Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 78

Xu Chao is the youngest teacher in the third year of senior high school. Compared with other teachers who have sent away batch after batch of students, this is the second senior year he has brought. Of course, the first class was incomparable to them. Except for puppy love, the whole class skipped classes. No one cared whether they could go to college or not, so he didn’t grasp the students’ grades and discipline.

This year is different, from the grade director to the principal, they all pay more attention than before.

Judging from his one-year-long experience in catching puppy love, he always felt that the relationship between Ye Cheng and Lu Xiao was strange, especially the kind of post that was posted last time, which made people suspicious.

When Xu Chao treats the parents of female students, he generally does not call them to the office alone, but chooses to stroll and chat in the school.


He and Meng Li walked out of the teaching building and saw a man and a woman sticking together.

The two were from the next class. After seeing Xu Chao, they quickly separated, and pretended that nothing had happened.

Xu Chao shook his head, hating the iron and saying: “When is this, there is still time to talk about love here.”

Meng Li said with a chuckle: “I only have the urge to fall in love at a young age. When we are at our age, we have to look ahead and think about everything we do.”

“That’s the truth, but enlightened parents like you are rare.” Xu Chao pointedly said.

Meng Li looked at him sternly and asked, “Why didn’t you talk about those two children just now, teacher?”

Xu Chao said: “Those two students are not in our class. I will remind their head teacher tomorrow.”

Meng Li asked thoughtfully: “Then what will their head teacher do? Will they find their parents and take notes?”

Xu Chao explained: “Generally speaking, this kind of thing has to ask the parents. And later, the two children will be transferred away, and they will not be allowed to contact as much as possible. Only if the circumstances are serious will they be demerited or persuaded to quit.”

“In this way, they are willing to study hard?” Meng Li sneered and blurted out.

Xu Chao’s face was a little unsightly.

She immediately said apologetically, “I’m sorry, I’m not questioning your handling methods, it’s just that I have personally experienced such a thing.”

“Oh?” Xu Chao was slightly surprised.

Meng Li recalled: “When I was in high school, I liked a boy in my class. After being discovered by my head teacher, I read the love letter I wrote to him in front of the whole class, and asked my parents to take me home from school. Of course, the teacher’s original intention is for the good of the students. This is undeniable. He definitely doesn’t want me to go home.”

Her tone was calm and natural, as if she was chatting with friends.

Xu Chao rarely listened to his parents telling his stories, so he became a little interested: “Then what?”


Meng Li smiled kindly, “Then I dropped out of school.”

Xu Chao: “…Ah?”

Meng Li said meaningfully: “I admit that I had an extreme temperament at the time. I thought that if I didn’t let you fall in love, the sky would fall. This was a very, very naive idea. But adolescent children, how mature can you expect them? A lot of times, teachers ignore the gentle guidance and just blindly suppress and stop them. In fact, the effect of doing so is minimal.”

Xu Chao was silent for a moment, carefully tasting her words.

He understood what Meng Li said, but he was still young and energetic. He couldn’t help but say, “Mrs. Lu, you said that… because you noticed that Lu Xiao was in a puppy love?”

Meng Li stretched out his index finger and shook it in front of him.

“First of all, I’m not Mrs. Lu, I have divorced his father, you can call me Meng Li. Second, I talked to my son about this, and he admitted that he likes someone in school. As for who he likes , is it a man or a woman, whether they are together or not, that is his freedom, I can’t control it.”

When he heard “it’s a man or a woman”, Xu Chao opened his eyes slightly, looking like he was hesitant to say anything.

Meng Li continued: “Teacher, I can understand your feeling of being responsible for your students, and I am very grateful for your sense of responsibility. But if you have a relationship, not only will it not have a bad impact on their learning, but it will enable them to become better Good self, shouldn’t we also intervene at will and respect their choice?”

Xu Chao was quiet again.

