Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 71

Lu Zhanyang shook the wine in the glass and said with a smile, “Miss Meng first fell in love with her cousin when she was at the reception. At that time, a group of them even made a bet, guessing who the eldest lady was looking at. Just walked over and invited my cousin to dance.”

Many years later, he still likes to call Meng Li “Miss” jokingly.

This was the first time that Lu Xiao had heard such a detailed description. Before, only Mrs. Wang had told him that his parents were acquainted by a family blind date.

“But he just broke up with that mistress, and he refused without even looking at it.” Lu Zhanyang seemed to find it very interesting, and then said, “The woman met your father at your 4S store and thought your father was a car dealer. , who knows that he just kicked him and found out that it was the second young master of the Lu family, and he regretted it so much that his bowels turned green.”


Lu Xiao snorted softly, “You were only ten years old at that time, how could you remember it so clearly?”

Lu Zhanyang shook his head with a tut, “It’s not that I remember it clearly, it’s that this stupid thing has become a topic of conversation in the circle, and only your parents don’t know about it. Later, the eldest lady persevered in chasing your father, and your father fell. Who would have known that Xiaosan’s acting skills broke out like this, and as soon as your father’s rebellious temper came up, he began to toss.”

After a moment of silence in the private room, Lu Xiao asked, “Does my mother know now?”

“Of course, I’m very loyal to my cousin, and I told her right away.” Lu Zhanyang was rather gloating, “She finally plans to divorce her cousin.”

Lu Xiao frowned, “I’m afraid it won’t be that easy.”

Lu Zhanyang reminded: “My cousin is not sick, and the doctor said her mental state is normal.”

Lu Xiao said: “Whether she is sick or not, as long as Lu Yaoshan doesn’t want to divorce, there will be a hundred ways to trap her. For example, take her back to a nursing home in California, or cry in court that she has not cheated, without him. Something that can’t be done.”

The corners of Lu Zhanyang’s mouth twitched: “…Is this the son who knows the father, Mo Ruzi?”

He thought for a moment and said, “There is one person who may make him have no time to take care of this matter.”

“Who?” Lu Xiao asked.

Lu Zhanyang said, “Your grandfather.”

Lu Xiao was quiet again.

After coming out of LAMA, Lu Xiao didn’t say much the whole way.

Ye Cheng said: “It’s better to listen to your cousin and go to your grandfather.”

Lu Xiao’s expression was a little dignified: “If Grandpa comes back to deal with it, it is destined to be known to everyone.”

Ye Cheng knew in his heart that this would definitely have a big impact on the Lu family’s reputation.

Lu Xiao added: “And I haven’t seen my grandpa for a while. I don’t know if he will be willing to intervene in this matter.”


“Definitely willing, he hurts the most is you.” Ye Cheng blurted out.

Lu Xiao looked at him and said strangely, “How do you know?”

Ye Cheng concealed: “Your grandfather gave your father such a big family business, and he should like you very much.”

Lu Xiao nodded, “I was very attached to me when I was a child, but I haven’t been in touch for a long time.”

After sending Ye Cheng home, he also went back.

As soon as he entered the house, he saw Meng Li.

Lu Xiao said in surprise: “Mom, why are you back?”

Meng Li smiled at him, his face was very pale, and there were light dark circles under his eyes.

She wore a new spring dress, with silver-white high heels, and her long hair fell over her shoulders. Although haggard, it is like a proud peacock that refuses to bow its head.

“You go upstairs first.” Meng Li said in a hoarse voice.

At this moment, the door opened, and Lu Yaoshan walked in with a blank expression.

Lu Xiao suddenly looked over guardingly, and was about to step forward to stop him.

There was a crisp sound of high-heeled shoes behind him, Meng Li Shi Shiran walked up to him and stood still, Lu Yaoshan also stopped and looked down at her.

Suddenly, Meng Li raised his hand and slapped him in the face.

With a snap, slaps echoed in the empty living room.

The whole living room fell silent, and Sister Wang covered her mouth beside her.

Lu Yaoshan’s face was slapped crookedly, and five finger prints clearly appeared on his face, which was enough to see how hard the slap was.

Meng Li said sharply, “Xiaoxiao, go upstairs.”

