Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 70

The reason why Ye Cheng cared so much about this “little girl” was not only because he heard her from other people’s mouths one after another, but also because he always believed that Lu Xiao was probably a straight man before he knew him. Or he was still straight after getting to know him, but he just happened to fall in love with his same sex.

Contrary to his thoughts, Lu Xiao dared not tell him even though he took a hundred courage, that “little girl” is actually you.

First, he was afraid of being punched in the face by Ye Cheng and told him to get out of the way; secondly, he was also afraid that after Ye Cheng knew that “Little Black Charcoal” was him, the “childhood playmate” in his heart would disappear. Childhood brings “devastating” blows.

Lu Xiao cleared his throat and defended, “I don’t like it, I just think she’s pretty.”


He carefully glanced at Ye Cheng’s face and added: “It’s not very beautiful.”

“It’s not very beautiful, so you mentioned it to your aunt and uncle?” Ye Cheng’s eyes were a little annoyed, this person was obviously trying to perfunctory him.

Seeing that the explanation couldn’t make sense, Lu Xiao insisted: “It’s been so many years, how can I remember it when I was a child, please don’t take an inch.” He tried to take the lead in occupying the moral high ground, accusing Ye Cheng of going too far, so he might be able to lead the way. quarrel.

Ye Cheng laughed angrily at him, “OK, since you said that, then we don’t care about anyone, and you don’t ask me anything about my ex in the future.”

He moved out the “ex” without saying a word.

After saying that, he turned around and walked away angrily.

Seeing that he was off the hook, Lu Xiao quickly went up and grabbed his hand, “Don’t worry, I said something wrong, okay?”

“Let go, I’m too lazy to care about you.”

“It’s not loose, you take care, take care of it.”

“Stop doing this, and act like a spoiled brat at every turn, are you all shameless?”

“I’m shameless, then don’t be angry.”


The two took a taxi to Bai Ze, and when they arrived at the door, Lu Xiao thought that this matter had been fooled.

But when parting, Ye Cheng couldn’t help but ask: “That girl was your neighbor when you were young? You two are childhood sweethearts?”

It was the first time that Lu Xiao felt that speaking was such a waste of brain cells, he nodded hesitantly, and said, “I was in elementary school when I met her, and I didn’t understand anything at that time, I just thought she was small… The little girl is good-looking. I just took a few more glances. Not long after that, I moved to Jiulong.”

Ye Cheng looked at him silently, “Understood, you are a face control.”

Lu Xiao suddenly regretted it. Damn, so he seems like a scumbag who only looks at his face.

“Goodbye, Yan Control,” Ye Cheng said, then walked into the door and slammed it shut.

Lu Xiao: “…”

It’s over, he doesn’t know how long he will care about this handle.


As soon as Ye Cheng entered the door, she saw Gao Qiulan put on a green mask and soaked her feet on the sofa.

She was recently introduced by Meng Li to be keen on skin care. As she got older, she made her face colorful every night, which was very scary at night.

“Orange, you’re back, who were you talking to just now?” Gao Qiulan asked vaguely.

Ye Cheng said casually, “Lu Xiao.”

Gao Qiulan hurriedly said, “Why didn’t you call him in to sit? Why does he keep sending you home during this time? Did you go out to play after school?”

Her question made Ye Cheng feel a little guilty, and she gave a light “um” and explained, “We quarreled.” He wanted to use the quarrel to divert Gao Qiulan’s attention and make her ignore the fact that Lu Xiao always sent him home. thing.

Gao Qiulan was really fooled and asked in surprise, “You guys quarreled again? What’s the reason this time?”

Ye Cheng said: “His uncle said that he had a crush on a girl when he was a child. I asked him who he was, and he said he was a neighbor, but he refused to tell me in detail. Grandma, you judge, don’t you think of me as a buddy too much? ?”

He complained deliberately in a very straight tone.

Gao Qiulan laughed, poked his forehead and said, “You kids, you have nothing to do all day long, what’s so noisy about it. But then again, if he refuses to tell you, is it because he is afraid of you? Know that girl?”

“How did I know his neighbor when he was a child?” Ye Cheng was puzzled.

Gao Qiulan was even more surprised: “Didn’t he tell you, he went to primary school in Bai Ze, and used to live in our community. This is what your aunt Meng told me during the last New Year’s New Year. She said here The environment is as good as it was ten years ago.”

Ye Cheng was stunned.

It turned out that Lu Xiao lived here.

It’s no wonder that the second time he came to his home, he seemed to be familiar with the road, and seemed to be familiar with the surrounding stores.

He felt a little strange again.

——Why did Lu Xiao not directly say that he lived here before, but told him that a friend’s house is here? And every time he mentioned about his elementary school, he hesitated, and the foreword did not match the second.


Ye Cheng was lost in thought.

There must be something hidden here.

Two days later, at the school gate after school, Lu Yaoshan appeared.

At the intersection of dusk, a black Maybach parked under the plane tree.

At that time, Ye Cheng was eating a sausage on the side of the road. Halfway through, he didn’t want to eat it, so he just stuffed it into Lu Xiao’s mouth.

Lu Xiao didn’t dislike it either, and habitually ate the sausages in three or two bites, then threw the bamboo sticks into the trash can.

Just when neither of them noticed, the car slowly stopped beside them.

When the car door opened, a man in a black suit came over, put his hands on his side and said to Lu Xiao, “Master, please get in the car.”

When Ye Cheng saw the car, his eyes darkened.

