Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 61

Ye Cheng felt nervous, and asked subconsciously, “Is the client coming to school? Do you know who it is?”

“If someone knew, everyone wouldn’t guess like that.” Yu Kun said, “The principal has done a good job of keeping secrets.”

While speaking, Lu Xiao patted the basketball and walked over.

Yu Kun was still sighing: “Finally, someone can stand up and take care of Zhang Qi. I hope God bless others.”

Lu Xiao slapped the ball and held the basketball in his hand.

“What happened to Zhang Qi?” he asked.

Yu Kun described the general process. Seeing that Lu Xiao’s face was getting darker and darker, Ye Cheng understood that Chen Zhen had nothing to do with it.

Sure enough, before Kun finished speaking, he threw the ball at Jiang Jin, threw a sentence “If the teacher asks me, say I’m going to the toilet”, and then ran away without looking back.


Ye Cheng was worried that he was impulsive and made trouble in the principal’s room, and hurriedly followed.

Jiang Jin said in distress: “Why do you leave again, ah ah ah, what reason should I use for this?”

Lu Xiao ran very fast, until he ran to the door of the principal’s office, Ye Cheng caught up with him out of breath.

The door was locked, however, and it seemed they were all gone.

The two looked at each other, Ye Cheng slowly adjusted his breathing, and asked, “Is it Chen Zhen?”

Lu Xiao gritted his teeth and nodded.

“What kind of video is it?” Ye Cheng said.

Lu Xiao was silent.

Time passed minute by minute, and Ye Cheng almost thought he would not answer when he suddenly punched the door frame of the principal’s room.

Ye Cheng was startled and quickly went to check his hand.

Fortunately, it was only scratched, and there was no blood.

He held the blue-veined hand and exerted a little strength: “Calm down, since he has stood up by himself, it means that he also wants to make a complete break with the past. Not only Chen Zhen, but also you. , you should all look forward.”

Lu Xiao’s chest rose and fell violently, and he made a difficult swallowing motion.

When he spoke, his throat was full of rust, “Zhang Qi, that bastard, took a **** photo of him.”

His voice was hoarse and hateful, as if he wanted to tear Zhang Qi into pieces.

“He stripped Chen Zhen and threw it in the parking lot. I found him.”

Ye Cheng cursed, “Fuck!”

He instantly understood why Lu Xiao beat Zhang Qi to the hospital. If it was him, it would be impossible to hold back.

A thought appeared in Ye Cheng’s mind, and she said in a trembling voice, “Isn’t he strong…”

He couldn’t say the next words, Lu Xiao shook his head, “He just wanted to rectify Chen Zhen and give me a slap by the way. He didn’t do that kind of thing, or he would have been admitted to the juvenile detention center earlier.”

Ye Cheng breathed a sigh of relief, not knowing whether it was luck or misfortune.

He also finally understood why Chen Zhen was always covered in gloom. Even though he disguised himself well and tried to socialize and live normally, he still showed some clues unknowingly.

Lu Xiao said, “I’ll go to the classroom to get my mobile phone and give him a call.”

“Okay.” Ye Cheng nodded.

This semester, the school is very strict, and their mobile phones are generally hidden in school bags or drawers, and they will not be carried with them.

After Lu Xiao left, Ye Cheng stood at the door of the principal’s office for a long time.

The hardware facilities of No. 13 Middle School are approaching aging. The door frame was smashed just now, and some sawdust fell off. I don’t know if the principal will check the monitoring when he comes back and finds it.

He was in a mess.

In the year that he transferred to Thirteen Middle School, many things happened that he had never encountered in his previous life.

He remembered the first time he set foot in the building. The dirty floor, the faint smell of smoke in the corridor, the old and mottled number 20, and a group of students watching him like monkeys.

In fact, Lu Xiao is right, this is his life, a field that Ye Cheng has never touched, full of rebellion, violence and injustice.

He suddenly felt that he was being too harsh on Lu Xiao.

Chen Zhen was able to get the video today, which means that the group of people has been threatening him with the video all the time. It is conceivable how much suffering he has to endure in his heart.

From this point of view, Lu Xiao and Zhang Qi’s fight was a light one. If he didn’t beat him to death, his ancestors had accumulated virtue.