Lu Xiao opened his mouth, but was speechless, turned around and walked upstairs step by step.

As he came to the corner of the stairs, he heard another noise.

He didn’t look back, he pushed open the door and walked in.

The lights in the room were not turned on, and he stood by the window looking at the lawn downstairs.

A Maybach was parked not far away, and it seemed that the last time I saw it was a very long memory.

After a while, he picked up his mobile phone and dialed the phone that was far across the ocean.

“Hey, Secretary Zhang, is Grandpa there?”

The next day, Meng Li changed the combination lock and threw all Lu Yaoshan’s belongings at the door.

The Maybach was parked outside the iron gate for three days and three nights, and Lu Xiao could see it quietly parked under the shade of a tree when he was going to school or after school.

On the fourth day, it was pouring rain outside.

When Lu Xiao entered the door, he saw Meng Li holding the phone between his shoulders, painting his nails leisurely, “Which one are you going to? Are you sure there’s a handsome guy there, but not all the old uncles with beer belly. No, no, I just wanted to. Enjoy a drink and do nothing…”

Lu Xiao said, “Mom, are you going out? It’s raining outside.”

Meng Li looked at him with a worried expression: “Is it a big drop?”

Lu Xiao thought she was going to ask Lu Yaoshan if he had left, so he nodded and said, “It’s very big.”

The next second, she turned to her best friend on the phone and said, “Let’s go again tomorrow, it’s raining too much, I’m too lazy to move.”

Lu Xiao has seen how heartless a woman can be when she doesn’t love her.

The next morning, Lu Yaoshan finally left.

Lu Xiaogang thought that he shouldn’t bother Lu Jinnan and asked him to put aside his affairs and come back. Immediately afterwards, the renovation began next door to their house, and the noise was terribly loud every day.

Finally one day, Meng Li couldn’t take it anymore. Holding her inspection report from previous years, she stood at the neighbor’s door with her hands on her hips and shouted, “If you renovate before noon, my mother will sue you immediately. Believe it or not? Don’t mess with me, I’ve been mentally weak for many years!”

She shouted for a long time, and Lu Yaoshan’s car stopped at the door.

Lu Yaoshan bypassed her, silently opened the door next door, and said, “Understood, I will tell the construction team.”

Meng Li instantly blocked a hundred swear words in his mouth.

Lu Jinnan came back more than a month later.

Meng Li hugged the newly-raised German cat, shrunk on the reclining chair and said melancholy, “Your grandfather is coming back.”

“I know.” Lu Xiao thought to himself, I was the one who called him back.

Meng Li said irritably: “Everyone will go to the old house for a party in a few days, and then he will persuade me to reconcile with your father.”

Just as Lu Xiao wanted to ask her if you were going to make up, she suddenly sat up and said, “No, I have to divert his attention. Xiaoxiao, why don’t you have a little girlfriend? That way his energy won’t be on it. on me.”

Lu Xiao choked on his saliva.

Meng Li waved his hand, “Forget it, just kidding. Don’t you have monthly exams in a few days? Take the exam well, lest your grandfather wants to take you abroad again.”

In fact, even without her warning, Lu Xiao would try his best to deal with this monthly exam. Because Ye Cheng said that if he entered the top 200 this time, he would agree to an “unreasonable request”.

Thinking of the courier on the road, Lu Xiao couldn’t help but open his phone and look at the logistics.

Very good, it has arrived at the Nandu Distribution Center, and it is estimated that I will receive it today.

He imagined the expression on Ye Cheng’s face when he opened the courier, and it was difficult to guarantee whether he would be beaten up and unable to attend the family dinner.

Well, let him put it on and take a picture, shouldn’t it be too much?

It’s not wearing it in front of others, I hope he will be more generous and don’t get angry.

At this stage, he didn’t dare to make excessive demands with Ye Cheng, and hand-pushing to the photo was the bottom line. Otherwise, he could only watch every day and couldn’t eat it, and sooner or later he would suffocate to death.

Meng Li saw his son’s face indulge, and pouted, “Don’t you like foreign girls? Didn’t you have a crush on the girls in your school before and refused to go abroad?”

Lu Xiao stretched out his index finger and shook it twice, “No, I like pure.”

After all, he got up and left.

