Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 62

In the early spring, there are sycamore flakes everywhere in the south, and it is no exception during the day and night, which is a good news for people with allergies.

Ye Cheng grabbed the oncoming Mao Mao and threw it into the pile of fluff under his feet.

“Why are you staring at me?” he said suddenly.

Lu Xiao peeked at him being caught, and subconsciously retorted, “No.”

He can only deceive others, not himself. I don’t know when it started, he would always look at Ye Cheng and get carried away. Especially when he did those little things, it was inexplicably attractive to Lu Xiao.

Just like now, inadvertently grabbing a fallen leaf or kicking a pebble in the pavement.

In order to save some face, Lu Xiao changed the subject and asked, “What did you and Chen Zhen chat about in the corridor just now?”


Ye Cheng said naturally: “We chatted and talked about Zhang Qi.”

Lu Xiao paused, “Did he tell you?”

“Well, I didn’t expect Zhang Qi to be such a jerk.”

Lu Xiao thought about how to answer this.

Why don’t you reflect on yourself first: Zhang Qi is a bastard, but I shouldn’t do the same thing as him. I’m sorry, I won’t let you down again.

He cleared his throat and was about to speak.

Ye Cheng took the first step and said, “I’m sorry.”

“Ah?” Lu Xiao was stunned.

Ye Cheng looked at him and said, “I didn’t understand the whole situation before, and I said a lot of big truths to you indiscriminately. It’s my fault.”

His apology completely made Lu Xiao panic.

“No, that’s not what I meant.” He said incoherently, “Uh, I didn’t want to accuse you… You don’t have to think that you are at fault, you are just thinking about our future…”

In the end, he no longer knew what he was talking about.

Ye Cheng’s eyes flickered, suddenly pointed to a shop in front, and said softly, “I’m hungry and want to drink porridge.”

Lu Xiao immediately said, “Drink, go and drink now.”

There was chaos in his head, and he had forgotten the belly draft just now.

It’s just a point that’s ingrained over and over again – it’s all his fault.

He was too incapable of speaking, and he actually made Ye Cheng feel wronged and apologized first.

What a **** mistake.

Not to mention Ye Cheng is going to eat porridge now, even if he wants to pluck the moon from the sky, Lu Xiao will turn around and take the ladder without hesitation.

The two ordered a pot of seafood porridge, served with some shrimp dumpling snacks, and packed a green vegetable lean meat porridge for Ye Qiaoqiao.

Before the porridge came up, the waiter brought up a plate of cold radish.

Ye Cheng likes his cold dishes very much, but Lu Xiao doesn’t eat radishes.

He picked up a piece of radish with chopsticks, but did not stretch it out in front of Lu Xiao, and asked him, “Would you like to try it, it tastes really good.”

In the past, after socializing and drinking, the two often came to this restaurant for supper.


He once tried his best to recommend cold radish, but Lu Xiao refused to take a bite.

As if a little taste would kill him.

After he finished speaking, Lu Xiao immediately leaned over, took the radish from his hand and chewed it, as if Ye Cheng was feeding poison and he could swallow it without blinking.

Ye Cheng looked at him blankly, “How is it, is it delicious?”

Lu Xiao smacked his lips, and it didn’t seem to be difficult to accept. The radish soaked in a sweet secret sauce covered up the original taste.

“Not bad,” he said frankly.

Ye Cheng said thoughtfully: “In fact, many times, I don’t want to change you, I just want you to try things that I think are good. For example, a piece of radish, a piece of paper. My previous words were a bit too straightforward. Bai, it’s what I did wrong. But you see, you’re not so resistant to these things, are you?”

Lu Xiao didn’t expect that a plate of radishes could still eat flowers.

The taste of the sauce in the mouth subsided, and the bitterness of the radish gradually surfaced. He was more and more embarrassed by Ye Cheng’s words, and felt that he was unconsidered and unreasonable.

It seems that radishes are not so bad.

It doesn’t seem to be that difficult to do.

It seems that the fight is really not right in essence.

Ye Cheng saw that the educational effect was slightly effective, so he continued to take a powerful medicine.

He buckled the table and asked, “So now, do you think the clauses in the “Contract” are excessive?”

All the foreshadowing is for this moment’s attack.

Lu Xiao was easily pinched, raised his head suddenly, and said indignantly, “It’s not too much! I have never felt that those terms are too much, and I want to do every one of them willingly!”

From being compelled to obey to consciously obeying, this is definitely a giant leap in male morality.

Ye Cheng nodded with satisfaction, patted his head rewardingly and said, “Very good, you are becoming more and more enlightened. Compared with a few months ago, you are much more mature.”

Fuck, he praised him for being mature!

He praised his maturity! !

Lu Xiao was elated by the praise, and felt proud from the inside out, as if he had dedicated himself to a great cause. He made persistent demands: “I think a few more items can be added, such as prohibiting staring at other heterosexuals and homosexuals for more than ten seconds, and prohibiting bringing others with the king to score points, oh, except for Ye Qiaoqiao.”

