Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 55

Although Xu Chao usually played well with the students, it was quite strict if he really wanted to get disciplined.

Within a week of school, a couple was caught in the class.

This pair is relatively unlucky. They were playing video games in the video game city on Saturday, and they happened to bump into Xu Chao with his daughter and niece.

Xu Chao stopped playing with his daughter, and immediately followed them to visit home.

There are noses and eyes in the melon group, and the whole high two are in danger.

Because of this incident, Ye Cheng was forced to cancel the weekend date with Lu Xiao.

The two had planned to go to the water park to play, but they couldn’t go on.

After school on Monday, Tan Xiaoqi and Li Junxiao were also invited to the office for tea, and Xu Chao repeatedly warned them not to fall in love.


Because these two have a criminal record, they have been educated a lot.

Lu Xiao hadn’t seen Ye Cheng for two whole days. He only had a video with him for a few hours on Saturday night, and it was still the kind of video while studying.

Of course, it was only Yecheng’s unilateral study. Not only did he not read the book, but he also recorded the screen so that he could read it later.

Lu Xiao was lying on the table and said coquettishly, “I miss you so much.”

Ye Cheng thought to himself that he hadn’t seen each other for two days.

When the class bell rang, Wang Lili walked in.

Ye Cheng pressed his index finger against his lips, made a silent motion, and motioned him to sit down and listen to the class.

Lu Xiao reluctantly supported his body and got up to go to class.

“Classmates, turn the book to the second unit. Yesterday, I asked you to preview the vocabulary list in advance. Have you read it?” Wang Lili said.

Hua Wangchun convened them for a meeting two days ago, emphasizing the need to speed up the progress of the new class. Therefore, the pace of the class has been very fast in recent days. The teachers of each class are in the book, and they can speak faster than anyone else.

The students had to listen carefully to the lecture, and once they were distracted for a few minutes, it was difficult to understand the rest.

In Jiang Jin’s words, it was his time to tie his shoelaces, and the teacher had already written half of the blackboard.

Everyone said: “Look.”

A few people who didn’t have time to prep were already panicking, because she was about to call someone up to do a spot check.

Lu Xiao’s book was on the first unit, and he couldn’t help but glance aside.

He didn’t know what was going on, he hadn’t seen Ye Cheng for two days, and he really missed him.

As soon as the man sat next to him, he couldn’t help wanting to see him.

Wang Lili glanced at the classroom, caught a distracted one, and raised her voice, “Lu Xiao, get up and I’ll slap you.”

The bottom laughed.

“Sister Wang is so scary, she has to ‘pick others’ every time she is in class.”


“To dare to ‘pick’ our first brother, as expected of Sister Wang.”

“Hahaha, are you poisonous?”

High school students are accustomed to playing stalks and discussing them happily.

Wang Lili looked at them and said, “Don’t worry, I will smoke one by one, and you may be the next one.”

Everyone immediately fell silent, bowing their heads and pretending to be dead.

Wang Lili said to Lu Xiao, “I speak English, you answer in Chinese. The first word, surround”

Lu Xiao vaguely remembered and replied, “Encircle.”

“Make a phrase,” she said.

Lu Xiao only remembers words, but has no impression of phrases at all.

Ye Cheng covered her mouth and whispered, “Besurroundedby.”

“Ye Cheng, you are not allowed to remind him.” Wang Lili lowered her face and said.

He had to shut up.

“Hmph, I said yesterday that I can draw phrases, you didn’t read it at all, did you?” Wang Lili said sternly, “The second one, postpone.”

Lu Xiao felt that the pronunciation was familiar, but he couldn’t remember it.

So familiar, what do you mean…

He tentatively said, “Connect? Or pause?”

Wang Lili slapped the table: “You are playing charades here.”

Lu Xiao stopped talking, she asked five more questions one after another, but he didn’t answer any of them.

Wang Lili was angry, pointed at him and said, “I can’t do anything, and I still have the mind to desert! You always look at what your roommate is doing, isn’t it good-looking?”

What teachers hate most when blaming students is not getting a response, which makes them feel like they’re talking stand-up.

She asked again angrily: “Answer me, is he good-looking?”

Lu Xiao said without changing his expression, “It’s very pretty.”

The hall burst into laughter, and Ye Cheng’s face turned red involuntarily.

Wang Lili didn’t expect that after a semester, his face became thicker. Instead, she was so angry that she fined him to stand for five minutes.

When he sat down, Ye Cheng pushed over a note: [Remember once, don’t forget what you said. 】

When Lu Xiao changed positions, he personally assured him that if he peeked at him again in class, he would stand up and shout “I’m an idiot” ten times.

