Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 84

The boy who was talking held the chopsticks between his two fingers, and cocked his legs carelessly. Because of the rise of his head, the soup dripped from the corners of his mouth. One of his trousers was rolled up high, the other fell to his feet, and the sleeves of his T-shirt were lifted to his shoulders, looking very slovenly.

However, such a sloppy appearance is matched with an exquisite face.

I can’t say how handsome, but rather cute. With big eyes and a slender chin, in addition to lying silkworms and dark circles under the eyes, it looks like I stayed up late last night, but my skin is very good, milky white and smooth so that no pores can be seen.

It was obviously pulled out to pretend to be the face of the younger brother of a high school student, but unfortunately the owner had no self-knowledge. He looked at Ye Cheng from top to bottom with chopsticks in his mouth, and his eyes were comparable to those of a stinky gangster who molested a good girl.


He smacked his lips and said, “That’s right, that’s right. In the future, getting sponsors will definitely coax those old aunties into obedience.”

Ye Cheng: “?”

The man cleared his throat, put down his chopsticks and said, “Hello, my name is Li Xinghe, and I’m the head of the publicity department of the school’s student union.”

Ye Cheng nodded, “My name is Ye Cheng, and I’m here to sign up. Here you are…”

He pointed at the corner of Li Xinghe’s mouth.

“Okay, you fill in the form first. At eight o’clock tonight, there will be a presentation and interview meeting on the first floor of Qiuzhen Building.” Li Xinghe thought he was going to shake hands, so he got up and shook his hand and took out a form. hand it to him.

Ye Cheng rarely sees someone who changes his face so quickly. One second, he asked him to go to the door to fill in a form, and the next second, he made a blank form from a pile of waste paper.

After thinking for a while, he pointed to the corner of his mouth and reminded, “You have soup here.”

The average normal person has already wiped it with a tissue at this time. Li Xinghe carelessly stretched out his red tongue, tried to reach and lick where he pointed, and asked vaguely, “Is it here?”

Ye Cheng felt that if his head was a little more biased, he could probably apply to the drama school to perform cerebral palsy.

“You’d better take a piece of paper and wipe it.” He couldn’t help saying.

Li Xinghe listened to his advice eloquently, took a blank piece of A4 paper, wiped it, and threw it away in a ball.


Ye Cheng’s hand was hesitant to write, this damn…isn’t all the students in this style of painting?

“While you write about me, let me introduce you to us,” Li Xinghe said chatteringly. “As the person who asked you to come here said, the student union of our school is the center of University A and the origin of the universe. Almost most of the activities on campus have us. The most recent is the orientation party. It can be said to be a decathlon and versatile. Here you never have to worry about loneliness. Even if you send an ‘ah’ in our group, someone will accompany you to chat for free One hour.”


“Besides that, we are also in charge of large and small lectures. You should know that lectures are a bonus tool. Oh yes, if you like liveliness, you can come to our propaganda department. Our department specializes in good looks. 857 players.”

Ye Cheng scribbled on the paper and said, “I prefer quiet, senior.”

Li Xinghe didn’t mind at all. He gave a high five with both hands and said, “If you like quietness, you should come to our propaganda department. Our department has a dedicated office. If you have nothing to do, you can come here to write and read books.”

“Forgot to say, I’m in charge, how about you?” Li Xinghe asked.

He remembered that they had gone over Ye Cheng’s major in the group, but he was so busy dealing with that dead scumbag at the time that he was completely oblivious.

“Department of Medicine, I study clinical.” Ye Cheng said.

Li Xinghe covered his mouth exaggeratedly: “To persuade people to study medicine, the sky strikes thunder! Which **** advised you to go to the clinic? A good handsome guy, won’t he become bald in eight years?!”

Ye Cheng: “…In ten years, it’s unlikely.”

Taking advantage of his writing skills, Li Xinghe seized the opportunity to chat with him about the propaganda department.

In fact, Ye Cheng had already planned to go to the Propaganda Department, but he had never seen this kind of talk for ten minutes without stopping, deliberately teasing him to think about it.

Li Xinghe was afraid that he would slip away, so he took out his mobile phone and added his q.

