Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 86

Although there are no cultural courses during the military training, there are always some scholars who start to go to the library early, especially the students in the medical department whose glasses are thicker than the bottom of a wine bottle.

Because Ye Cheng had little knowledge in this area before, every day after military training, he would go to the library to look through relevant books. He doesn’t like a thing that is out of his control for too long, and it’s a major he is interested in.

The Polytechnic University left school half an hour earlier than them, and Lu Xiao came over after the training to help him find books and occupy a seat.

Ye Cheng and Song Haoran received news from Li Xinghe as soon as they arrived on the first floor of the library.

【That friend of yours also drives a Cayenne? It’s a good thing, several girls have asked me when he broke up with his girlfriend. 】


Ye Cheng was taken aback, this guy really attracts bees and butterflies.

He looked around and asked: [Are you also in the library? 】

Li Xinghe: [Do I look like someone who can read? When I passed by and saw him get out of the car, a group of women screamed around him. 】

Ye Cheng bit his lip, feeling a little unhappy.

Song Haoran rarely saw his expression change so much, and asked dumbly, “Aren’t we going upstairs yet?”

Ye Cheng said: “You can take a look around for yourself first, I have an appointment with a friend to talk about something.”

“Oh, good.” Song Haoran nodded and walked away obediently.

Ye Cheng got on the elevator to the fourth floor, and followed the table in the photo taken by Lu Xiao to find it.

The library was quiet. Everyone was immersed in their studies. There were graduate students and qualification certificates. Almost no one deserted.

After walking a few steps, he saw Lu Xiao wearing a headset, watching the screen playing games.

Ye Cheng walked over, he immediately raised his head and looked over, his eyes were bright: “Finally here, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.” His voice was very low, because the distance between each table was relatively far, and it did not cause other problems. people’s attention.

Ye Cheng gave a faint “um” and sat down beside him.

Lu Xiao stretched out his head to look at him, and said sharply, “Why do you look unhappy, the instructor taught you? I’ll beat him up for you.”

He put the ice sticker on the back of his hand on the back of Ye Cheng’s neck to help him cool down his reddened skin.

Ye Cheng shivered from the ice, and his face gradually eased.

“No,” he said expressionlessly, “did you drive here?”

Lu Xiao said, “Yeah, didn’t you mean to have dinner tonight, I’ll drive here.”

Ye Cheng couldn’t help but said: “In the future, you should stop driving and ride a shared bicycle.”

Lu Xiao asked suspiciously, “Why?”

Ye Cheng glanced at him, her eyes cold. He had an idea and tentatively said, “Is it because someone was watching downstairs just now?”

Ye Cheng didn’t talk, but said honestly: “You came to the school to study, not to study how to attract girls, understand? And also open a cayenne, be careful when people say you show off your wealth and put you on the Internet. ”

Ye Daxue’s tone was rare, but Lu Xiao reacted instantly, the corners of his mouth rose wildly uncontrollably: “Oh, you’re jealous.”

“I just think you are too high profile.” Ye Cheng said.

Lu Xiao took out his mobile phone and recorded a video on his face, smiling very happily: “It’s rare for you to be jealous, I have to record this precious video.”

Ye Cheng: “…”

A few people next to him looked over. He felt ashamed, and pressed Lu Xiao’s hand down.

“Hello, **** double standard,” Lu Xiao complained with a smile, “Last time you recorded me being jealous.”

“When did I record it?” Ye Cheng denied.

Having been with him for more than a year, Lu Xiao slowly got to know this man’s temperament.

Ye Cheng can play with his friends until eleven o’clock before returning to the dormitory, but if he dares to go back after ten o’clock, he won’t have a better night; Ye Cheng can be half of the list with beauties, but every time he is asked by a **** WeChat, he will I have to politely say, “I’m a savage from Shennongjia, I don’t use social software like WeChat”; Ye Cheng’s circle of friends had a group photo of men and women. Who is the person, he can only answer one by one.

While Lu Xiao spurned this double standard, he enjoyed the pain and sweetness of being controlled.