The corners of Ye Cheng’s mouth twitched, but he didn’t have to… force himself into a dead end.

He said perfunctorily: “Let’s talk about it.”

His hand was still on Lu Xiao’s head, Lu Xiao rubbed his palm and said with watery eyes, “I always feel like you are petting a dog when you touch my head.”

Ye Cheng thought he was unhappy, so he wanted to withdraw his hand.

Unexpectedly, he whispered again: “Then I’ll be your puppy.”

Ye Cheng couldn’t help but be thankful that he didn’t drink water just now, otherwise he would choke and spit out of his nose.

Dog men are all the same.

A few months ago, I said angrily, “Can you stop touching me like a dog every time”, and now “then I’m your puppy”.

This is similar to the twenty-seven-year-old President Lu. Mr. Lu was drunk and rubbed against him, humming and acting like a spoiled child: “I’m my wife’s puppy Gou, woo.”

At this time, the waiter brought up a pot of porridge in time, saving Ye Cheng’s life in jeopardy.

After the two finished eating, they returned to the hospital to deliver meals to Ye Qiaoqiao.

While she was eating, Ye Cheng went downstairs to find a doctor to learn about her recent physical condition and the time of the operation.

Ye Qiaoqiao used a spoon to pick the shredded meat in the porridge to eat, and while eating it, she disliked it, “I will vomit if I drink the porridge again. When will I be able to eat fried chicken? I want the honey mustard flavor.”

Lu Xiaozheng was complacent and couldn’t wait to post on a circle of friends to show off his mood. He casually comforted her and said, “It will be fine in a while, just bear with it.”

Ye Qiaoqiao looked at him, “Are you reconciled with my brother?”

“No, how did you see that we had a fight?” Lu Xiao put down his phone and asked in surprise.

Ye Qiaoqiao curled her lips in disdain, “You are exactly the same as last time when you were trembling with my brother.”

Lu Xiao didn’t get angry, but said proudly: “Che, no matter how difficult your brother is, I won’t be able to coax him.”

Ye Qiaoqiao felt that she should also learn, why every time Ye Cheng was angry with her, it was a long time in her life.

“Do you have any secrets?” she asked sincerely.

Lu Xiao said seriously, “I have summed up the four-character proverb.”

Ye Qiaoqiao raised her ears: “Which four words?”

Lu Xiao: “Good at surrendering.”

Ye Qiaoqiao: “…”

God your mother’s four-character proverb.

Ye Cheng pushed open the door and said, “Lu Xiao, change the water in the vase on the table.”

Lu Xiao stood up suddenly: “Okay, here we go.”

Ye Qiaoqiao whispered to herself, you are really good at giving in.

Three days later, Ye Gaoyang returned to China.

I don’t know what he went through during this time, most of his hair was white, and he was a lot haggard.

When Ye Cheng saw him again, he couldn’t believe that this was Ye Gaoyang, who always dressed as an elite. Ye Qiaoqiao hugged him and cried so hard that she was out of breath. In the end, she was forcibly isolated by the nurse, and she was given a burst of stability.

The father and son were relatively speechless. Ye Gaoyang patted him on the shoulder and said, “Xiaocheng, how are you doing recently? I’m sorry, Dad is only back now.”

Ye Cheng didn’t answer him, but asked, “Are you going to take Ye Qiaoqiao abroad?”

He heard from Gao Qiulan that Ye Gaoyang planned to take her abroad.

“There are too many sad things here. I’m going to take her abroad to change the environment, which is also convenient for treatment.” Ye Gaoyang nodded.

Ye Cheng said: “She has found a bone marrow donor, and the current medical conditions in China are also very good. If you change the language barrier, do you want to drive her crazy or drive yourself crazy?”

Every time he met Ye Gaoyang, he couldn’t help holding a gun and a stick when he spoke.

Ye Gaoyang endured it and said, “I understand what you mean, but…”

“But for your own selfish desires, it doesn’t matter to you.” Ye Cheng said coldly, “I’m just making a suggestion, it’s none of my business what your father and daughter do. I don’t want to say more, you go to Liu with me. Lil, I have an appointment with him at two o’clock this afternoon.”

Ye Gaoyang could only say: “I will think about it again, let’s go.”

They went through a series of formalities, and Ye Cheng finally got what belonged to him.

Liu Lu handed him a safe with a letter left to him by his mother Yu Tian.

That’s right, Ye Cheng’s biological mother is Yu Tian.

This is also one of the reasons why he has always held hope for Ye Gaoyang. He always thought that Ye Gaoyang would marry Qu Tian, ​​perhaps because she also had the word “Tian” in her name.

Ridiculous idea.

Liu Lu said to him: “I still recommend that you wait until you are older to read this letter. Maybe you can’t understand it after reading it now.”

