Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 65

After Lu Xiao left, he did not appear again for a full afternoon. Ye Cheng looked around on the playground, but didn’t see him, and when he asked other people, they all said they didn’t see him.

After searching for a while and still to no avail, Ye Cheng had to send him a WeChat message asking him where he went.

I originally thought that Lu Xiao would not answer him, or that he would not reply until his anger subsided. Who knew that just two minutes after it was sent, the phone would pop up a new message prompt.

Suspect X: [I’m angry, I want to be quiet. 】

Ye Cheng felt dumbfounded.

Okay, there is still a lot of progress compared to before, even if he was angry, he didn’t have a cold war with him and didn’t reply.

Tan Mengmeng moved two boxes of stationery to set up a stall, greeted Ye Cheng, and squatted on the edge of the runway to help her shout.


Tan Xiaoqi also ran over, and the three squatted in a row to chat.

“Why didn’t Brother Xiao come to help us?” Tan Xiaoqi asked, not knowing that they were quarreling.

Tan Mengmeng didn’t expect her sister to be so bold in kowtow and dance in front of her in public. She lowered her head and didn’t dare to speak.

Ye Cheng didn’t hide anything from her, and said calmly, “He wants to measure my finger circumference at noon. I pretended to be asleep and didn’t expose him, but it was found out. He is a little angry now.”

As the provider of the headband, Tan Xiaoqi was immediately embarrassed, “Ah this…”

She changed her words and said, “What’s so angry about this, when did Brother Xiao become so vulnerable?”

Ye Cheng said: “It’s not that he is vulnerable, it’s my problem.”

Tan Xiaoqi added fuel to the fire: “Then he shouldn’t be so angry that he patted his **** and left. He promised to help in the afternoon, but he disappeared when he got angry. Did he not reply to your news? Just play this one, don’t take it too far.”

Tan Mengmeng looked at her as if she had seen a ghost, thinking to herself why are you still sowing discord, are you poisonous? ?

Ye Cheng’s face changed, and he said, “He didn’t fail to reply.”

At this time, Zhou Minhao helped a school girl pass by carrying a box, and shouted at him, “Brother Orange, do you have time to help me? It’s too heavy.”

Ye Cheng stood up and said, “I’ll go over and help him.”

Tan Xiaoqi and Tan Mengmeng nodded.

As soon as he left, Tan Mengmeng rolled her eyes at her sister and complained, “What are you doing, why are you provoking my male **** and his husband?!” She endured it for a long time before exposing herself in front of Ye Cheng. Not the lady side.

Tan Xiaoqi spat: “You know the shit. Can’t you see it, Brother Orange was a little speechless to his husband, but when I messed up like this, he immediately turned into a guardian treasure. You didn’t see him looking at me just now. Your eyes are as cold as a thousand-year-old iceberg.”

Tan Mengmeng suddenly realized.

“Sister, I didn’t expect you to sacrifice so much for them.” She looked at Tan Xiaoqi with tears in her eyes, and suddenly felt that she was surrounded by holy light.

Give up your image for the happiness of CP.

This is a **** saint!

They set up the stall for a few hours, and all the girls from a radius of ten miles were attracted by Ye Cheng. As long as he stops there, without even shouting the slogan, the business will automatically come to the door.

Jiang Jin and the junior sister were next to them, and they were stunned to be compared to each other and their livelihood was bleak.

The school girl held her cheeks enviously and said, “If you look good and study well, you have an advantage.”

Zhou Minhao said disdainfully, “That’s called attracting bees and butterflies. Only people like me can give people a sense of security, understand?”

School girl: “You can save it, you are the real scumbag.”

When it was time to close the stall, Lu Xiao came back.

He silently helped to clean up the venue, silently accompanied Ye Cheng to give the money from the charity sale to the teacher, and silently walked out of the school with a one-shouldered schoolbag.

Ye Cheng followed behind, catching up with him in three steps and two steps.

There is no self-study in the evening today, and the school is full of students pushing carts after school.

Lu Xiao used to be picked up and dropped off by a driver. Ever since he developed the habit of sending Ye Cheng home every day, he also followed him to and from school on the subway.

There are many people on the road, and it is inconvenient for the two to get too close.

After arriving at Baize Lake Station, Ye Cheng saw that there were no acquaintances around, so he leaned over and held his hand.