Meng Li was stunned for a while when he heard him describe the type he liked so bluntly for the first time.

Seems to be really enlightened.

On the day of the monthly exam, everyone found a small restaurant on Shanhai Road for dinner.


Ye Cheng also called Chen Zhen and Huang Sheng’an, and a group of high school students invaded the “First Grade Crayfish” in a mighty manner. The proprietress greeted them warmly. Looking around, the entire hall was covered by Class 20.

Chen Zhen sat Ye Cheng on the left and Tan Mengmeng on the right.

He was too embarrassed to talk to Tan Mengmeng, and kept turning his head to look for Ye Cheng.

Lu Xiao helped him peel the shrimp across from Ye Cheng. Whenever Chen Zhen said a word to him, he glanced over there and finally said, “Mengmeng, don’t you like to study well, do you? The one next to him is the No. 1 grade in their school, and he still hasn’t asked for advice.”

Tan Mengmeng laughed and stretched out her hand: “Hello, I don’t know what your name is. My name is Tan Mengmeng. You can call me Mengmeng.”

Chen Zhen blushed as soon as he talked to the girl, especially this kind of good-looking one. He held Tan Mengmeng’s hand and said in a flustered tone, “My name is Chen Zhen.”

Satisfied, Lu Xiao peeled off a plate full of shrimp tails for Ye Cheng while eating the shrimp heads.

He took off his gloves and said, “I’m going to the bathroom.”

Ye Cheng nodded to him.

As soon as Lu Xiao left, Chen Zhen immediately whispered, “He is too careful, even I have to be wary, how can you stand it?”

Ye Cheng lowered his voice and said, “That’s what he is, the famous vinegar king in Thirteen Middle School.”

“What kind of jealous king, I want to listen to me too!” Huang Sheng’an’s ears were sharp, and when he shouted, the whole table looked over.

Chen Zhen snorted and excused, “I… I’m talking to Ye Cheng about the dark history of Lu Xiao’s childhood.”

Ye Cheng immediately agreed, “He and Lu Xiao have known each other since childhood.”

Jiang Jin immediately regained his spirits and said, “What black history?”

Chen Zhen didn’t expect to make a full set of stories, so he had to put the ducks on the shelves, took out his mobile phone and searched, “It’s the ugly photo of him when he was a child, wait, I’ll look for it.”

“Didn’t you say you weren’t on this phone last time?” Ye Cheng reminded him.


He said casually: “It came over later, I forgot to send it to you.”

A few seconds later, Chen Zhen turned the screen of his phone towards them and said with a smile, “Look, this is it.”

Everyone burst into laughter.

“Fuck, is this the first brother?”

“I laughed so hard, why was he so dark when he was a child, did he use any whitening products when he grew up, hahahahaha.”

“If it weren’t for that White Fang, I wouldn’t have seen anyone beside the tree.”

“Are you **** damaged, hahahahaha.”

Ye Cheng laughed, leaned over and said, “Is it really that dark?”

Jiang Jin laughed and said, “Really!”

Chen Zhen turned the photo to him, the smile on Ye Cheng’s lips gradually solidified, and finally disappeared completely.

After going to the toilet, Lu Xiao walked over with the drops of water on his hands. Seeing everyone was laughing, he inexplicably disliked it and said, “What are you doing? It’s like drinking too much.”

Jiang Jin madly dragged him to see: “Brother Xiao, come and argue, is this really you, hahahaha, this is too ridiculous!”

After seeing the photo, Lu Xiao’s first reaction was bad – Ye Cheng probably recognized him.

He looked at Ye Cheng subconsciously, and sure enough, the other party was staring at him coldly.

Lu Xiao’s heart trembled, and his head was spinning at eight times the speed.

He knew he was lying! He’s about to get mad! Gotta figure it out! Otherwise it’s over! It doesn’t matter how good the monthly exam is! Don’t want to see the little skirt in this life! !

He took a deep breath and began to build up his ingenuity.

Huang Shengan suddenly slapped his head suddenly, and shouted as if remembering something: “Ye Ye, isn’t this the neighbor you mentioned? The one who gave you mangoes that caused you allergies and was sent to the hospital!”

Lu Xiao:  …

Fuck you uncle, you have a good memory, I thank you and your family.



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