Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 81

Ye Cheng originally thought that no one would pay attention to this idiot, but he still underestimated the desire of high school students for grades. That night, this picture exploded his circle of friends.

Some even gave him a halo.

He couldn’t bear to send a message to Lu Xiao: [Fuck you, you have to pay for commercial use, understand? 】

A few seconds later, Lu Xiao transferred 520 red envelopes to him, and then transferred 1314, and asked him: [Enough, not enough, you can transfer it with my mobile phone tomorrow. 】

Restrain: […]

On the eve of the college entrance examination, almost no one could read the book. Everyone chatted in the group until twelve o’clock, and then they gradually became quiet.

This time, the test center drawn by the 13th middle school is very close, just opposite the attached middle school.


Also in the attached high school exam, there are three students.

When stepping into the exam room, Ye Cheng was shocked because his exam room number happened to be his previous class. In the dark, it seems to have returned to the starting point.

On June 7, Nandu ushered in the high temperature concentration point throughout June.

Under the dense plane trees stood rows of parents swinging their fans, the entire mountain and sea road was blocked, and several traffic policemen maintained order at the intersection.

The reporter squatted at the gate of the school and randomly interviewed an uncle: “This gentleman, are you here to send your child to the college entrance examination?”

The uncle nodded happily in a local dialect: “Yes, I’m waiting for my grandson.”

“How is your grandson’s grades? Are you confident in this exam?” The reporter handed over the microphone again.

The uncle said humbly: “He is in the third middle school. He’s just average. Oh, he just plays normally.”

The reporter said: “No. 3 Middle School is one of the key points of the city. Your grandson will definitely be successful!”

The parents of the other three middle schools looked here briefly, all staring nervously at the door.

Compared to them, the parents of No. 13 Middle School are more noisy.

A group of aunts gathered around and talked about which technical school is more popular for graduating in recent years.

More than two hours passed, and finally, the door slowly opened.

The first candidate walked out of the examination room.

The reporters rushed up, and the microphone could not wait to smash into the man’s mouth.

“Hello, classmate, are you from No. 3 Middle School or No. 13 High School?”

“Do you think the Chinese paper is difficult this time, and what is the topic of the composition?”

“As the first person to leave the examination room, do you have anything to say to everyone?”

There was a lot of noise around, and all the parents were on tiptoes looking over here.

A lean hand pushed the reporter away, and the uncle squeezed in and said, “Let me go, let me go, let my grandson come out, we still have to go to dinner.”


He pulled the embarrassed teenager out of the crowd, and the reporter who interviewed him just now said in surprise, “Is this your grandson?”

The uncle looked at the camera proudly and said with a thumbs up: “Yes, my grandson, the first grade in the third middle school, our child’s name is Chen Zhen.”

The reporter was stunned, dare you just put me here in Versailles with me.

Chen Zhen blushed and pulled at him: “Let’s go to dinner, grandpa.”

After the Chinese test in the morning, the topic of the composition was immediately searched, and the topic focused on the current social hot issues, which caused a lot of discussions.

In the afternoon, the reporter still stuck to his post and successfully caught a girl who forgot to bring her ID card and was taken to the examination room by a police car. The girl thanked the police uncle a thousand times and hurriedly turned around and ran in.

After taking the math test, the first one to come out is still the third middle school.

The boy was full of confidence and showed off to the camera.

After that, there were no less than ten people who came out and wiped their tears, and some people cried and asked the reporter, where is the best place to repeat the study.

After three days of brutal heat, the college entrance examination came to a bang amid the clamor of Zhidao.

On the day of the exam, the entire Thirteenth Middle School went crazy.

The roar of the boys echoed in the hallway, and everyone ran up and down cheering.

A group of people gathered in front of the railing, tearing up books and throwing them downstairs. The snow-white paper slanted down, like snowflakes fluttering under the scorching sun.

Hua Wangchun stood between Building 1 and Building 2 and shouted loudly, “Don’t throw shredded paper down! Come down and clean yourself later!”

A tube of ochre-red paint hit him on the head.

“Jiang Jin from Class 20! Is that you, don’t hide, I see you!” Hua Wangchun covered his head, avoiding the students who were jumping up and down frantically, and ran upstairs to catch Jiang Jin.