As early as when Yu Tian handed him the letter, he had read it and understood the reason.

For some reason, this exhortation made Ye Cheng’s heart tremble.

If these words are said to him at the age of eighteen, then he may really wait a few more years to open it. Today, he is no longer eighteen, and opening this letter at this moment is the most appropriate thing in the world.

After returning home, he sat at the desk and opened the letter that had been sealed for more than ten years.

There is also a new desiccant inside, which is estimated to be replaced regularly by Liu Lu.

The paper yellowed into a thin piece, and Ye Cheng carefully pulled it out.

What catches the eye is a familiar and unfamiliar font, graceful and powerful.

Ye Cheng’s nose was sour, it was because Yu Tian taught him to write by holding his hand when he was very young, so he learned calligraphy later.

Although Yu Tian studied mathematics, his handwriting was very beautiful.

“Baby, it’s like words.

The last time I called you that was when you kicked the ball and jumped into my arms, and now you are taking a nap and your mother is sitting in the study writing to you. ”

Her life will always stop at the age of thirty, so in her impression, Ye Cheng is still an innocent and lovely baby.

Just seeing this line, Ye Cheng couldn’t help it, he put down the letter, pinched the bridge of his nose with his fingers and held back tears.

After a while, he picked it up again to look at it.

“The weather is fine today, but this is probably the last autumn I will spend with you. I also really want to watch my baby grow up, study, get married and have children, but it seems that I can’t do it. We are so smart, we will definitely become Great kid. Mom wants you to do what you want. Last time you said that Chinese herbal medicine smells good. Let me guess if the baby will become a doctor in the future?

Haha, mom is just joking, whatever career mother you choose will support you, as long as you are happy.

Alas, I originally wanted to teach you some philosophies of life, but I couldn’t be serious when I talked, so let’s get down to business.

By the time you read this letter, you should be eighteen years old, and I believe you will have the ability to think independently by then. I want to tell you, don’t hate your father, don’t hate you Aunt Qu.

Mom tells you a story. A long time ago, there was a family whose daughter was frail and sick, and took a lot of medicines and it didn’t seem to get better. Her father was desperately ill and went to the doctor, so he found a great immortal to help her change her luck. Daxian told him that he would adopt a girl whose birthday matches his daughter’s to “stop disaster” for her. Don’t be surprised, that was the case in those days.

This daughter is me, and the one who was used to “stop the disaster” was Qu Tian, ​​who was brought back from the orphanage by your grandfather. ”

Ye Cheng’s hand trembled slightly while holding the letter.

He finally understood why Qu Tian wanted to take the letter.

No wonder there were rumors on the Internet that Qu Tian’s identity information had been modified. Those people said that she had made herself two years younger, mocking her for cheating or something.

Unexpectedly, it was because she didn’t want to be discovered about her relationship with Yu Tian.

He never thought that these two people would know each other and have grown up together since childhood. Recalling the way Qu Tian looked at him, he suddenly got goosebumps.

“Although your grandfather is absurd, after a few years, my illness miraculously recovered. Then your grandfather did something, and it was the most guilt thing in my life, so everything that happened later, I think it was God. Pay me back.

He sent Qu Tian back to the orphanage, broke the promise with the dean, and abandoned her again.

I was very close to her at that time and often sneaked to the orphanage to see her, but your grandfather sent her to Shengzhou to prevent me from running away.

I’m so sad, but I can’t do anything.

Unexpectedly, ten years later, we meet again. I was in college at the time, and I was going to discos with my friends, and she was serving us drinks. At that moment, my heart was really overwhelmed by the sadness of self-blame.

We became good sisters again. She said she wanted to enter the entertainment industry, so I introduced my uncle who opened a brokerage company to her. Later, I met your father. ”

You can guess what will happen next.

Qu Tian was jealous of her and blamed her for robbing her husband and destroying her family.

At the end of the letter, Yu Tian said: “Mom doesn’t let you hate them, it doesn’t mean they have nothing wrong. It’s just that I have selfishness and I don’t want you to be bound by the shackles of hatred. Qu Tian took you away because he hated me. Dad, I don’t know if she’s having a good time right now, but I do know that in the ten years before that, she certainly wasn’t happy a day.”

“Mom wants you to grow up happily, so she asks Liu Lu to wait until you are eighteen years old before giving you this letter.

Baby, mother’s bad luck, the love and marriage you get is not happy. But if God took away this luck and left it to you, then I have no regrets. I hope all my lost luck will come to you.

May my baby always be healthy, lucky and carefree.

My dearest mother, Yu Tianliu. ”

Ye Cheng couldn’t bear it any longer, and tears fell on the paper in large drops.

He tilted his head and covered his eyes, tears running down his fingers.

The phone on the table vibrated, and the caller ID was Lu Xiao.

Looking at the name, he suddenly cried even more uncontrollably.

So this is the luck you left me.



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