Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 73

Gao Qiulan was taken aback by him, and quickly patted him on the back and said, “You child, why did you choke on a drink of water, is it alright?”

Lu Xiao coughed so hard that it took him a long time to catch his breath.

Gao Qiulan took out a tissue and wiped it for him, then returned to the topic just now, “Don’t lie to me, tell me the truth, is Cheng Cheng in love? I didn’t let him talk, just worried that it might affect others. Girls don’t study well.”

Taking advantage of the buffering time, Lu Xiao finally thought of an excuse in a hurry.

“Grandma, he really didn’t have a puppy love. This is what Huang Shengan asked him to buy on his behalf, as was the lipstick last time.”

Gao Qiulan asked suspiciously: “Really or not? So Shengan is in a puppy love?”

“Really, I won’t lie to you, grandma.” Lu Xiao assured innocently, “Give me that courier, and I’ll give it to Huang Shengan tomorrow.”

Seeing that he made such an oath, Gao Qiulan believed it, got up and found the courier box and gave it to him.

“Children today, if you don’t study hard all day long, you’re just thinking about messy things.” Gao Qiulan shook her head repeatedly, sighing with emotion.

Lu Xiao took the express box and finally breathed a sigh of relief.

There was a sound from the door, and Ye Cheng wiped his hair with a towel and walked out.

Lu Xiao was startled and hurriedly hid the express box behind him.

Ye Cheng wore white short-sleeved shorts, glanced at him, and said indifferently, “You’re here.”

Just as Lu Xiao was about to speak, Gao Qiulan said, “Chengcheng, the things you bought for Huang Shengan have arrived.”

Lu Xiao: “…”

Grandma, if you say less, you won’t grow a white hair.

Ye Cheng was confused: “What?”

“Stop pretending, I still want to cover up for your brother.” Gao Qiulan pouted.

Ye Cheng didn’t know what she was talking about, so she said to Lu Xiao, “Come in.”

After saying that, he turned around and entered the room.

Lu Xiao’s temple jumped wildly, and Gao Qiulan reminded him, “Bring the express box.”

“…Got it.”

He pushed open the door and went in, and saw Ye Cheng sitting on the edge of the bed wiping his wet hair.

Lu Xiao walked over to take the towel and said, “I’ll come.”

Ye Cheng didn’t dodge either, letting him brush his hair unskillfully.

This is the first time that Lu Xiao has done such a thing, and he accidentally rubbed his forehead and eyebrows several times. But Ye Cheng didn’t complain until he wiped his hair to half dry, then stopped.

Ye Cheng tore off the towel, looked up at him, and asked, “Why haven’t you come to see me these days?”

It’s fine if you don’t talk to him at school, and don’t look for him on WeChat. Are you trying to rebel?

Lu Xiao said nervously, “Didn’t you tell me not to bother you for three days?”

Ye Cheng was speechless and laughed, “When a child is playing hide-and-seek, he hides so that others can find him. Why do I tell you not to bother me?”

“For… what?” Lu Xiao looked at him with a vague understanding.

There is a bubble in my heart, and a corner emerges faintly.

“To make you come to me, idiot.” Ye Cheng said angrily and hilariously.

The bubble popped.

Lu Xiao’s face turned a little red for a moment, he hesitated and said, “You…you’re not mad at me anymore?”

Ye Cheng mocked: “Are you so obedient? If you don’t come to me, you really won’t come. Does that mean that you don’t hesitate when I let you break up?”

“Of course not! How could I possibly break up with you?” Lu Xiao became anxious.

He gradually understood.

It turned out that Ye Cheng said that he should not come to him, which is what he meant.

He clenched his fist embarrassedly and said, “Don’t dislike me for being slow, I’ll remember it next time.”

The high school student’s boyfriend clumsily admits his mistake, his face is red and he squirms in front of him, and he can’t help himself.

Ye Cheng resisted the thought of pinching him, looked at the thing in his hand, and asked, “What is that?”

He thought it was a gift brought by Lu Xiao, so he deliberately tricked Gao Qiulan into saying it was for Huang Shengan.

Lu Xiao’s expression immediately became colorful, he moved the box to the back subconsciously, and said stiffly, “No, nothing.”

Seeing his reaction, Ye Cheng became even more puzzled, stretched out his hand and said, “Bring it here.”

He looked at each other without blinking.

Lu Xiao couldn’t resist, so he had to bite the bullet and hand over the box inch by inch.

He lowered his head and silently recited the confession he was about to blurt out later: I’m sorry I was wrong, I don’t dare anymore, I didn’t think about anything, I just wanted you to take a picture…

Time passed minute by minute.

Ye Cheng looked down at the opened box, and did not fall on him with a cold face as he imagined.

Lu Xiao gathered up his courage and looked up at him carefully.

It happened that Ye Cheng was also looking at him, the eyes of the two collided, and the light brown eyes were dyed with a smile that was not a smile.

Lu Xiao was stunned.

Ye Cheng lifted the shoulder straps of the dress with two slender fingers and dragged it out of the box.

After looking over and over again, he said lightly, “Just want to see me wearing it?”

When he stared at the skirt, there was obviously no emotion in his eyes, but the low-hanging eyelashes seemed inexplicably extraordinarily provocative. Especially the slightly wrinkled brows seemed to be somewhat reluctant to welcome back.

Lu Xiao suddenly felt dry and swallowed, his eyes fixed on him.

