response to her.

The Maybach drove out and slowly disappeared into the night.

Lu Xiao leaned back on the seat, feeling very annoyed.

When we parted just now, he had been hesitating whether to kiss Ye Cheng again, but in the end he didn’t have the courage to say it.

After confirming the relationship, he seemed to be more afraid of abrupt this person than before.

Always worried that he would be unhappy doing this and feel disrespectful to him.

“What’s wrong with you?” Meng Li asked suspiciously when he saw his tangled face.

Lu Xiao covered up: “It’s nothing, the dumplings are full.”

Meng Li nodded: “Your grandma Gao’s cooking is really delicious. By the way, you should keep the card she gave you, so you can’t find it.”

Only then did Lu Xiao remember the card. He took it out and looked at it and said, “You really want to go together. You give the card to her, but I don’t know how much it will be.”

“It’s definitely not as much as me.” Meng Li said confidently.

Lu Xiao scoffed at her strange comparison, pouted and didn’t answer.

After all the guests left, Gao Qiulan went to bed first.

The elderly vigil is also a symbolic watch. She instructs Ye Cheng to put the red envelope under the pillow, which is also one of the customs of the New Year.

After Ye Cheng took a shower, he started to unpack the box.

If Lu Xiao hadn’t already left, he was really worried if there was someone hiding in the box, so high, he didn’t know what was in it.

After unpacking, I found that there was a large bunch of wisteria flowers made of night lights, or night lights that looked like wisteria flowers, a full one meter high.

It was delicately inlaid with crystals and tassel, which was a bit too girlish, but he liked it very much.

Ye Cheng laboriously picked up the bunch of night lights and put them on the bedside.

At the flip of a switch, the entire room turns a soft, light purple.

In his last life, Lu Xiao had never given him anything like this. He always delivered it directly to the house and the car. Later, when the card was handed in after marriage, he would never buy these.

Ye Cheng took out his mobile phone and took pictures of it from all angles, unable to resist playing with the fringes.


After careful observation, I found that each crystal was engraved with the initials of his name: yc.

Ye Cheng felt that the heating in the room was too hot, so hot that his heart would melt.

In addition to the night light, there is a thick handful of things like photo albums in the box.

He sat on the ground and opened the album.

The cover is a hard texture in the color of kraft paper, and the girdle is printed with flame lacquer, and on it are two lines of numbers: 0214 and 1013.

Turning to the first page, there is a photo frame with a very summer color scheme, which contains a group photo of them on the stage.

On the day of the end of the show, Lu Xiao dragged him to take a few selfies and sent them to him.

But this is something Ye Cheng has never seen before. In the photo, Lu Xiao didn’t look at the camera, but looked down at his profile.

His eyes gave people a feeling of a smile, but the corners of his mouth did not rise.

It seems that as long as you see the person in front of you, you can’t help but feel happy.

Ye Cheng casually flipped to the second page, and saw a few crumpled pieces of paper stuck to it, each of which was lined with horizontal lines.

The first picture, Day1: Sunny day, I saw him for the first time. He is very beautiful and has a very ordinary personality, and he even caused me to be beaten.

The second sheet, Day2: Rainy day, examination room. Unconsciously poking me awake, asking me to borrow 2B pencils, annoying.

The smile on Ye Cheng’s lips gradually expanded, holding the book and reading it page by page.

It turned out to be the diary of a primary school student, and he was so cute that he got goosebumps.

There is a page in the middle with a round thing glued on it.

He looked closely, only to find that it was a school uniform button.

[I got mad at him today, but not because he poured alcohol on my face, but because he gave the password to someone else. 】

He rubbed the button with his fingers, feeling a heat in his chest.

He had already changed into a school uniform, and he didn’t know where Lu Xiao picked up the button.


The next one is a white school uniform sleeve with a black pen mark.

[Not on purpose… I’m so afraid of being beaten by him, but I really want to be beaten by him. 】

Ye Cheng felt dumbfounded.

Turning a few more pages, there is a picture of him sitting on the playground and playing with his mobile phone.

Ye Cheng didn’t know why, so he continued to look down.

[Taking pictures of me just now, I thought I didn’t know it, small sample. 】

It was only then that he recognized that this photo was a basketball match at the Games. At that time, he casually took a picture of Lu Xiao dunking, but when he lowered his head to retouch the picture, he was taken back by someone.

He turned from beginning to end, only to realize that he didn’t fully understand Lu Xiao before.

