Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 8

The last time Ye Cheng was so embarrassed was during a department meeting.

That day, he screened his Wechat, and Lu Xiao sent him a message: Do you prefer a pointed head or a round head?

That night, Lu Xiao was sentenced to kneel on the washboard all night.

Ye Cheng’s mind was full of “He actually found out”, “How can I fool me”, “He doesn’t think I like him”.

Just when he frowned, Lu Xiao cleared his throat and asked, “Are you trying to mess with me?”

Ye Cheng instantly felt that he had overestimated the high school boy’s brain, which might be only the size of a chicken popcorn.

“That’s right…” he said, biting his head.

But his affirmation fueled Lu Xiao’s stinky farts.

“Next time someone bullies you, just report my name.” Lu Xiao said calmly and pretended to be.

Ye Cheng: “…Okay.”

The next day, a post on the Thirteen Middle School Forum suddenly became popular.

The poster took a show-off tone: [Contributed by the photography agency | What level is my composition? 】

The main building is a picture with clear pixels. On a quiet and comfortable afternoon, Siyuan Building stands under the dazzling sunlight.

The opposite classrooms were filled with students in various poses, and several classrooms were empty.

The comments below were normal at the beginning. Some people put Siyuan Building on Happy Planet, and some people made Dilireba a teacher.

From the tenth floor, things started to go wrong.

10L: I Cao, what is this? !

An enlarged screenshot is attached, in which a boy is standing in front of the rear blackboard of the classroom, stepping on a bench with his head lowered.

Another tall boy was raising his hand to touch his face.

11L: WHAT? Is there a real base in the thirteenth? [squinting laugh]

12L: Isn’t this our class? It’s class 20?

Ten minutes later, the landlord enlarged the original image and solved the case himself.

21L (the owner himself): Fuck ah ah ah! This is my man! Cao Nima is the first brother, who will sacrifice me! QAQ

A high-resolution original image is attached. In the photo, Lu Xiao is helping Ye Cheng push glasses.

22L: Oh my God, this angle is amazing, Brother Xiao is so amazing!

23L: The other is his tablemate, Ye Cheng, who is the first in the grade this time. I have seen a real person, a cold beauty hangs.

24L: Help…they howpay, who can understand me! Is there a frontal photo of the first in that grade?

Someone below posted a photo of Ye Cheng’s ID when he was in high school, which immediately caused an uproar.

35L: It’s so pretty, Ye is pretty.

36L: Hahahaha, don’t make clay sculptures! Although I also think it is beautiful, the eyes are fiercely seductive.

37L: Tsk, it’s time to start the second school draft selection.

50L: Die of laughter, someone finally found them. By the way, I even saw them leaning their heads together today, and they looked so ambiguous.

51L: Tell me about it upstairs? Admin 3, don’t delete my post, I’m not driving again!

52L: I was in class 20. I testified that they were discussing who would get on and who would get off.

53L: My day! What is this doing?

54L: Live broadcast, Brother Xiao: “I’ll get you down”, Ye Meimei: “I’ll get on”, Brother Xiao: “It’s better for me to get on”, Ye Xiuyi: “You’re down below!”

55L: You guys are so poisonous…

Jiang Jin looked at the crazy replies on the screen, then looked back at the back.

Two people are concentrating on playing games.

Lu Xiao looked annoyed: “Can you breastfeed me?”

Ye Cheng is more annoying than him: “You’ve all gone to the opposite face, what am I going to breastfeed you, motherly love?”

Lu Xiao took a deep breath: “Are you polite?”

Ye Cheng said coldly, “Who was Commander Quan Shui just now? I’m more polite than you, thank you.”

Jiang Jin’s jaw was about to drop. He watched Ye Cheng switch back and forth between calm and furious with complicated eyes. It turned out that someone who played games would become a different personality.

Finally, Lu Xiao threw the phone: “No more.”

Get up and go out the back door.

Jiang Jin sneaked back and saw Shilian kneeling on the phone screen.

He said cautiously: “Brother Orange, don’t be angry, he just plays games like this. In fact, he’s already… very gentle.”

