Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 80

After that day, Lu Xiao didn’t know what strange switch he had flipped. He was shocked to find that the relationship between Meng Li and Ye Cheng seemed to be better than before.

The two often spoke behind his back, and sometimes Ye Cheng would accompany Meng Li to a beauty salon while he was not paying attention.

When Lu Xiao learned about this, the stylist with his orchid fingers up told him when he went to the place Meng Li frequented to get his hair cut.

The stylist smiled ambiguously and asked him if the boy who accompanied Ms. Meng last time was your little boyfriend.

In addition to being surprised, Lu Xiao also felt a little grievance and anger that he was betrayed by his beloved.

When he stepped forward to block the hail of bullets with his body, Ye Cheng had already joined the enemy behind his back! He also captured the heart of the enemy in one fell swoop!


He originally planned to impress Ye Cheng with the confession of “the world is against us, and I always stand with you”, and logically persuaded him to use his hands for himself, after all, he had always resisted this. However, now that the car overturned, it turned out that the outsider was himself.

After Meng Li discovered the red marks on Ye Cheng’s body, every time he invited him to come to sleep at home, he would ask him to lock the door.

Another time, Lu Xiao was squatting at the door at twelve o’clock in the middle of the night. When he caught him, he was blamed and taught him not to disturb Ye Cheng’s rest.

Lu Xiao is the kind of dog temper that the more you don’t let me do, the more I want to do it. He can’t do anything with Ye Cheng at home, so he bullied him severely at school.

Blocking people in toilets, equipment rooms, and music classrooms is the norm.

As a result, Ye Cheng detoured when he saw him later.

During lunch, Lu Xiao went out to buy coffee for Ye Cheng, and Tan Xiaoqi sat opposite Ye Cheng with a plate.

She poked at the rice with no appetite and asked, “Brother Cheng, why haven’t you been with Brother Xiao recently?”

In the past, these two were like conjoined twins, squeezing each other for everything.

“Annoying.” Ye Cheng took a mouthful of rice and said a word.

Tan Xiaoqi seemed to have found a bosom friend in an instant, put down her chopsticks and said, “You are also in a period of burnout? I thought I was the only one who thought that, after a period of love, I really find him annoying!”

She is also avoiding Li Junxiao these days.

Ye Cheng rarely has the opportunity to complain about Lu Xiao with others, but when he finally came across this opportunity, he couldn’t help but nodded in agreement:

“It’s really annoying. You have to take a bite of food and I will take a bite. When you drink water, you have to act like a spoiled child and let me feed him. You have to hold hands and hug him at any time, and you have to stick together to go to the toilet. If you don’t reply to his news for a minute, you will be angry. , If you talk to others for a few more words, you will be angry, and he will be angry if there is no news in the circle of friends. In short, there is no personal space at all, and the experience is extremely poor.”


Tan Xiaoqi: “…”

“Brother, your ‘annoyance’ doesn’t seem to be the same as mine.” She twitched her cheeks and said, “Pinch mom, is Xiao brother so mindless when he’s in love? !”

Ye Cheng shook his head in disgust, “I’m very worried now that he gets distracted while reading, so I don’t really want to pay attention to him.”

Tan Xiaoqi exaggerated: “But he took the second model test for more than 320! He’s almost at the first level! He was only 300 the last time, how long has it been since then? , I see his motivation to learn is increasing day by day.”

“Maybe.” Ye Cheng said slyly.

The devil knows where the motivation to study comes from, and it’s not to see him wearing a skirt. His thoughts on Lu Xiao are comparable to the real questions over the years, which is called a thorough understanding.

The overall improvement in Class 20 this time is quite large. Lu Xiao’s school ranking has already entered the top 100. Two days ago, he arrogantly asked him to remember to make up what he owed, and he wanted to set it as a mobile wallpaper.

——Since Meng Li smashed them, Lu Xiao began to break the jar and break the smash.

He is a showman madman himself. This time, he completely replaced everything with a couple’s model, and even their toothbrush cup was not spared. When Sister Wang came out after cleaning his room, her expression was indescribable.

In addition, his computer desktop, mobile phone wallpaper, and bedside and desk decorations were all replaced with pictures with Ye Cheng.

In the circle of friends, a group photo of a hand or other parts is posted in three days, and a group photo of a face is posted a week. He also forced Ye Cheng to like each article, and if he didn’t like it, he would hum and hum.

When Jiang Jin came back to class after training, Lu Xiao also asked him to like the news. Jiang Jin hesitated to take out his mobile phone, and then Lu Xiao found out that he had blocked himself, so on the first day he came back to class, he received an iron fist greeting.


