Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 87

Ye Cheng lost his temper by him, and after a while, he said, “Where did you get this keyboard?”

“Ask the front desk to borrow it. You have to pay it back when you run out.” Lu Xiao said dully.

He looked at Ye Cheng with an expression of “If you give me another chance to choose, I will still do it”, with a trace of guilt in his stubbornness.

Ye Cheng rubbed his temples and felt a headache.

Lu Xiao is very positive every time he admits his mistakes, but he will never change his mistakes after admitting them.

This caused him to say it in vain, without any effect.

“Return your trumpet.” Ye Cheng said.

Lu Xiao’s eyes suddenly became aggrieved, he opened his mouth and stopped talking.

Ye Cheng added: “Use a large size to add it in.”

“Ah?” Lu Xiao was dumbfounded.

Ye Cheng put his left leg on his right, and said casually, “I can’t keep making people think I have a girlfriend. If I tell a lie, I will use another lie to make it round. The longer I hide it, the more troublesome it will be.”

Lu Xiao froze in place for half a minute, then suddenly pursed his lips, and stepped forward in front of him.

He put his chin on Ye Cheng’s knee and looked at him with wet eyes: “Are you going to expose me, wife?”

“It’s as if you’re shameful.” Ye Cheng scratched his head amusedly.

Lu Xiao hugged his waist and buried his face in the hem of his clothes: “I thought you didn’t want to make it public, so they came up and asked me if I was your girlfriend, and I thought you should have told someone that you have a girlfriend. ”

He stopped when he finished.

Although he didn’t show it, when he saw the three words “girlfriend”, his first reaction was indeed sour. I always felt that Ye Cheng was ashamed to admit their relationship, but didn’t want to feel sorry for him, so he made an excuse to declare that he had a girlfriend.

Lu Xiao rubbed him casually, as if venting his dissatisfaction from the previous few days.

Ye Cheng straightened his hair and said softly, “Want to get a tattoo?”

“Now?” Lu Xiao raised his head and asked.

“Well, now.” Ye Cheng scratched his cheek, trying to make up for the puppy’s accidental injury.

Lu Xiao was instantly excited, hooked his neck and pulled him down to kiss him.

Woohoo, my wife is too kind, she loves him too much.

How can it be so good.

Ye Cheng said curiously, “But I want to ask, why are you so obsessed with tattoos?”

In the last life, he wanted him to get tattoos, and in this life he is so obsessed, there must be a reason.

Lu Xiao’s expression changed, his eyes dodging around.

“I told you not to be angry.”

“…You said.” Ye Cheng had an ominous premonition.

Lu Xiao pursed his lips and said, “I think if one day you break up with me and carry my initials on your body, then your next boyfriend will definitely be jealous and quarrel with you. I think about it and it seems that there is no Celebrities whose abbreviation is LX, you have no reason to say that you like a celebrity, and you are so afraid of pain, it is 80% impossible to get a tattoo.”

Ye Cheng: “…”

He couldn’t think of any adjectives other than awesome.

Lu Xiao’s level of mental retardation can always set new records again and again, until he went from speechless to accustomed to it.

That’s right, if he had a normal person’s way of thinking, he wouldn’t be Lu Xiao.

“Why do you think I’ll break up with you?” Ye Cheng asked emotionally.

Lu Xiao answered him seriously: “Because you have more and more outstanding people, I saw that you have added seven groups, and there are still a few who do not know what to do with you every day, good morning and good night, although you ignore them. To be honest, I really want to lock you up, strip off the cuffs and handcuffs, so that you can’t go anywhere, it can only be mine.”

Ye Cheng took a deep breath and was dumbfounded again.

This time it wasn’t speechless, it was him who imagined such a scene and choked with red face.

“You…” He blushed and said a word.

Lu Xiao pressed his index finger to his lips and said, “I won’t get a tattoo today. I’ll tattoo you myself on my birthday, okay?”

Ye Cheng completely lost his resistance and said “Okay” in a low voice.

After that day, Lu Xiao began to frequent A University.

He has no classes every Wednesday and every Thursday afternoon, and will accompany Ye Cheng in public classes on these two days. The two sit in the last row. Ye Cheng took notes, and he was in charge of sleeping.

The professor of the public class called on his name several times, only to find out later that he was not from the medical department.

Lu Xiao flattered and said that he came to the class because he admired him.

The professor was so elated by his coaxing that he would laugh and say a few words when he saw him.

What’s it like to have a boyfriend who is socially naughty?

When I was walking with him on the road, I went up to the vice president of the college and down to the cafeteria and all the aunties knew him.

Ye Cheng asked him in confusion how he hooked up with the vice president.

—Because of Lu Xiao, the vice dean “loved” him several times when he was also taking the Sixiu class. Everyone said that the vice dean’s Sixiu was the hardest to get a high score, but he often gave Ye Cheng an average score. .

Lu Xiao said indifferently: “Oh, Lao Yang, I met in the parking lot last time. He couldn’t go in when he reversed his car. I helped him go in, and he gave me a cigarette. Don’t stare at me, I didn’t smoke. Give it to the security uncle at the door.”

Ye Cheng has also been to the Polytechnic University several times, and Lu Xiao and his dormitory all call him “sister-in-law”.