After adding friends, Ye Cheng discovered that he was a celebrity in the new group. This group has only been established for two months, and he just chatted to level 60, the whole group of machines.

Originally, his nickname was “Look at the grandson of what to see”, but now it has become “Destroy, I’m tired.”

They were talking when a boy with glasses came in.

“Brother Xing, where are you recruiting?” The man in glasses greeted with a boxed lunch.

Li Xinghe immediately hid Ye Cheng’s form behind him and said to him, “Do you know where the dormitory is? Don’t know? Come on, I’ll take you there.”

The man with glasses glanced at him, “You shouldn’t be so defensive about thieves, fuck, I won’t rob you!”

Li Xinghe pushed Ye Cheng out the door involuntarily.

Ye Cheng said amusingly, “Senior, I know Lu.”

“Don’t call me senior, I’m a little allergic to this word today, just call me Brother Xing.” Li Xinghe shivered as if he had thought of something.

They walked to the door, and the club outside was already full of people. Today is not the recruitment day, but many clubs choose to set up stalls when the freshmen are reporting, and distribute flyers to high-quality freshmen in advance to cast a wide net.

Li Xinghe looked at the crowd, and his eyes suddenly stopped.

“No, he hasn’t left yet?” he murmured.

Ye Cheng asked, “What?”

Li Xinghe quickly glanced over there again and said, “Brother handsome… No, Xiaocheng, don’t you know the way, then you can go over by yourself. I still have something to do, let’s go first.”

The speed at which he changed his mind was comparable to that of a rocket, and Ye Cheng looked at him inexplicably.

Li Xinghe left a sentence, “You can also take a look at the traditional Chinese medicine club, it should be very suitable for you”, and then ran away with oil on the soles of his feet.

It’s so funny, Ye Cheng shook his head and smiled.

He was about to leave the place where he was recruiting when he was suddenly bumped into.

The man was very tall, and Ye Cheng only heard a “sorry” and passed him by.

Ye Cheng turned his head and looked over, only to see that the boy dyed his head with milk tea gray, looked down at his phone and left.

University is really different from high school, colorful hair color can be seen everywhere.

After coming out of the reporting office, Ye Cheng asked Meng Li to go to the dormitory together.

Meng Li looked at their spacious quadruple room and private bathroom, took out the photo Lu Xiao sent her just now and said with emotion: “Look at their dormitory is broken, the shower room is still shared by several bedrooms, if you are not afraid that you will move in your freshman year. It’s not good to go out, I want to buy you a house near here.”

As soon as the voice fell, a boy walked in with a suitcase.

“Hello.” He waved timidly.

This boy has a watermelon head and wears striped short sleeves, looking simple and honest.

“Hello, little classmate.” Meng Li said enthusiastically, “This is Ye Cheng, and I’m his mother. We are from Nandu. What’s your name, classmate, and where are you from?”

The boy scratched his head embarrassedly: “My name is Song Haoran, I’m from Fujian.”

Ye Cheng watched Meng Li take the initiative to give him water to drink, and suddenly had a feeling that if Yu Tian was still alive, he would have done the same thing as her. She was very happy when she saw that she was admitted to University A and also studied clinical.

They chatted with Song Haoran for a while, and Lu Xiao called to say he was here.

The three of them drove around in the big A, Lu Xiao almost died of acidity, and sarcastically said, “Hmph, it’s so big, it’s like going from the dormitory to the teaching building to follow the city every day.”

“Can’t you see those electric cars, turn left ahead.” Ye Cheng said.

Lu Xiao was surprised: “What kind of brain do you have? After reading the map, you still remember it so well. I’m going to get lost.”

Meng Li sent a WeChat message to Lu Zhanyang in the back seat. Hearing this, he sneered, “Can I have the same brain as you when I was admitted to A University? Drive slowly! You might as well let Xiaocheng open.”

As soon as this was mentioned, Lu Xiao was excited.

“Ms. Meng,” he said earnestly, “your son took the driver’s license test once, but failed the ‘Little Orange, who was admitted to the A university’ three times.”

Before Ye Cheng could speak, Meng Li drew a piece of paper from behind and stuffed it into his mouth: “Shut up, don’t eat at noon.”

In the afternoon, Lu Zhanyang came to pick them up and took them around.