Lu Xiao scribbled a few words and smashed the paper into a ball at him.

Ye Cheng was smashed upright, and while Wang Lili turned to write on the blackboard, she opened the note.

[I praise you for your good looks, but you are still not satisfied. Are you helping her or me? 】

The little boyfriend is angry.

Ye Cheng talked with him for half a class, but he also missed a few questions and couldn’t catch it.

After class, he gave him a death order: “You are not allowed to pass notes to me in class in the future.”

Lu Xiao said, “You passed it on to me first.”

“Then you shouldn’t send it back.”

Lu Xiao is not aggrieved.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t pass the note, you only allow him to pass it, and you can’t pass it back? What a **** double standard scene this is.

Ye Cheng said, “If you don’t pass me a note all day, after school…”

He stopped and Lu Xiao raised his eyes.

Ye Cheng didn’t continue talking, but smiled ambiguously.

Lu Xiao immediately seemed to be slapped with blood, swallowed and said, “Okay, if you don’t pass it on, you won’t pass it on.”

He didn’t remember to eat or fight, and he forgot about the double-standard treatment just now.

The third period is math class, and it is also the most sleepy time in the morning.

It’s only been a week since school started, and everyone is seriously sleep-deprived, as the amount of homework this term is almost double that of last term.

Just when everyone was drowsy, Lu Xiao suddenly stood up.

Xu Chao thought he was going to the toilet, so he waved his hand skillfully and said, “Go.”

Lu Xiao didn’t move, opened his mouth blankly and said, “I’m a fool, I’m a fool, I’m a fool, I’m a fool, I’m a fool…”

He said it ten times in a row, and the class fell into a dead silence.

Then there was a burst of laughter that nearly lifted the roof.

“Ouch, **** it, is the first brother a villain? I’m dying of laughter.”

“Nima, I yawned halfway through, and forcibly held it back.”


“Hahahahahaha, help, why is it so funny.”

Xu Chao was also annoyed by him, threw down the chalk and said, “Why, are you watching them all dozing off and performing an impromptu show?”

Ye Cheng lowered her head, her shoulders shaking uncontrollably.

“I lost the bet.” Lu Xiao said nonchalantly.

Xu Chao was angry and funny, shook his head and reprimanded him, “If you continue to make a fool of yourself, stand up for me. Okay, everyone is awake, right?”

After he sat down, he saw Ye Cheng was still laughing secretly, and stabbed him in revenge, “It’s all your fault.”

Ye Cheng scolded with a smile: “Stupid.”

Damn, so mentally retarded, he thought Lu Xiao was just talking, but he didn’t expect him to do it.


Lu Xiao thought to himself, laugh. After school at night, see if Lao Tzu will let you go.

Ye Cheng didn’t know that he was harboring ghosts, and gave him a provocative look.

During the lunch break, Tan Xiaoqi’s tablemate couldn’t bear it any longer, lying on the table and complaining to her on the phone.

Ge Yun: [You know, I think I’m still licking candy one second now, and the next second my tongue will be cut by a knife. 】

Tan Xiaoqi: […Your metaphor is very immersive. 】

Ge Yun couldn’t understand: [Why do I feel that the two of them are hot and cold, showing their affection in public at one time in class, and then acting like strangers at the same time. 】

In fact, Lu Xiao had already explained it to Tan Xiaoqi two days ago, but she couldn’t tell others.

Ge Yun: [I really doubt whether it is necessary to go down. I don’t think the first brother really likes Ye Meimei very much. 】

Tan Xiaoqi hurriedly persuaded her: [How come, if you don’t like it, you still listen to him? Don’t you like to praise him for his good looks in front of the teacher? Don’t you like to bring him breakfast every day? 】

Ge Yun insisted: [Then explain why they don’t eat together, go home from school together, and don’t talk much after class. 】

Tan Xiaoqi: […]

Her heart was itchy and unbearable, it was too painful to be alone! It was so hard!


Damn, I really want to tell those girl videos that are posted every once in a while to send love letters, tell the common believers in the forum who desperately sing about Xiaochengbe, and tell Ge Yun, a swaying and suspicious little girl, that they are really together! Why don’t you believe it? !

Tan Xiaoqi wiped her tears and typed: [Sister, I can’t say, just observe carefully, there are still a lot of tricks. 】

Ge Yun bit his lip: [Okay, I’ll take a look at the gym class that afternoon, and pray that they can play basketball together. 】

Tan Xiaoqi: [That is necessary! They don’t beat me together and twist my head off for you as a cushion! 】

Ge Yun: [There is no need to make such a poisonous oath…]

The first session in the afternoon was the physical education class, and everyone gathered on the playground to stand in line.