The class became a pot of porridge.

Xu Chao brought two large bags, which contained mobile phones, game consoles, novels and other items that had been confiscated in the past two years, and distributed them to everyone one by one.

The class was chattering, and many people who had been helped by Ye Cheng came to hug him.

“Thank you for helping me make up the class, thank you for your hard work.”

“Hey, squad leader, do you want to go to A, is it difficult to see you again?”

“Tie Tie Ye Shen, I hope I can go to the second line!”

Lu Xiao pulled him over and hummed blatantly, “Squad leader, I want to hug you too.”

Ye Cheng was hugged by him in such a large audience, she couldn’t help feeling guilty, she stretched out her hand and pushed him to signal to let go.

“Why, they can hug me, but I can’t?” Lu Xiao arrogantly hugged him tighter.

Others just laughed when they were joking.

“Ye Shen, the first brother is taking you as a real brother. I have never seen him hug anyone.”

“Yes, yes, I didn’t expect these two to play together.”

Lu Xiao leaned into Ye Cheng’s ear and said, “Did you hear me? I’ll take you as my brother, and I won’t call you brother to listen.”

Ye Cheng’s ears quickly turned red.

A head stuck out the door.

Zhou Minhao asked, “Is your class over? I’ll call a car when it’s over.”

A group of them booked a suburban home party and spent the night there.

Lu Xiao said “OK” to him, and let go of Ye Cheng with the other hand.

Ye Cheng hurriedly got rid of him and went to find Xu Chao to say goodbye.

The whole class signed the back of the graduation photo, and gave the photo together with a razor as a small gift to Xu Chao. Xu Chao said that he would ask them to rub it for two days.

The noisy corridor gradually quieted down.

Ye Cheng helped Xu Chao take the gift back to the office. When the two passed the Wall of Honor, they stopped in unison.

The photo of Ye Orange hangs high on the first one.

This wall used to be only him in class 20, but now there are three.

Xu Chao was relieved and said, “This is the first time my student has appeared on it.”

“There will be many times.” Ye Cheng smiled at him.

Xu Chao turned to him, his eyes became a little complicated: “Actually, there is a question, I have always felt very puzzled, since you finished the test today, I want to ask you in person.”

“You said.” Ye Cheng said.

Xu Chao asked, “You and Lu Xiao, are you really… that kind of relationship?”

Since being hinted by Meng Li, he has observed the two for a long time. As far as he knows, Lu Xiao is a violent temper, but he only obeys Ye Cheng, and no matter what happens, he will not be impatient. And Ye Cheng kept a certain distance from everyone else, only what Lu Xiao did to him, he wouldn’t run away.

The year before last, a boy couple at school was expelled because of a big relationship dispute.

Xu Chao was originally a little conflicted with men, but this happened to his favorite student, and he was very conflicted.

Ye Cheng admitted frankly, “Yes.”

Xu Chao was slightly stunned, because of the uprightness in his eyes and because of his courage without the slightest hesitation.

“Cough,” he said unnaturally, looking away, “So, you have developed feelings for him after transferring to school… um, you have feelings for him?”

This sentence was purely to relieve embarrassment, but what he didn’t expect was that Ye Cheng smiled and said, “No, I transferred to Thirteen Middle School for him.”

“Ah?” Xu Chao was stunned and looked at him in disbelief.

Ye Cheng’s face was a bit mysterious, and he lowered his voice and said, “Teacher, if I said I came back from the future to find him, would you believe it?”

Xu Chao opened his eyes wide and held his breath as he looked at him.

The air seemed to freeze, and suddenly, Ye Cheng laughed: “Just kidding, you won’t be scared.”

Xu Chao took a breath and said with a dry smile, “No, of course I know you’re joking.”

“I’ve known him since childhood,” Ye Cheng calmly gave the most reasonable explanation, “We’ve been neighbors for a while.”

“Oh, so that’s the case.” Xu Chao nodded.

Ye Cheng took him to the office and waved, “Teacher, I’m leaving.”


Xu Chao stopped him, hesitated for a moment, but still said: “What, the teacher wishes you happiness, and you can keep walking in the future to the future you said.”

Ye Cheng curved the corners of his mouth: “Well.”