There are too many places to go around. After dinner, Meng Li was taken to his newly opened bar by Lu Zhanyang, while Lu Xiao accompanied Ye Cheng to the student council interview.


The student union occupied the large classroom on the first floor of Qiuzhen Building. When Ye Cheng entered, the more than 100 seats were almost full. The air conditioner was turned on in the classroom, and it was as noisy as entering a vegetable market. The girls looked around and discussed from time to time which row had the handsome guy.

Li Xinghe and the members of the presidium were all sitting in the first row, and went to the stage to open the ppt on the projection.

Ye Cheng looked around, only the last row had empty seats.

He walked over and sat down, sitting next to him was the gray-haired boy who bumped into him during the day. Wearing a mask and earphones, I listened to songs with arms folded without hearing anything outside the window.

The girls in the front row occasionally looked back at him, and after seeing Ye Cheng, they whispered to their companions. After a while, the companion also turned around, also looked at the gray hair, then looked at Ye Cheng, and then turned back and snickered.

After the president of the student union finished speaking, the ministers of each department went up to introduce the situation of their departments.

The gray-haired man had been playing with his phone with his head down, and when he got tired of playing, he put the corner of the phone against the table and turned it around. His hands are clearly articulated, and the phone looks very nice when turned around.

It was not until Li Xinghe came to power that he raised his head and gave him a look.

Ye Cheng didn’t listen very carefully, it was all clichés anyway.

After they finished speaking, each minister sat down and started interviewing one by one.

Ye Cheng didn’t rush to line up, and stood at the back with the gray hair, standing near the back door.

Just waiting for his turn to wait for more than an hour.

As he was about to reach him, he was hit by something.

Ye Cheng turned around, Lu Xiao stood at the back door, and asked in a low voice, “Is it yours?”

In front of the interview, everyone was quiet.


“It’s almost there.” Ye Cheng also replied in a low voice.

At this time, he heard the girl next to him whispering.

“Look at the boy at the back door, ah ah ah, so handsome!!”

“I’m going, this height… from the sports department? Damn, he looked at his friend and smiled just now. He looks so handsome to me.”

“There are so many handsome guys in this class, help, I feel that the four years of college will be full of joy.”

“Hey, yes. His friend is the very beautiful boy in the last row just now. Sure enough, handsome guys only play with handsome guys.”

Ye Cheng couldn’t help laughing and coughed a few times.

Li Xinghe was very close to the back door, and apparently heard it, and turned to look at Lu Xiao.

Lu Xiao immediately put away his smile, raised his eyebrows at him, and looked at him with his hands in his pockets, thinking to himself why you haven’t finished yet, I’m waiting to go out with my daughter-in-law.

The interview went very smoothly. Li Xinghe planned to hire Ye Cheng early in the morning, and other ministers all cast envious eyes on him.

Before leaving, Ye Cheng asked, “Do I need to take pictures and write manuscripts during military training?”

Li Xinghe showed a kind smile: “No, you don’t have to do anything for the time being. You are the face of our propaganda department, just stand as a vase.”

“Pfft.” The photographer next to him couldn’t help laughing.

“You can go,” Li Xinghe said to him, “Next, Zhao… Qingbei.”

Ye Cheng walked out the back door.

For the past two nights, he temporarily stayed in the dormitory, and stayed with Meng Li in the hotel with Lu Xiao.

Lu Zhanyang sent Lu Xiao a location and asked them to drive to the bar.

In the evening, they didn’t return to the hotel until the early hours of the morning. Ye Cheng was so sleepy that his eyelids were fighting, and he rushed in front of Lu Xiao to take a bath.

Lu Xiao lay on the bed and played games. After playing with his own account for a while, he wanted to give Ye Cheng a score by the way, so he turned on his phone.

As soon as he unlocked the lock, several messages popped up above.

Li Xinghe: [I pulled you into the group. 】

Li Xinghe: [There are many beauty and beauty sisters in our department, you have to give your girlfriend a vaccination in advance, so that she will not be jealous. 】

Li Xinghe: [The bully who is waiting for you at the door tonight is from the sports department? Someone asked me to find out his contact information. 】

Lu Xiao suddenly sat up from the bed.

What the **** is this? ?



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