Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 83

Ye Cheng removed his finger completely, revealing a “6” on the screen.

Immediately after that, there is a “3” – 363 points, which is estimated to be 20 points higher than the first line.

The two grades are A and B respectively, reaching the minimum standard of last year’s Polytechnic University.

He looked at Lu Xiao’s reaction with a smile. To be honest, he didn’t expect Lu Xiao to do so well in the test. He was hovering on the edge of the first line in both the first and second mode, and he could not pass if he played a little abnormally; the third mode was the easiest, and he only scored 345 points.

Before the college entrance examination, Gao Qiulan specially asked for a college entrance examination mark for each of them.

He smiled at Lu Xiao, but was suddenly hugged by the waist.


Ye Cheng was caught off guard, and clenched his shoulders in shock.

Lu Xiao’s face flushed red, he picked him up and turned around in a circle, his voice trembling with excitement: “Fuck! I passed the exam! Come and kiss me—”

After all, he held his face and kissed him involuntarily.

He kissed him without any rules, Ye Cheng was drooling over his face, and said with tears in his eyes, “Are you so happy?”

“I’m so happy!” Lu Xiao gasped and pressed his forehead, his eyes filled with joy, “I’ll go over the wall every day and go to the next door to find you to have a class with you, okay?”

Ye Cheng couldn’t help laughing: “You’re stupid, you don’t need to go over the wall in college.”

“Then you agreed. From now on, we will have classes together every day.” Lu Xiao said with lingering fears, “I couldn’t breathe just now, I was afraid that I would repeat the study.”

“Let’s go to class together, go to the library together, okay? I see other college couples like this.”


“Then take a bath together and sleep together?”

“Go away.”

The two were sticky for a while before they remembered to go downstairs and tell Gao Qiulan and Meng Li.

Meng Li was even more excited than them, so he covered his mouth and cried on the spot.

She burst into tears and choked: “Our family finally has a student who reads. Woohoo, it must be the smoke from my father’s grave. It seems that taking Xiaocheng to visit the grave last time was my wisest decision.”

Gao Qiulan had tears in her eyes, but when she looked back, she cried so much that her collar was wet.

Good guy, can’t cry but can’t cry.

She patted Meng Li and comforted: “We should celebrate the children.”

“We must celebrate!” Meng Li wiped his tears and said, “Xiaocheng, you two use the summer vacation to get a driver’s license, and then auntie will buy a car for each of you.”

Gao Qiulan was stunned, and after reacting, she quickly rejected: “No, no, it’s too expensive!”

Meng Li was quite generous with his daughter-in-law, and naturally the tens of thousands of red envelopes at that time could not be compared, and immediately insisted: “I want what I want.”

“No, no, no.”

“I want it, I really want it.”

“No, the car is too expensive, I firmly disagree.”

“I bought it for Xiaocheng, don’t be so polite!”

“It still won’t work, just buy it for your son.”

“Then I recognize him now as a godson.”


The two had a tug-of-war, which lasted for more than an hour. In the end, they forgot about the two children who had just been admitted to college.

The forgotten protagonists looked at each other, not knowing what to say.

The final result of their discussion was: Ye Cheng obtained a nominal godmother for free, but actually a mother-in-law. And Meng Li bought them a car together. In this regard, Gao Qiulan really couldn’t beat her, so she had to compromise.

Province A is not far from Nandu, a few hours drive away.

Before even filling out the application form, Meng Li said to Lu Xiao with tears in his eyes, “Remember to drive back with Xiaocheng to see me on the weekends, you are alone in province A and have no one to take care of. Oh yes, your cousin’s company seems to be It’s in province A, I’ll call him later and let him take good care of you.”

“He’ll take care of me to be gay, Mom.” Lu Xiao glanced at Ye Cheng who was talking to Gao Qiulan, and whispered.

Lu Zhanyang repeatedly asked him to take Ye Cheng to gay, but he ruthlessly refused.

“What?” Meng Li exclaimed, then lowered his voice and said, “Actually, you and your uncle should be close, you can ask him more if you don’t have to… You need to pay attention to that, lest you clumsily hurt the little boy. orange.”

Lu Xiao choked for a moment.

He has always known that Meng Li’s education method is loose and open, but it is not necessary to be so open.

“We’re not there yet,” he said vaguely.

