Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 6

When he came over, it was like a fight.

Ye Cheng stabilized his body before he controlled himself and did not escape.

Lu Xiao’s arms span is very long, and even if he is a chair lower than his height, he can easily reach his face.

He raised his hand, his expression and movements seemed impatient, and he deliberately set his eyes on the pair of silver-framed glasses.

Ye Cheng lowered his upper body in coordination.

The slender fingers came up empty, and the palm of the hand was facing his nose and mouth.

Inadvertently, he smelled a refreshing breath of sea salt mixed with sunlight penetrating the texture of the skin, covering the entire face like a sponge.

Progress, no smoking.

As the **** pushed the frame of the mirror, the warm fingertip brushed the tip of his nose.

Lu Xiao seemed to be a little uncomfortable, so he quickly pushed his glasses up.

The strength was neither light nor heavy, and the brace scratched on Ye Cheng’s nose.

“Hey.” He couldn’t help but let out a gasp.

The originally white bridge of the nose instantly turned red.

Lu Xiao didn’t expect him to be so delicate and tender, and he didn’t intend to punish him, so he reflexively touched the red spot.

“Well, not on purpose,” he muttered.

The fingers touched the thin skin, and the slightly hard and protruding nasal bones were slightly stunted.

Suddenly there was a lot of movement at the door, and the two turned their heads to look at them at the same time.

Jiang Jin held a pan of water and looked at them dumbfounded, “What are you doing?”

Lu Xiao decisively retracted his hand, clenched his fist and put it in his school uniform pocket.

I don’t know why, Ye Cheng had a weird feeling of being caught by the dean, obviously they didn’t do anything.

Lu Xiao seemed to feel this way more than him, and walked out without looking back with a cold face.

When passing by Jiang Jin, he bumped into his shoulder.

Jiang Jin looked at the back of his leaving, and then looked at Ye Cheng, who had nothing to do with it, with a look of hesitating to speak.

The atmosphere of these two people, will it be too weird…

During the evening self-study, the classroom was full of laziness.

The monitor sits on the podium and supervises everyone not to speak without prestige.

However, no one paid any attention to him, the first row was playing the king, and the second row was sharing snacks.

Li Junxiao answered the questions with the person in front of him, glanced at his phone from time to time, and exchanged messages with his girlfriend.

It was not until Xu Chao walked in with a stack of test papers that everyone put down what they were doing.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on the paper in his hand, and the atmosphere suddenly turned tense.

Li Junxiao whimpered in a low voice: “No, the results are so soon, I still want to have a happy birthday in two days.”

“According to Lao Xu’s urination, he must have his parents sign when he goes back today, Jiu Min—” the people in the front row also cried.

“Don’t worry about it, you helped a dozen people imitate it last time.” Li Junxiao said with a sullen face, “Unfortunately, my dad is a faculty member. He laughed and couldn’t escape.”

Everyone was talking to each other, and even checked the wifi password of Nandu Hospital.

Xu Chao leaned against the podium comfortably, with a majestic vision of God, his expression was like announcing judgment: “The math class representative came over and handed out the paper, everyone will go back tonight and correct it by themselves, take it to the parents to sign, and teach this set in class tomorrow. test paper.”

There was an uproar underneath.

“Can you not sign, save the child!”

“A parent meeting is going to be held anyway, so don’t sign it.”

Xu Chao pointed at them with his finger: “Don’t haggle with me, anyway, there will be a parent-teacher meeting. Are you afraid of signing? Some people don’t want to make small calculations. I can see at a glance who signed.”

Li Junxiao prayed frantically: “I must go to ninety, I must go to ninety… Ninety! Ninety!”

He caught a glimpse of Ye Cheng beside him still sorting out his notes, as if he had seen a ghost: “Aren’t you nervous? Aren’t you afraid?”

Ye Cheng was drawing a mind map, taking the time to answer while sketching, “Yeah.”

Li Junxiao took a breath: “Are you good at math?”

“Not good.” Ye Cheng said.

Li Junxiao looked at him with the same eyes and said, “It’s really family! I’m not good at math, and the worst subject is mathematics. As long as I can get into 90, I’ll be thankful.”

Ye Cheng thought about it seriously and said, “My worst is mathematics.”

“Uuuuu, we really feel sorry for each other.” Li Junxiao just wanted to hug him and cry.

For students in the science class, mathematics is a weak subject, which is really a fatal blow.

The math class representative put the answer sheet on their desk and glanced at Ye Cheng in surprise.

Li Junxiao saw his score through his fingers and growled, “Yes! Ninety-five points! My dad won’t beat me anymore!”

