Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 67

Ye Cheng waited at the door for a long time, and a woman in white hurried out. She didn’t look carefully at the road, and bumped into him.

The driver standing next to him was startled.

The woman lowered her head and said “I’m sorry”, then hurriedly ran away.

After a few minutes, Lu Xiao helped Meng Li and walked out.

Meng Li leaned against him, sweat on his white forehead.

Ye Cheng thought she was ill again, so she hurried to hold the hand. The driver immediately opened the door and helped Meng Li to sit in.

Meng Li’s face was pale, with regret on his face, he raised his head and said to Ye Cheng: “I’m sorry, Xiao Cheng, I’m a little uncomfortable and can’t accompany you to dinner.”

“Don’t say that, Auntie.” Ye Cheng worried, “Where are you feeling? Are you going to the hospital?”


Meng Li shook his head wearily, “I’ll just rest for a while.”

The driver closed the door, and Lu Xiao and Ye Cheng sat in the back row together.

“Auntie okay?” Ye Cheng asked him in a low voice.

Lu Xiao shook his head, afraid that Meng Li in the front row would hear it, so he approached him and said, “Tell you later.”

Meng Li first asked the driver to take Ye Cheng home, and then said that he would be invited to dinner next time, and then left with Lu Xiao.

After Ye Cheng returned home, the more she thought about it, the more uneasy she became, so she simply called Huang Shengan.

After a few beeps over there, it was connected.

“Hey, is there something wrong, Ye Zi?” Huang Shengan’s voice was like a thief.

Ye Cheng was stunned for a moment, then remembered that he should still be studying at night.

“I forgot you were in class, I’ll call you later,” he said.

Just as he was about to hang up, Huang Shengan stopped him and said, “I’m not in class, I’m in Qingshan. My dad is busy in a meeting and asked me to send him materials. Damn, he really treats me as an errand.”

There was a sound of the door closing on his side, and it seemed that he came out of the conference room, and the voice was much louder.

“What’s the matter, tell me, there is no one next to me.” Huang Shengan said.

Ye Cheng said: “It’s not a big deal, I just want to ask about your Aunt Meng, can you help me ask Uncle Huang?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Huang Shengan immediately said in an inviting tone: “Do you still need to mention this? Ever since I knew you… ahem, after that relationship, I’ve been testing my dad’s aunt Meng’s physical condition every now and then. Don’t worry, Her illness is not serious, it seems to be caused by too much mental stress.”

Ye Cheng frowned and wondered, “How could she be so stressed, is it because of… family reasons?”

He didn’t know what happened to Meng Li today, but he could vaguely guess what should have happened to stimulate her during that time.

Huang Shengan said hesitantly: “Yes… But there are other reasons. Take a precaution first, don’t mind, I’m not gossiping about her behind her back, but I think she always likes to fantasize about something sometimes? She always I told my dad that I felt someone staring at her, someone behind me when I was eating, and someone standing beside my bed when I was sleeping, as if my every move was being watched.”

Ye Cheng couldn’t help but feel tight.

Huang Shengan added: “She said that maybe her husband wanted to kill her and live together with the little three. But there are two contradictions in this statement. First, her husband is abroad and won’t come back several times a year. Two, the private detective she hired told her that her husband doesn’t have a… er, a regular mistress.”

“There is no fixed junior, what do you mean?” Ye Cheng asked.

Huang Shengan tried to be euphemistic: “It’s just that he plays outside, but he doesn’t have a fixed partner.”

Ye Cheng understood, “It’s more flowery, isn’t it?”

“Well, anyway, the ‘Little San’ that Auntie imagined doesn’t exist at all.”

When he said this, Ye Cheng remembered that, in his impression, it seemed that Lu Yaoshan had never divorced Meng Li. Of course, apart from being inseparable due to mental illness, he never saw him make a second child.

Afterwards, the Lu family was **** and **** for a while. The uncle and the third uncle were not good things, and they were scrambling to make a son and a half daughter to please the old man, playing the card of intergenerational family affection.

Lu Yaoshan and Lu Xiao were born out of tune, according to his temperament, there is no reason not to have another one outside just in case.

