Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 56

Perhaps he was too indulgent recently, Ye Cheng almost forgot what his cold face looked like.

This familiar, aggressive expression reminded him of some unsightly moments.

Ye Cheng reflexively wanted to escape, but was tightly shackled between his arms.

“Don’t mess around, there is surveillance here.” His eyelashes trembled, bluffing to scare the other party.

Lu Xiao sneered: “Are you the sports committee or I am the sports committee, do you come more to the equipment room or do I come more often?”

They were standing just behind the basketball hoop, perfectly avoiding the cameras.

Ye Cheng was a little nervous and swallowed.

The two were very close, and Lu Xiao’s every reaction was clearly captured by Lu Xiao.

“You know you’re afraid?” Lu Xiao sneered and squeezed his chin with his other hand, forcing him to raise his head and look at him.


He rarely used this forced posture, Ye Cheng’s heart couldn’t help pounding.

“I didn’t do anything wrong. You said you wanted to avoid suspicion.” He pretended to be calm.

Lu Xiao laughed angrily at him: “It’s my fault that I dare to be affectionate? It’s also my fault that I’m grouped, and it’s also my fault that Zhou Minhao sent you water?”

Ye Cheng said angrily, “Why are you so careful, he’s a straight man, okay?”

Lu Xiao said harshly: “I’m just being careful, I don’t want others to stare at you, and I don’t want others to take your shoulders.”

Ye Cheng opened his mouth, just about to scold him for being naive.

I just heard him say again: “Because when I was staring at you, all I could think about was what your lips would taste like, and when I put it on your shoulder, all I was thinking about was pulling you over and kissing you hard. you.”

Ye Cheng was speechless.

Lu Xiao took a deep breath and said patiently, “I lied, my thoughts are not that pure. Not only do I want to kiss you, but I also want to strip your clothes off here.”

Ye Cheng’s face burst into flames, red from cheeks to the roots of his neck.

His body trembled slightly, as if he had imagined such a scene.

In the narrow and dark equipment room, Lu Xiao was well-dressed, but he didn’t have an inch of thread…

He hurriedly closed his eyes, raised his head suddenly and said, “You dare… uh!”

The next second, Lu Xiao lowered his head and kissed him.

This time, unlike the previous one, he bit Ye Cheng’s lips without pity.

The tip of the tongue frantically invades the occupied territory, and tastes his taste fiery and domineering.

When the fangs collided, he was bitten by Ye Cheng, and the smell of rust spread between his lips and tongue, but it made him even more excited.

It took five minutes for him to let go of the soft person in his arms.

Ye Cheng’s eyes were red, his lips half-opened, panting, looking like he was being bullied.

This expression didn’t arouse Lu Xiao’s affection, but it made him want to further violate the other party.


What if he cried out?

Lu Xiao’s eyes darkened, his thumb rested on his wet lower lip.

There were thin calluses on the pads of his fingers, and the feeling of brushing against his lips was rough and irritating.

Ye Cheng’s chest kept heaving and his breathing was messy.

Lu Xiao played with that lip until it was red and swollen, then pressed it hard, and said in a hoarse voice, “If you provoke me next time, see if I dare.”

Ye Cheng felt that his prestige had suddenly collapsed. He angrily bumped Lu Xiao away, left a sentence “You’re crazy”, and ran out of the equipment room as if he were running away.

Lu Xiao licked his lips, and tidied up his school uniform pants.

He followed Ye Cheng out of the equipment room, strode up to grab his arm, but was thrown away violently.

After they left, two figures appeared at the door of the equipment room.

Zhou Kai said suspiciously, “Boss, what are they doing in there? Why do they seem to be quarreling.”

Looking at the retreating backs of the two, Zhang Qi’s expression was thoughtful: “I’m afraid it’s not as simple as a quarrel.”

Zhang Qi has always had fun, and often goes out and about some underground entertainment venues with the public.

When he looks at the relationship between two people, he can often see that something is wrong at a glance.

Lu Xiao’s attitude towards the No. 1 in this grade is too strange. On the basketball court just now, he didn’t seem to know him very well.

