Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 77

The next day, Lu Jinnan called Lu Yaoshan and Meng Li together.

It is unknown what they talked about, but Lu Yaoshan flew to California that afternoon. A week later, Lu Jinnan also returned to Canada.

The divorce procedure was long and complicated, and it lasted for half a year before Meng Li officially told Lu Xiao the news. Lu Yaoshan gave her Jiulong’s house, and the one next door was still vacant.

Ye Cheng came over occasionally to play, and he could also see a nanny cleaning the house.

For many people, the second semester of the second year of high school is like a white horse, as if it was the third year of high school in the blink of an eye.

The piles of test papers, accompanied by the moss growing wildly outside the window, turned to the last early summer of high school.



After the mock exam, the atmosphere of the entire class was crushed to the bottom.



This time, the simulation paper used joint school questions, and the sudden increase in difficulty directly overwhelmed the students of No. 13 Middle School. Except for Ye Cheng, no one in Class 20 reached the first grade of last year.



When I used to do my own school problems, everyone didn’t think it was too difficult. At this moment, I realized that the so-called gap cannot be filled in a day or two. Although Xu Chao repeatedly emphasized that the questions in this mock exam were too difficult and encouraged everyone not to lose heart, the atmosphere in the class was still sluggish.



The green plants outside the window sprout, and there is a faint warmth in the air.



Lu Xiao turned the pen and wrote and drew on the scratch paper.

This time, he was picked up by Xu Chaodan and praised him a lot. He jumped from the middle and lower reaches of last semester and squeezed into the top ten of the class, and the total score was only 40 points away from the first line.

The class was very quiet, so quiet that it didn’t seem like get out of class time at all.



Only Jiang Jin and another art candidate were vacant, and the two took time off to attend the art training class.

Li Junxiao walked over and said, “Brother Xiao, do you still go to the gym next gym class?”

The dark circles under his eyes are so thick that they are about to reach the corners of his mouth.

“Well, you can go.” Lu Xiao got up, took the book, and greeted everyone to gather.

Everyone stood up slowly, with textbooks or materials in their hands.

Since the third year of high school, almost every physical education class has been given to them to move freely, in fact, it is to read books in another place. The gym is indoors, so it is very suitable to find a corner to sit and memorize classical Chinese.



“Where’s Brother Orange, isn’t he going to class?” Li Junxiao asked, looking at the empty seat next to him.

Lu Xiao said, “Lao Xu is looking for him, but he probably won’t go.”

Before leaving, he filled Ye Cheng’s water glass with water and put the refreshing mints on the table before leaving the classroom.

In the office, Xu Chao ended the conversation and drank half a cup of tea thirsty.

“That’s it for today. On Friday, you go up and do a mobilization to raise the morale of the class.” He said to Ye Cheng, “These kids have been serious all year, so don’t get discouraged at the last moment. Not worth it.”

Ye Cheng nodded, “Understood, teacher.”

Xu Chao added: “Are you sure you want to apply for A University? Have you discussed with your family which major to apply for?”

Ye Cheng replied: “If nothing else, it should be clinical medicine.”



It was only a few months before the college entrance examination, and only he looked calm and relaxed.

Looking at the whole school, people in the same state as him either decided to go abroad or gave up the college entrance examination.

Xu Chao said: “It’s so difficult this time, you still got 430 points in the test, and this score is among the best in the attached middle school. I suggest you try the ace major of University A. As far as I know, their school’s economics class is the No. 1 in the country. one.”

Ye Cheng naturally knew that the trump card of University A was economics, and he went to the economics school in his last life.

“I still want to try clinically,” he said politely and firmly.

Xu Chao made a statement of understanding: “Well, this mainly depends on the wishes of you and your family, but after the college entrance examination is over, their admissions office may also persuade you to go to the scholastic academy. Hahahaha, speaking of which, you are my first Bring students who can pass the exam, no matter what, the teacher will take you as a lifetime pride.”

Ye Cheng smiled humbly.

After coming out of the office, he didn’t want to go to the gym anymore, and walked lazily to the classroom.

In fact, it is false to say that he is not nervous, he just seems to be less concerned on the surface. When evaluating the score this time, he originally thought that he could score 436 points, but the uncontrollable factors in the language still exceeded his expectations.

In the last life, he had never experienced the college entrance examination, so he could not personally feel such tension. At that time, there were only a handful of people who actually participated in the college entrance examination, so there was no atmosphere that a senior year should have.

Class 20 has improved a lot this year, from the bottom to the middle of the grade.

For such a class, the college entrance examination atmosphere is the heaviest, and the pressure is the most obvious.

Those students who could only go to repeat studies can now go to college; students who could only go to college can now go to two books; students who could only go to two books are now only a few points away from the first line.

Humans are greedy animals, and everyone wants to do better in exams.

No matter how bad a student is, as long as a certain exam arouses a certain desire in his heart, he doesn’t want to go back to the bottom of the previous days.

At the level of Ye Cheng, it may be more difficult to raise one point than them. His pressure is like the position at the top of the pyramid, although it won’t force him to collapse, but not being able to go to the next level is the most difficult and annoying.

When he got to the back door, he heard a sob coming from the classroom.

It was the voice of a girl, crying not loudly but quite suppressed.

Ye Cheng paused and saw that the person was Tan Xiaoqi’s tablemate, Ge Yun.

Just as he was about to retract his legs, he accidentally bumped into the door frame and made a thud.

Ge Yun looked up and turned around, his eyes were swollen like something.

Ye Cheng was a little embarrassed and had to ask, “Are you alright?”