Hearing this, Meng Li didn’t unexpectedly make an “understanding” expression, but looked at him in disbelief, and said with disgust, “No, you are so useless?!”

Lu Xiao: “…?”

Is it your mother?

A few days later, the score line came out.

Lu Xiao surpassed a book by 24 points, and was given the title of “Medical Miracle” by Xu Chao in the group.

Coincidentally, everyone knew about Ye Chengbao’s clinical practice, and they all ridiculed that he was the first person at the same table to be cured. This incident has also become a favorite topic of the joint school forum.

Before receiving the admission letter, Ye Cheng also received a call from the Admissions Office of University A.

Sure enough, as Xu Chao said, they politely asked him if he wanted to think about his major, and Ye Cheng insisted on his first choice without hesitation.

Lu Xiao’s professional choice was not as smooth as his.

He originally planned to choose a science and engineering major, but Lu Jinnan heard that he had been admitted to a university and rushed back from abroad overnight. When he learned that Lu Xiao was going to apply to Polytechnic University, his expression changed immediately.

Lu Jinnan intends to train him as a successor, not to raise a science student or a skilled worker for himself. Secretary Zhang suggested that he choose a better school in province A to study management, and then go abroad for a postgraduate study after graduation, but Lu Xiao naturally didn’t listen to him.

This matter was discussed for two whole days, and it ended with Lu Xiao applying for the management class of Polytechnic University.

He swore that he would go to graduate school at A University.

Lu Jinnan almost rolled his eyes and fainted, pointed at his nose and said, “If you can read A major, I’ll give you whatever you want. Now you should stop bragging and dreaming less, and don’t make these unrealistic things!”

He didn’t want to believe that Lu Xiao was admitted to the university based on his strength, and he always felt that he made a mistake.

Ye Cheng didn’t object to him studying management, because although the economics and management major of Polytechnic University is not very good, it is not the worst major in the school. If Lu Xiao didn’t like it after studying for a year, he could apply to transfer to another major. Meng Li held the same attitude as him. In her heart, even if Lu Xiao was admitted to a college, it would be a great gift.

As soon as July passed, the steaming heat covered the entire southern capital.


The heat is really here.

During the summer vacation, everyone is very busy, traveling, working part-time, and learning to drive.

Lu Xiao accompanied Ye Cheng to study subject 2 for a month. Seeing that his schoolboy boyfriend failed in subject 2 three times, he was almost beaten back and started again.

Over the past month, the coach’s voice has been echoing in the playground of the driving school.

“Ye Cheng, hit the line!”

“Ye Cheng, stop chatting, come and practice driving!”

“Ye Cheng, the side is stopped crooked!”

——Ye Cheng himself can’t understand this, just like he can’t understand why Lu Xiao can make so many mistakes in English listening.

He thinks that although his driving skills are not Qiu’s famous mountain bike god, he can basically pass the test anyway. But the subject 2 thing, it doesn’t look at your driving skills, most of it depends on whether you are possessed by the European emperor on the day of the test.

Lu Xiao drove quite wildly. During practice, he basically stepped on the line and rampaged, and once knocked over the flower bed of the driving school. The coach had absolutely nothing to do with him, and even gave up on him, believing that he would fail the exam.

However, people once did!

On the day he passed, Ye Cheng just died, and his face was ashen with anger.

He pointed it out with his little finger, and said to Lu Xiao seriously, “It’s just a little bit short, and I’ll cross the line.”

Seeing his serious look, Lu Xiao laughed and trembled all over.

Damn, his boyfriend has several cute looks.

Who would have thought that Ye Cheng, the sixth-ranked student in the province in the college entrance examination, was placed on subject two.

He laughed louder and louder until his thin-skinned boyfriend was so angry that he punched him, barely stopping.

Ye Cheng took the second exam and met Huang Shengan.

Huang Shengan has passed, but he still hasn’t.

Ye Cheng took the third exam and met Jiang Jin.

Jiang entered, but he still didn’t.

The fourth time, school was about to start, Lu Xiao also went to his uncle’s company for an internship, and he finally passed the exam.


This matter was widely circulated in Guaqun, and everyone agreed that Ye Cheng’s luck was all wasted on the college entrance examination, so that his tires slipped in the second test, and the brakes failed in the third test.

And Lu Xiao naturally became the first in the group to get a driver’s license.

Since then, there has been one more person in Koi Tu.