After he finished speaking, he eagerly pressed his phone.

Ye Cheng glanced at the answer sheet, wrote two strokes on it, and then casually pressed it under the notebook.

Xu Chao, who was on the podium, looked around at the expressions below, and couldn’t help but say with a smile: “I really want to record this scene for you now, and I will show it after the college entrance examination and see if you regret it.”

The math class representative said with a sullen face, “This time the paper is very difficult, teacher.”

Xu Chao said with a smile: “It’s hard, do you know what the highest score is?”

A curious baby asked, “How much? Last time Yu Kun took the 130 exam, so it won’t be him this time, right?”

“Guess again.” Xu Chao deliberately swayed their appetite.

“Is it higher than one hundred and three? Who, this is too anti-human.”

“Tomorrow you will know, correct it.” Xu Chao smiled mysteriously, leaving a curious voice full of dissatisfaction in the classroom, turned his head and left.

After Li Junxiao sent the message, he began to look around for answers.

An answer card was passed around in the back row and came to him.

Li Junxiao said with emotion: “Brother Xiao dozed off every day, and he could still take the 127 exam. If only I had this talent too.”

Ye Cheng was a little surprised. He didn’t expect that Lu Xiao’s mathematics could be saved.

It’s no wonder that several times when he fell asleep in math class, Xu Chao just smashed him to wake him up with the tip of a chalk, but he didn’t really embarrass him.

Ye Cheng reached for the paper, “I’ll take a look.”

“You wait for me to finish copying before you copy.” Li Junxiao protected the paper and looked at him and said, “How much did you take in the test? Is it bad? I’m embarrassed to correct it anyway.”

Ye Cheng wrote lightly: “A little careless.”

Li Junxiao cast a sympathetic look, and it is estimated that he did not even reach 80: “Don’t be too sad, just work hard next time.”

After a night of baptism of math exam papers, everyone’s spirits were obviously slumped a lot.

The next morning, the first class was Wang Lili’s English class, and many people were stunned by being mixed doubles.

Wang Lili is a straight-hearted middle-aged woman. She walked into the classroom and saw their dead appearance, and she suddenly became angry.

She threw the textbook away, hugged her arms and started preaching: “I’m too embarrassed to doze off, do you know what your exams are like?”

“The scores for the objective questions have come out. Do you know the average score of your class?!” Her expression was very serious, “The total score for the multiple-choice questions is 95, and the average score is only over 40!”

Li Junxiao covered her mouth and learned her speech: “I think you are all dizzy!”

Wang Lili: “I think you are all dizzy!”

Li Junxiao: “You are the worst class I have ever brought!”

Wang Lili: “You guys are the worst class I’ve ever had!”

Ye Cheng couldn’t hold back, and burst out laughing.

Wang Lili glared at him.

She continued: “But here I have to commend one person. The only multiple-choice question in the grade with full marks is in our class.”

As soon as the words fell, the whole class exploded.

“Who? This Nima copied the answer and overturned the car…”

“Laughing, hahaha, Jiang Jin, it can’t be you, right?”

“Fuck you, I chose ten C’s, do you think it’s possible?”

Li Junxiao dropped his chin in shock: “Full, full score? So perverted…”

Wang Lili glanced at the roster and looked around: “Student Ye Cheng, where are you?”

The surroundings suddenly quieted down.

One second, two seconds, three seconds—the whole class exploded.

Li Junxiao stared dumbfounded at the “pervert” beside him, feeling like he was on a roller coaster, and his eyes gradually changed from fear to worship.

Wang Lili looked at Ye Cheng who raised her hand, her expression twitching.

After a while, she rescued her in time: “Okay, I remember you. According to Mr. Xu, you won the provincial English competition award, which is really amazing.”

Just when everyone was talking frantically, she said coldly again: “Do you know why the average score of your class is so low? Because in addition to this one full score, there are actually two people who gave me a zero score!”

One wave after another, the class was laughing so hard that it was about to pull away.

“It’s awesome, I said, full marks and zero marks are in our class!”

“Hahahaha, sister Wang, don’t be angry, I suggest to buy a lottery ticket here.”

“It’s too much of a horse, hahahaha.”

Jiang Jin couldn’t help laughing: “Fuck, are you mentally handicapped? You won’t get zero points if you write with your toes.”

Lu Xiao turned the pen absentmindedly, ignoring him.

Wang Lili became angrier the more she thought about it, and pointedly pointed out: “Huang Xujia, you are missing zero marks in the test. And you, Lu Xiao, don’t change your writing! You are the only one in the school who has chosen B for forty questions! There are no B’s in these forty questions. If you choose anything else, you won’t get zero points!”

