Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 58

Ye Cheng kept squatting on the ground and looked up at him.

In fact, a few times just now, he suddenly realized that there seemed to be someone behind him, but Lu Xiao guessed that he continued to follow after he was far away.

His mood was a little complicated, and he forgot to move on.

Lu Xiao took a few steps forward, bent down and squatted in front of him, lowered his head and helped him tie his shoelaces. His knuckled fingers deftly passed through the shoelaces, his eyebrows and eyes were low and soft, and his eyes were serious and focused.

Ye Cheng looked down, stared at the bow that was about to take shape, and said dullly, “Don’t you want me to know you, what are you doing here?”

As soon as he opened his mouth, he realized that his tone was full of anger, so he cleared his throat unnaturally to cover it up.


After tying his shoelaces, Lu Xiao let go.

He put his arms on his knees, looking like the golden retriever they had raised, the expression he made every time he bit something.

“I didn’t say that.” He pouted.

Some things are easy to convince him, and some things are related to the dignity of men. Even if he follows Ye Cheng all the way, he doesn’t want to be the first to admit that he has done something wrong.

What’s more, it was Zhang Qi who messed with him first.

Ye Cheng just squatted face to face with him, looked into his eyes and said, “You didn’t mean that just now? You think you don’t need me to intervene in your life, then you can do whatever you want in the future. Smoking, drinking, fighting Fight as you like, I don’t bother to care anymore.”

The more he spoke, the more angry he became, and he stood up and wanted to leave.

This time he got up too violently, Ye Cheng’s eyes went black, and his body swayed unsteadily.

Lu Xiao quickly stood up to support him, “Slow down.”

Ye Cheng didn’t succeed in his majesty, and fell into someone’s arms. Angrily, he threw off his hand and turned around and strode away.

Lu Xiao immediately caught up with him and explained quickly: “I don’t smoke or drink, I don’t need e-cigarettes anymore, and I didn’t initiate fights. I’ll try not to fight in the future. Okay.”

The most angry people can’t hear the three words “Is it okay?” Ye Cheng sneered and asked: “So you think you are right?”

Okay, it’s the same as perfunctory, and perfunctory means he thinks he’s right.

Lu Xiao exhaled and had to surrender with both hands: “ok, then I was wrong.”

“You said you were wrong.”

The classic delivery proposition is here.

Lu Xiao endured the humiliation and said, “It shouldn’t be a fight.”

No wonder, if he hadn’t had to coax his boyfriend, he would now want to screw Zhang Qi’s head off.

“What else?” Ye Cheng’s eyes were like torches.

“Also?” Lu Xiao was confused, “I haven’t smoked or drank recently.”

Ye Cheng looked disappointed: “You still don’t understand what’s wrong, think about it.”


Across the road was his community, and he went home directly across the road.

Of course Lu Xiao followed behind him, but before stepping into the door of Ye’s house, he was slammed shut outside.

Gao Qiulan was peeling peanuts and was about to cook a peanut and pig’s foot soup for Ye Qiaoqiao when she saw Ye Cheng came back angrily and asked, “What’s the matter, Cheng Cheng, did anyone make you unhappy?”

“It’s nothing.” Ye Cheng didn’t turn his head back and locked himself in the room.

Lu Xiao’s wailing came from the door: “Grandma, are you there? Open the door for me.”

Gao Qiulan responded quickly, “I’m here, I’m here.”

She wiped her hands on the apron, walked over to open the door and said, “What’s the matter with this child, why are you locked out, really.”

She pulled Lu Xiao in.

Lu Xiao pursed his lips with aggrieved expression and said, “He quarreled with me, and he is angry.”

Gao Qiulan didn’t know that they had that kind of relationship, so she was immediately annoyed and scolded him: “Even if you are angry again, you shouldn’t be locked out, it’s so rude. Besides, what’s so angry about friends? Fire, are you fighting?”

Lu Xiao thought to himself that I was reluctant to touch even a single finger of him, and even if I hit him, if he hits me, I won’t fight back.

“No fight, grandma, please let me stay here for a while and I’ll figure out how to apologize to him,” he said.

Gao Qiulan couldn’t get used to her grandson arguing with him, and said angrily: “Oh, I’m still apologizing. I’ll go to the room and take him out to apologize to you. What’s the matter with him? When he got into trouble with Huang Shengan, his temper was not It’s going to be so big.”

“Don’t! Don’t! This is something I didn’t do well.” Lu Xiao quickly dissuaded her.

Just kidding, if Ye Cheng apologized to him, his entire high school career would not be better.

All homework rewards and exam rewards are all gone.

Seeing that he insisted so firmly, Gao Qiulan poured him a glass of water and went on to the kitchen to peel the peanuts.

Lu Xiao glanced at his phone, but Jiang Jin hadn’t replied yet.