Xu Chao watched his back disappear at the end of the corridor, and always felt that something was weird, but he couldn’t tell.

He shook his head, feeling that he was thinking too much.

Jiang Jin took a taxi one step ahead of them and went to pick up Jiang Yirong in Foreign Language.

Everyone packed a few cars in a mighty way and went to the villa in the suburbs.

Lu Xiao changed his usual nostril upturned appearance, and put on a floral apron to seriously oil the barbecue in the garden.

Jiang Yirong couldn’t help laughing, so she took a photo of him with a Polaroid.

Jiang Jin quietly went to get the barbecue on the plate, and was slapped back by him.

“This is for Ye Cheng, bake it yourself.” Lu Xiao said mercilessly.

Jiang Jin pointed at the plate of meat and howled: “With so much, are you sure Brother Cheng has finished eating it? It won’t be so bad if I take a bite!”

Lu Xiao glanced at him: “I can only eat it when I bake it.”

“I’m done, it’s the first time I’ve seen such a man.” Jiang Yirong turned around and wanted to complain to the two sisters behind her.

Tan Xiaoqi and Tan Mengmeng pinched each other’s arms wildly, covering their mouths to avoid screaming.

Jiang Yirong: “…”

Zhou Minhao and several members of the basketball team were playing cards inside, and Ye Cheng was teaching Chen Zhen to play games.

At about eight o’clock, everyone gathered around the table to cook hot pot and eat barbecue, and there was a pile of milk tea drinks and wine on the table.

A meal from eight o’clock to ten o’clock, everyone drank some wine more or less.

In the middle of the process, Huang Shengan also projected a horror movie on the screen, and a group of people forced Ye Cheng to watch it.

Ye Cheng covered her eyes and tried to escape, struggling to say, “Don’t watch, I can’t sleep at night after watching.”

Jiang Jin and Huang Shengan said in unison, “If you can’t sleep, let Brother Xiao sleep with you.”


Everyone laughed heartlessly and wildly, Lu Xiao stood by with his arms folded, unable to hold back the pressure on the corners of his mouth.

Chen Zhen secretly took out his glasses from Ye Cheng’s bag, and said in a muffled voice, “Brother Cheng doesn’t wear glasses, so he can’t see clearly.”

So everyone forced him to wear glasses again.

Ye Cheng is going crazy, who will take care of these idiots?

His boyfriend pretended not to see, rubbing his hands and dangling around the living room.

At last it was half past ten.

Jiang Jin glanced at his watch and said, “It’s half past ten! Let’s go, let’s go out and watch the fireworks.”

The person who introduced the home party said that there was a fireworks show at 10:30, and they chose this place just to watch the fireworks.

Everyone moved to the garden, it was pitch black outside, and there were low dim yellow street lights in the flowers.

A bright moon hangs in the sky, and a few people take pictures with their mobile phones. Zooming in can take pictures of the clear texture of the lunar surface.

After ten thirty, there was a bang in the night sky, and everyone looked up.

Then there were a few more explosions, and a few clusters of blue fireworks soared into the sky and exploded at the top, shattering into pieces of brilliant colors.


“It’s so beautiful, look at that flower… it’s a pumpkin, I’m sorry, and there are fireworks in the shape of a pumpkin!”

“Ah, ah, I want to make a wish, I hope to be with Rong Rong forever!”

“You’re stupid, Xu Gaokao did well!”

“I don’t want to be together forever!”

Ye Cheng raised his head and took a video with his mobile phone. After a while, he felt the person beside him turn to look at him.

He looked over with a smile and said, “Look at me, watch the fireworks.”

Lu Xiao looked at him deeply, the colorful fireworks illuminated his face, and the incomparably colorful night sky was reflected in the light brown pupils.

“What’s so good about fireworks?” Lu Xiao couldn’t help but reach out to touch his glasses, “It’s not as beautiful as you.”

Ye Cheng thought he remembered the time they had just met, raised his chin cooperatively, and said with a smile, “Are you going to push my glasses for me?”

Lu Xiao didn’t push his glasses up like he thought.

With a slight hook of his index finger, he took off the glasses to the position of his chin, and then leaned over to cover Ye Cheng’s lips.



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