When Ge Yun saw him, he seemed to remember something, and his expression became even more sad. She da da da shed tears, wiped her face hard and said, “It’s okay…”

It didn’t look like it was okay, Ye Cheng took a bag of paper from her desk, walked over and handed it to her: “What happened?”

“Thank you.” Ge Yun took the tissue, wiped his tears and said, “It’s nothing, just scolded by the teacher.”

“Which teacher, why did you scold you?” Ye Cheng sat down beside her.

Ge Yun said in a nasal voice: “Xu Jie, I have a physics question that I don’t know, I asked him about it just now. He said it several times and I still couldn’t understand it, and then he asked me to repeat it again. If I couldn’t say it, he got angry. Now, saying that several students were waiting in line to ask him, I was wasting time on purpose.”

In the college entrance examination for science, physics needs to be graded, and it is also one of the most important sub-subjects other than language and mathematics. Xu Jie’s door is often crowded with people, and students from several classes are looking for him to ask questions in groups.

Most of the students in the third year of high school are very fragile, especially the introverted girl like Ge Yun.

She sniffed and said, “Several people in our class have been scolded. Does he have any prejudice against us? Why is he only scolding our class? And the class is taught so fast that he can’t keep up.”

Ye Cheng said: “Don’t cry, which question can’t be done, let me see.”

Ge Yun said gratefully: “Thank you, squad leader, won’t I waste your time?”

Ye Cheng’s head was a bit messy, and he couldn’t learn it at the moment, so he stretched out his hand and said, “No, bring it.”

As soon as he saw the title, he knew what Ge Yun didn’t understand, and he started directly from where she was puzzled. A few minutes later, Ge Yun exclaimed: “If Xu Jie asked me to use this method, I would have understood it already! Sure enough, the monitor who understands me the most, he speaks to me in a fog.”

When the topic was being lectured, the unfortunate people in the class who were scolded all came back, and they all came over to take part in the class.

Everyone was complaining,

“Good guy, he just said which formula to use.”

“That’s right, I can’t tell you why we are stupid, Gan!”

“Maybe because he is the head teacher of Class 17, he thinks that he will teach us one more question, and they will be passed next time in the exam.” Someone said happily.

Ye Cheng was stunned by this sentence, he thought for a moment, and said to a few people: “I’ll stay for 20 more minutes for the evening self-study in the future. If you have any questions that you don’t know, just ask me, the teacher is busy after all. .”

Ge Yun was so happy that he almost jumped up, “Really? Can we really ask you?”

“God, monitor, you are a god! Damn it, I love you so much!”

“But if you stay for an extra twenty minutes, will it be very hard? Woohoo, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have to.”

Ye Cheng said lightly: “It’s okay, you can tell them in class when you go back.”

The crowd cheered.

That person’s words made Ye Cheng feel a little emotional. If he missed one question by himself, the total score would be improved a lot. If he helps these people miss one question, it might be the gap between the vocational high school and the second one.

Most people only take the college entrance examination once, unlike his life that can be repeated. Those regrets were made up, and he wanted to try to make up for the regrets of others.

The news spread quickly in Class 20 and even in the third grade.

Xu Chao spoke directly in the class. For every one they passed the exam, he would reward Ye Cheng with 1,000 yuan. In the end, no matter what the result was, he would give Ye Cheng an extra red envelope. And tell everyone to keep quiet.

The atmosphere of the class was like the pot of green plants outside the window, which instantly changed from lifeless to lush, as if being injected with a shot of cardiotonic.

However, when everyone lined up to find Ye Cheng in the evening self-study, they also obtained the “One Brother’s Gaze” debuff.

Whenever someone came to ask a question, Lu Xiao definitely started from the moment he sat down and stared at him until he left tremblingly.

When Ye Cheng stayed home, he got up at what time, and even after finishing his homework and sitting in his seat playing with his mobile phone, he had to wait for him to go back with him.

Because the school was delayed by 20 minutes, Meng Li offered to pick them up with the driver.

It was fine for a few days, but in the long run, this incident attracted Xu Chao’s attention.

One day he was at the back door and saw someone walking away after asking Ye Cheng’s question, Lu Xiao pinched Ye Cheng’s ear punitively, and whispered, “Why did you laugh at him just now?”

Since there was almost no one in the class, and the surroundings were very quiet, Xu Chao could hear his voice clearly.

What shocked him the most was that when Lu Xiao pinched Ye Cheng’s ear, Ye Cheng didn’t even move or resist, as if he was used to such an intimate gesture.

“Which eye did you see me smiling?” Ye Cheng squinted at him.

Lu Xiao lowered his face and said, “I saw both eyes, you admit it, you just like the little white face.”

“Fart, you mental retard.”

“Who is the mentally retarded scolding?”

“I call you mentally retarded.”

Xu Chao opened his mouth wide.

I don’t know why, although the conversation between the two was just a quarrel between boys, it sounded very ambiguous.

That kind of strange pulling, like a third person can’t be allowed to intervene.

Xu Chao looked at the two teenagers with frown, and was suddenly patted from behind by a hand.

He turned around, and the soft scent of perfume hit his face.

“Teacher, what are you doing?” A very beautiful woman appeared behind him and asked him with a smile.

Xu Chao thought for a long time before he remembered that this was Lu Xiao’s mother.

He hurriedly said: “Hello, that, I am…”

Meng Li’s eyes fell on the classroom behind him, Lu Xiao pulled Yecheng’s arm, and he slapped him on the back of his hand.

Meng Li smiled and said, “It’s impolite to peek at students. Would you mind taking a step to talk?”

Xu Chao said embarrassedly: “Convenient, please come here.”


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