Now chasing people all the way to trot, and being thrown away is not angry.

This posture, how do you look like he coaxes his girlfriend.

Thinking of this, Zhang Qi was shocked.

No, are they really tricky?

I fuck.

That night, someone uploaded a video on the forum.

The post exploded overnight and was paged to the home page.

The title is [Gossip | Seeing Xiaocheng having supper together at night, I have no regrets in this life. 】

The main building is a video of Lu Xiao and Ye Cheng sitting side by side eating noodles in a snail noodle shop.

During this period, Lu Xiao also wiped Ye Cheng’s mouth and fed him a fried egg with his own chopsticks.


The shooting angle of the video is very private, like peeping through the crack of the door.

The entire forum exploded.

1L: I’m **** speechless, tong Liu Ming.

2L: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

3L: Feeding is really sweet and sweet, who said that the bee gets out and gets beaten! We Xiaocheng are clearly in a good relationship!

229L: Everyone is eating sugar, am I the only one who noticed the source of this video? Is the landlord deliberately taking pictures of them?

230L: I feel the same way upstairs. I get goosebumps from this angle of view.

231L: Let the landlord come out and explain, even if you are a fan girl, is it too much to follow others to take pictures?

523L: The class group came to watch.

524L: The class group came to watch.

525L: The class group came to watch.

526L: The tour group took me one, big shock, so they are gay?

527L: The real upstairs is funny. What’s wrong with feeding the brothers? In your eyes, the whole world is gay.

528L: Are you sick? It’s just a meal, so don’t over-interpret it.

529L: What’s going on, the class is here, I don’t understand…

530L: Worth, our head teacher also saw it.

Jiang Jin hurriedly forwarded this post to Lu Xiao, poking him like crazy: [Look! It’s over, Lao Xu saw it! 】

Lu Xiao clicked in and watched the video over and over five times.

Moments later, he nearly smashed his phone.

Damn, when I was having dinner with Ye Cheng at night, Zhou Kai was sitting across from him.

He walked around the bedroom, raised his hand and threw the bedside lamp out in a fit of rage.

This bastard, it seems that he really does not cry without seeing the coffin.

He decisively opened the address book, pulled Zhou Kai out of the blacklist, and dialed directly.

There was a few beeps and hung up.

Lu Xiao texted him: [Answer the phone, or you won’t have a better tomorrow. 】

A few seconds later, Zhou Kai replied: [One brother, I didn’t post that post, don’t embarrass me. 】

Lu Xiao was too lazy to talk nonsense with him: [Tell Zhang Qi, see you on the basketball court after school tomorrow. 】

Zhou Kai was still very afraid of him, and replied in seconds: [I will convey it, but there is no guarantee that he will go. 】

Lu Xiao’s eyes were extremely gloomy: [If he doesn’t go, just wait and collect his body. 】

Jiang Jin’s call came in, and Lu Xiao answered it and put it in his ear.

He panicked: “What should I do, has Lao Xu found you? He won’t punish you, will he?”

Lu Xiao said, “It’s just an unfounded video. It can prove something.”

Jiang Jin was led away by the people in the building, and then he realized that they did nothing in the video, just fed a mouthful of food.

Only then did he wake up: “Fortunately, no intimate actions were photographed, but there are so many people talking about it, Lao Xu will inevitably be affected.”

“He may talk to you tomorrow, be smart then.” Lu Xiao rubbed his temples.


“He wouldn’t go directly to the person for such a thing without evidence.” Lu Xiao was extremely calm. “And it’s related to Ye Cheng, so he will definitely take a side view of other students’ attitude first.”

Jiang Jin suddenly realized: “Damn it, Brother Xiao, you are too good, you can get it all.”

Lu Xiao instructed him: “When he is testing your tone, remember to say it crookedly, and also talk to Tan Xiaoqi.”

The only people in the class who knew about his relationship with Ye Cheng were Tan Xiaoqi and Jiang Jin.