He always felt that no matter how considerate Lu Xiao was, he wouldn’t have so many complicated and subtle emotions like him.

In other words, he thinks that in this relationship, Lu Xiao is more free and easy than him.

Ye Cheng has no family business to inherit, and Ye Gaoyang’s focus will always be on Qu Tian and Ye Qiaoqiao.

But Lu Xiao is different, he not only faces a group of uncles, but also the pressure of public opinion from the outside world.

After getting married, although the old man was very tolerant towards them, he would occasionally mention the matter of holding a grandson.

Ye Cheng’s attitude towards this has always been tough. He doesn’t like raising a child of himself or Lu Xiao and others, and he is very resistant to this matter psychologically.

Lu Xiao didn’t force him either. Once the old man talked about this topic, he would go over with a haha.

But Ye Cheng always thought, what would he do if the old man had to make a choice one day?

If he had 80% confidence in Lu Xiao at the time, he might be able to fill that 20% now.

Because he found that Lu Xiao may love him far more than he thought.

The young man’s mind can’t deceive anyone, and he can’t wait to give him his heart between the lines.


Lu Xiao said he was his sun, Ye Cheng thought to himself, you are actually my sun.

Dazzling and enthusiastic, vivid and sincere.

The overwhelming love of the young man made him try his best to stay awake, but he was still carried away.

He opened WeChat and wanted to ask if Lu Xiao was home.

A reminder of Aite appeared in the circle of friends.

Ye Cheng clicked in and saw what Lu Xiao had just posted.

[2.16, thank you for meeting you this summer. 】

The accompanying picture is a night scene taken from inside a speeding car, with a blur of feasting and feasting.

It seems that in a huge city, he has found the person who belongs to him.

Ye Cheng has never been disdainful of showing affection, and he doesn’t share his feelings very much in the circle of friends, except on the day of marriage.

But Lu Xiao’s Aite made his heart clenched fiercely.

He suddenly felt that showing affection was such a pleasant thing.

Although the copy did not mention taking off the list or the names of the two, it was this kind of “show” that was exposed under the eyes of parents and teachers, which made this relationship a little more exciting.

There are people who don’t understand, and there are secret jokes.

Zhou Minhao: [What? Are you thanking Wang Lili? 】

Lu Xiao: [Go away. 】

Jiang Jin: [I **** hahahaha, old week, your mother laughed at me. 】

Jiang Yirong: [Only blessings. 】

Li Junxiao: [What’s the situation, I don’t understand, but I also wish to follow the trend. 】

Ye Cheng thought it was funny, and gave him a thumbs up.

He thought of teasing Lu Xiao, and also queued up to leave a message: [Only blessings. 】

Lu Xiao quickly replied to him: [I also wish you [little love]]

Because of this reply, Jiang Jin was blown up by Tan Xiaoqi’s phone call at 1:30 in the middle of the night.

He heard the sound of his mother getting up to go to the toilet, and Ma Liu pinched the phone.

Jiang Jin: [Sister, goddess, ancestor, can’t you send a message if you have anything? Although it’s New Year’s Eve…]

Tan Xiaoqi: [Happy New Year’s Eve, I’m going crazy! 】

Jiang Jin: [Happy New Year’s Eve…you calm down,]

Tan Xiaoqi: [Can’t calm down! Did you and Sister Rong know something? Why did Brother Xiao reply to Brother Orange like that, I **** it! 】

Jiang Jin felt that her CP filter was eight meters thick, so he decided to break her opinion of Lu Xiao.

So I turned to the chat log, and just now, Lu Xiao looked for him.

Suspect X: [Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! 】

Jiang Jin: [Brother, you… be normal…]

Suspect X: [Hahahahahahaha, old! son! Take it off! one! ! 】

Suspect X: [Hahahahahahahahahaha! 】

He has minimized the screenshots as much as possible, because Lu Xiao laughed an entire page of records.

Jiang Jin was harassed by him so that he could not sleep, and halfway through typing, a new message was sent over there.

Suspect X: [He is really gentle, and he kissed me on his own initiative. Has Jiang Yirong kissed you on his own initiative? no? 】

Jiang Jin was unwilling to delete the words he just typed, and re-argued: [Let’s hold hands…]

Before sending it out, Lu Xiao said again:

[He called me “little boyfriend”, oh my God, why is there a romantic name, has Jiang Yirong ever called you that? no? 】

Jiang Qiqi deleted it again and typed it again: [She calls me Ah Jin, and it’s very romantic, okay?]