After a long time, he said, “Since you have said that as a parent, I don’t want to ask any more… But I have to talk to another classmate’s parent, ahem.”

Neither he nor Meng Li mentioned Yecheng’s name, they both seemed to tacitly acquiesce.

Meng Li sighed: “You may not know the situation of their family very well. At present, his grandma is taking care of him, and his father basically doesn’t care about him. The old man is not as tolerant as us. trouble.”

It was only then that Xu Chao remembered that he did seem to have never met Ye Cheng’s father. He knew that Ye Cheng had no mother.

“Ah, this… it’s really a bit difficult.” He stumbled.

Meng Li looked at him quietly, guessing in his heart that he should teach for no more than five years.

She suggested: “Otherwise, you should listen to some of my suggestions. I think it’s better to deal with this matter coldly. You don’t need to report to the grade director, and you don’t need to bring the old people to school. The most important thing is the upcoming college entrance examination. , don’t let the children’s mentality fluctuate too much. Besides, if this is just our guess, wouldn’t it make it more ugly.”

It was indeed the first time for Xu Chao to encounter such a thing. One of the parents took the initiative to come to him and talk a lot, and told him not to tell the other’s parents. However, Meng Li’s words made sense. If he told Ye Cheng’s grandma, not to mention whether it was reliable, he would not be able to escape the responsibility if the old man did something wrong.

What’s more, Ye Cheng is a good seedling of the 13th Middle School that has never been seen in a hundred years. Well, although the 13th Middle School has not been established for a hundred years, he is enough to be the medal of Xu Chao’s teaching career.

Such a talent, he can’t afford to toss.

In the end, Xu Chao compromised with hesitation.

“That’s alright, this matter will be done as you wish.” He said unnaturally, “I will pay close attention to their learning situation.”

Meng Li nodded and said, “Excuse me, thank you very much.”

Xu Chao waved his hands again and again, “This is what I should do. By the way, I want to take the liberty to ask, when did you find out about them… um, that kind of relationship?”

Hearing this, Meng Li raised his eyebrows in surprise, “Teacher, I have never guessed their relationship, nor have I observed anything secretly. Isn’t it normal for my classmates to play well.”

Xu Chao’s face suddenly became embarrassed, and he said at a loss: “I didn’t mean that.”

Meng Li smiled at him and said, “It’s fine, is there anything else? If not, I’ll go upstairs to pick them up and go home.”

“…No, walk slowly.”

Meng Li stepped on high heels and left Shi Shiran.

Xu Chao looked at her back with her head held high with a complicated expression on her face.

After Meng Li took the two of them into the car, he casually said to Ye Cheng: “Xiao Cheng, you can stay at our house tonight, and let the driver take you to school tomorrow.”

Ever since she started picking them up, Ye Cheng has been staying at their house for one night from time to time.

After she finished speaking, she saw in the rearview mirror that Ye Cheng nodded and agreed, while her worthless son smiled so much that his eyes were bent.

When did she start to notice something was wrong?

Maybe it was Lu Xiao’s unusual tenderness towards Ye Cheng, or maybe it was the day at the old house, she saw Ye Cheng’s face flushing in the lounge, and then she accidentally saw the two of them sitting by the pool and talking through the surveillance camera.

Young people’s eyes can’t hide their thoughts, and it is clear at a glance who likes and dislikes.

Every time Lu Xiao looked at Ye Cheng with that kind of look, it reminded her that Lu Yaoshan also looked at her with this look many years ago.

She went to her father’s company for an internship at the age of eighteen, and talked business with a group of old men. If she hadn’t met Lu Yaoshan, her life would have been wonderful.

Probably because she has seen too many messy people and experienced too many unforgettable things, her tolerance is much higher than when she was young. Ten years ago, when Lu Xiao came to tell her that he liked the little boy next door, she definitely slapped her.

After returning home, Lu Xiao thought of Ye Cheng’s room to study.