Asking for an exam, thanks to Yecheng; asking for a driver’s license, thanks to Lu Xiao.

With Ye Cheng’s driver’s license in hand, the last summer of high school has officially come to an end.

Jiang Jin and their school start time is different, and he has already arrived in province A early.

Meng Li drove the newly bought Cayenne, personally sent them there, and planned to play in Province A for a few days by the way.

Large A is located on Yuge Road, and the surrounding area is somewhat similar to Nandu, with camphor trees planted on both sides. Another street not far away is the Polytechnic University.

Meng Li threw Lu Xiao out of the car at the intersection and said, “Come to us after you finish reporting. Let’s go around.”

She and Ye Cheng wear the same sunglasses, like mother and child.

Lu Xiao: “Send me to the other side first! The school is so big, you’re going to exhaust me? Also, you don’t want to visit your son’s university?”

Meng Li took off his sunglasses and looked at him: “What is there to visit in the Polytechnic University? There are two choices in front of me. Anyone who is not mentally handicapped will go to visit A, okay?”

Ye Cheng waved at him: “See you later.”

Lu Xiao was choked up.

There were cars coming and going in the school. Ye Cheng was worried that Meng Li would be too tired to drive, so she asked her to find a place to stop and get out of the car to go to the freshman reporting office.

The moment he stepped on the ground of A, he had a long-lost feeling.

Promotional banners of the club were pulled everywhere, including the Chinese medicine club and the tennis club that he participated in in his previous life. The seniors and seniors set up a long corridor in front of the reporting office, and when they caught a freshman, they tried their best to help their club.


Ye Cheng walked all the way, feeling surprisingly happy.

Because he was too familiar with the road, he was approached by several freshmen to ask for directions, and he pointed the direction one by one.

The senior sister who received him at the reporting office was named Han Mengjia. She kept peeking at him and asked with a smile, “Are you from the first class in Nandu? My younger brother is also studying in Nandu. Can I add you on WeChat?”

Ye Cheng nodded: “Okay.”

After adding him, Han Mengjia’s smile disappeared: “Do you have a girlfriend?”

She looked at the two hands that were clasped on the avatar, and she couldn’t say anything. Damn, the handsome guys were all taken first.

Ye Cheng smiled and said, “Well, please take care of Senior Sister in the future.”

Han Mengjia noticed the gaffe, and hurriedly asked to make up for it: “That’s for sure, by the way, you go inside, the school’s student union is recruiting people.”

As we all know, the student union is a place with many first-hand resources. The school’s large and small activities, job introductions, and grade point bonuses are all linked to this mysterious organization.

Ye Cheng didn’t like to socialize in the past, and never participated in an organization like the student union. After thinking about it, it was actually necessary. After all, college isn’t all about learning, and interpersonal relationships can also lay the foundation for work.

“Thank you, senpai.” He politely thanked him, turned around and walked over.

Han Mengjia shook her head regretfully, and howled in the student council group: [I feel uncomfortable and want to cry, Nandu younger brother has a name. 】

Immediately below, someone asked her: [Have you seen him? Do you look as handsome as the ID photo? 】

Han Mengjia: [One hundred times more handsome than the ID photo, with the beauty of the flower of the high mountains and the iceberg. 】

[Ditching the slot, it’s a big loss, did you let him come to the conference room? Someone should be there by now. 】

Han Mengjia: [Tell him, it’s just over, @Destroy Bar is tired, Xingxing came out to pick up guests, no handsome guy can escape from the student union. 】

The man didn’t reply to her, and she repeated Aite several times in a row.

Destroy it and tired: [Let him go away, annoying group, I’m falling out of love, can you stop it? 】

Han Mengjia: [Are you **** lost in love again? This time your family didn’t wash your clothes for you, or did you unplug your internet cable? 】

three minutes later.

Destroy it. Tired: [Cheating. 】

Han Mengjia: [woc? 】

[woc? 】

[woc? 】

The following series of words are copied from her.

Ye Cheng walked to the end of the corridor and saw a student union sign next to the conference room, and smelled the smell of food at the door.

He knocked on the open door and walked in.

There was a boy sitting inside, with brown curly hair, eating a spicy meal.

“We don’t recruit people here, you have to fill out the form and go to the gate.” He said casually while chewing.

After looking up to see Ye Cheng, he was stunned, wiped his mouth and said, “Fuck, are you so handsome?”

Ye Cheng: “…”


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