Tan Xiaoqi gave Ge Yun a look and motioned her to wait and see.

However, because the physical education teacher was complained that the class was too watery last semester, he decided to split the course into half for training and half for free activities.

The students begged: “Farewell, teacher, we are tired enough in class.”

“That’s right, I couldn’t take a break in the last physical education class, and there will probably be no physical education class next semester.”

The physical education teacher said, “It’s not for you to run 800 meters. Look at your achievements.”

He saw Hua Wangchun approaching from a distance, and commanded: “Hurry up and stand in the team and cooperate.”

In fact, the so-called training, just do some warm-up exercises.

The PE teacher said, “Everyone, in pairs, play the hand-clapping game I taught you, and the loser does ten push-ups.”

The game of hand clapping is very simple, even kindergarten children know it, that is, one person puts his hand on another person’s hand, and the person below pats the back of the upper hand with his backhand.

The game itself is not important, just let them do push-ups to stretch their muscles and bones by the way.

Lu Xiao was always in front of Ye Cheng. When Ye Cheng turned around, he smiled maliciously.

He played basketball and danced hip-hop for a long time, and his reaction speed almost beat Ye Cheng.

Boys have never been able to change the bad taste of wanting to tease someone when they like him. He raised his eyebrows and said, “I’ll let you go first.”

Saying that, he put his hand on it.

Ye Cheng held him empty with his hands, and the palms of the two did not fit together completely.

The physical education teacher said: “You can start by yourself. The loser does push-ups voluntarily.”

Ge Yun was separated by a few people from them, and couldn’t wait to look at Tan Xiaoqi: “Damn it, hold hands, hold hands!”

Tan Xiaoqi’s sugar-eating skills are becoming more and more mature, and she won’t make a fuss at every turn: “Calm down.”


Ye Cheng found the right time, and withdrew his hand and slapped it.

Lu Xiao shrank his hands in seconds, and his movements were astonishingly fast, and he fluttered in the air.

“Spicy chicken.” He murmured unceremoniously.

Ye Cheng was originally disdainful to play this kind of mind-bending game, but when two people are playing, if one side crushes you and humiliates you, it will be difficult for him not to be aroused by the desire to win or lose.

He no longer believed in evil: “one more time.”

Lu Xiao easily compared a number: “How about three rounds to decide the outcome?”

“Don’t talk nonsense, put it up.” Ye Cheng gradually became irritable.

He must hit this guy.

Lu Xiao put his hand up, this time he was even more domineering, placing his fingers directly on his wrist.

Not highly harmful, highly insulting.

Ye Cheng made a fake move and feinted a shot.

Lu Xiao took it back subconsciously, and found that the other party was playing with him.

“It scares you.” He took the opportunity to sneer.

“Don’t make these fakes, you can hit me if you have the ability.” Lu Xiao had a beating expression on his face.

Ye Cheng was successfully provoked by him, and for the second time, he quickly turned his hand and slapped it hard.

But the harder he worked, the sadder he became. Not only did he photograph the air, but he also patted it on his leg.

“Hahahahaha, you are so stupid!” Lu Xiao was so excited that he instantly lost his desire to survive.

It was rare for him to see the stupid Ye Cheng, and he smiled so much that his mouth went to the bottom of his ears.

Ge Yun covered his mouth and screamed softly: “Okay, I’m alive again, it’s too sweet, fuck.”

Tan Xiaoqi said with emotion: “Do you know why they dare not talk to each other, because as long as they look at each other, the whole Shanhai Road is a pink bubble.”

“Wuwuwu, if the sisters can talk, talk more.”

Ye Cheng’s face darkened, “You laugh, there’s a third time.”

Lu Xiao laughed even harder: “I’ve only heard of two wins in three games, you lost the first two games, and you want a third time?”

“I’m happy, you take care of me?” Ye Cheng said coldly.

Lu Xiao smiled and stretched out his hand, “Okay, the third time is the third time.”

The third clapping started, and as soon as he turned his hands, Lu Xiao ended the game in a second.

Ye Cheng was so angry that he was smoking, leaned over and patted Lu Xiao’s arm, and said unreasonably, “It’s hit.”

Lu Xiao laughed so hard that his tears were about to come out. His mother’s boyfriend was stupid and cute.

“Okay, you won.” His voice was smiling, and he was willing to lie on the ground and do sit-ups.

