Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 52

Ye Cheng noticed that he had been staring at him, so he supported his chin and said, “What are you looking at, no matter how pitiful you are, you can’t hide the fact that you are so wrong.”

He mistakenly thought that Lu Xiao was worried about homework during the winter vacation, but he didn’t know that the drunkard’s intention was not drinking.

“School starts next week, and you have only written five math papers?” He said with a sullen face to the blank papers.

Lu Xiao let go of the straw, but he was really starting to get a little worried.

But he was not worried that he couldn’t finish his homework, but that he would make Ye Cheng unhappy if he couldn’t finish it, so he wouldn’t let him get close.

“Isn’t it Chinese New Year these days? I’ll write it after I eat.” He said cautiously.


Ye Cheng snorted from his nose and reluctantly accepted his words

After the dishes came, he put away his homework and ate.

Lu Xiao ordered a bunch of his favorite seafood, put on gloves, peeled a plate of prawns and pushed it in front of him.

He has done his homework in the past two days and knows what his boyfriend should do. It’s just that he’s never done these things, so he’s a little clumsy, and there’s still a lot of unpeeled shrimp shells on it.

Ye Cheng picked up a shrimp and handed it to his mouth, “Open your mouth, ah—”

His little boyfriend couldn’t stand the slightest provocation, and his handsome face quickly turned red again.

Ye Cheng retracted his hand with a half-smile, and ate one himself.

When Lu Xiao saw him put the chopsticks in his mouth, he secretly made up his mind that he would definitely kiss him when he was watching a movie.

Ye Cheng took a sip of tea, and his face seemed expressionless, but in reality there was an undercurrent in his heart.

In the past, he was suppressed by Lu Xiao. Whether in bed or in life, this person was of a more domineering type.

His domineering is not overbearing, but looks obedient on the surface, but that’s not the case.

For example, let Ye Cheng control the rhythm by himself, but in fact, he will still be speechless; for example, if he makes a mistake, he will kneel on the keyboard obediently, in fact, he will climb into the bed after kneeling, tie his hands with a belt, and take revenge. Sexually force him to say something obscene.

Seemingly submissive, in fact, aggressive, this is the real him.

But now Lu Xiao is different, he is young and immature, and he will discreetly please Ye Cheng.

Although there is a hidden danger beneath this calm appearance, Ye Cheng still enjoys the feeling of not being offended.

After eating, they booked a private room in a private theater.

Other young couples come to this kind of place for a date without being disturbed.

As soon as Ye Cheng entered the door, he took out the math paper and spread it out.

“Six hours in the afternoon, is it alright to write four papers?” He kindly picked four papers and it wasn’t too difficult.


The corners of Lu Xiao’s mouth twitched: “We have to write papers all afternoon?”

“What do you think?” Ye Cheng looked at him faintly.

Lu Xiao took off the cap of the black water pen and said, “I think this proposal is very good. I love learning.”

Ye Cheng was satisfied, and took a look at “The Sinking Age” on the bookshelf of this theater.

The waiter knocked on the door and came in to deliver popcorn and drinks. Seeing that they were doing their homework, they backed out in astonishment.

Lu Xiao buried his head in writing a few questions, and couldn’t help peeking at Ye Cheng.

Seeing that he was reading attentively, he quietly took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Tan Xiaoqi.

Suspect X: [Damn, do you know what I’m doing now? 】

Tan Xiaoqi asked him to remember to share the first date, but he didn’t think about it all morning until now sitting in the quiet private room to find her.

Tan Xiaoqi: [Opening a room? No, you can’t progress so fast. 】

Suspect X: [? Do you have any problem?]

Suspect X: [We are doing our homework in the theater, fuck, he is one meter away from me now, so annoying. 】

Tan Xiaoqi: […Is this the price of falling in love with the school god? I really feel sorry for you. 】

Suspect X: [Is there any way to get him to understand me? I really can’t write it in, and I even forgot Veda’s theorem. 】

Tan Xiaoqi: [This, this, this! Let me think! 】

Tan Xiaoqi: [Are you pretending to be drinking water and accidentally tripping over and pressing on him? 】

Lu Xiao typed: [Does it work, wouldn’t it be too stupid? If he sees through it at a glance…]

Halfway through his writing, his phone was suddenly taken away.

Lu Xiao raised his head in horror and saw Ye Cheng standing beside him at some point.

At this moment, he is holding his mobile phone to look at the chat records.

“You…” He stood up immediately, wishing to find a crack to get in.

The phone was in Ye Cheng’s hands, but he dared not take it back with his courage.

Ye Chengcao glanced at the chat between him and Tan Xiaoqi, pressed the voice button and said, “This idea is really stupid.”

Lu Xiao scratched his toes in embarrassment, wishing he could live on a different planet on the spot.

Ye Cheng threw the phone back to him and said coldly, “If I catch you chatting with others again, the phone will be confiscated.”

Lu Xiao had no choice but to respond aggrievedly and put the phone upside down on the table.

The screen kept turning on, and Tan Xiaoqi was probably so excited that she was about to faint.

He was sullenly lying on the table writing the topic, how many ellipses of the mother are hard to calculate.

Stupid question, stupid question maker.

Stupid movie theater.

He was in a daze for a while while writing, always wondering if he was too hot.

Maybe Ye Cheng wasn’t so interested in him at all, otherwise who would force his partner to study when they were in a relationship?

He couldn’t help but wonder, did Ye Cheng do the same to his ex-boyfriend? Can you read a book in front of him so calmly that you can’t help but not look at him?