He had never been in close contact with Lu Yaoshan, and now this powerful figure in the southern capital was right in front of him, and he also had the smell of a bad visitor, which made him feel deeply uneasy.

Lu Xiao glanced at the bodyguard casually, and spit out a few words indifferently: “Let him go, don’t bother me.”

This is the first time Ye Cheng sees him talking to Lu Yaoshan. It’s hard to believe that the relationship between father and son has become so bad. It’s in such a tone of voice.

The bodyguard walked to the car with interest and said something to the half-open window.

Maybach moved and moved closer to them.

The car window was facing Lu Xiao, and when the car drove in front of him, Ye Cheng could clearly see the people sitting inside.

It has to be said that most of Lu Xiao’s appearance is inherited from Lu Yaoshan.

The second son of the Lu family, who was famous in the southern capital at the time, can still rely on his face many years later, attracting countless women to the flames.

He was wearing a custom suit, and he looked six or seven similar to Lu Xiao ten years later. The skin is pale and gloomy, the standard eyebrows are pressed against the eyes, the sword eyebrows are star-shaped, the facial contours are sharp and cold, and the expressionless look is the most imposing.


Lu Yaoshan raised his eyes and looked at Lu Xiao, his eyes were like some kind of creature living in a humid and cold area.

The gaze swept over Ye Cheng by the way, stopped on him for a moment, and said to Lu Xiao, “Where’s your mother?”

The corners of his mouth pressed down slightly, his voice low and without a trace of emotion.

Lu Xiao put his hands in his pockets, looked down at him and said, “It’s none of your business.”

As soon as he said these four words, the drivers in the front row shook.

Ye Cheng also pinched a sweat, and finally understood why the two were able to fight in the teacher’s office. According to the tone of speech, it is difficult to guarantee that they will not get started.

Lu Yaoshan was not expected to be angry, narrowed his eyes and said, “She is not at home, nor in Qingshan. Why, you hid her? Want to play hide and seek with Dad?”

The last sentence was somewhat playful and mocking, as if what he was talking about was not his hair-bearing wife at all, but a plaything.

Lu Xiao’s eyes lit up with anger, and he stared at him tightly and said, “She is a free person. It has nothing to do with you where she wants to go, and you don’t deserve to ask.”

“Humph.” Lu Yaoshan sneered, slowly raised the glass, and licked his lips playfully.

“Always like to do these little tricks, don’t worry, I’ll get your dear mother back,” he said.

At the moment when the window was closed, Maybach drove out and gradually disappeared at the end of Shanhai Road.

Lu Xiao frowned and looked at the direction the car was leaving.

Ye Cheng asked, “Is Auntie not in Qingshan?”

“Well, yesterday I asked my cousin to pick her up.” Lu Xiao gritted his teeth, “I won’t let this scum harass her again, never.”

Ye Cheng was stunned, it seemed that he guessed correctly.

In the previous life, Lu Xiao really dropped out of No. 13 Middle School in order to take Meng Li away from Lu Yaoshan’s control. If they hadn’t discovered the surveillance in advance, Lu Yaoshan would have taken control of Meng Li now, but he just didn’t know what he had done to Meng Li that Lu Xiao was so determined to take her away.


Although he had only been in contact with Lu Yaoshan for a few minutes, Ye Cheng even felt that it was not Meng Li who was sick, but himself. If he did this to Meng Li, it was to get revenge on Bai Yueguang for her harm to him, but this revenge has lasted for more than ten years… It doesn’t feel like something that a normal person would do.

At this moment, Lu Xiao’s phone vibrated.

He put it in his ear, “Hello, cousin.”

From the other end came Lu Zhanyang’s lazy voice, “Have you finished school? Come to LAMA, the fish is hooked.”

Lu Xiao and Ye Cheng looked at each other and replied, “I see, go over immediately.”

LAMA is a hi bar, and the deafening sound can be heard inside the wall.

Lu Zhanyang is half the owner of the house. When Ye Cheng and Lu Xiao pushed open the door and entered the private room, he was playing mouth to mouth with a little boy and feeding wine. The boy sat on his lap and put his arms around his neck ambiguous.

Lu Xiao coughed awkwardly and called out to him, “Cousin.”

Lu Zhanyang raised his head calmly and laughed when he saw Ye Cheng, “It’s here so soon, little beauty, you’re here too.”

Lu Xiao’s face darkened immediately.

The boy got up knowingly, filled them with wine and went out and closed the door.

Lu Zhanyang made an inviting gesture and said, “Have a drink, just opened.”

Lu Xiao waved his hand and asked, “Are you done? Have you recorded it yet?”

Lu Zhanyang gave a wicked smile, “Of course, there are not only recordings, but even more exciting things. Tomorrow your dad will wake up and find someone to hang this little **** up for questioning.”

He spoke vulgarly without covering it up, and gave Ye Cheng a wink.

Ye Cheng ignored him and asked suspiciously, “Isn’t she Uncle Lu’s Bai Yueguang, Uncle Lu really doesn’t favor her at all?”

Lu Zhanyang let out a “tsk” and said with a smile, “You’re on the point of asking, heh, **** Bai Yueguang. Lu Xiao, you don’t know, your dad actually liked your mother, otherwise he wouldn’t have done it for so many years. Get a divorce.”

Lu Xiao seemed to remember something, and suddenly cursed, “Fuck.”

Lu Zhanyang touched his chin and smiled with emotion.



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