Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 85

Before Lu Xiao could say anything, that Li Xinghe pulled him into a group chat called “Jiaqun sees pure male college students taking a bath”.

Qingchun: [@Yecheng, welcome newcomers! 】

Male college student: [Welcome to Nandu brother, we are fellow villagers, hehe. 】

Bathing: [Welcome Welcome-3-]

Good guy, that’s what the group name originally meant.

Ye Cheng: [Hello, senior and senior, please take care of me in the future. 】

Qingchun: [Brother’s mouth is so sweet, hehe. 】

Exploding your dog’s head: [What’s the matter, do you want to kiss? 】

Qingchun: [Go away. 】

Li Xinghe chatted with him privately: [Qingchun and the male college student are the vice ministers, and the male college student’s girlfriend in the bath, and the others are all officers or family members of our department. 】


Ye Cheng: [Can you bring your family? 】

Li Xinghe: [This is not a formal group, there will be a little bit of a mix of people. I pulled you into two more groups, one is the student union group, and the other is the work group of the Propaganda Department. Those two are just talking about business. 】

Ye Orange: […]

Lu Xiao flipped through his chat history. He added seven groups in one day, and passed fifty friend requests, and there are still new ones coming.

The three roommates took turns sending him a message, asking him if he wasn’t going back tonight, which shows how popular he is.

The thought of Ye Cheng meeting so many strangers made him overwhelmed with bitterness.

Annoyed, but can’t help it.

No, he felt he had to fit into the circle.

Lu Xiao is a man of action, he rolled up his sleeves on the spot and did what he said.

He boarded the trumpet that he used to play games, saw the photo of Ye Cheng wearing jk saved in his mobile phone, hesitated for a while, but gave up.

Well, can’t show it to others.

He sent a message to Tan Xiaoqi: [Sister Tan, give me a profile photo of you. 】

Tan Xiaoqi: [Why? You are already called sister, so you won’t be cheating with my photos, will you? 】

Lu Xiao: [As an avatar, pretend to be compulsive. 】

Tan Xiaoqi: [? ? ? 】

After some negotiation, Tan Xiaoqi sent him a profile of himself.

Lu Xiao changed his avatar and changed his nickname to “Autumn Love の Shang”, then picked up Ye Cheng’s phone and sent a message to Li Xinghe: [Senior, can I bring my girlfriend in? 】

There was a quick reply to him: [Okay, didn’t you tell me to call me Brother Xing? By the way, your girlfriend is also a reincarnation of vinegar spirit? The tutors in the group are quite strict, which is really scary. 】

Lu Xiao typed seriously: [She looks cute when she’s jealous. 】

Li Xinghe: […Okay, just be happy. 】

He asked Ye Cheng again, the contact information of the sports student.

Lu Xiao was a little overjoyed, and asked him: [Do they all think my friend is so handsome? 】


Li Xinghe: [Not only do they think so, but I also think so, but he is so crazy, he still glares at me. 】

Lu Xiao triumphantly said: [Not only is he handsome, he also plays basketball very well, and he can even fly me while playing games. 】

Li Xinghe: [Fuck, stop talking, you are drooling, hand over your contact information! 】

Lu Xiao: [He has a partner. 】

Li Xinghe: […Then you say a hammer? ! 】

Li Xinghe: [I found that you are silent, so you are a master of nonsense. 】

Ye Cheng wiped his hair and came out of the bathroom, and saw Lu Xiao holding the phone with a smirk on his face.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

Lu Xiao said, “It’s nothing. Your department said that they want to have a dinner party. You can bring your family.”

“Well, do you want to go with me?”

“Go, why not go!”

Lu Xiao threw away his phone and ran over, actively helping him dry his hair.

Halfway through the blow, he said to help him with his hands.

Ye Cheng shoved his shoulder: “I just finished taking a shower, don’t make trouble, I have to take a shower later.”

Lu Xiao said frankly: “Then you help me, I don’t mind the trouble.”

Encountering such a rogue, Ye Cheng had no choice but to help him once.

Without saying a word, Lu Xiao insisted on the principle of courtesy and reciprocity, and even came to him once. In the end, Ye Cheng had to wash it again.

