Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 75

Lu Xiao’s enthusiasm for learning has grown by leaps and bounds overnight, and he has a tendency to stop me and die.

Xu Chao had to report the original words to Hua Wangchun, who didn’t know what to do anymore. The rich young master suddenly realized this kind of thing, which he has not encountered several times in his career in decades. He asked Xu Chao to wait and see what happened, and try his best to reduce the burden of homework for the students.

So, before school that day, Xu Chao only had two sheets of math homework.

In the evening, Meng Li asked the driver to take them home first, saying that he had prepared clothes for everyone to wear at the banquet.

Jiang Jin sat on the extended Lincoln seat to do his homework, and sighed as he wrote: “If my mother told me not to study one day, I would wake up laughing from my dreams.”


Lu Xiao took the word card and asked Ye Cheng to help him draw his back. Hearing the words, he said disdainfully, “That’s all you can do.”

Jiang Yirong looked at him, then at Ye Cheng, her expression gradually became meaningful.

Meng Li customized a few less formal clothes for them. The boys were shirts and casual jackets, and Jiang Yirong’s was a red corset skirt.

Jiang Jin tried on his clothes and couldn’t help but ask, “Are we going to any enthronement ceremony today? Auntie’s long dress is nearly a meter across the floor.”

Ye Cheng thought of the style of the old house, smiled and said, “Forget it, don’t be scared for a while.”

“Ah?” Jiang Jin was puzzled.

It was not until the car drove to Mingshan that he understood why Ye Cheng said this.

The Mingshan mansion is a well-known high-society settlement in Southern Metropolis. He always knew that Lu Xiao’s family was quite rich, but he didn’t expect it to be so exaggerated.

The car drove into a manor, and there were actually two peacocks walking on the lawn.

Meng Li pointed to the outside to introduce them: “That building is where we are going to live tonight, and the building next to it is specially used for banquets. The family is relatively large, if you want to go out for a walk, let someone accompany you. Together, don’t get lost.”

Beside the fountain facing the main entrance, luxury cars are densely parked.

Jiang Jin opened his mouth slowly, and any car in this place was worth a house in his family.

Just as the car they were sitting in stopped, two servants ran out to help Meng Li lift her skirt. Jiang Jin reflexively reached out to pick up Meng Li’s skirt, and was slapped on the back of his hand by Jiang Yirong. Only then did he remember that he was a guest.

A Lamborghini made a corner and came to a halt in front of the crowd.

A man in a black tuxedo got out of the car and greeted them: “Brother and sister, long time no see.”

When the man saw Lu Xiao, he smiled and said, “Isn’t this Xiaoxiao, she’s already grown so tall.”

Meng Li gestured to Lu Xiao with his eyes, and he reluctantly called out “Uncle”.


Ye Chengfang recognized that this was Lu Yuelin, most of Lu’s domestic companies were under his control, and he was famously smiling.

Jiang Jin said: “I finally understand why Auntie is so depressed. It’s too difficult to be a wealthy daughter-in-law. This agency has died of cancer a hundred times.”

Jiang Yirong gave him an elbow to tell him not to talk nonsense.

Meng Li and Lu Yuelin exchanged a few words and walked into the main entrance together.

Jiang Jin was once again shocked when he stepped into the opulent banquet hall.

Ye Cheng was also quite shocked. He didn’t expect this place to be so dirty ten years ago. The whole banquet hall had four characters “Combination of Chinese and Western” carved on the forehead. On the top is the Bentley logo, on the window sill there is a relief sculpture of Nine Dragons Playing Pearls, and the wall lamps are antiques from the European Middle Ages.

To sum it up in one word: chaos.

Fortunately, the old man renovated it after many years, and it took more than a year to make it look less rustic.

Lu Xiao turned to him and said, “You guys go to the side hall and wait for me. I’ll go up and say hello to grandpa.”

Ye Cheng nodded, and the servant came over and led them to the side hall to the south.

This place is specially for young people to gather, obviously there have been a lot of changes around.

Unlike the nine-meter-high ceiling of the main hall, the side hall has sunken sofas and buffet selection tables, creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

A group of men and women with unfamiliar faces chatted together, none of whom looked over twenty years old.

Most of the table was desserts, and Ye Cheng took a few unknown cookies and cakes and sat down with them.

Jiang Jin picked up the ice cream as a microphone and interviewed Ye Cheng: “As the boyfriend of the heir, do you feel pressure?”

“Yes, I’m very worried that they asked me to clean up.” Ye Cheng munched on his finger biscuits expressionlessly.

Jiang Yirong looked around and said seriously: “Looking at this decoration style, I guess the owner is a conservative and old-fashioned person. You really need to be ready to be a full-time boyfriend.”

The three of them ran the train together, and there were a few thin laughter from the side.

They followed the sound and looked over.

A girl in a pink dress sat nearby, surrounded by little sisters.

“Tao Xue, just tell me straight, is your dad planning to arrange for you and Lu Xiao to get engaged?” Someone joked with a smile.

Jiang Jin choked on the juice in his mouth and coughed, causing the group to glare at him.

The pink skirt shyly hit the man and said, “The eight characters haven’t been written yet, don’t talk nonsense.”

“Come on, I thought something was wrong with the two of you last time. Lu Xiao definitely likes you.”

“When was the last time?” another asked.

“In fifth grade, Grandpa Lu returned to China to celebrate his birthday.”

Jiang Yirong’s eyes were about to roll to the sky, she looked at Ye Cheng suspiciously, pointed to her temple and made a mouth shape, “Are they okay?”