Gradually, the person from University A also discovered that he never seemed to have seen his “girlfriend”.

But he is a buddy who often comes back to accompany him to classes and meals.

After the National Day holiday, it was Lu Xiao’s birthday soon.

Jiang Jin called a few high school classmates who were also in province A and held a birthday party for him together.

After drinking in the evening, Jiang Jin was drunk and hugged him and cried: “Woo woo woo, Brother Xiao, I miss Rong Rong so much! I haven’t experienced the feeling of sleeping with someone else in my arms for a long time, you let me hug One night.”

Lu Xiao gave him a polite kick: “Go away and cry.”

Jiang Jin: “Do you have a heart?!”

“Do you have any heart? I have already bought the set, don’t get in the way here.” He shook off the burden on his body and said.

Jiang Jin choked up for a long time and cursed “Fuck” angrily.

Lu Xiao secretly sprinkled some alcohol on himself to better play “drunk”, and then left with a twist on Ye Cheng’s shoulder.

Arriving at the residence, Ye Cheng threw him on the bed and patted his cheek.

“Don’t pretend, I just drank you down in a few cups. What about the Nandu Wine King?”

Lu Xiao hummed and acted: “You smell it, I smell of alcohol all over me.”

“I splashed it.” Ye Cheng teased.

Lu Xiao sat up from the bed and looked at him, obviously both of them thought of that year. Ye Cheng rushed into the private room and poured alcohol on his face. He angrily pulled someone over to beat him, but after seeing his eyes, he couldn’t do anything.

Ye Cheng sat down beside him and said, “Did you bring any tools? Didn’t you say you want to tattoo me?”

Lu Xiao hesitated and said, “Is it possible to change the place? I want to have the tattoo on your place.”

He wrapped his hand around Ye Cheng’s left shoulder and pointed to that position.

Ye Cheng took off half of her shirt and lay down on the bed, “Both places are fine.”

Lu Xiao’s breathing immediately became heavier.

He lay there with his half-exposed snow-white shoulders, which made people feel blood boiling from behind.

Lu Xiao clenched his fist and said patiently, “I’m afraid you will hurt.”

Ye Cheng turned her face on the pillow, her eyes revealed even though: “It doesn’t hurt.”

There was silence behind him for a long time, except for the sound of irritable gasps.

After a while, Lu Xiao said, “Then I’ll try to hurry up, you can bear with me.”

He got out of bed and went to get the tools.

Ye Cheng hugged the pillow quietly, a chill came from her ankle, followed by a fine stinging pain.

He couldn’t help grasping the corner of the pillow and bit his lower lip.

The warm fingers brushed against his ankle, and there was a shudder.

The skin slowly became red and hot.

Lu Xiao leaned over and kissed the string of black letters, and said softly, “Okay.”

Ye Cheng propped up his upper body and turned to check, a few locks of wet hair on his forehead.

On the smooth and white ankle, “LUXIAO” is tattooed with a flower body, followed by a crescent moon, lightly holding the last letter, surrounded by slender flower vines, it looks like it was designed by someone.

“Nice.” He blinked, his voice a little hoarse.

Once upon a time, when Lu Xiao tattooed him “foreverlove”, he also said that he wanted to tattoo a moon on it.

But at that time, Ye Cheng disliked it too vulgar and did not agree to him.

Now it seems that the original moon tattoo will not be very common. This is probably what he always wanted to do but never did.

Ye Cheng lay back again, squinted at him and said, “Continue.”

Lu Xiao’s hand trembled slightly, caressed his smooth shoulder and said, “It will hurt a little here.”

“Yeah.” Ye Cheng replied softly.

“It’s starting.” Lu Xiao said.

“it is good.”

It really hurts, much more than the pain in the ankle.

Ye Cheng’s hand gripping the corner of the pillow became tighter and tighter, until Lu Xiao’s hand covered him, and he carefully opened his hand and said, “Don’t be afraid, it’s over.”

Lu Xiao used the mirror to reflect it to him, and Ye Cheng saw the blue rose above the left shoulder blade.

There is only one flower, but it has an extremely coquettish and attractive attitude. Against the background of the cold white skin, it becomes more and more provocative and ambiguous.

If I see this rose in the back pose in the future, I don’t know how excited I will be.

Lu Xiao threw the mirror away, pressed him halfway behind him, cautiously avoiding his shoulder, and asked, “I’ll accompany you to get a tattoo too, how about a tattoo here?”

He dragged Ye Cheng’s left hand and moved it to the lower abdomen.

Ye Cheng’s ears turned red quickly and completely.

“Tattoo what?” he said.

“Snake, aren’t you a snake?” Lu Xiao vaguely pecked on his earlobe.

Ye Cheng shrank his neck.

Lu Xiao traced the rose with his fingers, and asked with a chuckle, “Where’s my birthday present? You urged me to come back at the bar just now and said you wanted to give me a present. Wouldn’t you be kidding me?”

“Who dares to play Brother Xiao, don’t you die?” Ye Cheng pulled out his right hand from under the pillow and shook it in front of him, “Here it is.”

The delicate wrist bones protrude slightly, and a bow is tied with a red streamer at the slender wrist.

The body behind him instantly became stiff and hot.


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