Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 60

As soon as Ye Cheng walked out of the teaching building, he met Hua Wangchun and was pulled by him to ask a few questions about his studies.

Since this semester, Hua Wangchun has liked him very much, and every time he shows his aunt’s laughter and praise, the kind of hype. He told Ye Cheng that the school was going to hold a cultural festival after a while, and he needed to put out several programs to let him see if he wanted to participate.

Ye Cheng dealt with him for about ten minutes, and when he arrived at the restaurant, Chen Zhen was already sitting in his seat.

“Sorry, I’m late.” Ye Cheng greeted him and sat down.

Chen Zhen hurriedly said: “It doesn’t matter, I just arrived soon.”

This restaurant looks relatively high-end. There are no students at noon, and all the people sitting around are social people who work nearby. They were wearing school uniforms, and it was striking to sit here.


The waiter took the menu to order, and politely asked them what they wanted to eat. Chen Zhen looked at her crampedly.

Ye Cheng said thoughtfully: “I know there are several signature dishes in this restaurant, and they taste quite good. Do you have any taboos?”

“I’m not a picky eater, I eat everything.” Chen Zhen shook his head.

Ye Cheng ordered some popular dishes, then got up and went to settle the bill with the waiter.

When he sat down again, Chen Zhen moved embarrassedly and said, “How can I let you treat me? I’ll transfer the money to you.”

Ye Cheng took a sip of pomegranate juice and said to him, “Didn’t you say we are friends? Why should friends care about this?”

He always speaks flawlessly, making people feel that if he refuses, it is his fault.

“Well, that really cost you money.” Chen Zhen scratched his head gratefully.

Ye Cheng noticed that he had a Band-Aid on his hand, and there were several scratches on his phalanx.

“What happened to your hand?” he asked concerned.

Chen Zhen glanced at his left hand and said, “Ah… this, I accidentally rubbed the bricks yesterday.”

“Moving bricks? Did you find a place to work?” Ye Cheng thought he had found a part-time job to support the family.

Chen Zhen nodded and said, “Well, I found it during the summer vacation and hauled cement at a nearby construction site.”

Ye Cheng was slightly startled, a little speechless.

He knew that the conditions of Chen Zhen’s family were average, but he didn’t expect it to be so difficult that he had to go to the construction site.

He wanted to ask something, but felt that it was not good to ask people about their family.

But Chen Zhen already took him as a good friend, and took the initiative to explain: “My parents are working in other places, and their life is not easy. Now my grandfather is sick again, so I have to save my own money to go to college. The outside is strict and formal. My company wouldn’t accept me. Actually, it’s okay, just work **** weekends.”

Ye Cheng saw that he was quite thin, his cheeks were pale, and he didn’t look like he was able to work hard. A place like a construction site can only be carried by a strong middle-aged man.

He frowned and said, “Then what will you do when you are in your third year of high school? It’s too distracting.”

“Hey, let’s talk about it later.” Chen Zhen sighed, “You can only take one step at a time.”

Ye Cheng thought about it and said, “If you have a job teaching children, would you be willing to do it?”

Chen Zhen’s eyes widened: “Of course I would, but I can’t ask for it. It’s just that my relatives are poorer, and they are free to ask me to make up lessons. Those tutors outside don’t like me as a high school student, and all my resumes were rejected. ”

Ye Cheng said: “I can help you ask my neighbor. His son is in elementary school and he is looking for a high school student or college student to help make up his class.”

Chen Zhen was stunned by the sudden pie and looked at him blankly.

Ye Cheng added: “But it may not be possible. Let me ask you first, and let you know if there is any news.”

A few seconds later, Chen Zhen excitedly held his hand on the table, “My God, Ye Cheng, I… I don’t know how to thank you… You are so kind!”

Ye Cheng was not used to being touched by strangers and shrank slightly. Only then did he realize that he was too reckless, and quickly retracted his hand.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, I just… thank you so much! How can I repay you?” Chen Zhen stammered.

Among the friends he knew, only Lu Xiao came from a better family, so naturally he couldn’t understand his difficulties. Lu Xiao was very happy when he borrowed money from him, but he didn’t think about these twists and turns. He was also a thin-skinned man, and he never said how much he needed a normal and not tiring job.

Ye Cheng smiled and said, “Don’t be in a hurry to thank you, the eight characters haven’t been written yet. If it does, you can invite me to dinner.”

He could see that Chen Zhen actually had a strong self-esteem, and he definitely didn’t want to owe him a favor, so he gave him a step.

It was the first time that Chen Zhen met such an understanding friend, and he felt like he was about to cry: “Sure! I will definitely invite you! If you have anything in the future, feel free to come to me. If you can help, I will define you!”