It’s really gentle. If these ten consecutive kneels happened to him, Lu Xiao might have already greeted his ancestors for the eighteenth generation.

Ye Cheng turned off the phone in desperation and said, “It doesn’t matter.”

If I knew it was the same result, I might as well stop playing.

It was like this in the past. He and Lu Xiao played games together, and they often broke up because of different ways of playing.

Both of them can play, but the cooperation is always quite incongruous.

Lu Xiao is also a person who is addicted to winning and losing.

It was so before, and it is so now.

Jiang Jin comforted him: “Don’t be unhappy, when Brother Xiao took me yesterday, he almost smashed durians on my forehead.”

Ye Cheng raised his eyelids: “He went to your house to sleep yesterday?”

“Well, Brother Xiao also said that you are very loyal.” Jiang Jin winked at him.

Ye Cheng asked thoughtfully, “Why did he go to your house?”

Jiang Jin hesitated, but still said: “Isn’t this going to be a parent-teacher meeting? His father has returned to Nandu. They don’t have a good relationship. Every time he comes back, Brother Xiao will stay at my house.”

Ye Cheng nodded and didn’t ask any more questions.

He knew that Lu Xiao and Lu Yaoshan not only had a bad relationship, they were just like enemies.

When they got married that year, Lu Yaoshan sent someone to deliver a document. If the old man hadn’t stopped him, Lu Xiao might have rushed to the old house to fight him.

Until now, Ye Cheng didn’t know what the document was, but he knew one thing – Lu Xiao’s life was caused by Lu Yaoshan.

Including him dropping out of high school and later studying abroad, all of which are inseparable from Lu Yaoshan.

No wonder he was in such a bad mood these days.

However, judging from the current situation, Lu Xiao showed no sign of wanting to drop out of school, and he got along well with his classmates.

Ye Cheng couldn’t understand why he dropped out of school.

After lunch, Ye Cheng took out the neck pillow from the drawer, ready to rest for a while.

He has always had the habit of taking a lunch break, which can make his work in the afternoon more efficient.

A gust of cool wind blew past, mixed with a faint smell of smoke.

Ye Cheng frowned and turned around, Lu Xiao took out his phone and stared at him: “Send me your number.”

Ye Cheng moved his eyebrows, expressing doubts.

Lu Xiao said a little awkwardly, “I said I want to take you to the top. If you sleep with you, I will play with your number for a while.”

Everyone else had their lunch break, and when he spoke, his voice was very soft.

There was a little impatience between the sharp eyebrows, but there was a hint of compromise in his tone.

At that moment, Ye Cheng’s heart was hit.

He looked at Lu Xiao silently for two seconds, then reached out and pushed his phone back, and said lightly, “No need, let’s sleep during nap time.”

Lu Xiao was stunned, as if he had never received such a rejection.

He wanted to say something else, but Ye Cheng had already laid down with his back to him.

The sunlight from the window slanted into the classroom, and Ye Cheng raised the collar of the school uniform to cover the back of his neck.

Hot rays of light fell on the arms under the short sleeves, and his complexion was white to reflective, only the elbows were flushed.

When the class bell rang, Ye Cheng was a little sleepy, her sweaty hair stuck to her face, her eyes blank.

He was so hot and sweaty that the fan in this seat could only swept a little wind, and his arms were sunburned.

Lu Xiao suddenly stood up and said, “Get up and change your position.”

Ye Cheng just woke up, his brain was running very slowly, and he subconsciously let out an “ah”.

“Get up, I’ll sit over there.” Lu Xiao repeated again.

Ye Cheng didn’t understand what was going on, but instinctively stood up with him.

Their desks are all single-person desks, and Lu Xiao directly lifted his desk and changed seats with his.

The movement of the table was not small, Jiang Jin and the front table both looked over.

“You guys want to change seats? Wow, Brother Xiao is right behind me, hehe.” Jiang Jin said simply happily.

Ye Cheng stood aside and gradually came to the aftertaste.

Lu Xiao quickly put the two tables together, and sat down to play with his phone nonchalantly.

“Brother Xiao, are you reluctant to part with me, so you came after me?” Jiang Jin said affectionately after comparing his heart.

