Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 64

Zhou Minhao was busy flirting with a high school girl who set up a stall, when Jiang Jin suddenly strangled his neck from behind, and hot tears were sprayed down his neck.

“Help me! I’ve had enough, I want Rongrong woo woo!” Jiang Jin burst into tears, almost staggering him down.

The schoolgirl looked at them in shock.

Zhou Minhao said with a dry smile, “I’m sorry, there’s something wrong with his brain.”

He dragged Jiang Jin away in embarrassment, just wanting to give this guy a brain break.

Ye Cheng walked on the runway, raised his left wrist in the sun, the brown circle hung on his slender wrist bone, he bent his eyes and shook it.

“Is this a token of love?” he asked in a low voice.

After the girl saw him wearing it, she gave them the ring.

After Lu Xiao said this, he suddenly realized that they seemed to be missing something.

What is missing, of course, is the lack of a pair of rings.

Other young couples are secretly wearing pairs of rings, and even the one for one dollar makes people look so romantic, so they must have it too!

Of course, if you buy it, you can probably only hang it around your neck.

As soon as the idea of ​​​​ringing appeared, it was deeply rooted in his mind. He decided to secretly find a way to measure the circumference of Ye Cheng’s fingers and secretly surprise him.

“Of course not,” he said righteously, “the token of love must be full of ritual, and it can be remembered for a lifetime. Whenever I think about it in the future, I will feel that it is very meaningful and very meaningful. It’s worth remembering.”

Ye Cheng blurted out, “You’re not going to give me a ring, are you?”

Lu Xiao: “…”

Ye Cheng noticed the slight change in his expression and thought to himself, right?

In order to maintain the fragile and sensitive self-esteem of the young man, he had no choice but to say haha: “It shouldn’t be possible, are you going to give me shoes?”

Help, so blunt, he was secretly annoyed that he had said the wrong thing.

Lu Xiao’s emotions almost didn’t hold back, and he said stiffly, “I didn’t plan to give you anything, you should think too much.”

Ye Cheng: “Oh, okay.”

Lu Xiao thought about it for a while, and couldn’t help but ask, “Have you ever received a gift like a ring… or shoes before? Why do you ask this suddenly?”

Damn, if that dog’s ex gave it, he’d want to get him out and beat him right now.

Dare to give a ring, it’s up to you?

“No.” Ye Cheng’s eyes flickered.

He has received DR, he has received Cartier, he has received Tiffany… many, many, many. According to Lu Xiao’s urination, the first ring will probably be sent to DR.

Lu Xiao glanced at him suspiciously, but had no choice but to give up because he couldn’t get any evidence.

During the lunch break at noon, Xu Chao informed everyone that there will be an open class tomorrow.

The class immediately became a pot of porridge, and chatter started to discuss.

“Oh my God, our class is also equipped with an open class??”

“Hahahaha, you are so immoral, if Lao Xu hears this, you will die.”

“Aren’t open classes only available for top classes? Is our class about to rise?”

“Still go to the classroom with its own video, you said, will Lao Xu be so nervous that he can’t even grasp the chalk?”

“Bitch, you don’t need chalk in that classroom.”

Everyone was noisy for a while, until Ye Cheng patted the table to maintain discipline, and then each lay down and took a nap. The cultural festival in the afternoon will continue, so everyone began to supplement sleep to ensure physical strength.

Lu Xiao glanced around like a thief, lowered his head and sent a message to Tan Xiaoqi.

Suspect X: [Is there a rope? A soft ruler is also available. 】

Tan Xiaoqi: […What are you doing, my God, you don’t have any special fetishes, right? ! 】

Suspect X: [? ? ? 】

Suspect X: [What are you saying, I want to measure Ye Cheng’s finger circumference, I want to give him a ring. 】

There was a thud in front, and Tan Xiaoqi fell from the chair.

The person who was woken up next to her looked up at her, and said in a loud voice, “Can you be quiet?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Tan Xiaoqi apologized repeatedly.

Lu Xiao glanced at Ye Cheng, who was sleeping beside him. That beautiful face was facing him, resting on the little deer neck pillow he bought, and his cheeks were slightly flushed when he slept. So cute.

Tan Xiaoqi got up and threw the news frantically to blow him up: [Are you asking for marriage? ! Fuck me **** I really didn’t expect that someone else’s cp might be fake, maybe still ambiguous, maybe there will be a situation when they are together, my cp is **** getting married? ! No, I’m talking nonsense, it’s not marriage, it’s a marriage proposal! 】

Suspect X: [Please be tall, if I dare to propose, he can throw the ring box in my face on the spot and let me go back behind closed doors and think about it and study hard to copy the “Qingxin Sutra” a hundred times. Do you believe it? 】

Tan Xiaoqi: [emmmmm…]

She already had a picture in her head, Ye Cheng threw the ring box with anger on her face, and the dignified brother stood in the corridor with the box and cried.

Damn, it seems to be very emotional.

Suspect X: [Just buy a pair of rings, the unpretentious kind, understand? 】

Tan Xiaoqi: [Okay, then what brand do you want to buy, do you need a recommendation? 】

Suspect X: [DR. 】

Lu Xiao glanced at Ye Cheng again, he slept with his lips slightly open, it was a good time to measure.

Suspect X: [Hurry up, lend me your headband to use. 】

Tan Xiaoqi donated the headband without hesitation, burrowed into the back row quietly, crouched on the table and handed it over, “Here.” She kept her voice low.