If Xu Chao found someone else, he was afraid that the reaction of the two of them would be revealed.

“How can I fool around and pretend that I don’t know your relationship?” Jiang Jin asked, scratching his head.

Lu Xiao said, “That’s definitely not possible. You follow me every day, and it’s too fake to say that you don’t know. You say that…”

He talked to Jiang Jin.

There was no movement on Ye Cheng’s side. He didn’t like to surf the Internet when he was studying, so he probably didn’t know about it.

Before going to bed, I said good night to Lu Xiao, and Lu Xiao also said good night to him, I love you.

The next day for self-study, Xu Chao arrived in the classroom early.

Ye Cheng was reading on the podium, and he stood in the back row with his hands behind his back.

Lu Xiao glanced at him inadvertently, and saw that he was looking at himself.

Halfway through self-study, he called Yu Kun out.

Sitting by the window, Lu Xiao saw Yu Kun’s blank face, and inexplicably said a few words to him.

A few minutes later, Xu Chao called Jiang Jin out again.

Jiang Jin’s expression was even more innocent than Yu Kun’s, “How can you think so” and “Teacher, I’m afraid you are not prejudiced.”

Xu Chao chatted with him for a full ten minutes, and at the end he got angry and slapped him on the forehead.

Jiang Jin covered his head, entered the door sullenly, and threw a wink at Lu Xiao from a distance.

Everything went according to plan.

Xu Chao was still not reconciled, he entered the door and said, “Tan Xiaoqi, come out.”

There was a lot of discussion.

“What’s wrong with Lao Xu? I called several people to talk this morning.”

“Maybe it’s a routine conversation, ask about the study situation or something.”

“Damn it, then it won’t be me next, right?”

“How do I feel, it may be because of the forum yesterday.”

“What’s up with the forum?”

“Didn’t you eat melon? It’s the post from the first brother and the monitor.”

“I know I know, but that’s too ridiculous. Didn’t the first brother and the squad leader have a good relationship all the time?”

“That’s right, if you hit a cp, everyone is gay, speechless.”

Tan Xiaoqi came out uneasy, looked at Xu Chao and said, “Teacher, do you have anything to do with me?”

Xu Chao said suspiciously, “Why are you so nervous?”

She grabbed the corner of her clothes: “I-I’m not nervous.”

Xu Chao became serious: “You know what I’m going to ask you, right? You must know the inside story.”

Tan Xiaoqi seemed to be unable to hold it anymore, and said with a sullen mouth: “Teacher, I really didn’t date Li Junxiao! We have broken up!”

Xu Chao: “…”

“I didn’t want to ask you about Li Junxiao,” he said with a black line on his face. “Didn’t you get close to Lu Xiao recently? The teacher wants to ask you, how do you think his relationship with Ye Cheng is?”


Tan Xiaoqi’s eyes flashed, and he murmured, “They have a good relationship.”

Xu Chao caught her micro-expression and immediately said, “You lie, tell me the truth.”

Tan Xiaoqi hesitated.

He angrily said, “If you shield them, I will not show mercy to you.”

Tan Xiaoqi was about to cry, and looked like she was about to cry.

Xu Chao continued to coerce and coerce: “Just say it, I promise that you won’t startle the snake in the past few days, and I won’t tell anyone that you said it.”

Finally, Tan Xiaoqi was defeated by him.

She said with a trembling voice: “Teacher, you must protect me. I will only tell you these words.”

“Don’t worry, there are teachers and schools behind you, how can they fail you!” Xu Chao was angry and stern.

Tan Xiaoqi nodded gratefully and said, “Then I’ll be honest… I don’t think they’re as good as they look.”


“Ye Cheng looks like a helpful student, but in fact he is very afraid of others surpassing him, so he plays with Lu Xiao to show his sense of superiority.” Tan Xiaoqi said seriously, “Lu Xiao is too bad, he is often harassed in class. Ye Cheng, I want to hold him back and watch his grades plummet.”

She concluded: “These two people definitely have hatred for each other and play together just to harm each other.”

Xu Chao: “…”



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