Lu Xiao froze and pulled his hand away without a trace.

Ye Cheng held it up again, and he took it away again.

Repeating this three times, Ye Cheng threatened: “If you leave me again, I will not hold you.”

Lu Xiao didn’t dare to move immediately.

He looked at Ye Cheng aggrievedly: “You always have no patience with me, do you do the same with your ex-boyfriend?”

Ye Cheng has a head and two big, thinking how can he get around his ex-boyfriend, this will not become one of his flammable and explosive points, the kind that will explode with a light poke in the future.

Seeing that he didn’t speak, Lu Xiao was even more sour.

But he didn’t want to move, he hadn’t held hands for a whole day, and he had to hold back his anger when he finally got hold of it.

It really hurts.

When he reached the door, Ye Cheng let go of him naturally.

He doesn’t hold it anymore? Lu Xiao felt even more uncomfortable.

Ye Cheng grabbed the hem of his clothes and shook it, and said softly: “Okay, don’t be angry. I’m looking forward to the ring, will you send it?”

Lu Xiao said stubbornly, “Send it, but I’m still very angry.”

Ye Cheng: “…” You **** can’t fix it for me.

How to coax this? ?

Lu Xiao pulled his hand away from the hem of his clothes and said sadly: “One yard is one yard. I didn’t mark the rope at noon. Please stretch out your finger and let me measure it again.”

Ye Cheng propped up his forehead, his face full of horror.

He let Lu Xiao squeeze his middle finger, measured the circumference of his finger, and then waved to him with a drooping mouth: “I’m going home, goodbye.”

“Hello.” Ye Cheng shouted, watching his back disappear into the street.

No, he had to find a way to fix it.

Ye Cheng thought for a moment, but instead of turning around and entering the house, he walked out of the community and took a taxi to the nearby shopping mall.

He visited several silver jewelry stores and ended up buying two necklaces.

Since the little boyfriend is so angry and insists on giving him a ring, then he should prepare a chain in advance. When he can’t wear it on his hand, he can hang it around his neck.

In his last life, Ye Cheng had never bought him any jewelry or the like, at most he only gave him belt buckles and cuffs, because the couple necklaces seemed too childish to him. Including the wedding diamond ring, it was also chosen by Lu Xiao.

When he looked at the counters one by one, he suddenly felt a very soft feeling in his heart.


Thinking of Lu Xiao’s anger just now, the corners of his mouth couldn’t stop rising.

When he was choosing a ring for himself, it must have been in this mood.

The waiter observed his expression and began to recommend enthusiastically, “My little brother bought it for his girlfriend. You can take a look at this new one from our family. It is simple and elegant in style and very cost-effective.”

Ye Cheng tried on a few.

Lu Xiao needs to secretly measure the circumference of his fingers, but he is very familiar with Lu Xiao’s neck circumference, and he knows if it is suitable or not after a few gestures.

“Just these two, please help me wrap it up.”

“Okay, please check out here.”

When he came out with two small boxes, Ye Cheng suddenly began to look forward to the scene of giving him a gift tomorrow. It turns out that giving people jewelry is such a mood, and I can’t help but feel excited and longing.

Thinking of this, his tolerance for Lu Xiao’s tantrums skyrocketed.

Ye Cheng opened WeChat and saw that Lu Xiao’s state had changed to “cracked”.

Pfft, so cute.

Lu Xiao was really about to crack. He lay down on the desk in a dejected manner, unable to eat the supper prepared by Sister-in-law Wang. With headphones in his ears, he made a voice call with Jiang Jin.

“I think you’re just too kind to Brother Cheng.” Jiang Jin said, “You show the temper that you hate me, and see if he doesn’t take the initiative to find you. Of course, I’m not asking you to kill him, I just say You have to be tough and show the aura of the head of a family!”

Lu Xiao didn’t say anything, and said, “Look at me, I didn’t dare to chase Rongrong at first, I always felt that she didn’t like me. Only later did I realize that one of the two would always take the initiative to attack, and The person who takes the initiative can control the relationship, do you understand what I mean?”

“You have to hold him, you can’t let him hold you! You have to control him and be his master!”

“Fuck, I’ve never seen you so tangled before, it’s not like this when you beat someone!” Jiang Jin said unwillingly.

After being persuaded by him for half an hour, Lu Xiao finally came to his senses, nodded and said, “You’re right, I should be tougher, I can’t be compared by his predecessor.”