When giving Lu Xiao the headband, she saw the rubber band on his wrist.

“Why are you asking me to borrow a rubber band?” she asked in confusion.

Lu Xiao also answered her in a very low voice: “This is our couple’s item. I want to mark it on the headband, and I will pay you ten tomorrow.”

Tan Xiaoqi: “…I rely on it.”

Woohoo, stinky couple.

Woohoo, more dog food like this.

Lu Xiao took the headband in his hand and cut it with a paper cutter without hesitation, so that it was easier to measure.

The noon sun shines on the desks, and the sound of breathing echoes in the classroom.

He held his breath and cautiously approached Ye Cheng’s hand inch by inch.

Ye Cheng closed her eyes tightly, her eyelashes trembling slightly.

His left arm was placed under the neck pillow, cushioning the place where his neck was hanging.

Lu Xiao cautiously touched the back of his left hand with a finger.

Ye Cheng didn’t respond. He breathed a sigh of relief. He gently held his left **** and slowly raised it at a speed of 0.1 millimeters per second.

The whole process took five minutes.

It was so slow that even Tan Xiaoqi, who was squatting by the side to watch the fun, couldn’t stand it any longer, and rolled back to her seat with a black line on her face.

Lu Xiao’s hand holding his **** was shaking, shaking like a sieve.

He accidentally knocked off the pencil case on the table with his elbow.

The person next to him raised his head, and Lu Xiao was so frightened that he immediately let go and lay back on the table.

A generation of school bully has never been so gaffe.

After a few minutes, the surroundings became quiet again, and he slowly raised his head to look at Ye Cheng.

Thank goodness all this movement didn’t wake him up.

This time, Lu Xiao learned to be smart. He swept all the sundries on the table into the table hole, and even picked and threw his favorite Red Devil in, for fear of accidentally scratching Ye Cheng.

This process took five minutes, because he cleaned up very slowly, so as not to make a sound to alarm others.

Ye Cheng gritted her teeth slightly, her cheeks bulging.

Damn it, he didn’t fall asleep at all, and listened to this mentally retarded operation for more than 20 minutes.

So **** annoying, can you finish the measurement soon and let him sleep? !

In the afternoon, I have to help Tan Mengmeng set up a stall together. He is really sleepy, but he can’t sleep because of the noise, and pretending to be asleep is 10,000 times harder than actually falling asleep.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the next measurement work, Ye Cheng even quietly moved his **** out a little, hurry up.

Lu Xiao exhaled nervously and wiped the sweat from his palms.

He leaned forward again and again, pinched the middle finger, and wrapped the headband around Ye Cheng’s finger as if he was driving at 0.5 times the speed.

Ye Cheng’s heart was also put down, and he was almost done.

Lu Xiao picked up the red pen and prepared to make a mark on the headband.

But he didn’t know if he was too excited or what was going on. With a slip of his hand, the tip of the pen poked directly into Ye Cheng’s hand, leaving a red streak.

Lu Xiao: “!!!”

He almost collapsed, but when he looked at Ye Cheng again, he still didn’t wake up, and even snored lightly.

He gradually began to doubt, no, he didn’t wake up after all this?

This is not normal.

Lu Xiao stared at his face with frown, one minute, two minutes, three minutes.

Ye Cheng smacked his lips, and started to scold him in his heart.

Are you finished yet? After measuring, can you hurry to sleep!

Next, Lu Xiao made a move that directly made him suspect that this person’s IQ might even be humiliated.

Lu Xiao tried to squeeze his nose.

Can anyone be more stupid than this? If so, then the world is over.

Ye Cheng held his breath hard and began to compete with him.

I’ve been pretending to sleep for so long, and I can’t fall short.

hold onto! Persistence is victory!

He was so angry in his dantian that he exhausted all the energy he had learned to swim in the previous years, and bet his determination to protect his boyfriend’s dignity to the death, holding his breath and holding his breath again!

Swimming champion is like this!

Ye Cheng’s face flushed a little bit, his face and ears also turned red, and a few blue veins popped out from his neck.

He counted the seconds in his mind, and he was surprised as he read. I was too **** stupid. The last time I didn’t hold my breath for more than a minute, it’s been a minute and a half now.

Just when he felt that he could fight for another minute, Lu Xiao suddenly let go of his nose.

Fresh air poured in, but Ye Cheng didn’t dare to take a quick breath, but kept breathing through his nostrils.

Lu Xiao’s cold voice sounded, “Can a normal person hold their breath so much while sleeping? You should be practicing swimming.”

There was a loud noise in Ye Cheng’s head.

Damn, lost.

He couldn’t hold on anymore, opened his eyes, and met Shang Lu Xiao’s distraught eyes.

Ye Cheng looked away and got up from the table.

“You already knew I was measuring my finger circumference?”

He nodded hard.

“You guessed that I was going to give a ring?”

Nodding again.

“Someone gave you a ring before, right?”

Still nodded.

Ye Cheng suddenly reacted, and immediately looked at him and shook his head, whispering: “…No, really not.”

Lu Xiao looked at him in disbelief: “You lied to me! You said you can’t lie! You taught me that trust is the basic law of love, and you also asked me to never lie to you in the future!”

He pursed his lips, got up angrily and walked out the back door.

Ye Cheng covered her face, it was over.



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