Since the last time his mother said “it’s useless”, Lu Xiao has begun to make progress little by little. First, he begged Ye Cheng to use his hands. He had been thinking about hitting those hands for a long time. The thin white fingers were flexible and slender, and the contrast was very strong.

And what excites him the most is not that their relationship has made physical progress, but that after the college entrance examination, Ye Cheng’s unreasonable demands on him are exactly as he said at the beginning, and he doesn’t resist at all!

Don’t look at his usually cold and cold, but when he really gets to bed, that’s called a conniving Lu Xiao. Ask him what he wants and let him fool around. He said don’t leave a mark, and lightly clicked, but if he really left a mark, he wouldn’t do anything.

Every time he felt his body trembling slightly, Lu Xiao felt that he loved him miserably.

Such a superb and well-behaved boyfriend can’t be found even with the lights on.

As soon as he was excited, his hands were neither light nor heavy.

Ye Cheng wrinkled his face, but still didn’t push him away, just said, “Take it easy, it hurts.”

“It won’t hurt when you blow it.” Lu Xiao coaxed him, but became more and more energetic, “Would you like to try something else?”

Ye Cheng’s whole face was red, her light brown eyes were like translucent crystals, full of tears, she nodded weakly.

There are several red marks on his neck, and his head is lowered like a beautiful and fragile swan.

A long time ago, he discovered that he had this problem – he couldn’t refuse Lu Xiao’s tenderness.

Whether this guy pretended to be drunk or deliberately acted to achieve his goals, he didn’t have the slightest resistance. Of course, the consequences are also quite tragic. Once Lu Xiao got so bad, he woke up the next day with a high fever.

Ye Cheng told himself several times that he should never be accustomed to him.

Don’t let him think about it a few times, don’t let him do whatever posture he wants.

But when Lu Xiao pretended to be wronged and gentle, he couldn’t help it.

The consequence this time was that he couldn’t get out of bed the next day.

Lu Xiao got up very early, opened his eyes and saw Ye Cheng sleeping with flushed cheeks and pillow marks on his skin. The lips are slightly open, and the lips are a little swollen and broken. The long eyelashes cast on the eyelids, looking pitiful and wanting to be bullied.

He just stared blankly at Ye Cheng for ten minutes, thinking how could my daughter-in-law be so beautiful.

It’s really good to cry, it’s almost 360 degrees without dead ends.

Early in the morning, my face is not oily at all, and I sleep without snoring or drooling.

Aside from pooping, he’s just a little fairy, he thought without culture.

He couldn’t help but leaned in and kissed him twice.


Ye Cheng wanted to turn around irritably, but he pulled him into his arms and wiped the oil.

Ye Cheng couldn’t get rid of his bad habit of rejecting him, so he couldn’t rest in his sleep. He was touched up and down without saying a word, and there were two more tooth marks on his neck. His flesh was smooth and clean, and it felt like he was biting into jelly. Sometimes Lu Xiao himself felt like a pervert.

After a tossing, Lu Xiao went to the bathroom to take a cold shower to reduce the fire, and then turned on Ye Cheng’s mobile phone to inspect.

In the group of male college students, early-rising couples are saying good morning to each other.

He used Ye Cheng’s mobile phone Aite “Autumn Love’s Sadness”: [Baby, good morning. 】

He used his mobile phone to reply again: [Morning, dear. 】

That’s what makes me feel satisfied.

After doing this, he refreshed himself and asked Meng Li to borrow a concealer.

Ye Cheng, like him, never wears makeup. Meng Li knows exactly what concealer is for.

She asked worriedly while putting on makeup: “Xiaocheng is not feeling well, right? Are we going out at eleven o’clock in a while?”

Lu Xiao said unnaturally, “It’s okay, you can go out. Mom, you know a lot.”

“That’s natural, shouldn’t I understand it?” Meng Li said as a matter of course.

Lu Xiao hesitated for a moment and said, “You see what you see, er, push it to me too.”

Meng Li nodded in agreement and instructed him, “I’ll find you in another half an hour.”


When Lu Xiao returned to the room, seeing Ye Cheng was still sleeping, he put his arms around him and opened the news that Meng Li had just transferred with the other.