The slender hands firmly supported the ground, “One, two, three, four…”

Ge Yun was about to faint: “My God, how can you be so petted!”

“I’m really convinced, I want to break up.” Tan Xiaoqi said tearfully, “My boyfriend never lets me play games, so angry.”

After Lu Xiao finished ten, he patted the ashes on his palm.

Ye Cheng couldn’t hold back his face, and turned his head to avoid looking at him.

At this time, the physical education teacher said: “Everyone, switch positions, don’t always play with one person.”

He saw some people do it several times, while others didn’t do it once.

Yu Kun and Lu Xiao changed positions, and excitedly said, “I’m actually going to shoot Ye Shen, can I get more exams in one shot?”

He just saw Lu Xiao “bullying” Ye Cheng with his own eyes, so he knows how good Ye Cheng is to play this kind of reaction game.

“You are below.” Ye Cheng put his hand up, he was below just now, this time I want to try it, maybe it will be better.

Lu Xiao stood next to Yu Kun and was in a group with Jiang Jin, but his eyes were fixed on them.

Yu Kun smiled slyly, “I’m here.”

He put his hand under Ye Cheng’s and made three consecutive fake movements.

Ye Cheng was going crazy by him, and kept shrinking back, putting up, and retracting.

This is the most distressing.

Jiang Jin looked at Lu Xiao’s unmoving hand, and said suspiciously, “Brother Xiao, you hit me.”

Lu Xiao stared at the overlapping hands of the two people next to him, not in the mood to play with him at all.

Just when Ye Cheng was gradually feeling tired, Yu Kun made a decisive decision and slapped him on the back of his hand.

“Fuck, I’m so **** awesome hahaha!” He jumped up in place.

In a certain way, the pleasure of overwhelming the first grade, whoever experiences it knows.

The peel of Yecheng can’t stand the shot, and it turns a lot of red when you smoke it.

He shook his hand, not feeling much pain, and said seriously, “Come again.”

Lu Xiao frowned as he looked at the slightly swollen back of his hand.

Fuck, he was reluctant to fight just now, this Yu Kun is afraid that there is no serious illness.

Yu Kun was overwhelmed by the joy of victory, he immediately stretched out his hand and said, “Come on, let’s see how I can beat you!”

This time he changed his routine and didn’t take the fake action route again.

The moment Ye Cheng put his hand up, saying it was too late, he slapped his backhand.

Ye Cheng was precisely sniped with a loud bang.

Finally, Lu Xiao couldn’t bear it anymore, he raised his hand and gave Yu Kun’s head.

“You’re **** sick, what are you doing so hard?”

Yu Kun was still immersed in excitement one moment, but the next moment was stunned.

Jiang Jin said quickly, “Brother Xiao, just play a game, don’t get angry.”

Yu Kun covered the back of his head blankly and innocently, sobbing, not knowing what he had done wrong.


The physical education teacher blew the whistle in a timely manner: “This is the end of the warm-up, everyone, let’s disband for free activities.”

Ye Cheng and Jiang Jin, one on the other, dragged Lu Xiao to the basketball court.

Ge Yun said with tears in his eyes, “I no longer doubt that Xiaocheng is true love. He really loves him. He can bully himself, but if others bully him, he will fight back.”

Tan Xiaoqi said, “Stay firm with yourself! Xiaocheng is true love! Let’s go, let’s watch them play basketball. If these two are on the same team, they will be invincible.”

As the team disbanded, Li Junxiao came over.

“Baby, are you going to buy water?” he asked.

This is the secret code agreed by the two of them. “Buying water” means to secretly stay away from the crowd and find a small corner where no one is there to chat with me.

Tan Xiaoqi looked at him and thought that not only did he not let her down when he was playing games, but he also had a good meal.

She said indifferently: “No, you can go by yourself, take your water to the canyon and stand for a day.”

“…?” Li Junxiao was stunned.

Tan Xiaoqi dumped him and dragged Ge Yun away without looking back.

Li Junxiao: “I’m going, what’s going on? What about the canyon?”

A woman’s heart is really a needle in the sea.

On the basketball court, everyone discussed grouping.

Lu Xiao originally wanted to team up with Ye Cheng, but Ye Cheng thought that they were playing games under Hua Wangchun’s nose just now. Now that Hua Wangchun has not left, it would be better to “avoid suspicion” as Lu Xiao said.

Ye Cheng took the initiative to walk to Zhou Minhao’s team and said, “I’m on this team.”