Meng Li decisively told him not to disturb Ye Cheng and go back to his room to do his homework.

Lu Xiao was lying in bed unhappy and sent him a WeChat message, [When my mother is asleep, I’ll go look for you. 】

There was a quick reply: [Not good, last time my aunt came to deliver milk to me in the morning and was almost discovered by her. 】

Suspect X sent ten aggrieved emojis in a row.

At the end, a voice was given, and Ye Cheng clicked it.

“But I want to hold you to sleep, and I promise to do nothing, okay?”

The low voice was a bit dissatisfied and coquettish, and the bones of the people who listened were brittle.

Ye Cheng put her fingers against her lips, her teeth biting into her joints, and it took a long time to hold back and not tell him to roll over now, immediately, immediately.

Damn, who can resist this tone.

He tried hard to keep calm and type: [Well, you are tall, I have not forgotten what you did that time. 】

When he fell asleep that day, Lu Xiao suddenly wanted to wrestle with him.

Ye Cheng naturally ignored his foolish proposal, but he refused to let go, clasped Ye Cheng’s wrist and pressed him on the bed, and only let him go until he said something nice.

It was already one o’clock at that time, and Ye Cheng was so sleepy that he had to say “Brother Xiao, you are so handsome”.

As a result, Lu Xiao became more excited, pinched his chin and said, “What’s your name, Brother Xiao, it’s called Brother.”

The two were pressed against each other tightly, with only thin pajamas in between, Ye Cheng was unsurprisingly slapped by the page.

He immediately wanted to roll over and push the person away, but Lu Xiao pressed him hard not to let him move.

Later the next morning, Lu Xiao naturally overslept and forgot to go back to his room in advance, and was almost caught by Meng Li on the spot.

Seeing that he rejected him, Lu Xiao buried his head in his arms, feeling that life would not be better.

A few minutes later, he took a picture of the cover of “May Three” in mathematics and sent it over, saying: [I have a question that I don’t know, can I take it and ask you? 】

The phone vibrated twice and restrained: [Send me a photo of the subject. 】

Suspect X: [A dozen questions, how to shoot? 】

It was quiet.

Lu Xiao put the screen on the bed, put his chin next to the phone, and looked at it expectantly.

Restrain for a moment: [[White eyes/] Come here. 】

He let out a loud cheer and jumped up from the bed.

When I rushed to the door, I remembered that I turned around and took the “May 3” with me, and by the way, I sprayed my hair to set it.


From his room to Ye Cheng’s guest room, he had to pass Meng Li’s bedroom halfway through.

In order to avoid making too much noise, he deliberately did not wear slippers, and walked carefully through the aisle with bare feet.

Just as he was relieved to pass Meng Li’s door safely, the bedroom door behind him opened.

Meng Li was wearing a nightgown, looked at his unfortunate son coldly, and walked forward on tiptoe, the tall and tall man looked like a thief.

She couldn’t help but coughed twice and said, “What are you doing?”

Lu Xiao’s back suddenly froze. After a few seconds, he slowly turned around and said, “Mom…why haven’t you slept yet?”

When he saw Meng Li’s eyes, he immediately raised the “May Three” in his hand and said, “I have a question that I don’t know, and I want to ask Ye Cheng.”

Meng Li looked at him up and down, and immediately became angry. He pointed at him and said, “Go to the question in the middle of the night. It’s fine if you don’t wear shoes, and you still spray hairspray? You are fooling the ghost, come in for me.”

After saying that, he turned and entered the bedroom with a stern face.

Lu Xiao’s heart sank, secretly saying something was wrong, and followed in with a dead face.

The author has something to say: an interview with the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law –

Meng Li: Thank you for your invitation. I am in a very complicated mood right now. Well, I don’t have any opinion on my daughter-in-law. After all, my genes are so smart that I am quite blind to our family. It’s just… just why does my son look so bad? Is it worthless? This little brat is not like this to me, hey, just think about it.



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