Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 74

If you just look at his face, most people will think that Ye Cheng is cold and difficult to approach. But it is such a face that can be called “abstinence”, but the body covered by clothes is very attractive. In Lu Xiao’s swear words on the bed, every part is too suitable for profanity.

In the photo, the owner bends his legs because of shyness, and there is a gap hidden in the middle, which makes it more and more popular and imaginative.

The exposed feet were white and tight, and the pale blue blood vessels were clearly visible.

The ankle is empty.

Lu Xiao suddenly remembered that dream – seeing such a clean ankle, he actually felt that a tattoo seemed the most appropriate.

Could it be that the dream was a reflection of his subconscious thoughts?

He tossed and zoomed in more than a dozen times, then grabbed the phone and rushed into the bathroom in embarrassment.


An hour later, he changed his clothes and walked out with water vapor.

Lu Xiao turned on the screen of his mobile phone, and the picture came into view. The breath that had just calmed down became rapid again.

He swallowed, and tentatively sent Ye Cheng a message: [Wife[/cute]]

This was the first time he was so eager to call out this title, to the extent that he would shout it out even if Ye Cheng scolded him away. Just as dogs are obsessed with marking their territory and swearing their sovereignty.

After a few seconds, the phone vibrated.

Restrain for a moment: [Yeah. 】

Lu Xiao let out a suppressed whimper and threw himself on the bed.

He he he he actually promised!

Ah ah ah ah ah ah!

wife, wife, wife…

Lu Xiao raised his head from the pillow with a flushed face, and typed expectantly: [Can I call you that in private in the future? Screaming secretly when no one is there…]

After hitting half, I deleted it, and said again: [The little skirt looks good, woohoo, I will try my best to get into the top 100…]

After finishing these, he thought about it and deleted it.

Finally, I sent a sentence: [I like you so much. 】

After sending it, Lu Xiao put the phone to his chest and quietly waited for a reply from there.

He had never waited for a person’s news like this before, even if the other party only answered him with the word “oh”, he would be heart-pounding while waiting for him.

It seemed that when he got this reply, the whole world became bright and splendid.

The phone buzzed, and he hurriedly turned around to check.

Restrain: [Be good [/touch his head]]

Lu Xiao almost wanted to fly to him immediately and put his head under his palm for him to touch.

God, I really want to hug and rub him now.

Ye Cheng must have a cold and fragrant breath, a faint smell of orange blossom, a soft and empty waist, and the corners of his lips raised casually…

Damn, why doesn’t he feel that same perfume when he uses it?

Lu Xiao jumped out of bed in two steps, picked up the perfume on the cabinet and sprayed it twice. The top note is a fresh and bright citrus fragrance, which becomes softer and soothing as it evaporates.


He sniffed the air and put down the perfume in disappointment.

Forget it, there is no unique taste of Yecheng.

Don’t be sad, see him tomorrow.

don’t be sad, don’t be sad…

A long night without Yecheng is equivalent to torture.

He pasted the printed transcript on the corner of his desk, with the words “Grade Rank: No. 198” prominently marked on it.

From one hundred, there are still ninety-eight.

The next morning, Meng Li woke up early.

For the evening banquet, she specially asked a stylist to do her hair. Before going out, he knocked on Lu Xiao’s door.

“Xiaoxiao, I’m going out first, don’t be late for school…”

Before she could finish her words, the door was pulled open.

Lu Xiao was wearing short sleeves and plaid shorts, his hair was messy, his eyes were bloodshot, and he yawned, “Mom, good morning.”

Meng Li looked at him in surprise: “Did you not rest last night? The dark circles under your eyes are about to hang, and your grandfather is going to talk about you again tonight.”

Lu Xiao brushed his hair and said casually, “I didn’t sleep.”

“What? You played games all night?” Meng Li’s eyes widened, “Xiaoxiao, don’t be annoyed by your mother. All night is really harmful to the body, especially for teenagers who are growing.”