In the end, Lu Xiao was unable to contact Chen Zhen, and the other party sent him a message saying that he was busy and would reply to him later.

The incident gradually spread in the school.

But thanks to Chen Zhen leaving early and going to the principal’s office at the time of class, no one saw him. Everyone said that Zhang Qi made other people’s stomachs bigger, some said that Zhang Qi stabbed people with a knife, and the wind was getting more and more crooked.

During the evening self-study, Ye Cheng took a leave of absence.

He remembered that Chen Zhen’s grandfather was still in the hospital, so before going to see Ye Qiaoqiao, he went to the eighth floor of the inpatient department. He remembered that Chen Zhen said that he was here last time.

After asking the nurse, he found Grandpa Chen Zhen’s ward along the ward. This is a six-person room, and almost all the elderly live.

Chen Zhen was peeling apples for grandpa when Ye Cheng knocked on the door, “Can I come in?”

Everyone looked at him.

Chen Zhen also looked over and said in surprise, “Why are you here?”

Immediately, his expression became flustered.

Ye Cheng walked over and said hello to the old man lying on the bed: “Hello, Grandpa, I’m Chen Zhen’s classmate.”


Grandpa’s skin is as thin as a wood, and his skin is covered with age spots. He looks more than ten years older than Gao Qiulan.

There are many patients and family members in the ward. Those family members are middle-aged women who are eager to gossip. They stare at him, which is really not a good place to talk.

“Chen Zhen, are you free to go out and chat?” Ye Cheng asked.

Chen Zhen was at a loss, and immediately nodded and said, “Grandpa, let’s go out.”

“Oh, good.” Grandpa looked at him kindly.

Chen Zhen put the peeled apple beside him, turned around and walked out of the room with Ye Cheng.

They found an unoccupied smoking area, Chen Zhen leaned against the wall and lowered his head, his fingers couldn’t help grabbing the corner of his clothes.

Ye Cheng said: “Don’t be afraid, I have no other intentions, and I won’t say it in front of your grandfather, I just want to come and see you.”

Seeing his grandfather lying on the bed with a tube inserted, he didn’t have to think about it to know that he definitely didn’t know it. Chen Zhen seemed to be worried that he was leaking things, and hurriedly came out with him.

Chen Zhen said in a low voice, “I know you won’t talk nonsense.”

Ye Cheng looked at him and could only see a hairpin. He asked, “Who is going to school with you today?”

“Have you seen us?” Chen Zhen raised his head, his eyes widening.


Ye Cheng hurriedly said: “No one saw it, and everyone didn’t even know whether you were a man or a woman.”

Chen Zhen breathed a sigh of relief and said, “It’s an uncle I know on the construction site. He helped me pretend to be a parent.”

“I can’t tell, you are quite clever.” Ye Cheng said.

Chen Zhen relaxed a little, leaned against the wall and said, “I didn’t dare to tell my parents, and I didn’t dare to tell the teacher at that time. Later, I couldn’t take it anymore, so I told my grandfather that I would transfer to another school. Time is very unhappy, so promise me.”

Ye Cheng looked at him with complicated eyes. The reason for many campus problems was that the bullied did not dare to complain. The reason is very simple. Once they complain, they will be bullied even worse.

There are only two solutions to this situation.

Either Shi Geng gets up and fights back, or he changes schools and changes the environment.

Chen Zhen said: “I was always thinking in those days, what did I do wrong, they want to do this to me.”

He became agitated, “I’ll never forget that Zhang Qi asked me to undress in front of a group of people and burn me with cigarette butts. When I begged for mercy, they laughed even louder, and every night, those laughter would appear. In my nightmares, like a spell…”

Ye Cheng stepped forward to hug him and squeezed his fist tightly: “Don’t say it, Chen Zhen, don’t say it anymore.”

Chen Zhen’s chin rested on his shoulder, and tears washed away traces, “I really don’t understand what I did wrong, why did I do this… I have thought about telling the teacher many times, and I also want to resist…”

Ye Cheng felt that he couldn’t breathe for a moment, he could only hug Chen Zhen hard, pat his back lightly, and told him over and over: “You are not wrong, it is them who are wrong, those people will be punished. It’s great, you’ve been very brave.”

