Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 79

Meng Li sat down on the chair with his arms folded in a posture that he would not give up.

Lu Xiao was about to sit across from her when she heard her coldly say, “Stand.”

He had just touched the stool and had to get up again.

“Tell me, when did you two start?” Meng Li asked.

Lu Xiao pretended to be stupid without changing his face, “Ah? What started?”

Meng Li looked at him and asked again, “You and Ye Cheng, when did you get together?”

Lu Xiao was shocked: “What are you talking about, Mom, he’s my brother, don’t talk nonsense.”

Meng Li sneered: “You are exactly the same as your father when you lie, first act stupid and then bite back. Come on, if you really didn’t like him, you would have slammed the door out now, instead of standing here to give I act.”


Lu Xiao: “…”

It was only at this moment that he became really nervous, and gradually clenched the “Five Three” in his hand.

Meng Li knew that it was a small matter, and if she wanted to find Ye Cheng, it would be troublesome.

Before he officially came out to his family, he didn’t want anyone to harass Ye Cheng, especially Meng Li and Gao Qiulan. Ye Cheng cares about them very much, and will inevitably be influenced by their thoughts.

At that moment, Lu Xiao even thought about what Meng Li’s bid would look like.

“Give you ten million and leave my son.”

How will Ye Cheng react?

“No, Auntie, I am in true love with him”, it is impossible, this is too earthy.

He will probably say, “No, Auntie, I want 20 million.” Then he will turn his head and share it with himself. Maybe he will fight him because of 55 or 46.

Lu Xiao was almost amused by the thought, and then realized that he was in crisis, and quickly suppressed his laughter.

He cleared his throat and said solemnly, “Mom, don’t be angry, it’s all my fault, not his business.”

“Oh? What did you do wrong?” Meng Li looked at him strangely.

Lu Xiao said: “I chased him, yes, he is the ‘favorite’ I told you. If you can’t accept it… I will separate from him and make sure that I won’t be distracted before I go to college. fall in love.”

Fooling Meng Li is the same as fooling Hua Wangchun. As long as she doesn’t get too arrogant in front of her, she usually doesn’t get too involved in Lu Xiao’s private affairs. In the past, he fooled around with a group of people all day long, and she only occasionally reminded him at that time.

Lu Xiaoruyi’s calculus is very good, he just wants to put this matter down for the time being, at least before the college entrance examination, no one should bother Ye Cheng.

His boyfriend is going to take the A major, and nothing should distract him.

Meng Li was annoyed by him, and said incredulously: “Do you plan to do this? I just asked a few questions, are you going to break up with him?”

Lu Xiao blinked his eyes and said, “It’s not like… break up, it’s just a temporary separation.”


Meng Li stood up, walked over and raised his hand to greet him, Lu Xiao quickly reached out to block.

She was so angry that her chest heaved up and down, and she scolded him while beating him: “How come you have become so irresponsible as a child? Is it possible that this is also up to your father? Xiaocheng will give you supplementary lessons from morning to night, and will take you out within a year. The shabby grades are mentioned so well, yet you want to separate from him because of a word from someone else?! If it weren’t for him, you still don’t know what corner you’d be living in now!”

Lu Xiaoren was so stupid that he even forgot to resist.

Meng Li glared at him angrily and said, “Don’t say you’re my son when you go out, it’s too embarrassing!”

Still puzzled, she pulled Lu Xiao to the door and said, “Come with me and apologize to Xiao Cheng!”

Lu Xiao was stunned by her, and was dragged and staggered all the way to Ye Cheng’s door.

dong dong dong-

Meng Li knocked on the door, and glanced at Lu Xiao with disgust and anger.

After a while, Ye Cheng opened the door.

He thought it was Lu Xiao who came to ask questions, and said casually, “Don’t you…”

Halfway through speaking, he saw Meng Li who was furious, and Lu Xiao who was blank.

He was stunned, and subconsciously said, “Auntie, what’s the matter?”

Meng Li reluctantly smiled at him, shoved Lu Xiao, and said gently, “Xiaocheng, I haven’t slept yet, he has something to tell you.”

Ye Cheng saw the “May 3” in his hand and said, “I know, he is here for the purpose of questioning.”

“No, he made a mistake, and he came to apologize to you.” Meng Li said solemnly, “Lu Xiao, explain it to him yourself.”

Lu Xiao didn’t know whether to nod or shake his head.

Meng Li took Ye Cheng’s hand and said, “Xiao Cheng, don’t be soft-hearted when you should be cruel. This is the only advice I give you.”

Ye Cheng was very confused, but nodded anyway.

Meng Li looked at Lu Xiao and snorted coldly, then turned and left.

“What’s the matter?” Ye Cheng asked him to let him into the room.

Lu Xiao’s eyes flickered and he told him, “My mother knows about us.”

Ye Cheng’s eyes widened slightly. In his last life, he hadn’t even seen Meng Li’s face a few times, so he didn’t know her attitude towards the relationship between the two. No wonder she looked so ugly just now, it turned out to be discovered.

Seeing his frown, Lu Xiao hurriedly said, “Don’t worry, she seems… like, it seems, she’s not very opposed.”

“Really?” Ye Cheng asked suspiciously, “Then what did she mean by apologizing? Did you make other mistakes?”

Lu Xiao hesitated, “…It’s hard to explain, let’s do the question, Chunxiao…No, the night is short, hurry up.”