She was not in a hurry to go out, she persuaded bitterly.

Lu Xiao waved his hand and said, “I didn’t play games, I spent a whole night doing questions.”

Meng Li choked, his eyes widened.

While talking, Lu Xiao walked into the bathroom and brushed his teeth.

Instead of going out, Meng Li followed, “Are you alright? Don’t scare your mother, why are you suddenly staying up late to study questions? You’re only a sophomore in high school, so is your study pressure so great?”

Lu Xiao held the electric toothbrush in his mouth and said vaguely, “This time the test was too bad. I want to improve next time.”

Meng Li didn’t care much about his studies as always, and didn’t even pay attention to the information sent by the teacher, so he asked, “No matter how much you want to improve, you can’t ignore your health. How many places have you taken the test this time?”

“198, hey.” Lu Xiao sighed irritably.

He really wanted to sigh.

Then this sigh scared Meng Li into a fool.

——Her son who was at the bottom of the test was ranked 198th. The key point is that he felt that he was poor in the test, so he was so sad that he didn’t fall asleep all night.

Meng Li’s eyes were sore, and he was about to cry.

She covered her mouth and blamed herself: “Xiaoxiao, you pressed yourself so hard, did I accidentally say something wrong to make you do this? If you really don’t want to go abroad, no one at home will force you. If your grandfather dares to force you, I will fight him!”

Only then did Lu Xiao realize that something was wrong, so he put down his toothbrush and explained, “No no, it’s not because of this… It has nothing to do with you, Mom.”

Meng Li took a breath and said: “You are not in a good state, so let’s not go to school today, I will tell your teacher. You also need to relax and adjust your mood after studying. You go out with me. go.”

Lu Xiao didn’t expect this, so he quickly said, “I don’t need to rest, really.”

Meng Li said, “If you need it, look at what you have become!”

“No need…Mom, I love learning, I want to go to school!” Lu Xiao was going crazy.

“Don’t do this, Xiaoxiao.” Meng Li collapsed even more than him, his eyes were red.

Who would have imagined that the young master who has been the devil of the world since he was a child would say “I love learning” in front of her. She couldn’t help feeling that it was because she demanded too much of him that he became what he is now.

In the end, Lu Xiao quietly put on her schoolbag and escaped while she was not paying attention.

As far as Nima is outrageous, I have never met a parent who does not allow students to go to school.

Usually in the morning, he asked the driver to take him to school, and in the evening he went home with Ye Cheng after school. I came out in a hurry today and took the subway.


As soon as he arrived at the door, he saw Ye Cheng.

Most of the spring has passed, the weather is gradually warming up, and the sun shines on his body and hair through the gaps in the plane trees.

He rolled up the sleeves of his school uniform, revealing his white and slender arms, and he wore the same black woven bracelet on his left hand as Lu Xiao’s.

A few days ago, Lu Xiao saw that the little rubber band rubbed his hand red, so he decided to ask Tan Xiaoqi to learn to weave a pair of ropes. In addition to the silver chain with a ring on his neck that was faintly exposed, this person clearly wrote the three characters “Lu Xiao’s” from the inside out.

Lu Xiao dashed up and greeted him in a low voice with a blushing face.

“Morning, wife.”

A gust of wind blew in Ye Cheng’s ear, and when he turned around, he saw the tall boy running in front of him, his school uniform draped on his body, and the zipper open unscrupulously.

The fist hanging by his side was clenched tightly, and his dark eyes stared at Ye Cheng intently.

As flamboyant as he looks, he is so shy.

Ye Cheng curled the corners of his mouth and said, “Morning.”

The early morning wind brushed against his cheeks, bringing the fragrance from the ends of his hair, sweeping Lu Xiao’s sense of smell and chest.

It is his taste, belonging to the taste of Yecheng.

The guard pointed at them and said in a loud voice, “That student, put on your clothes. There is a routine inspection today.”