Sometimes, what the victim lacks the most is the understanding and encouragement of family and friends.

He could understand Chen Zhen’s hesitation with empathy – he did not dare to tell his teachers and parents, on the one hand, for fear of Zhang Qi’s retaliation, on the other hand, after leaving his parents for a long time, he did not have confidence in whether they could believe him.


Perhaps the first reaction they heard was not anger and distress, but “Is what you said true?” “How could such a thing happen?” “You are not lying.”

In the end, there is still a lack of communication between families.

Ye Cheng kept stroking his back, and Chen Zhen’s sobbing finally subsided.

“I’m so embarrassed, I’m sorry, I made you laugh.” He let go of Ye Cheng and rubbed his eyes.

Ye Cheng said: “It’s not a laugh, and it’s not ashamed. I admire your courage. If it were me, you might not have done a good job. And you can tell me this, it makes me feel that I have something for you. value.”

Chen Zhen wanted to cry again when he said it. He once told a friend who played well about it. In addition to being sympathetic and annoyed, the other party also felt that it was shameful for him to be filmed.

Only Ye Cheng will tell him that you are not embarrassing, but they are embarrassing.

You did it wonderfully and bravely.

He bit his lip to control his tears and said, “I should thank you.”

Ye Cheng patted him on the shoulder: “Don’t think about the past, you haven’t done anything wrong, and you don’t need to let these become a weapon to torture yourself. The ones who should really have nightmares are those **** bullying classmates. ”

Chen Zhen sniffed and said seriously: “I promise you, I’m already working hard to get out. I still want to get into a good university, find a good job in the future, and let my grandfather live a comfortable life.”

Ye Cheng felt sour in his heart, smiled at him and said: “No, I have good news for you. Uncle Ma said that you should give Xiaoyu a try. If the effect is good, you can take the construction site share. I quit my job.”

“Really? He really wants me?” Chen Zhen was pleasantly surprised, he didn’t expect too much.

He scratched his face and said, “Ye Cheng, I really don’t know how to thank you. It seems too light to invite you to dinner.”

Ye Cheng interrupted him and said, “What thanks between friends, you teach Xiaoyu well, that is the best thank you to me.”


“I will definitely!” Chen Zhen said.

The two chatted for a while, and Chen Zhen’s mood stabilized a lot.

Ye Cheng said goodbye to him and went up to see Ye Qiaoqiao.

As soon as he walked to the door of the ward, he heard laughter coming from inside.

“Just brag, how can you pick ten!”

“Really, I’m a powerful output thief. This is because your brother won’t let you play games, or I’ll have to show you a hand.”

He pushed open the door and went in, and sure enough, he saw Lu Xiao.

Ye Qiaoqiao had a drip on her hand, and he was sitting beside the bed talking to her.

Seeing Ye Cheng coming, Lu Xiao stood up and said, “Are you finished talking?”

Ye Cheng raised his eyebrows, “How did you know?”

“I saw you talking just now, so I came up.” Lu Xiao said.

In the morning, because of Chen Zhen’s affairs, the two reconciled for a while.

At this moment, Lu Xiao remembered that he was still in the dark room to reflect, and felt a little unnatural, and he didn’t know where to put his hands and feet.

Ye Cheng saw a lot of tissues thrown in the trash can beside the bed, Ye Qiaoqiao’s eyes were swollen into walnuts, she touched her head and said, “Why are you crying, grandma said you won’t eat it for two days? Something, looking for death?”

Ye Qiaoqiao surreptitiously looked at him, and then at Lu Xiao.

“She said just now that she was hungry, and I was going to buy her something to eat.” Lu Xiao smoothed out.

Ye Cheng said, “I’m hungry too. Let’s go for a walk and bring her a bowl of porridge back by the way.”

Ye Qiao said, “Brother, I want to eat fried chicken.”

“Hold on, you can’t eat fried food.” Ye Cheng said mercilessly, and she immediately slumped.

The two walked to the door and reached for the doorknob at the same time.

When Lu Xiao touched Ye Cheng’s hand, he immediately retracted and whispered, “You go first.”



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