The dishes were served one after another, and Ye Cheng put a piece of chicken on his plate and said,

“There’s something else I might need your help with.”

Chen Zhen said immediately: “You said.”

Ye Cheng put down his chopsticks, “Can you tell me what happened when you were a freshman in high school? What did Zhang Qi do to you that you insisted on transferring?”

He heard Jiang Jin say that Zhang Qi didn’t just beat him up. Chen Zhen seems to be fragile, but in fact he is quite righteous.

Jiang Jin didn’t know why, and didn’t dare to ask Lu Xiao again.

Hearing Zhang Qi’s name, Chen Zhen’s face was visibly drained of blood, and he subconsciously bit his lower lip.

Ye Cheng reassured him: “Don’t be nervous, those things are over, and I didn’t mean to expose your scars. I just don’t understand why Lu Xiao and Zhang Qi have such deep grievances, is it related to this matter? relation?”

Seeing Chen Zhen’s expression, he knew that he had asked the right person.

Chen Zhen was silent, but the hand holding the chopsticks began to tremble.

Ye Cheng was a little unbearable, but this matter was like a crux of the matter. If he didn’t completely pull it out, Zhang Qi would harm more people.

Until he left the campus after graduating from high school, there will be countless “Chen Zhen” in the thirteenth middle school, and he may even continue to behave like this when he enters the society in the future.

Jiang Jin said that Lu Xiao was not like this. He fought just to vent his anger on his brother, and he also learned Zhang Qi’s way of bullying others. Gradually becoming the type of person he hated before, this is not a kind of harm to Lu Xiao.

Seeing Chen Zhen’s mouth tightly closed, Ye Cheng didn’t force him any more.

He wiped the corner of his mouth with a tissue and said, “Just two days ago, Lu Xiao almost got into a fight with Zhang Qi again.”

Chen Zhen’s body shook, and he looked up at him.

“Because Zhang Qi found someone to secretly photograph us and uploaded it to the forum, the teacher also knew about it.” Ye Cheng said calmly.

Chen Zhen hurriedly said, “Are you all right? Did the teacher find out about you?”

“No, fortunately he didn’t photograph the key evidence, it doesn’t prove that I have any relationship with Lu Xiao.” Ye Cheng looked into his eyes and said, “But if there is one, there are two, teacher, you will inevitably start to doubt, if you continue Being photographed once, it is difficult to guarantee whether the school will take action.”

Chen Zhen’s eyes lit up with anger, and scolded angrily: “I knew that this beast dog can’t stop eating shit! He has done countless nasty things, and one day he will be punished!”

Ye Cheng said: “Actually, I’m very sorry. I called you out today to say this. I don’t want to see Lu Xiao become the same person as him. I believe you don’t want to see such a result either.”

“Don’t say that,” Chen Zhen shook his head desperately, “Lu Xiao won’t do that, he’s 10,000 times better than that dog! Zhang Qi should go to hell!”

Ye Cheng looked at him and said, “If you are free, can you help me enlighten Lu Xiao? I don’t want him to change for me on the surface, but in fact he is unhappy.”

There are some things he said to no avail, only Chen Zhen himself.

Chen Zhen is a smart person, nodded: “I understand what you mean, I will talk to him.”

Ye Cheng took his hand and said sincerely, “Thank you, really.”

Chen Zhen lowered his head, dark tides in his eyes, as if he had made up his mind secretly.

After eating, Ye Cheng called Ma Yao on the way back to school and asked him about the children’s supplementary lessons.

He praised Chen Zhen’s character, and Ma Yao trusted him, and immediately said that he could schedule two classes to try the effect.

The bell for lunch break is already ringing in the school.

Ye Cheng had just walked to the fifth floor when he saw Lu Xiao in the corridor. He was sitting on the table outside like a guard at the door.

Seeing Ye Cheng coming, his expression became weird.

“Have you eaten?” he asked knowingly.


Many of the students in the class were on their lunch break, and Ye Cheng didn’t want to go in and make a noise to disturb others, so he sat down opposite him.

“Well, what about you?” he said flatly.

Lu Xiao couldn’t hold back his temper when he thought of them shaking hands just now, “I haven’t eaten, I can’t eat it.” He said angrily.

Ye Cheng said indifferently, “Oh.”

Lu Xiao finally couldn’t bear it any longer, “Ye Cheng, do you like the kind of people who are both good in character and study?”

“Yeah.” Ye Cheng picked it up quickly, almost not killing him.

“Then why are you with me?” Lu Xiao gradually lost his mind and asked angrily.

Ye Cheng looked at him, “Why do you say?”