“Go away, it’s not disgusting.” Lu Xiao scolded him without raising his head.

Ye Cheng sat in the chair, glanced at him, then took out his mobile phone and opened the WeChat interface that was just added yesterday.

After a while, Lu Xiao’s phone vibrated a few times.

He clicked on the nickname “Reinforce” and saw two new messages.

Restrain: [account XXX, password XXX]

Restrain: [Thanks. 】

He turned his head to look at Ye Cheng, who had already taken out the textbook for the next class, and looked down.

Lu Xiao unconsciously licked his dry lips, and carelessly took a screenshot and saved it.

After school in the evening, it was almost half past nine when Ye Cheng got home.

As soon as I entered the door, I saw black men’s leather shoes at the entrance.

He stood there for a while and walked in with his schoolbag.

It happened that Gao Qiulan came out of the kitchen with a fruit plate and stopped him and said, “Orange, your father is back.”

As expected, Ye Cheng was not too surprised.

Gao Qiulan skillfully took the schoolbag in his hand, shoved the fruit plate to him, and said to the study, “It’s inside. My little ancestor, just take five minutes to perfunctory him, he said something. It’s afternoon, so annoying.”

Ye Cheng was originally expressionless, but she was amused by her.

“Okay, I see, grandma.” He helped Gao Qiulan’s arm, signaling her to be relieved.

Gao Qiulan stared at him incredulously: “I don’t need to follow up, right? You two haven’t seen each other for a long time. Let’s chat for a while, and don’t be speechless in less than three sentences each time.”

Ye Cheng thought to himself that this was not something I could control, and casually coaxed her back to the room.

Before pushing open the study door, he took a few deep breaths and knocked on the door politely.

“Please come in.”

Ye Gaoyang’s usual gentle voice came from inside.

Ye Cheng opened the door and saw a familiar figure in a white shirt.

Ye Gaoyang wore rimless glasses, with a Rolex Black Water Ghost on his wrist, and his shirt cuffs rolled up to his forearms.

If he still wears this elite dress at home, he won’t be too tired.

Although Ye Cheng didn’t want to admit it, many times, he could see Ye Gaoyang’s shadow in himself.

The same indifference on the outside, the same obsessed with career.

Probably the biggest difference is that he is a little warmer than Ye Gaoyang.

“came back?”

Ye Gaoyang glanced at him and continued to turn over the “Byron Poems” in his hand.

“It’s quite early for your self-study in the evening. I remember that the get out of class ended at 9:30 in the attached middle school.”

“Yeah.” Ye Cheng had nothing to say, walked over and responded.

Ye Gaoyang closed the book and said to him, “I called Director Li just now, and he said that you did well in the test this time. But don’t relax. I think you have made a lot of mistakes that can be avoided.”

If it was in the past, Ye Cheng might have been confused by the phrase “doing well in the test”.

But at this moment, his heart was not fluctuating, and he didn’t even bother to ask him to turn over the test paper he had put in the drawer.

“Okay, I’ll wait for you to come back and take a look at you.” Ye Gaoyang put the book back in place, “Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, learn to relax while studying.”

“Your auntie Qu went abroad to play some time ago. She bought some clothes and shoes for you and put them in your cloakroom. I’m catching the plane tomorrow morning, so I won’t be staying at home at night.”

He patted Ye Cheng on the shoulder and walked towards the door.

Sure enough, their conversation will not exceed three back and forth.

Ye Cheng suddenly said, “Dad, the school will hold a parent-teacher meeting in two days.”

Ye Gaoyang was stunned for a moment, then nodded: “Oh, good. You and grandma go out and pay attention to safety, don’t touch.”

He stopped and said, “Dad will come back to see you in a while.”

Ye Cheng lowered his eyes and pulled out a slightly ironic smile from the corner of his mouth.

This “after a while”, it will be his eighteenth birthday, still for his mother’s inheritance.

The study door was pulled open behind him, and then closed gently again.

He slowly sat down in the chair and looked at the signed test paper on the table.

Next to the bright red score, is Gao Qiulan’s slightly labored font.

From childhood to adulthood, Ye Gaoyang never attended his parent-teacher meeting.

