Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 82

Ye Cheng closed her eyes halfway, feeling the gentle breath brushing the tip of her nose.

I heard the sound of fireworks exploding and the frolic of my friends. The roses in the corner released their fragrance and flowed quietly into the night.

Considering the many people around, Lu Xiao only kissed him lightly before letting go of him.

As soon as he let go, Zhou Minhao rushed over and dragged Lu Xiao: “Look, look, is that a parachute? The person who planned the fireworks show was too funny.”

“Yeah.” Lu Xiao was pulled over by him and made a perfunctory tone.

Ye Cheng also turned his eyes away and unconsciously put the temple of his glasses to his mouth and bit.

“Does wishing for fireworks really work?” Zhou Minhao asked.

Lu Xiao glanced at Ye Cheng, their eyes collided, obviously they understood that the other was reminiscing about the kiss just now.


Lu Xiao raised the corners of his lips and answered him absentmindedly, “I believe it only if you are an idiot.”

Jiang Jin, who was next to him, was impressed and shouted dissatisfiedly: “Brother Xiao, don’t turn around and curse people.”

“Who am I scolding?” Lu Xiao raised his eyebrows, looking like “you don’t have any control”.

Seeing her boyfriend being bullied, Jiang Yirong smiled pointedly: “Why is Brother Orange suddenly quiet?”

Hearing this, Zhou Minhao looked over and asked worriedly, “What’s the matter, is Brother Cheng upset?”

“He’s embarrassed.” Lu Xiao leaned back in his chair and said casually.

Jiang Yirong and Jiang Jin looked at each other and laughed.

Only Zhou Minhao was still confused: “Why are you embarrassed? What happened?”

After watching the fireworks, everyone gathered around and chatted again.

From high school career to college planning, from secondary school activities done to all kinds of old gossip in school.

Most people choose to stay in Nandu. As a major province for the college entrance examination, there are also many colleges and universities in Nandu. Only Ye Cheng, Lu Xiao, Jiang Jin and Yu Kun are going to go to province A, Jiang Yirong is going abroad to study design, and everyone else wants to go to the local school in Nandu.

Jiang Jin said: “Let me break the news. After knowing that Brother Xiao was going to take the Polytechnic University, many girls in our grade came to confess to him, and filled me with dozens of love letters, saying that they were reluctant to bear him…”

Before he could finish speaking, Lu Xiao punched him a few times, “You fart!”

Jiang Jin said to Ye Cheng while dodging: “It’s true, there is another girl who cried.”

Everyone laughed, and Ye Cheng laughed too.

“I don’t think it’s an exaggeration. Brother Xiao’s relationship with the opposite **** has always been top.”

“Damn, I’m so envious. I also want to have dozens of girls who can’t bear me.”

Lu Xiao looked at Ye Cheng with a toothache on his face, unable to get up at all.

Ye Cheng lip-mouthed him, “I’ll settle the account with you later.”

“Why are you unhappy, I didn’t always like to show it off before.” Zhou Minhao sat on Lu Xiao’s shoulder and teased, but he lifted it away.

“Show off your mother, when did I show off?”

A group of people made a noise in the yard until two o’clock, until the owner called to say that someone had complained, and then turned off the fire and went back to the room to sleep.

There are three big bed rooms in the villa, as well as a large bed for four or five people.

Zhou Minhao couldn’t sleep, so he went to Lu Xiao to play cards with the wine, but he grabbed the collar and threw it out.

And got a sentence, “It’s two o’clock and you still play cards, you can be single for a lifetime.”

Zhou Minhao stood dumbfounded in the corridor, thinking about it for ten minutes and didn’t understand that playing cards at two o’clock had nothing to do with being single or not.

Didn’t they stay up all night before? !

He complained a few words in the party group, and by the way asked if anyone was drinking and playing cards.

However, no one paid any attention to him, and after five minutes, a person named “Tan Mengmeng” replied to him: [You are still playing cards with Brother Xiao at two o’clock, don’t you deserve to be thrown out. 】

Zhou Minhao: [? 】

After Lu Xiao closed the door, he threw himself on the bed.

Ye Cheng was holding his mobile phone to look at the screen, he took it out without hesitation and threw it, hitting the floor with a thud.

“What are you playing with your phone, and you’re still playing with your phone when you’re with me?” He suppressed the person.

Ye Cheng dodged with a smile: “You asked me to check the phone yourself, you said you never added those girls.”

“If I ask you to check, you can check, so you don’t believe me?” Lu Xiao began to pick on him, reaching out to lift the hem of his clothes, “Don’t move, look at the abdominal muscles.”

“Fuck, it’s a personal topic that doesn’t jump as fast as you.” Ye Cheng couldn’t help scolding.