Of course, the mad show in the circle of friends is not blocked by everyone.

For example, Tan Mengmeng not only does not block, but also opens Lu Xiao’s circle of friends every week.

Ye Cheng doesn’t post very much. Every time she sees photos of Lu Xiao, she can catch a glimpse of the sky in her busy sophomore life.

Is this a show? This is for the benefit of all girls!

Last year, there were basketball and games in these dynamics. This year, it has completely turned into a large honeypot.

[Photo of a cup of coffee], “Does anyone really like the taste of bitter orange, and they are not used to drinking it.”

Tan Mengmeng commented: [Okay, okay, I know you both drink the same cup! I still like Daddy Star’s saccharin[/hee hee]]

[Photo of watch with black pen on wrist], “520, 13:14, it’s raining outside the window[/rainforest][/moon]”.

Tan Mengmeng commented: [Ah ah ah, happy male **** 520! Is the watch drawn by Brother Orange? Why is there a moon when it rains? Is it a token of love? Hehehe. 】

[Selfie with mirror covering face], “get out of class is over”.

Tan Mengmeng commented: [The white corner on the left is Brother Orange! It must be ah ah ah ah! Taken in the bathroom, help! Do you two sleep together tonight? ? I can’t breathe, who will help me! 】

Ye Cheng didn’t expect eighteen-year-old Lu Xiao to be so terrifying, nor did he expect that the gentle and introverted schoolgirl would look like this on the Internet.

More importantly, Lu Xiao didn’t block his fucking!

Once, Lu Xiao secretly took a photo of him sleeping. It was a close-up of his eyes, only the eyelashes and the tear mole under his eyes. The fool also said triumphantly, “No prize quiz, guess who it is”.

There are different opinions below, some guess the next class flower, some guess a certain teacher.

Ye Cheng liked him as requested. A few hours later, he received the same dynamic like prompt. When he saw Meng Li’s nickname, he was about to explode.

Don’t talk about high school, even in college and work, he will block the elders when he posts such private news! And it’s such an ambiguous photo!


Ye Cheng couldn’t bear to tug at his ears and educated him, and Lu Xiao honestly blocked Meng Li.

The next day when he went to Lu Xiao’s house, Meng Li asked him suspiciously, “What about the photo of Xiaocheng yesterday, why did you delete it?”

Ye Cheng was so blushed that he was speechless.

In the last month of high school, Lu Xiao’s circle of friends only had Zhenti and Ye Cheng.

The countdown days on the blackboard gradually decreased, and finally became 1 day.

Shanhai Road once again ushered in the sound of cicadas, accompanied by a heat wave that swept the corridor full of morning students.

The day before the college entrance examination, it was Ye Cheng’s turn to be on duty.

Wearing an armband, he walked to the door of the class to be checked. There were all strange faces, but they all greeted him with a smile.



“Come on for the college entrance examination!”

“You too, the college entrance examination went well.”

He met Hua Wangchun along the way, he patted Ye Cheng with a red face, and said, “Don’t be nervous tomorrow, play normally, everything goes well!”

Ye Cheng smiled and said, “Thank you, teacher.”

It was not until he returned to the class from where he was on duty and saw a paragraph written by everyone on the blackboard that he really realized that this was his last day at No. 13 High School.

The words on the blackboard were written by Yu Kun.

Dear Brother Xu:

Thank you for your two years of company. Due to graduation, I have requested permission to leave school permanently.

All Class 20 June 6th

Although this kind of routine has become rotten, Ye Cheng was still moved when he really saw this sentence.

He reminded everyone that Xu Chao was coming in, and everyone sat back to their seats.

Familiar laughter came from the door, Xu Chao said a few words to the class teacher next door, and walked in through the front door.

Ye Cheng made a gesture, and everyone said in unison, “Brother Xu, thank you, we’re graduating—”

Xu Chao was stunned for a moment, and then everyone sang “Those Flowers”.

Originally, Xu Chao could endure it, but the more he sang to the back, the more he turned his head and pointed the back of his head towards them in a twisted posture.

But when he saw the fake note on the blackboard, his eyes turned even redder.

The girls were crying and the boys were silent.

Jiang Jin raised his hand and shook it, shouting, “Brother Xu, look at me, look at me!”

Xu Chao held back his tears and turned around, seeing that his tin foil was gone, and he cut his hair short instead.

Jiang Jin scratched his head and said with a smile, “Didn’t you always tell me to straighten, now I will.”

Xu Chao turned around again and covered his eyes with his hands.