The more I think about it, the more sour it becomes, the more uncomfortable I feel.

After writing a paper, he even felt that Ye Cheng didn’t seem to like him very much.

After all, after seeing the chat records, I could still watch most of the damned “Sinking Age” indifferently.

“I’ve written it,” he said in a low voice.

Ye Cheng put down the book, walked over and said, “Well, let me take a look.”

He asked Lu Xiao to move half a seat for him and sat down to help him check the papers.

The seats in the cinema are quite wide, but it is still a bit crowded for two people.

Ye Cheng glanced at it briefly, then stood up and said, “There are two wrong questions in the fill-in-the-blank question, and the last question of the last three questions is a bit problematic. Overall, it’s not bad.”

The few questions that Lu Xiao got wrong were all miscalculations.

It can be seen that he has a good grasp of the basic knowledge, but he just can’t calm down and practice calculations.

Although Lu Xiao was praised, the depression in his heart lingered.

He pointed to the penultimate question and said, “I don’t know this.”

“Where?” Ye Cheng bent down and approached the test paper.

His sudden approach made Lu Xiao’s muscles tense.

Warm breath sprayed between his neck, Lu Xiao couldn’t help holding his breath, pointed to the image and said, “Here.”

“It’s very simple, you flip the picture over and see…”

When Ye Cheng was explaining, he stretched his hand over his shoulder and used a pencil to write and draw on the picture.

Lu Xiao tried his best to listen to him, but it was obvious that he spoke Chinese, but it took a lot of effort to understand.

——Because there are too many interference factors.

He really doesn’t understand how much concentration it takes for someone who can study with an object to not be distracted.

“Do you understand?” Ye Cheng said again and asked.

In fact, Lu Xiao is not completely clueless, he understood it as early as when he talked about the second method.

“Well, I will,” he said.

The arm on his shoulder moved away, and Lu Xiao felt a vague disappointment in his heart.

He’s going to sit back and read again, hey.

But Ye Cheng didn’t leave immediately, but whispered in his ear, “It’s really smart, children who study hard will be rewarded.”

Before Lu Xiao could react, Ye Cheng leaned over and kissed him on the cheek the next second.

The lips swept lightly across his face, as if carrying a small electric current, numb and itchy.

Lu Xiao was stunned and sat stiffly on the spot.

Ye Cheng pinched his chin maliciously: “Don’t use those crooked thoughts, do you hear?”

Fuck, who can resist this.

Lu Xiao grabbed his wrist and impatiently wanted to go forward and ask for a kiss.

Just a few centimeters close, Ye Cheng pressed his index finger against his lips.

The slender fingertips pressed against the soft lips, like a deadly and tempting poppy beckoning to him.

Ye Cheng’s beautiful eyes curled into a smile, and she said casually, “Don’t worry, there is only one reward at a time.”

Lu Xiao’s eyes were glued to him, and he watched him return to his seat, still unable to move a bit.

Ye Cheng laughed: “You still have four hours, don’t waste your time.”

Lu Xiao just turned around a little bit and continued to write the topic.

He wrote twice, raised his head red-faced and said, “Let me kiss you next time.”

Ye Cheng flipped the pages and said, “Okay.”

“I want to kiss on the mouth, not on the face.” Lu Xiao was terrified.

Ye Cheng said calmly, “Okay.”

Lu Xiao’s head exploded, and he lowered his head and started writing.

The second set of papers was written quickly, in half the time of the first set.

Not only that, when Ye Cheng checked, he found that he only got two questions wrong.

Tsk, he seems to have found a way to make Lu Xiao’s grades improve by leaps and bounds.

According to this practice intensity, he can keep at least one hundred and four in mathematics next semester.

However, the total score still depends on the shortcomings. Next time, I have to catch his Chinese and English.

Lu Xiao quickly finished writing the second set, and couldn’t wait to wag his tail: “Can I get the reward?”

Ye Cheng made a “hmm” and raised his face slightly.

He didn’t close his eyes this time, but looked at Lu Xiao steadily, looking more and more attractive.

Lu Xiao licked his lips, his palms sweaty.

He kissed him slowly, breathing heavily.

The tip of his nose touched Ye Cheng’s nose, a little uncomfortable.

Ye Orange tilted her head and adjusted her posture.

Lu Xiao learned from the movie and opened his mouth to touch his lips.

Soft, warm, and ambiguous.

He felt his heart beating so fast it was suffocating.

Suddenly, Ye Cheng frowned and gasped in pain.

Lu Xiao was too devoted to the kiss and accidentally bit him.

Ye Cheng pushed him away and said, “It hurts, I’m so stupid.”

Lu Xiao looked at his swollen lower lip at a loss, blinked and said, “I-I didn’t mean to, I’m sorry…”

He stretched out his hand, wanting to touch the place.

Ye Cheng hooked his neck, “Close your eyes and don’t move.”

It’s really troublesome to have him to teach.

Lu Xiao obediently closed his eyes and let him pull himself over without moving.

Ye Cheng was about to kiss him when the phone on the table rang.

He had to let go of Lu Xiao, picked it up and found that it was Gao Qiulan’s phone.

Lu Xiao stood aside with a blushing face, watching him answer the phone.

“Hey, grandma, what’s the matter?” Ye Cheng asked.

Gao Qiulan’s happy voice came from the other end: “Chengcheng, is it convenient for you to come to the hospital now? Qiaoqiao has found a suitable bone marrow!”



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