“Are you excellent in character and study? Are you intelligent?”

Lu Xiao clenched his fist tightly and opened his nose slightly.

“If I just like these things, then why should I be with you?” Ye Cheng said calmly.

Lu Xiao looked at him in surprise.

Ye Cheng said: “Have you thought about our future? Going to college in the same city, raising a dog together after work, and planting roses in our small garden. Have you thought about this? Or, you promise me The admission to the university is just a bad check?”

Lu Xiao was shocked. He never thought that Ye Cheng would think so much about their future.

He always felt that Ye Cheng was the kind of person who would love very rationally even if he loved someone, and he didn’t dare to ask for many romantic things.

Ye Cheng said these things, it’s not that he never imagined it, but he didn’t dare to say it, and he didn’t dare to ask Ye Cheng to promise him any future.

“I…” He felt a choking in his throat, and hurriedly lowered his head.

Ye Cheng sighed: “What are the things you promised me that you want to do, and what are you feeling forced to do? In the “Contract”, what are you really willing and doing? How many?”

Lu Xiao was even more sad, his eyes were slightly red, and his nails were deeply digging into the flesh.

The overwhelming guilt and self-blame overwhelmed him, and he couldn’t even look up at Ye Cheng.

Ye Cheng stood up and said, “Think about it for yourself. I hope this relationship brings us to be better for each other, not a burden I unilaterally put on you.”


He turned around and walked into the classroom without hesitation, leaving Lu Xiao to sit outside alone.

During the entire lunch break, Ye Cheng held his chin and looked at his little boyfriend.

Lu Xiao kept the same posture and sat on the spot motionless.

It seemed that Puppy Gou was really thinking about and digesting his words, and he was a little relieved.

In the afternoon that followed, Lu Xiao was obviously much quieter.

He doesn’t talk to him very much, but when he needs to get hot water, he will take the cup silently. After taking it back, he didn’t speak, and after putting it on his desk, he continued to self-isolate.

During the evening self-study, even Jiang Jin realized something was wrong.

He sent Ye Cheng a Wechat channel: [What happened to Brother Xiao? Does the king even kneel? 】

This was the accident he could think of, the most shocking accident to Lu Xiao’s confidence.

Restrain: [Thinking about it behind closed doors, leave him alone. 】

Jiang Jin: [Ah? Did he **** you off again? 】

After a while, Ye Cheng showed him the art exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts this year.

Restrain: [Is your painting skills consummate? Are you sure you can get into art school? If not, don’t do stupid things with him. 】

Jiang Jin: […]

He thought badly, 80% of which was still discovered by Ye Cheng about Zhou Kai, so he could only tremble and say: [I understand, Brother Cheng. 】

Ye Cheng understands the psychology of their group very well, just like Hu Peng Gou Friends help men hide from their wives, not only Jiang Jin, but the basketball team also urgently need some ideological education.

After the evening self-study, Lu Xiao sent him home.

It’s not all about sending them home. They didn’t communicate with each other on the subway, and there were a few people in between.

After leaving the subway station, Lu Xiao kept bringing him to the door before turning his head and leaving.

Gao Qiulan saw it from the window, and blamed Ye Cheng for not letting him come in and sit.

She said casually, “By the way, your dad will be back in a few days.”

Ye Cheng hadn’t watched the hot search for a while, and asked, “Has Qu Tian found it?”

Gao Qiulan said in a low voice, “I didn’t find it, but your dad is ruthless enough to report it to the police. The matter is being thoroughly investigated now, and the man who was involved has already been arrested, and Qu Tian probably won’t be able to escape. Lose.”

Ye Cheng said, “Does Ye Qiaoqiao know?”

Gao Qiulan coughed: “I just found out today, I’ve been crying all day, do you want to visit her on Saturday?”

“Don’t wait for Saturday, I’ll take a leave of absence for my self-study tomorrow night.” Ye Cheng said.

The next morning, math class was replaced with a Thursday gym class.

Everyone was very happy at first, but when they heard the news from other classes, they immediately started talking while standing in line.

“Have you heard, Zhang Qi seems to be expelled from school.”

“Fuck, what’s going on? He’s been the king for a day or two, and he can still be expelled from school?”

“I also heard from their class. Zhang Qi was called to the principal’s office, and someone heard a video at the door.”

Lu Xiao and Jiang went in to get the equipment, and Ye Cheng stood in the queue, the more he listened, the more wrong it became.

“What video?” he asked.

Yu Kun said: “I don’t know exactly what it is. They say it can’t be passed on. Maybe it’s something scandalous that Zhang Qi has done. The person involved came to the principal’s home and said that if he didn’t deal with it, he would make a big issue.”



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