Ye Cheng smiled and shook his head.

To be honest, he had seen many such women, and one or two wanted to stick on Lu Xiao. The first time he and Lu Xiao attended a banquet together, a little beauty who came back from abroad pretended to accidentally pour wine on Lu Xiao, and then said with surprise, “We went out together in Canada, you don’t remember. Yet”.

That night, Lu Xiao knelt on the keyboard and wept bitterly to assure that he had never seen this woman, and Ye Cheng never saw her again at the party.

Jiang Jin is right, the wealthy daughter-in-law is indeed annoying.

But if the other party was Lu Xiao, he might be able to ignore these trivial matters.

The chat was going on over there, and suddenly stopped.

Ye Cheng’s eyes dimmed, and Lu Xiao walked up to him and sat down.

“Brother Xiao, you’ve come back, that…” Jiang Jin was about to complain when he was interrupted by a sweet and greasy female voice.

Under the encouragement of his friends, Tao Xue came over with a dinner plate and said, “Lu Xiao, we meet again.”

Lu Xiao glanced at her inexplicably. After seeing the skirt on her body, he was stunned for a few seconds, and his eyes stayed for a while.

Seeing him staring at him, Tao Xue immediately smiled shyly and asked, “Can I sit down? I remember you like desserts, and I brought them all by baking them myself.”

“Fuck me, don’t sit down.” Jiang Jin said softly in the smallest voice.

Ye Cheng held a finger biscuit in his mouth and looked at the two of them like a play.

Lu Xiao pulled the biscuit out of his mouth and gestured to Tao Xue, “No, I have it.”

Then in front of her, he threw the biscuit stained with Ye Cheng’s saliva and teeth marks into his mouth.

Tao Xue: “…”

Jiang Yirong couldn’t hold back, and burst out laughing.

Tao Xue suddenly became angry and stomped away.

Lu Xiao approached Ye Cheng, his cheeks flushed slightly: “The skirt on her body is a good color.”

Ye Cheng realized what he meant, and stepped on him secretly, telling him not to be so arrogant.

Lu Xiao laughed silently.

When the dinner officially started, Lu Jinnan walked to the middle of the banquet hall.

The juniors were given fruit wine, and everyone raised their glasses one after another, and Ye Cheng saw Lu Zhanyang from a distance. He also found Ye Cheng and raised his glass to him with a smile.

Today, Lu Xiao’s poisonous third uncle didn’t come, but Lu Yuelin kept talking to Lu Yaoshan.

The Lu family didn’t know if it was a feng shui problem. None of the three sons was normal. In addition to Lu Zhanyang, there is another cousin who also likes men. As for Lu Xiao’s generation, he is the only son so far, and his temper is not much better.

Meng Li was pulled by Lu Jinnan and said a few words, and his face didn’t look very good.

The banquet was coming to an end, and she and the men disappeared.

Lu Xiao was drunk a lot, dragged Ye Cheng to the lounge on the second floor, and hummed his head on his lap.

He went crazy by drinking alcohol, turned his head and pressed his face completely against Ye Cheng’s belly, and said vaguely: “Let me lean on for a while, my head is so dizzy.”

Through the thin fabric, every breath is his own breath.

Ye Cheng was worried that he would have a headache tomorrow, and tried to get up, “I’ll get you some tea to sober up.”


Lu Xiao held his waist and pushed him back domineeringly.

“Don’t move,” he said.

The room was silent for a while, and Lu Xiao said in a low voice, “I’m not drunk.”

For a moment, Ye Cheng seemed to have returned to ten years later.

Downstairs was full of guests, and upstairs he lay quietly on his lap.

He couldn’t help but brushed Lu Xiao’s hair away, brushed his fingertips across his hot forehead, and said with a soft laugh, “You’re so coquettish when you’re not drunk.”

The atmosphere became a little charming.

Lu Xiao took his fingertips and put a ham to his lips. Using alcohol, he threatened him, “Isn’t anyone telling you not to provoke men who have been drinking?”

Ye Cheng’s breathing became rapid, tracing his lip line, “Huh? What will happen if you provoke it?”

Lu Xiao suddenly got up, pressed him against the back of the chair, and rubbed the tip of his nose dangerously against his face.

“What do you say it will be.”

Just then, there was a knock on the door.

“Is there anyone?” Meng Li’s voice came in.

Lu Xiao let go of him, tidied up his clothes a few times, and walked over to open the door.

Ye Cheng was sitting on the sofa panting, her face blushing and her eyes moist.

“Mom, what’s the matter?” Lu Xiao asked.

Meng Li was startled when he saw the people inside, and said to him, “Your grandfather is looking for you, but you won’t answer even if I call you, so I’ll search from room to room.”

Lu Xiao nodded: “Got it.”

Saying that, he closed the door.

Ye Cheng lowered his head and slowly calmed his heartbeat.

Meng Li asked as he walked, “What are you doing inside?”

“What else can I do in the lounge other than rest?” Lu Xiao said indifferently.

Meng Li sniffed suspiciously, “Did you smoke secretly?”

“No,” Lu Xiao changed the subject, “Why is Grandpa looking for me?”

Meng Li’s expression darkened and he said, “Xiaoxiao, no matter what your grandfather asks you later, you can just say what you think.”

Lu Xiao frowned and hesitated.

Lu Jinnan was on the third floor, Meng Li sent him to the door, watched him push the door open and walked in.



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