He poked Tan Xiaoqi: [Are you there? Help me out. 】

Tan Xiaoqi had a hunch about what would happen today, and she had been secretly looking at her mobile phone in the evening self-study. Seeing this, he immediately replied to him: [Yes, you won’t have a conflict with Brother Orange, right? 】

Lu Xiao was stunned: [How do you know? 】

Tan Xiaoqi told him what happened during the day, and repented again and again that she really didn’t think that Ye Cheng didn’t know about it.

Lu Xiao typed: [It has nothing to do with you, that post is posted online, and he will get it sooner or later. 】

Tan Xiaoqi: [[Big cry.jpg] Woohoo, what tricks you said just now, I must know everything and say it all. 】

Suspect X: [Do you know how to coax an Aquarius man, my head is going to explode. 】

Tan Xiaoqi: [! ! ! 】

Tan Xiaoqi: [Tell me about your quarrel first. 】

Lu Xiao described the scene just now to her, carefully reading every word, for fear of missing any details.

Tan Xiaoqi immediately said: [Brother Xiao, you are really an idiot in love. 】

Tan Xiaoqi: [First of all, you shouldn’t admit your mistake so late, why did you follow them all the way? Just to continue to gamble with him? If you just admit your mistake when tying your shoelaces, nothing will happen now. 】

Lu Xiao frowned and thought about her words.

Tan Xiaoqi: [Secondly, you actually said “OK” to him! If Li Junxiao said to me, “I’m wrong, okay”, “I’m sorry, okay”, I’ll tell him to get out on the spot. 】

Suspect X: […Is it so serious? 】

Tan Xiaoqi: [This is an attitude! Do you understand the attitude? He doesn’t care if you really know it’s wrong, he just cares if you take him to heart! Even if you feel that you are right from the bottom of your heart, you have to say “I’m sorry” seriously. This is the so-called attitude between couples! 】

Suspect X: [==Understood. 】

“I was wrong” can’t be added with “OK”.

“I’m sorry” can’t add “OK”.

Tan Xiaoqi: [Finally, he asked you what was wrong. Brother Xiao, you have overlooked the most important point, that is, when he asks you what to do, you should not find a reason to deal with him. You can disagree with him, or you can be noisy, but lying and perfunctory can really hurt people. 】

Lu Xiao felt that he was suddenly enlightened, enlightened, and enlightened.

He replied: [Thank you so much, I will invite you to dinner tomorrow. 】

Tan Xiaoqi came over with a stroking expression: [Brother Orange is angry because he cares about you, so don’t blame him. 】

Lu Xiao put down his phone and knocked on Ye Cheng’s door.

“Come in.” said inside.

He pushed open the door and entered, and saw Ye Cheng leaning on the bed and flipping through a book.

Seeing him, Ye Cheng threw the book aside and said with a cold face, “Is something wrong?”

He had known for a long time that Gao Qiulan would let people in, and he also knew that he would definitely reflect on it first. He didn’t read a word of that book, and read it for twenty minutes alone.

Lu Xiao lowered his hands and said, “I thought about it seriously and knew where I went wrong.”

Ye Cheng sat up straight and held his arms to signal him to continue.

Lu Xiao: “I know that you didn’t let me fight because of my safety. I also know that you worked hard to get used to and understand me. I shouldn’t say those hurtful things.”

He paused and added, “I shouldn’t have lied to you.”

Without waiting for Ye Cheng to react, he stepped forward and knelt down in front of him on one knee.

Ye Cheng sat on the bed, a little taller than him, and looked down at him.

“Acheng, it’s the first time I fell in love, and I don’t understand anything. Can you teach me in the future, let me know if I’m not doing well, and I’ll change it slowly.” He held Ye Cheng. hands, said in a low voice.

This was the first time he called “Acheng”, and it was like him many years later, and the sound went straight to his soul.

Ye Cheng’s eyes suddenly turned red, and tears welled up uncontrollably.

When Lu Xiao saw that he was about to cry, he panicked and tried to wipe his tears: “I… did I say something wrong? Don’t cry.”

He had never seen Ye Cheng cry, his heart was clenched into a ball, and he couldn’t blame himself: “Damn it, my mouth is too stupid. You can beat me and scold me, just don’t cry, okay?”


The next second, Ye Cheng leaned over and hugged him.

Lu Xiao was stunned, then reached out and patted his back to reassure him.

Ye Cheng buried his face in his shoulder, and said with a thick nasal voice, “I promise.”

After a while, Lu Xiao realized that he was answering his last sentence. He hugged Ye Cheng tightly, wishing to smash this person into his arms.

Ye Cheng suddenly became very sticky to him, holding him for more than ten minutes and still refused to let go. On the one hand, he really didn’t want to be separated from Lu Xiao, and on the other hand, he felt a bit embarrassed that his eyes were red.