They have always played with Zhou Minhao and Lu Xiao as the sub-captains. Choosing Zhou Minhao is equivalent to playing against Lu Xiao.

“Wow, I am He De He Neng, today I actually got the favor of Brother Cheng.” Zhou Minhao said overjoyedly, Ye Cheng used to be in Lu Xiao’s team.

Just as Lu Xiao wanted to call him back, Jiang Jin wisely agreed: “That’s good, we should switch groups, it’s boring to always be the same.”


After he finished speaking, he looked at Lu Xiao proudly, with “I’m doing well, praise me quickly” written on his face.

After all, a few days ago, they also said that they wanted to show a little less familiarity.

Lu Xiao gritted his teeth and said, “If you don’t team up with me, then don’t be beaten by me.”

When he said this, Zhou Minhao got excited, hooked Ye Cheng’s shoulder and said, “Brother Cheng, don’t be threatened by him, I am the captain of the basketball team, so I can’t take you to fly?”

Lu Xiao narrowed his eyes: “You want to take him to fly? Ha.”

Boys are careful, they can do anything.

Before the start of the game, Lu Xiao stood on the sidelines wearing wrist guards, and threw a pair to Ye Cheng.

Ye Cheng was tying his shoelaces, and he said condescendingly, “Give you another chance, you can choose to join me.”

Ye Cheng laughed, straightened up and said, “When you laughed at me just now, weren’t you arrogant, why are you begging me to be with you again now?”

Lu Xiao looked at him up and down: “I said why do you have to go to his group, you still hold grudges.”

“If it’s a man, let’s compete openly.” Ye Cheng planned to be ashamed.

He still has confidence in his own basketball, because it was taught by Lu Xiao ten years later.

The two teams were on the field, and there were already many girls around.

Lu Xiao was reckless when he came up and didn’t give them a chance to react at all.

Thirteen middle school bully is not a cover, and he scored a goal unexpectedly in the blink of an eye.

The girls outside the venue screamed and cheered.

When Lu Xiao passed Ye Cheng, he slanted the corner of his mouth at him.

Look, let you not choose me.

But from the second game, things began to develop in an unexpected direction.

Ye Cheng had never cooperated with Zhou Minhao before, and he didn’t know that he would be so tacit in a fight with him.

When the two pass the ball, one pass is accurate, and they only need to glance at each other to know the position the other party needs.

Zhou Minhao handsomely jumped up and dunked and scored.

“Brother, wow!” He rushed up and slapped Ye Cheng.

It is unavoidable to be happy to meet team members who are highly cooperative.

In the next few breakthroughs, his cooperation with Ye Cheng was seamless.

It was him that Lu Xiao focused on, but Ye Cheng repeatedly took advantage of him.

He always subconsciously felt that Ye Cheng was on his side, which led to repeated defensive negligence.

The eyes outside the court gradually shifted from him to Zhou Minhao and Ye Cheng.

The game was over two minutes before get out of class ended.

Zhou Minhao shouted happily: “Damn, it’s the first time I won Brother Xiao, it’s so cool! Thanks to you, Brother Orange!”

He grabbed Ye Cheng and said, “Come on, I’ll treat you to a drink of water.”

Lu Xiao waved his hand away without hesitation, “What water to drink, I haven’t returned the equipment yet.”

“Just let them go…” Zhou Minhao was interrupted in the middle of his words.

Lu Xiao stared at Ye Cheng uncertainly and said, “Go and return the basketball with me.”

He didn’t show much anger on his face, instead he was a little calm.

Ye Cheng teased him several times today, and now he will accept it when he sees it, and said to Zhou Minhao, “I’ll accompany him.”

Zhou Minhao had to leave with everyone first, and said to him, “I’ll leave you a bottle of water, you remember to come to our class to pick it up.”

The people on the playground slowly walked towards the classroom, the door to the equipment room was closed, and there was no one around.

Ye Orange held the basketball and put it on the shelf, but heard the sound of locking the door behind him.

“Let’s go back, we’ll go to Zhou Minhao to get water later.”

He turned around and said, and before he could react, he felt a whirlwind.

In the small equipment room, Lu Xiao pushed him against the wall and looked down at him fiercely: “Do you still want to go to their class to get water? You’re used to it.”

His eyes were deep and dangerous, like a vortex containing a storm, and a sense of oppression came over him.

Ye Cheng sensed something was wrong, raised his hand in a panic and tried to struggle.

Lu Xiao quickly pressed his hand against the cold wall and wrapped the person in his arms in a possessive gesture.

“You try again, I can’t guarantee that something will happen.” He said in a low voice.



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