Lu Xiao didn’t give him a **** as usual, lowered his head and closed the zipper, and walked into the door with Ye Cheng.

This morning’s self-study was led by the representative of the Chinese class.

Everyone said neatly: “The old man knows the effect of one official, the line is better than the village, the virtue is one king…”

Lu Xiao approached Ye Cheng and whispered, “Wife, can I hold your hand to endorse the book?”

The first time a boy calls this name, he is often very addicted.

Ye Cheng held back his laughter and extended his right hand to him under the table.

Lu Xiao hooked his wrist, spread out his five fingers, and intertwined with his fingers bit by bit. The two of them recited casually on the surface, but they were actually doing things like stealing chickens and dogs underneath.


“And the world is famous without persuading, and the world is wrong without being discouraged.”

Lu Xiao recited loudly, his face implying “I’ve memorized it so hard to read “Xiao Yao You”, and you’re not ready to praise me”, while glancing at Ye Cheng from time to time.

Ye Cheng couldn’t help but laugh.

Fuck, how can you be so cute, so foul.

Unprecedentedly, he forgot what to do next, and he just squeezed his little boyfriend’s hand below and signaled to him, “I got it, you are great”.

The Chinese class representative stood on the stage and saw it clearly.

However, she only saw the strange eyes of the two of them, and she didn’t know what they were laughing at.

Suddenly, Xu Chao poked his head out from the back door.

“Lu Xiao, come out.”

His voice was not too small, just enough to be heard by the two people in the back row.

The two quickly released their hands, and Lu Xiao got up and walked out.

Standing at the handrail in the corridor, Xu Chao felt a headache.

Ten minutes ago, he was called to have tea by the principal, and he told him not to put pressure on the students. Although the head teacher should pay attention to education, he should pay more attention to the mentality and health of the students.

The old guy played Tai Chi with him for a long time, and finally said that Lu Xiao’s parents called to respond, saying that he had been under too much pressure from studying recently, and he didn’t even sleep at home.

Xu Chao always knew that his family had something to do with the school leaders, so naturally he didn’t dare to be careless, and immediately called him out to talk.

He cleared his throat and asked, “You study late every day recently? I think you did well in your monthly exams. Don’t be so impatient. You should pay attention to the combination of work and rest.”

Lu Xiao shook his head and said, “I didn’t do well in the test.”

There is still a long way to go before the 100, and he doesn’t know how to bring it up.

Xu Chao was shocked, is this still the Lu Xiao he knew? He hasn’t talked to him for more than a month, how did it become like this? ?

“I mean, compared to your last semester, it’s a huge improvement.” Xu Chao said politely, “I saw that you were very serious about your early reading, this is… this is worth advocating, but If you didn’t rest well last night, it’s okay to lie on the table for a while while studying early.”

He didn’t dare to stimulate Lu Xiao, so he didn’t focus on talking for a long time.

Lu Xiao listened impatiently and said perfunctorily, “Oh, I see. Teacher, I’ll go back and continue my self-study in the morning.”

There are ten minutes before get out of class, he only has ten minutes to hold hands with Ye Cheng, and the time is pressing.

Xu Chao hurriedly stopped him, “Wait a minute, don’t be in such a hurry. You can put your studies aside for a while…”

Lu Xiao wondered, “How can you let go of your studies?”

Xu Chao was at a loss for words, and paused: “I mean, don’t be busy studying… Well, let me tell you the truth, your mother called the school and said that your recent study method was not right, and the school leaders also I suggest that I talk to you. Lu Xiao, you must know that in addition to studying, your own mental and physical health cannot be ignored.”

Lu Xiao looked at him vigilantly and grasped the key: “You want to stop me from studying?”

Xu Chao opened his mouth, but was interrupted by him, “Impossible, even if I am here today, I can’t stop me from studying.”

Lu Xiao snorted coldly, turned around and walked away.

Xu Chao: “…”



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