Ye Cheng was suspicious, and he pulled him to the desk to start reading the topic.

Lu Xiao pressed his shoulder and made him sit down, while standing behind him, he turned to a page and pointed to the wrong question: “I’m not very good at this question.”

Ye Cheng temporarily put the doubts aside, after all, the second model is about to be ushered in. It can be said that even Lu Xiao himself is more concerned about his studies than Ye Cheng. Whenever he couldn’t get a question, Ye Cheng would sort out all the questions in this series and let him do dozens of questions in a row.

This is also the place where Lu Xiao loves him and fears him.

The teacher’s topic is just a simple topic, but Ye Cheng will look at him coldly, and say very oppressively: “Are you not grasping this knowledge point at all? Memorize the formulas and theorems to me. Listen, don’t look at it, recite it now.”

At this time, Lu Xiao’s sweat was as good as he had played a whole game of basketball.

Ye Cheng focused on writing and drawing on the paper, listing the knowledge points while explaining, without paying any attention to the people behind him getting closer and closer. Lu Xiao’s chest slowly pressed against him, and his arms held him in front of the table in a possessive posture.

Finally, Ye Cheng realized that he was a drunkard and not drinking.

He glanced at the man and asked, “What should I write next?”

Lu Xiao had already memorized this question by heart. He smiled and leaned against his neck to take a breath and said, “Establish a Cartesian coordinate system, and then find the distance after substituting it. Am I right, monitor?”


Lu Xiao has a bit of a role-playing habit and likes to call him specific names on specific occasions.

For example, when the purpose of the question is to be called “Squad Leader”, when it is provocative, it is usually called “A Cheng”, when he is coquettishly begging him, he will be called “Brother Cheng”, and when he is in a state of excitement, he will be called “Orange Orange”, “Wife” or “Baby”.

Ye Cheng put down the pen, squinted his eyes and said, “That’s right, you know how to pretend you can’t.”

Lu Xiao had already restrained the person, and he simply admitted shamelessly and generously: “Yeah, I can do it. Can’t you ask at the meeting? Who rules?”

As he spoke, his lips were pressed together, and his right hand pinched Ye Cheng’s chin arrogantly, forcing him to raise his head and kiss him.

Although Lu Xiao usually lets him down, but when it comes to getting closer, his actions will gradually become more and more powerful. He likes pinching Ye Cheng’s jaw, clasping his wrist, or pressing him against the wall or chair. All in all, it is to firmly imprison him and prevent him from moving a single cent.

Several times Ye Cheng wanted to hug him with his backhand, but he pulled him down and locked his hand.

In his heart, he felt that Lu Xiao was a **** contradiction. On the one hand, he always encouraged him to take the initiative, and on the other hand, he suppressed his initiative unreasonably, which was outrageous.

Lu Xiao kissed him tenderly, the hand holding his chin slowly slipped, from the slender and beautiful neck to the protruding collarbone. The fingertips were warm, with a trace of current, touching the shoulders along the line of the collarbone.

There is a small mole on Ye Cheng’s left collarbone, which is usually covered by the neckline. After Lu Xiao saw this mole by chance, he would pull his collar down every time, staring at the mole and rubbing it for a long time.

Especially these few times, his actions have become more and more excessive.

The wet lips went all the way down, and finally touched the mole, Ye Cheng tickled her neck.


Lu Xiao’s fiery breath sprayed onto the milk-white skin, and his voice was a little hoarse and charming, “Can I speak a strawberry?” He asked expectantly, “This position is invisible to others.”

“I can’t… hess, it hurts!” Ye Cheng just refused, when he was caught by the small piece of flesh under the collarbone.

He pushed Lu Xiao’s shoulder but didn’t push it away.

“Fuck you, don’t bite…” he said confusedly.

The action of pushing and refusing is the most possessive, and Lu Xiao’s body instantly became hot, as if some switch had been turned on, forcing him even tighter.

Ye Cheng blushed and avoided, but Meng Li’s words came to mind.

——He was still curious, what other mistakes did Lu Xiao make, and he needed to apologize.

A few years later, Ye Cheng had a tried-and-true skill, which was to ask him a question in bed. Often at this time, Lu Xiao’s brain was swallowed up by some kind of desire, and every question was accurate.

His hand climbed up Lu Xiao’s earlobe and asked softly, “What did you and auntie say before you came? Did you do something to make me sorry?”

Lu Xiao’s earlobes were very sensitive, and he answered vaguely, “My mother said she knew about us, and I told her that we could be separated from you for a while.”

Ye Cheng’s hand stopped and sneered: “It really belongs to you, Lu Xiao. So that’s why you’re taking it into consideration and he refuses to tell me?”

Lu Xiao suddenly woke up and looked up at him.

Ye Cheng looked at him coolly: “Who gave you the courage to bite me.”

Lu Xiao panicked, and quickly said, “That’s not the case, I was just a tactic to slow down…”

He was pushed out of the door by Ye Cheng, and the door slammed in front of him.

Ye Cheng breathed a sigh of relief, and finally sent this annoying guy away, otherwise he didn’t know what his neck would look like tomorrow. He looked at the mirror worriedly, and couldn’t help but want to curse again.

The door slammed shut in a second, and Meng Li’s door opened the next second.

She stood at the door a few meters away, glanced at Lu Xiao gloatingly, then closed the door and went in.

Lu Xiao: “…”



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