Huang Sheng’an said: “By the way, there is another thing that is very strange. My dad mentioned it during dinner a few days ago, and another doctor asked him if there were many relatives in Aunt Meng’s family. My dad didn’t know why. Q. The doctor said that while she was in the nursing home, someone came to the hospital twice to inquire about her condition, claiming to be a relative on her father’s side.”

Ye Cheng suddenly felt bad, and said to him: “Her father has no relatives there, and today I went with them to visit the tomb. Lu Xiao said that his grandfather only had Aunt Meng, the only daughter. Because of some arguments in the early years, he had a relationship with his uncle. It’s all broken.”

“Don’t worry,” Huang Shengan said, “he didn’t tell that person anything.”

He patted his chest twice, “The hospital protects the privacy of patients very well. I only learned about this by overhearing my dad and his colleagues chatting. I haven’t told anyone except you.”

Ye Cheng breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Thank you.”

Huang Sheng’an said: “Thank you, thank you, your business is mine, who are we?”

Ye Cheng chatted with him for a few words, then hung up the phone.

He intuited that this stranger was 80% related to Lu Yaoshan, and he had to let Lu Xiao know about it as soon as possible.

After Lu Xiao brought Meng Li home, he comforted her, drank a glass of milk and fell asleep.

Not long after, I heard someone walking outside the door.

He opened the door and saw Mrs. Wang walking past with cleaning tools, the garbage bags were jingling.

Lu Xiao asked, “My mother smashed something again?”

Sister-in-law Wang said helplessly, “Madam threw the medicine bowl and refused to take the medicine.”

“Give me the medicine.” Lu Xiao said.

Sister-in-law Wang nodded, glanced at the corridor behind her, and said, “Madam’s mood is not stable now. She threw me a photo frame just now. Would you like to visit her?”

Lu Xiao’s eyes fell on her, “Sister Wang, are you not injured?”

She said with aggrieved face: “I wasn’t injured, but Madam thought that I was sent by the master to monitor her, so she refused to drink the medicine I boiled.”

Lu Xiao patted her and comforted: “It’s okay, I’ll go talk to her, just leave the medicine at the door. My mother is always like this, and I have to trouble you to include her more.”

Sister Wang wiped the corners of her eyes and said, “I can’t betray anyone if I betray Madam, Xiaoxiao, you know…”

“I know.” Lu Xiao couldn’t bear it, “Don’t take what my mother said in her anger.”

Sister-in-law Wang sighed and looked around: “Maybe it’s really not very auspicious here as Madam said.”

She took the garbage bag and left, and Lu Xiao’s eyes became complicated.

He crossed the aisle and knocked on Meng Li’s door.

There was no sound inside, he just reached out and opened the door.

There was some resistance to the door, and after walking in, it was a pillow.

Lu Xiao picked up the pillow and walked towards Meng Li who was sitting on the bed in a daze.

“Mom, can’t you sleep?” He sat down on the edge of the bed and put the pillow in its original position.

Meng Li went crazy, but now he has calmed down. She stared blankly at the void and murmured, “Xiaoxiao, why don’t we live in another city and go to a place where no one knows us.”

Lu Xiao frowned and looked at her.

She said: “I always feel that no one around me can be trusted. When I do anything, it’s like someone is watching me. Do you feel that Mrs. Wang is very strange recently? She is always doing housework, inexplicably Stare at me or force me to drink the black stuff.”

Meng Li didn’t realize how dazed his tone was, and he held Lu Xiao’s cuff tightly as he spoke.

“And today’s Xia Wanqing, she must have followed me to the cemetery!” She gritted her teeth.

Lu Xiao said: “Didn’t the staff member say that she is going to pay homage to her husband. Mom, she also explained that she and my dad have long since broken up, and my dad has been abroad for several years, so it should be impossible to have another relationship with her. Connected.”

The photo in Lu Yaoshan’s study was something he saw when he was a child.

It is said that the woman was Lu Yaoshan’s first love, and then suddenly broke up and married his mother.

Meng Li said unwillingly, “What about Mrs. Wang? She is always sneaky.”

“Mom.” Lu Xiao called to her in a long voice, grabbed her hand and said, “Wang Wei has been with you for so many years, do you still doubt her? You should listen to the doctor’s words and don’t think about it. Some don’t.”

Meng Li stopped talking.

Lu Xiao said, “My dad will be back in a while, don’t make trouble with him, or I’m afraid I won’t be able to resist again.”