“Well, think.” He nodded boldly.

Ye Cheng looked at him, raised **** and said, “If you can do two things, I will consider it.”

Not to mention two, two hundred will do.

Lu Xiao immediately said, “I can.”

Ye Cheng ignored him and said to himself, “First, I won’t wear it in front of you.”

Just by looking at Lu Xiao’s reaction now, he can imagine how excited he will be when he puts on this thing. Just kidding, he didn’t want to die young.

“You don’t have to face it.” Lu Xiao waved his hands red-faced, “You misunderstood me, I didn’t want to be with you… that.”

His voice gradually became smaller, like a mosquito humming,

“As you said, you can only do it after you go to college.”

The last sentence also contained a trace of unwillingness.

Ye Cheng didn’t believe his nonsense, and sneered: “Second, when you are in the top 100 in your grade, come back to me with this request.”

Lu Xiao said, “Isn’t it the first two hundred?”

Ye Cheng grabbed the skirt and shook it in front of him, “The top two hundred are a good match for this?”

Lu Xiao lowered his voice: “Not worthy.”

Okay, isn’t it the top 100, and it’s not very…

Seems really hard, shit.

Ye Cheng snorted, put the skirt back in the box, and tucked it under the bed.

Lu Xiao looked at him eagerly and said, “Can’t I take it back?” He had automatically forgotten that he still had the first two hundred rewards to claim.

“Do you still want to take it away?”

Lu Xiao stopped talking, lowered his head and took two steps towards the door, “Oh, then I’ll go back.”

Ye Cheng hooked his finger at him, “Come here.”

“Anything else?” Lu Xiao walked over blankly.

Ye Cheng grabbed his collar and pulled him down, raised his head and kissed him on the lips, released his hand and said, “Let’s go.”

Lu Xiao covered the place he had kissed, and smiled slowly: “Well, okay, see you tomorrow.”

He turned around and dawdled to the door, then suddenly turned his head again and said, “By the way, I almost forgot about my business. Are you free tomorrow night? My grandfather just returned to China, and he was going to hold a dinner party. He asked me to invite my classmates to go with him. .”

He paused for a moment, then added: “You are not a classmate, Jiang Jin and the others are. You are… going to see the parents. Grandpa is very good to me, and can be regarded as a parent.”

Ye Cheng remembered that the old man won’t be here for a long time this time, and he will go abroad again after a while.

It was not until he returned to China for the second time that he really shifted the focus of the company back. Although Lu Yaoshan had acquired a lot of foreign industries, in fact, the real successor was not him, but Lu Xiao.

“Okay, what time is tomorrow?” He nodded.

The old man is not mean to him, and he should not pretend to be a stranger.

Seeing that he agreed, Lu Xiao smiled happily and said, “After class, we can go over together.”

“I’m leaving.”

“OK Bye Bye.”

Lu Xiao opened the door, closed it again after a few seconds, turned around and said to him, “Acheng, I will try my best to get into the top 100. Also, no matter how angry you are and then drive me away, I won’t leave. already.”

If Lu Xiao is just looking at his face, most people will think that he has no shortage of girlfriends, and it is no exaggeration to change the girls around him every day. He has the capital. But he has given all his sincerity to Ye Cheng. Whether it is now or ten years from now, even such a foolish promise is said with the firmest expression.

Ye Cheng seemed to be able to understand why he was planted in the hands of the eighteen-year-old without hesitation, just like ten years later. Because no matter what age, he is still the same him.

Lu Xiao will always be heartbroken for him.

Vice versa, he could never escape Lu Xiao’s attraction.

The two were looking at each other when Gao Qiulan knocked on the door and said, “I’m in?”

Saying that, he pushed open the door.

“Xiao Lu, are you going home? It just so happens that Uncle Ma next door is going to Jiulong, let him take you there.” Gao Qiulan looked between them, “Just go home, why are you all saying goodbye to life and death? It seems that this door has been opened and closed several times.”

Lu Xiao said embarrassedly, “Let’s go now, grandma.”

Gao Qiulan murmured and walked out of the room with him, “I don’t understand the brains of you kids…”

Twenty minutes later, Lu Xiao returned home.

Meng Li spread a dress on the sofa, and he said in surprise: “Mom, do you need to be very formal tomorrow?”

“You juniors don’t need it.” Meng Li said, “I picked out a few more casual suits for you and put them in your room. See if you like it.”

Lu Xiao responded and went upstairs lazily.

His phone vibrated a few times, so he opened WeChat while walking up the stairs.

After seeing the new news, his footsteps stopped.

Seeing him standing on the stairs for a long time, Meng Li asked strangely, “What’s wrong?”

Lu Xiao clenched his phone tightly, breathed quickly, dropped “it’s okay”, and hurried up.

Meng Li was inexplicable.

Lu Xiao ran into the room in one breath, leaned his back against the door for a while, and then took out his phone again.

On the screen, which is not dark, is a photo.

The pale pink skirt is embellished with lace, and below is a pair of straight, slender legs. The fair-skinned calf moved slightly closer, and the half-exposed knee was rubbed or something, showing the same color as the skirt.

Restrain: [Two hundred people will not show their faces, and then go forward one hundred more to unlock the full version. 】

Fuck, he really played dead.

Lu Xiao felt suffocated for a while, clenched his fists tightly against his chest, and his heart was beating wildly.


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