Just after he finished editing, Lu Xiao said again: [Should I invite him to a movie tomorrow? I searched how to fall in love with Aquarius, and it said to give him independent space, but I think I will die if I don’t find him for a day? 】

Jiang Jin rolled his eyes and finally couldn’t stand him anymore.

He forwarded the chat to Tan Xiaoqi and told her: [Your male **** is a crazy, love-minded and clingy spirit. 】

Tan Xiaoqi did not break the filter as he expected, but sent a hundred “ah”.

Jiang Jin was swiped by “Hahaha” first, and then by “Aahah”, he felt that his eyes were going to grow needles.

Tan Xiaoqi: [They are together! ! Wow, the cp of the old lady’s knock is together! How old is your mother! Stop it, stop it! 】

Jiang Jin: […]

Tan Xiaoqi: [Open a room for me immediately to love me hard! The old lady pays them! Ah ah ah ah ah! 】

Jiang Jin: […I beg you, don’t go out and say I know you. 】

Tan Xiaoqi ignored him.

She quickly opened the Little Sweet Potato Dating Guide, and turned to Lu Xiao.

Without saying a word, Lu Xiao sent her a 666 red envelope.

Suspect X: [Brother, I have made a deal with you as a friend. 】

Tan Xiaoqi: [Ask me if you don’t understand anything, don’t be polite. 】

Suspect X: [[Holding fist.jpg]]

The first date requires careful planning.

Lu Xiao chose a Thai restaurant. Thai food was spicy and sweet. He and Ye Cheng both liked it.

Then he flipped through tomorrow’s movies. There were quite a few New Year’s gear on the first day of the new year. He sent it to Ye Cheng and asked him which one he wanted to watch.

After the news was sent, Lu Xiao realized that it was almost two o’clock, and it was estimated that Ye Cheng had already slept.

He was about to continue looking for a date when his phone vibrated.

Restrain: [There are guests at home tomorrow, I don’t know if I can go out. 】

It was only then that Lu Xiao remembered that there should be some juniors going to greet Gao Qiulan for the New Year, and Ye Cheng needed to stay at home to entertain them.

He typed: [It’s okay, are you free in the next few days? 】

Before pressing send, Ye Cheng replied: [Are you convenient to call now? 】

Lu Xiao immediately said: [Convenient, I’ll call you. 】

He plugged the phone into the earphone and dialed Ye Cheng.

After beeping twice, it was connected.

Ye Cheng’s voice came into his ears through the mobile phone, and there was a bit of laziness in the coldness: “Do you want to watch a movie?”

Even though he had heard such a tone many times, Lu Xiao still felt his heart tremble.

He licked his lips and said, “Don’t you usually go to a movie on a date? I can accompany you if you want to do something else.”

“Let’s watch a movie then.” Ye Cheng said.

Like Lu Xiao, he didn’t have much experience with this kind of early love, because in the last life, they were the first to roll the sheets.

He cleared his throat, and his voice could not help softening a little: “I’m sorry, I have to help at home tomorrow, are you not upset?”

Not only was Lu Xiao not unhappy, but he almost pinched his phone.

Woohoo, Ye Cheng really cares about his emotions.

Woohoo, why is he so good.

“No, no,” he faltered, “how could I be unhappy about such a small thing.”

He has to work hard to be mature, after all, Ye Cheng likes mature boys.

Ye Cheng said, “I should be done with work the day after tomorrow, and I will come to you at that time.”

“Okay.” Lu Xiao wished he could listen to everything.

Ye Cheng smiled, “Go to bed early, it’s already two o’clock.”

Lu Xiao said shyly, “You also go to bed earlier, good night.”

“Good night, Xiao.”

This light sentence made Lu Xiao feel dizzy.

Good night, Xiao…


He hung up over there, threw the phone on the bed, and covered his hot face with a pillow.

After a while, he rolled over to sit up and sent a message to Jiang Jin.

【Ah ah ah ah ah! He calls me Xiao! He said good night to me and called me Xiao! 】

He was so excited that both eyes were shining, so that he didn’t notice that it was the melon group that he opened.

After sending it out, Li Junxiao returned a question mark.

Lu Xiao woke up suddenly, and hurriedly clicked to withdraw.

Fortunately, it was already midnight, and almost no one in the group saw it.

He breathed a sigh of relief.

The phone vibrated, prompting a new reply.

He exited the group chat and saw the little red dot on Ye Cheng’s profile picture.

Restrain: [Stop playing with your phone, good night, Xiao. 】



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