This also caused him to forget that these unreasonable requests were made by himself – he suddenly wanted to go back to the dormitory halfway through playing outside, saying that the target was checking the post, and then Pidianpidian told Ye Cheng to go back at nine o’clock today ; He himself refused the request of senior sister to add WeChat, and excitedly went to Ye Cheng to ask him to give him a reward; it was also his own madness in Ye Cheng’s circle of friends at 2:00 in the middle of the night.

Lu Xiao happily set a bunch of rules and regulations for himself, and then showed off to his brothers with disgust: “Hey, the one in my family is too strict. In fact, Ye Cheng was too lazy to pay attention to him many times, and didn’t even know about his trivial matters.

Today, Ye Cheng showed a little bit of flair, and he was caught by him to play off the topic.

Lu Xiao teased him and said, “You admit it, you are just a jealous little eye, you love your husband so much, you hug the quilt and groan every day, for fear that I will be taken away. What is your expression? Wronged? Cry? Tsk, come here, my husband kisses you.”

Ye Cheng wanted to punch him according to his handsome face.

“Go away,” he said politely.

“OK.” Lu Xiao answered him honestly.

As soon as this person appeared next to him, he could not concentrate on his studies.

Sure enough, Lu Xiao was quiet for a few minutes, and then started fiddling under the table again, hooking his ankle with his foot, and pretending to erase his calf.

After a while, he raised his head and said, “Wife, do you think there is something missing from your ankle?”

Ye Cheng was wearing a white t-shirt and loose five-point pants today, her calf was white and straight, and her ankles were empty.

He looked at Lu Xiao with his eyes lifted, thinking that he had started again, why was he so obsessed with tattooing himself?

Lu Xiao swallowed and said, “Don’t look at me like that, you’re going to be in.”

When the two of them were in private, he always spoke unscrupulously and bluntly.

“Then poke your eyes.” Ye Cheng snorted coldly.

Lu Xiao said softly, “You are so cruel, so let’s go. You can choose between tattoos and anklets, but I suggest you choose the former. The anklets look motherly, so you probably won’t like them too much.”

Ye Cheng couldn’t learn any more, and put down his pen, “Why is it your turn to choose one of the two?”

Lu Xiao blinked innocently: “It’s my birthday in 20 days, can’t I pay for my birthday present in advance? Or are you planning to tie a bow on yourself and give yourself to me? That’s fine, except for these two I don’t accept any other gifts.”

Ye Cheng was speechless.

Only at this time can Lu Xiao’s thinking logic be impeccable.

He thought about it, and finally said helplessly: “I choose anklets.”

Lu Xiao nodded and said deliberately, “I’ll buy you a pink crystal, the one made up of a dozen hearts. You can’t take it off when you go to get out of class, give a speech, or take a shower.”

Ye Cheng waved his hand to beat him, but he grabbed his wrist domineeringly and placed it between his legs.

“To touch here.”

Ye Cheng was so angry that he couldn’t help it, and he pulled out his hand and said, “Tattoo, tattoo, okay!”

Lu Xiao had bullied people enough, and let him go with satisfaction.

“Anyway, I haven’t made a mistake lately, you can’t catch me,” written on his face, “It’s coming to my birthday soon, what can you do to me if you’re angry”, and he tugged and twitched.

He thought about getting Ye Cheng tattooed with his initials, and he himself had his initials tattooed.

Then he can’t run away.

After leaving the library, it was time for the departmental dinner.

The Huayu Hotel was ten minutes away from their school. It was supposed to be a short walk, but Lu Xiao was stuck on the road for 20 minutes. In the end, both of them were fined for being late.

Li Xinghe pulled them to his table, and put on Ye Cheng’s shoulders to explain to him the next arrangements for the welcome party. Lu Xiao, on the other hand, was entangled by Han Mengjia, and he was helpless to deal with the old school sisters.

Ye Cheng was very familiar with the party, and Li Xinghe only gave a rough idea, and he said he understood.