Damn, it’s embarrassing to be made to cry by a little kid.

After parting, Lu Xiao touched his hair and said softly, “It’s all my fault, I won’t make you sad next time.”


“Stop reading today and rest early.”


Lu Xiao felt that Ye Cheng, who had exposed his vulnerable side, could arouse his desire for protection, but he really couldn’t bear to see Ye Cheng cry, so he didn’t want to do it again.

He hesitated and asked, “By the way, what did you tell Zhang Qi? He didn’t threaten you, did he?”

He has been worrying about this question, but it is not easy to ask it out.

Ye Cheng is very good at dealing with this kind of bad boy, and said to him: “I told him that Hua Wangchun will come over soon, so that he doesn’t want to be expelled, so he can get out.”

Lu Xiao laughed and said, “He believes it too?”

After thinking about it, if someone else said this, Zhang Qi might not believe it, but what Ye Cheng said, he had to believe it. Because Hua Wangchun asked Ye Cheng for a question before, he and Zhou Kai also thought that Ye Cheng might be a relative of Hua Wangchun.

Ye Cheng squeezed his cheek and said, “You have to believe it. I don’t want to see you being expelled from school one day.”

Lu Xiao’s face is not fleshy when pinched, but not everyone would dare to pinch his face so boldly.

“No.” He turned his head and kissed Ye Cheng’s palm.

The hot lips brushed against the palm of his hand, and Ye Cheng retracted his hand sensitively and whispered, “Grandma is still outside.”


Lu Xiao got up with a smile and said, “You have a good rest, I’ll go back first.”

Ye Cheng was a little reluctant to let him go, but he still nodded: “Go back and pay attention to safety, see you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow, Orange.”

When Lu Xiao came out of the room, Gao Qiulan was poking around in the living room. Seeing him coming out, she said, “Little Lu, your phone has been ringing for a long time, and someone has been calling you.”

“Okay, I’ll take a look.” Lu Xiao said.

Gao Qiulan asked, “How is it, are you reconciled?”

Lu Xiao smiled and said, “It’s reconciled.”

“Stay here that night. Tomorrow happens to be the weekend. You two can sleep in.” Gao Qiulan said.

Lu Xiao shook his head: “Next time, grandma.”

Since he refused, Gao Qiulan couldn’t hold back any longer, so he sent him to the door and told him to send a message to Ye Cheng when he got home.

Lu Xiao waved his hand and turned away.

After leaving the community, he called Jiang Jin back.

There was a burst of noise over there, Jiang Jin said in a loud voice: “Brother Xiao, someone has been brought to the private room, when are you coming?”

“Let’s go now.” Lu Xiao narrowed his eyes.

He stopped a car on the road and went straight to a ktv private room on Shanhai Road.

When the door was opened, the light inside was dim, a few people were sitting on the sofa, and some people were standing against the wall.

“Brother Xiao, you’re here.” Zhou Minhao stood up from the sofa and said.

Jiang Jin also came over and pushed the person who stuck to the wall in front of him: “It’s this forced complaint, and he did the secret filming.”

Zhou Kai shivered and begged for mercy: “Brother Xiao, I didn’t mean to leak, Brother Cheng said he would beat me up if I didn’t tell the truth.”

Lu Xiao looked at him up and down, and said slowly, “Do you really think you have lived too long? It’s just three things, Zhou Kai, have you heard this sentence?”

Zhou Kai’s psychological defense suddenly collapsed, and he was so scared that he almost wet his pants: “I, I, I swear, I will never cause trouble again in the next year, nor will it appear in front of your eyes! I promise to do what I say! Zhang I’ve broken up with him on Qi’s side, Brother Xiao, trust me for the last time!”

Lu Xiao licked his lips and said, “You are lucky, I just promised Ye Cheng not to fight.”

Zhou Kai swallowed nervously, thinking he was going to let him go, and said in a trembling voice, “Thank you, thank you Brother Xiao.”

“However, a fight can only take place on both sides, and a unilateral fight is not called a fight.” Lu Xiao said.

Before Zhou Kai could understand what he meant, he was punched in the face and let out a scream.

Lu Xiao couldn’t bear to give him two more punches. Fuck you stinky idiot, sue my boyfriend, right?

Zhou Kai was surrounded by a group of people, he didn’t even dare to resist, and fell to the ground with a bruised face.

Lu Xiao crouched down and reached out to him.

Zhou Kai shrank back in fright, but he just straightened the other person’s collar, his voice was very gentle: “If Ye Cheng asked what’s wrong with your face, what would you say?”

“I… accidentally bumped into it.” Zhou Kai said with a cry.

Lu Xiao patted his cheek crisply, and praised the corner of his mouth, “It’s really sensible.”



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