He tried to press the hem of his clothes, but his fingers were still forcibly separated one by one.

“Tsk, didn’t you say you have six dollars? I’ll count it.” Lu Xiao’s fingers swiped from bottom to top, causing him to shiver.

Ye Cheng felt a burst of shame, blushing and struggling: “Are you crazy? There are five people living next door!”

It’s a pity that he can’t earn it at all, and the disadvantage of studying indoors all the year round is revealed at a glance. The merely good student is not the opponent of the little bully at all, and he is imprisoned to death.

“You also know that there are five people living next door, so be good and don’t shout.” Lu Xiao’s eyes darkened, and his right hand moved up a few centimeters again. At the same time, he took a light, punishing and threatening bite on his earlobe.

Ye Cheng bit her lip and said unbearably, “You’re a **** dog.”

“You said yes, do you want me to give you a bang?” Lu Xiao was completely shameless.

The lips and teeth pressed hard again, and now Ye Cheng was completely speechless.

This night, Lu Xiao’s call was endless.

After reading his abdominal muscles, he insisted that he touch his own abdominal muscles, and then took off his pants to compare, as if he regarded this place as his home.

Fortunately, he also knew that this was not his home, so he finally restrained himself. It wasn’t until about five o’clock that he wrapped Ye Cheng with his hands and feet and fell asleep.

Originally, everyone had an appointment to go fishing for shrimps by the lake at 9:00 in the morning, but at 9:00, no one could get up. After eleven o’clock, I woke up one after another.

To be precise, Ye Cheng did not wake up naturally, but was woken up by heat.

The twenty-seven-year-old President Lu also likes to sleep with him in his arms. In most cases, he is hugged from behind or placed in his arms.

And the eighteen-year-old Lu Xiao not only held him firmly in his arms with both arms, but also put his legs on his legs. From head to toe, there is no gap.

When Ye Cheng woke up and tried to move him away, he was pulled back by force.

The man who wakes up in the morning is the most difficult to provoke. He looked down, and sure enough…

After getting up, a group of people ordered takeout and sat disheveled in their pajamas to eat at the restaurant.

Tan Mengmeng sent a message to the little sister under the table: [Yes, we got up, God, I really can’t believe that someone can be so handsome just after getting up! One brother’s hair is messy but he is handsome! 】

[They are now talking about going fishing in the afternoon, and we will go back to the city after fishing. 】

【Ah, ah, that Er Lengzi basketball team said that Brother Cheng had a red spot on his neck, but I didn’t even notice it! 】

[Hahaha, of course he won’t admit it. He said that there were mosquitoes last night, which made me laugh to death. 】

Jiang Jin chewed on the hamburger and asked Lu Xiao, “Brother Xiao, Rongrong and I are going to travel in a few days. Are we going together?”

Going to travel means getting a room. Lu Xiao turned to Ye Cheng expectantly: “Is there any place you want to go?”

The four discussed and planned to visit most of the motherland during the summer vacation.

Because they were too ignorant, Zhou Minhao asked aggrieved and puzzled: “Why don’t you ask me! I have nothing to do during the summer vacation, and I want to go out to play with you.”

Tan Mengmeng couldn’t hold back, and said softly, “Are you sure you want to be with them?”

“What, is there any problem?” Zhou Minhao turned his head and looked up and down this innocent-looking little girl.

He doesn’t seem to know her well, why is this girl always targeting him? !

Tan Mengmeng coughed, picked up the chicken roll and nibbled it, “…No problem, as long as you’re happy.”

After returning from the villa, Lu Xiao really organized the tourism bureau.

Zhou Minhao was unwilling and resolutely followed the four of them.

Three days later, he began to realize that Tan Mengmeng was not mocking him at that time.

Five days passed, and he began to want to go home.

Ten days later, he felt that the girl was for his own good, and he regretted not listening to her advice!

What’s the most annoying thing about going out with a couple?


You have to sleep alone forever, the four of them play mahjong and you can only be the atmosphere group next to you, you are the only one who is dating in a bar in Lijiang, but you are the only one, and you have to take pictures and videos for them wherever you go, and every time you go. Buying a souvenir for two can feel like a lot of extra.

Although Zhou Minhao didn’t know the relationship between Lu Xiao and Ye Cheng, he could clearly perceive that he was no longer the best person to play with Lu Xiao.

That student **** stole his brother.

The last person with such a mentally handicapped idea was Jiang Jin.

They traveled around and got a lot of tan.

Only Ye Cheng can see it, because he is not exposed to the sun, every day when he goes out, he has to be pressed by Lu Xiao and covered with sunscreen.

Nearly the day before the score check, they returned to Nandu.