Every time the teacher said the first place, Gao Qiulan laughed happily.

But when they registered for second place, the other children were held high by their father to celebrate.

That was the moment when Ye Cheng envied the second place the most. He once imagined that one day, Ye Gaoyang would be able to lift him up.

When I was a child, because this area was close to Bai Ze Primary School, many children lived nearby.

Ye Cheng often squatted on the doorstep with a small schoolbag after school.

Don’t go in, just squat at the door and read a book.

After a while, there was a new boy who moved in and passed by his house every evening while shooting basketballs.

The little boy was sunburnt, like a lump of charcoal.

One day, he came over and asked Ye Cheng, “Why are you sitting here all the time?”

Ye Cheng looked up at the piece of charcoal, then buried himself in the children’s version of “Journey to the West”.

Seeing that he ignored him, the little boy squatted down and said fiercely, “Hey, I’m talking to you.”

Ye Cheng thought he was in the way, and reluctantly replied, “I’m waiting for my father.”

The little boy saw that he was willing to take care of himself, and his attitude improved again: “Then you can go home and wait, there are a lot of mosquitoes outside.”

“I can only receive him here.” Ye Cheng said stubbornly.

When the little boy passed by the next day, he found Ye Cheng sitting on the steps wiping tears.

He threw away the basketball and ran over, bewildered and asked, “Why are you crying, who bullied you?”

Ye Cheng buried her head on her knees, hugged her legs, and said in a low voice, “I didn’t do well in the exam.”

The little boy scratched his head and hurriedly comforted him: “It’s okay, I’ve even passed the exam last one, don’t cry.”

“My dad will be disappointed.” Ye Cheng sniffed, tears hanging on the puff’s face.

The little boy also began to worry for him: “Are you bad in the test? Otherwise, get someone to help you sign or something.”

Ye Cheng’s face was full of disappointment: “Third place, I have never taken the third place in the exam.”

The little boy was dumbfounded with his mouth open. He was at a loss for words and didn’t know how to comfort him.

After thinking for a long time, he took out a mango from his pocket and handed it to Ye Cheng: “Don’t cry, little sister, you won’t be beautiful if you cry again. The third place is already very good, I haven’t even passed the thirtieth exam. Well. Here, this is for you to eat.”

Ye Cheng looked at Mango and then at him, his face instantly collapsed.

First, he is allergic to mangoes; second, he is not a little sister.

But looking at the yellow-orange mango, his heart suddenly moved.

If he was sick and hospitalized, would Dad come back to see him?

Seeing that he took the mango, the little boy pinched his face boldly.

Smooth and tender, like a block of tofu.

Ye Cheng was reluctant, but he still didn’t dodge.

That night, he ate a mango and was sent to the hospital overnight.

Later, the little boy was probably educated at home and never appeared again.

After Ye Gaoyang received Gao Qiulan’s call, he simply ordered a few words, without any intention of coming back to see him.

Two days later, well-known movie star Qu Tian was photographed surfing at the beach with her husband and daughter.

There were many things that I didn’t understand at that time, so I went into it after admitting the truth.

Thinking about the mentally retarded behavior at that time now, Ye Cheng just wanted to sneer.

The phone in his pocket vibrated loudly. He thought it was Ye Gaoyang, but when he picked it up, it was Jiang Jin’s voice call.

Ye Cheng was connected and put it in his ear: “Hey, is there anything?”

It was very noisy from the other end, and there was Jiang Jin’s panting voice: “Brother Orange, are you free, can you come over to Yongguang Road?”

“No time, you can play by yourself.” There was a bar street, Ye Cheng was in no mood to care about him.

Jiang Jin covered his ears and said with a big tongue: “No, it’s not for fun, Brother Xiao… was drunk. There were a few elders in my house, and my mother urged me to go back, so it’s not good to bring him back, you Can you take him in for one night?”

Ye Cheng was annoyed and said casually, “No, take him to open a room.”

Jiang Jin wailed with a bitter face: “I also want to, but I can’t borrow my ID card. Mine is with my mother.”

Ye Cheng: “…”

Damn, he forgot that these two were of an age when they couldn’t even keep their temporary ID cards.



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