Everyone went up to hug him, Tan Xiaoqi cried and trembled.

Xu Chao cried and laughed and pushed them away: “Okay, it’s not like I’ll never see you after graduation. I’ll come back to see the teacher more when I have time. Take the exam tomorrow. Each of you is the pride of the teacher, understand?”

The crowd nodded wildly.

After school that day, even strangers, even people who usually have grudges, will say cheers to each other when they see each other.

Lu Xiao took Ye Cheng to the door and hugged him face to face.

Ye Cheng smiled slightly: “Take it easy tomorrow, don’t think too much, you will definitely be admitted to the first choice.”

Lu Xiao hugged him tightly, resting his chin on his shoulder, “You too, the city you live in is my first choice.”

Ye Cheng rubbed his face with a rare tolerance: “After the exam, you can do whatever you want.”

He thought that Lu Xiao would be very happy, but Lu Xiao hugged him even tighter, and buried the lower half of his face at his neck.




“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to call you.”

“Why are you sticky?”


“I’m here.”

Lu Xiao was silent for a long time, but he still said what he wanted to say, “I’m so lucky to meet you.”

Ye Cheng didn’t say anything, just hugged him with his backhand.


The two stayed at the door for almost half an hour before they separated.

As soon as Ye Cheng entered the door, Gao Qiulan greeted him.

“I’m back, are you hungry? I cooked a light late-night snack.” She took off her apron and said, “Tomorrow morning, I have prepared a fried dough stick and two eggs for you. My good grandson will definitely win the college entrance examination in one fell swoop.”

Ye Cheng laughed, “Grandma, our full score has long been more than 100%.”

“Oh, eat auspicious, grandma will send you to school tomorrow morning.” Gao Qiulan said happily.

“Okay.” Ye Cheng replied, “I’ll take a shower first.”

Gao Qiulan followed behind him and talked about taking a rest today, so he sent him into the bedroom before going to the kitchen to serve supper.

The same scene happens in every family taking the college entrance examination.

Meng Li handed the milk to Lu Xiao; Jiang Jin and Jiang Yirong were halfway through the phone calls, and his mother knocked on the door; Tan Xiaoqi and Li Junxiao set off fireworks by the river, shouting “I will pass the exam” to the river; Huang Yuan Rarely did not work overtime, he left work early and went back to accompany Huang Shengan.

Tan Mengmeng sat at the table and waited nervously for a long time. Her mother complained for a while, saying that your sister’s college entrance examination was not your college entrance examination, so she was so nervous.

Everyone in the melon group is saying blessings for the college entrance examination, and everyone has identified the person they want to Aite.

Dija is the light: [@borrowing 13 Middle School for another five hundred years, brother, love you, come on for the college entrance examination! 】

Jiulong Wu Yanzu: [@rongrong is a sweet girl, wife-3-gaokao come on~]

Xiaodoubaoer: [@Baby, come on for the college entrance examination! 】

Xiaotangchuaner: [@Baby, woo woo woo you too. 】

Tan Mengmeng was moved to see the two mixed in—

Suspect X: [@Reinforce, Ah Cheng, come on for the college entrance examination. 】

Restrain: [@Suspect X, come on for the college entrance examination, Brother Xiao. 】

Woohoo, he called him Ah Cheng in front of everyone, and he also called him Brother Xiao.

This is the most veiled public show of love, she thought while covering her heart.

Today, five days have passed since Lu Xiao posted the photo. She endured it for a while, and chatted with Lu Xiao secretly: “Brother, do you have a beautiful picture today? My sister will take the college entrance examination tomorrow, I think she needs encouragement[/selling cute]]

Lu Xiao didn’t answer her.

She waited, waited, and finally posted a new update before going to bed.

Suspect X: If you forward this Ye Cheng, you will be admitted to the university of your choice.

The accompanying picture was posted by him for an hour, Ye Cheng looked at the camera coldly, with his hands in his pockets. And what should have been a leg turned into a glittering mermaid tail.

The comment section is all hahaha.

Zhou Minhao: [Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, neuropathy! ! 】

Jiang Jin: [Hahahahaha, f*ck, Brother Xiao, you’re dead, it’s too late to delete it now! 】

Tan Xiaoqi: [Hahahaha I’m choking with laughter, Brother Nima Orange and this tail are a **** perfect match, as if he grew it himself, hahahaha. 】

Jiang Yirong: [Lu Xiao, I’m afraid there is something wrong with you[/laughs and tears][/laughs and tears], I shouldn’t have clicked. 】

The last comment was Ye Cheng, sweeping away the warmth just now.

Restrain: [? ? ? 】



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