Li Xinghe picked up the wine glass and clinked with him: “It’s easy to talk to a smart person. By the way, why didn’t your girlfriend come?”

Ye Cheng was stunned, then remembered that Han Mengjia had asked him if he had a girlfriend, so they all thought they had a girlfriend.

“She… busy.” He casually found an excuse.

In his previous life, the reason why he came out with his roommate was because they got along better. I have only just met these people now, so naturally he will not come out recklessly, it will not do him any harm to Lu Xiao.


“Is she busy? I see that she is bubbling in the group every day, and she promised to have a dinner together.” Li Xinghe took a sip of wine for unknown reasons.

Ye Cheng was stunned: “In the group?”

Li Xinghe picked up the phone and flipped through the record to show him: “Didn’t you say this is your girlfriend, the avatar looks pretty good, although the nickname is a bit dirty hahaha… No, I’m joking, I didn’t say that the younger brother and sister are bad It means that she has a very cheerful personality and can chat with everyone.”

Ye Cheng has never watched group chats very much, except when Aite is in the whole group.

He twitched his cheeks when he saw the nickname “Autumn Love’s Sadness”.

Qiu Lian の 殇: [Me too, but I like to take my boyfriend to watch horror movies hahahaha. 】

Qiu Lian の 懇: [Yes, as soon as he is afraid, he sticks it on me, so cute. 】

Autumn Love’s Sadness: [Your boyfriend also likes to sleep naked? Shit, he likes to sleep naked but won’t let me sleep naked. 】

This tone…

Take a closer look at the head portrait, it looks familiar… Ye Cheng realized that it was Tan Xiaoqi.

His head was buzzing at once.

He was still wondering why his chat with Li Xinghe was inexplicably deleted. It turned out to be Lu Xiao, an idiot.

Also “autumn love の mourning,”, not ten years of cerebral thrombosis can not do such a stupid thing.

He gritted his teeth patiently, and said to Li Xinghe, “I’m sorry, he likes to show his ugliness, it makes you laugh.”

Li Xinghe said generously: “No, it’s very cute. Little Orange…”

As if remembering something, he approached Ye Cheng with an ambiguous smile, and whispered, “She asked in the group last time, which one’s mesh stockings are of good quality, and you really have them, hehe.”

Li Xinghe smiled brightly, but Ye Cheng’s face was not so good-looking.

These stockings will not be worn on his “girlfriend”, there is a 50% chance that they will be worn on him, and another 50% will be thrown directly into the trash.

After everyone had eaten, they discussed going to the bar.

Ye Cheng found an excuse and slipped away with Lu Xiao.


They found a hotel nearby and opened a suite.

Lu Xiao was very excited, and asked expectantly if he could be like this or that today.

As soon as Ye Cheng entered the door, he threw his schoolbag aside, pulled out the chair and sat down.

Lu Xiaomi raised her head and asked cautiously, “Do you want to do it on a chair?”

Ye Cheng said indifferently: “Did you join our group with a trumpet?”

The air was quiet, eerily still.

Lu Xiao’s face sank, and he said firmly, “I just care about you and want to fit into your circle.”

“You still think you’re right?” Ye Cheng frowned and looked at him.

Lu Xiao said stubbornly, “I’m right anyway, you’ll talk about it later.”

After saying that, he turned around and walked out the door.

Ye Cheng sat quietly on the spot, wondering why this guy went. He wasn’t too angry at first, but Lu Xiao’s righteous appearance made him a little really annoyed.

He waited and thought about how to make Lu Xiao realize his mistake in a while. It’s okay to take his cell phone privately, because he has also done bad things with Lu Xiao’s cell phone, but his attitude is very problematic.

Not only did he not apologize, he also left him alone in the room and ran away without a shadow. The more Ye Cheng thought about it, the more angry he became.

About five minutes later, Lu Xiao walked in from the door, holding a dark keyboard in his hand.

He put the keyboard on the ground not far from Ye Cheng, then knelt on it, strangling his neck and said, “Go ahead.”



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