Meng Li personally drove to the airport to pick them up, and joked with a smile: “You guys know that you will check your scores tomorrow, so are you deliberately rushing to come back today?”

Ye Cheng sat in the co-pilot and looked back at Lu Xiao with a funny look, “He’s coming back today.”

Since a few days ago, Lu Xiao has gradually entered a nervous mood, and he has to ask what day it is today.

In fact, this kind of psychology is easy to understand. When he didn’t work hard in the past, he always felt that it didn’t matter, it didn’t matter, so he never cared about his grades, even if it was the countdown to the exam, he was not afraid.

But the year of the college entrance examination was his most serious year of study.

Everyone said that it was a blessing that Lu Xiao met Ye Cheng who was more patient than the teacher at the same table. But only Ye Cheng knew how much time and energy he put in privately in order to get more points in the test.

The boy who used to sleep in class all day, didn’t do homework, and worked against the teacher, every time in the past year, he was given questions that he couldn’t understand in the early morning, so as to prevent him from forgetting to ask him the next day.

Ye Cheng couldn’t remember how many one or two o’clock messages he had received.


[This question won’t work either, wife qaq]

[So sleepy, wife, but there are still two pages left to finish. 】

[I’m tired of studying, I want to kiss you. 】

[What to eat tomorrow morning, I’ll bring it to you, I suddenly want to eat breakfast in the middle of the night. 】

[Wife, this song is so good, it is suitable for listening when writing essays. 】

[Today’s physics questions are so hard, I wonder if I’m ready to study science, **** it. 】

[…Wan Duzi, wrong five questions, it’s too wasteful. 】

[It’s so **** annoying, I can’t continue to learn, but I really want to go to province A with you. 】

The Polytechnic University that Lu Xiao wanted to apply for was next to University A, only one street away.

Most of those messages Ye Cheng couldn’t reply in time, because he basically fell asleep at that point, and only saw it the next morning.

Every day he opened his eyes to see these, he could feel Lu Xiao’s expectation, anxiety and anxiety firsthand. In the past, Lu Xiao was arrogant and arrogant, and he didn’t care about the problem of mother-in-law and mother-in-law in his opinion, but later in his words, every sentence revealed that I wanted to be with you.

The accumulation over time has made the college entrance examination a sign to measure the achievements of his efforts. In addition to Ye Cheng, his studies also had other meanings.

No one wants to see their hard work pay off.

And there’s no one who doesn’t love the moment when they finally see success.

After returning home, Lu Xiao endured another day with nervousness.

The next day, Ye Cheng and Gao Qiulan went to his house to check the results.

Meng Li greeted Gao Qiulan downstairs. The two sat in front of the computer and refreshed the web page quickly.

The website for checking the scores crashed for several hours, and finally came out.

Ye Cheng checked her own score first, because Lu Xiao was determined not to check first.

The moment the results came out, Lu Xiao shouted from behind him and covered his eyes.

Ye Cheng also felt sweaty palms, sliding down little by little, revealing his total score: 431 points, the grade is double A.

“Fuck, steady!” Lu Xiao saw the score through his fingers, and hugged him excitedly from behind.

“Yeah!” Although Ye Cheng had already expected it, he was as excited as he was.

He was briefly happy for a few seconds, and immediately returned to the page to enter Lu Xiao’s admission ticket number.

Seeing this posture, Lu Xiao immediately turned around and said, “You… don’t tell me first, let me calm down.”

Ye Cheng stared at the page to refresh, until he saw the score, his expression became a little loose.

Lu Xiao’s heart was beating wildly, and he turned his back to him and said, “You hold the score, I’m going to turn around.”

Ye Cheng covered the total score with her hand according to her words, and Lu Xiao turned around and put him on his shoulder, her fingers trembling slightly.

“Are you ready?” Ye Cheng glanced at him.

He stared at the screen closely, held his breath, and nodded.

Come on, life or death is at this moment.

The big deal is to repeat one year, and he doesn’t want to be separated from Ye Cheng at all.

Ye Cheng’s hand moved back an inch, revealing the first number, 3.

Lu Xiao couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief, fortunately it wasn’t 2, half the success!

His heart beat faster, thump thump, thump thump, as if it was about to pop out of his mouth.

Last year’s first line was 335 points, and this year it will not exceed 340 points at most.

He involuntarily squeezed Ye Cheng’s shoulders, it must be 4, it must be 4, preferably 5! That way he could get into one of the worst majors in the Polytechnic election.

Ye Cheng was a little bit hurt by his pinching, and he suddenly laughed, breaking the tense atmosphere.

He said, “Lu Xiao, you may have never thought that one day you will do so well in the exam.”



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