The last time he had a conflict with Lu Yaoshan, it was because Meng Li got sick again because of him.


Meng Li said embarrassingly: “Don’t do anything with your father, so as not to make your uncle and the others laugh.”

Lu Xiao laughed indifferently, he didn’t care about those two families at all.

Meng Li added: “Don’t believe anyone on your dad’s side, including your grandfather, they are not good people.”

Lu Xiao liked his grandfather quite a bit when he was a child, and said to her, “Okay, let’s rest early.”

When he stood up, he saw the huge wedding photo on the opposite wall. The above Meng Li was beautiful, with a smile on her brows and eyes, while Lu Yaoshan’s expression was the exact opposite of hers. It could be said that she had no expression at all.

Lu Xiao’s face gradually became colder. It turned out that one side was in love and the other was disgusted.

Meng Li on the bed had closed his eyes, and his phone was upside down by the pillow.

Lu Xiao took the phone away and prepared to put it on the bedside table.

Before the screen was turned off, a row of chat records came into view.

The WeChat of the note “Yaoshan” sent this sentence.

[Don’t go to her, or you will be at your own risk. 】

The delivery time was an hour ago, and the high probability was also the reason why Meng Li went mad.

The previous chat history was completely deleted, probably because she didn’t want to see that dialog.

Lu Xiao’s heart sank suddenly.

They had just been to the cemetery, and when they met Xia Wanqing, Lu Yaoshan knew so quickly. The driver is the third replacement this month. Is it really like what Meng Li said, Mrs. Wang is actually Lu Yaoshan’s eyeliner beside her?

But not to mention how good Mrs. Wang is to Meng Li, what is the purpose of him doing this?

Meng Li had shares in several companies in the early years, but all of them fell into the hands of Lu Yaoshan. The piece of cake he is targeting now is the Lu family, not just a mentally ill woman.

Lu Xiao felt a headache. If it was changed a year ago, after discovering this chat record, he might have agreed to Meng Li to go to another city without hesitation. But now he can’t leave Ye Cheng and go to a new place to live for no reason.


He thought about it and took Meng Li’s mobile phone away.

After walking out of the room, he sent a message to Lu Yaoshan: [When will you return to China? 】

After posting it, he deleted it.

But until noon the next day, when he put the phone back in Meng Li’s room, Lu Yaoshan didn’t reply.

The next day, Meng Li’s mood calmed down a bit.

During the break, Ye Cheng said to Lu Xiao, “I bought a pastoral style painting last week, and the painter said that hanging it in the bedroom would help the master to calm down. After school today, let’s take it to your house together, it’s okay. Let Auntie hang it in the bedroom.”

When he said this, Lu Xiao thought of that unsightly wedding photo.

So he said, “It’s time for her to change her mood.”

There was no evening self-study today. The two went to pick up the painting after school. It was 1.6 meters long, and it was big and heavy after adding the photo frame.

They found a worker to move to the house, and it happened that Meng Li was eating bird’s nest at the dining table.

Seeing a few people walk in with a large object, she asked in surprise, “What is this?”

Lu Xiao said, “Do you want to put the painting Ye Cheng sent you in the bedroom to purify the air.”

He showed the small picture to Meng Li, and she put down the spoon and looked at it for a while.

Ye Cheng just wanted to say, if you don’t like it, forget it.

Unexpectedly, she replied with a bit of revenge: “Change it, and change it up immediately. The wedding photo was moved to your father’s room, and he just happened to be back in the past few days.”

The workers moved something and ate a mouthful of melons. It seems that the hostess and the male owner sleep separately in this house, and the male owner has been away from home for a long time. It is estimated that the husband and wife have deep conflicts.

Several people carried the paintings upstairs.

Meng Li said, “Xiaocheng, stay for dinner at night, and my aunt will make you delicious food to compensate you.”

“Okay, I’ll go up and do a favor and come down.” Ye Cheng smiled at her.

Everyone came to Meng Li’s bedroom, and Lu Xiao instructed the workers to take down the wedding photos.

After some loosening, the magnificent wedding photo was finally taken down.

The moment it was removed, a wire fell from the top, and a small thing was attached to the end of the wire, which snapped to the floor.

Everyone looked down, and the thing was shining brightly.



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