Everyone turned their heads to look at the last row in unison, holding back their laughter until they were almost out of breath.

Jiang Jin choked his throat with a breath and coughed earth-shatteringly.

The others couldn’t bear it any longer and burst into laughter.

Ye Cheng didn’t turn his head to see his expression, just raised his knuckles against his raised lips.

I didn’t expect Lu Xiao’s English to be so poor. No wonder he stayed in Canada for a few years and still spoke plastic English after returning to China.

Every time I go abroad to talk business, I take him or an interpreter with me.

His cell phone in the drawer kept receiving new messages, and the melon group had spread.

Jiang Jinzhao and Lu Xiao blocked the group chat, dancing like a schadenfreude.

“Jiulong Wu Yanzu” swiped 20 consecutive “one brother’s English zero points, hahahaha” and was almost kicked out by the group owner.

From morning to lunch time, their class has become a model of reference for “The Differences of the World”.

And Jiang Jin, because he danced too hard, was found by Lu Xiao, and he kicked the group pin account and beat him three times in a row.

After class in the morning, Xu Chao called Ye Cheng to the office.

As soon as he entered the door, Xu Chao asked Ye Cheng if he wanted to eat happy candy, and married a math teacher in the same office as him.

After getting along for a few days, Ye Cheng found that the teachers and students of No. 13 Middle School were quite different from those of the attached high school.

For example, although Xu Chaochao went to the back door from time to time to be scary, he would still mingle with the students between classes.

This kind of relationship is not aimed at a few who have studied well, but treats everyone equally, which is completely different from his previous head teacher.

“I’m looking for you, mainly to talk about two things.” Xu Chao asked him to sit down and crossed his hands. “The first one is about your test this time. How do you feel about the test?”

Ye Cheng didn’t know the grades in other subjects yet, so he said, “Let’s play normally.”

Xu Chao laughed: “I have asked other teachers, your total score is the first in the grade, and all subjects are very top-notch. If you don’t say anything else, you can only get one fill-in-the-blank question wrong in mathematics, and it is difficult for our school to find out. The second person.”

He didn’t often boast so brazenly, but after he finished speaking, he saw that there was no change in Ye Cheng’s face, and he couldn’t help but sigh again.

Such a good seedling, why did he come to No. 13 Middle School, is it really that he would rather be a chicken head than a phoenix tail?

Xu Chao didn’t think about it any more, and directly said the key point: “I thought about it, and I plan to make you the monitor, do you think it’s okay?”

He explained: “The current monitor is selected temporarily after the class is divided. His grades are average this time, and I don’t think he really wants to continue to be the monitor.”

Ye Cheng is a nosy person, and he has no time to help the teacher watch the evening self-study every day.

“I’m not very good at communicating with people, I’m afraid I can’t do it,” he said tactfully.

Xu Chao paused and said reluctantly, “How do you think the math class represents this position? I hope you can help others in the subjects you are good at.”

Ye Cheng has already declined once, but if it is not good to come again, he agrees.

Xu Chao showed a relieved expression, cleared his throat and said, “That’s good. There is one more thing, because the seats are about to be rearranged, so I want to discuss with you in advance. Your current tablemate performance is not very bad, I want you to take more courses with bad grades, would you like to?”

In general, the class teacher will put the best and worst grades together.

Ye Cheng thought of something, and after a thought, he asked, “Who do you want me to sit with?”

“Cai Xujia, he’s not very good at all subjects, but it depends on what you mean. If you don’t agree, don’t change it.” Xu Chao said kindly.

Ye Cheng sincerely suggested: “Or, let me and Lu Xiao sit at the same table.”

Xu Chao choked for a moment, but he didn’t expect that he would take the initiative to nominate this little bully.

You know, there are only a handful of people at the same table with Ban Daan and Lu Xiao.

Of course, there must be girls, but the 13th Central School stipulates that only the same **** can be at the same table.

“Lu Xiao…his total score, if I remember correctly, shouldn’t be the countdown.” Xu Chao persuaded implicitly.

To be honest, he was a little afraid that this Wenxuanxuan student would be bullied by Lu Xiao.

Ye Cheng remembered what the melon group said, Xu Chao should not know his feat of zero English.

So he explained with a serious look: “Lu Xiao’s English is very poor, the one who got B in all forty questions, have you ever seen someone worse than him?”

At this moment, Xu Chao’s eyes flickered and fell on the open office door behind him.

Lu Xiao symbolically bent his index finger and knocked on the door, and said coldly, “Report.”

Ye Cheng instantly froze in place.

It’s over, how long did he stand at the door…


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