[Ahu: Doing with your boyfriend for the first time, what should you pay attention to? The owner is also male. 】

[A valve: Will a man be injured the first time? It’s scary to do it. 】

[A blog: How can I make my boyfriend comfortable? I’m talking about men. 】

Lu Xiao was choked.

What is she searching for all day long? !

Speechless, speechless, he still clicked one by one and read on.

The person in his arms moved, and Ye Cheng woke up.


He turned over, the whole body got into Lu Xiao’s arms, and he stretched his waist unfinished.

This action is natural and dependent, like a relaxed kitten coquettish to its owner.

Lu Xiao immediately threw the phone away. He threw the screen three times this month, but he couldn’t care less.

Ye Cheng in the early morning is the softest Ye Cheng in the day, and it won’t be easy to fool him when he wakes up.

The first time Lu Xiao saw how he just woke up, he regretted not sleeping with him earlier. Is this called a person? It’s called an angel!

Meng Li looked around at the door of the room, and sent a WeChat message to his girlfriends: [What should I do, they haven’t woken up yet, should I knock on the door? 】

Girlfriend: [Would you like to wait? Take a bite of bread first. 】

Meng Li: [I ate them for breakfast outside the door… I’ll buy another one later, tsk tsk, I probably didn’t go to bed until three or four last night. 】

Best friend: [Young people are energetic, envious and envious. 】

Ye Cheng drowsily rubbed the tip of his nose against his chest in front of him, and Lu Xiao’s voice involuntarily dropped eight degrees: “Awake? Are you hungry? The breakfast is at the door. I’ll go get it for you.”

“Yeah.” Ye Cheng snorted, but did not let go of the hand holding his waist.

Lu Xiao liked how clingy he looked so much, and the corners of his mouth were raised and he didn’t move.

“Did you feel good last night?” he asked next to the snow-white ear.

“Yeah.” Ye Cheng replied unconsciously.

“I’ll make you feel better next time, okay?” Lu Xiao licked his lips, and his hands began to be dishonest.


“Call husband, otherwise I won’t let you get up.” Lu Xiao said evilly.

Ye Cheng’s consciousness gradually recovered, frowned and patted his hand: “…What kind of spring are you making in the early morning.”

Seeing that his expression became normal, Lu Xiao moved his hand away embarrassedly.

“What time is it?” Ye Cheng sat up and glanced at his phone, “It’s half past twelve, why didn’t you call me? Mom needs to wait!”

He quickly got up to wash, and the confusion from last night was swept away. Lu Xiao said melancholy, “You don’t even give me a good morning kiss, you are so cold.”


“Here, uncle,” Ye Cheng brushed her teeth in the bathroom, her lips hurting from the toothpaste, “I told you yesterday not to bite, hiss—”

He looked at his neck in the mirror, horrified.

Lu Xiao came over with the concealer intimately: “Well, I asked my mother for it.”

Ye Cheng: “…You still went to her for concealer?!”

“Hmm.” Lu Xiao raised his chin and wrote “please praise me” all over his face.

After half a minute, he was kicked out.

Standing in the corridor, he stared at Meng Li with big eyes.

Meng Li stayed in province A for three days in total, and left a lot of concealer and a Lu Zhanyang for Lu Xiao before leaving. Lu Zhanyang said happily that he was very willing to be the tutor of this cousin’s physiology class. After all, the young man didn’t know anything and was prone to bleeding and injury.

However, Lu Xiao didn’t have time to do anything for the time being, because he and Ye Cheng were both busy with military training.

Not long after the military training started, the student council informed everyone to have a dinner and prepare to welcome the new recruits.

Qingchun: [@All members, the publicity department plans to have a dinner with the student union, this Wednesday at 6 pm, the location is Huayu Hotel 206, welcome to bring your family members and handsome and beautiful friends~]

The first reply was “Autumn Love の Sad,”: [Received[/cute]]

Ye Cheng served as the study committee member of the class. He was busy with the class this week, and he hadn’t contacted anyone from the propaganda department for several days.

He also replied “received”, and glanced at the nickname above, thinking to himself, how could someone still have such a non-mainstream name these days.


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