Jiang Jin slapped the table: “Who can compare you? Brave him… No, I mean bravely, Brother Xiao!”

The next morning, Ye Cheng took the necklace to school.

When he used to deliver things, he didn’t feel anything, but now for some reason, he was always thinking about the two boxes in his schoolbag, worried that it would be exposed and Lu Xiao saw it in advance.

Open classes are held in multimedia classrooms.

Classrooms are arranged in small groups, with each pair of desks sitting face to face. Lu Xiao just sat opposite Ye Cheng.

Neither of them looked up at each other very much, Ye Cheng stared at the textbook absentmindedly, secretly thinking about how to send the gift out at noon, and by the way, to calm him down.

Why don’t you just explain it to him and say that you don’t have an ex at all, just to fool him now? Well, not very good, then Lu Xiao would definitely think he was lying, and he would yell again, “You educate me not to lie”.

In a trance, he heard Xu Chao say, “I’ll ask someone to answer the next question.”

For the effect of this open class, Xu Chao did not continue to teach the class, but opened an additional class.

Ye Cheng quietly glanced at the pages of the book and found that he hadn’t heard the question just now.

…don’t hit him.

But what to be afraid of.

Xu Chao looked around and chose the most reliable student: “Ye Cheng, get up and answer.”

The eyes of all the auditors were focused, including the principal, the vice-principal, and the leaders of several other schools.

Ye Cheng stood up slowly, feeling that he was about to crack.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Yu Kun next to him reminded him in a low voice, “Question 15.”

Ye Cheng looked at it, and instantly felt his scalp tingle.

This is a **** probabilistic finale question, and it is impossible to calculate it without writing. The calculation time given by Xu Chao just now is not long, and it is over in a flash.

“I didn’t figure it out either.” Yu Kun covered his mouth and said softly, there was nothing left.


If Xu Chao had ordered someone else, but he had ordered Ye Cheng, the teachers would all look at him, and probably knew that he was the first in the grade. If you can’t answer, you will be embarrassed in front of other schools.

At this moment, Lu Xiao turned his book upside down.

In the blank space is the draft of his calculation, and he has not finished the calculation, but has reached the third-to-last step. A bunch of possibilities are listed above, all of which provide the basis for the final answer.

Ye Cheng swept through his calculations with one eye and ten lines, his brain was running fast, and he was racing against time to calculate the next steps.

After a few seconds, he replied: “The probability of the first question is four out of five, and the minimum value of m for the second question is 3.”

Xu Chao nodded with satisfaction: “Yes, the calculation is very fast. Who can calculate it by asking both questions, raise your hand and let me see.”

The class sporadically raised a few hands.

Xu Chao said: “Because we have a tight class time, we can also exercise everyone’s calculation speed. You should learn more from Ye Cheng.”

After all, he raised his hand and let him sit down.

The principal and the vice-principal looked at each other with approval.

Ye Cheng sat down without any risk and looked at Lu Xiao opposite.

The last time Lu Xiao was angry and didn’t remind him in class, this time he turned the answer to him with a stinky face. I have to say, their little Lu has really grown up.

Ye Cheng couldn’t wait until noon, so she called Lu Xiao out alone after class.

Today’s weather fell two drops of rain from time to time, and the inter-class exercise was temporarily cancelled, leaving more than 20 minutes in the middle.

Ye Cheng took out the necklace ahead of time and put it in the pocket of her school uniform, and walked with Lu Xiao to the corner of the empty stairs.

Just as he was about to praise the other party, Lu Xiao said solemnly, “I have something to tell you.”

Ye Cheng blinked: “You said.”

Lu Xiao domineeringly took out his phone from his pocket, opened the memo with a cold face and handed it to him, and said sternly, “Look at it.”

Ye Cheng took a closer look, and there were lines of words neatly lined up between them.

  1. He likes spicy food and doesn’t like sweets.
  2. He likes mature, not too naive.
  3. I like white and hate pink.
  4. She seems to like me acting like a spoiled child.

Every line is filled with his careful observation and lingering affection.

Ye Cheng was speechless.

The little boyfriend said arrogantly: “I like you so much, so you also have to like me a little more. Don’t think about others, and don’t treat me bad in the future, understand?”

Is that tough enough?

Lu Xiao thought to himself.



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