Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 89

The end of the semester is always when the library is full, and the final exam in medicine is a nightmare in itself. Ye Cheng was so busy that he couldn’t get out of his body, and it seemed that he hadn’t seen Lu Xiao for a whole week. Lu Xiao collapsed even more than he did. He didn’t understand why he chose management at that time.

What he fears most is not the final exam, but the final papers, big and small.

Including the electives, he has to write a total of six papers, two of which need to be handwritten, and the other four to be checked for duplicates.

handwriting! handwriting!

Check it! Check it!

If he knew that liberal arts would be so painful, he would not report to management if he was killed.

Lu Xiao held the pen in his mouth from sunrise to sunset. The other three buddies in the dormitory were not doing much better. One of them lost a dozen strands of hair, and kept shouting that he was going bald.


“Brother Lu, isn’t your boyfriend from A University, let him help write two articles?” someone said.

Lu Xiao thought to himself, if I asked him to write for him, would my blood splatter on Yu Gelu, but their dormitories were all at the bottom of the class, and they would definitely be ridiculed for telling him the truth.

Before Lu Xiao met this kind of person, it was you who refused to accept me and fought until you did.

Now his temper has been restrained a lot, and he turned the pen and said implicitly: “It’s not good, besides he is very busy, he must not have time.”

The man sneered and said nothing.

Lu Xiao actually wanted Ye Cheng to help him take a look and get some advice. But as early as a few days ago, Ye Cheng told him in advance that he was in the library before ten o’clock in the evening and did not reply any news at all.

He opened the circle of friends bored. With the New Year approaching, everyone’s life is very lively.

Jiang Jin’s school had a holiday earlier than the University of Science and Technology, and now he has returned to the southern capital, and posted a photo of Jiang Yirong and Jiang Yirong taking a group photo in the snow. Xu Chao returned to his hometown in Northeast China during the Spring Festival, and the whole family gathered together to make dumplings. Tan Xiaoqi took Li Junxiao back to see his parents, and Li Junxiao was cowardly.

The happiest was Meng Li, she flew to Sanya with Gao Qiulan, and the two had a great time.

After looking around, Lu Xiao was even less interested in studying.

The air conditioner in the dormitory was very dry, with a mixture of instant noodles and braised chicken.

Why are they all playing while they have to deal with papers and exams? !


Just then, his phone rang.

Lu Xiao ran downstairs in a hurry and brought up four cups of milk tea and a large bag of barbecue.

“Come and eat, my boyfriend ordered it,” he greeted.

The roommates gathered around one after another. The roommate who was rejected by him just now rubbed his hands and said enviously, “That one from your family is too good, I just happened to be hungry.”

Lu Xiao told Ye Cheng several times about the dorm room.

College classmates are not the same as high school students. In many cases, a class acts separately. Their counselor was not as caring as Ye Cheng’s counselor, and basically only saw her three or four times a semester. The atmosphere of the class is also indifferent.

There is a person in their dormitory who needs to be verified, a person who is addicted to online games, and the **** just now.

The work and rest time of the research and the game is different, and the conflict has intensified in the long run. Finally, a fight last month, which alarmed the dormitory and the counselor. This is also the reason why Lu Xiao saw the counselor for the fourth time this semester.

To put it simply, these people are different from each other.

Lu Xiao has a clear goal since he was a child. He knows who can be friends with and who should not be friends with, which greatly avoids useless social interactions. Obviously, he has an average relationship with these three, and at most, he would persuade him to get into a fight lazily, so as not to affect the dormitory rating at the end of the year.

He never wanted to hide his relationship with Ye Cheng from the very beginning. After these people knew that he had a “boyfriend”, their attitudes also became strange.

When he went to A University last week, he mentioned a few words to Ye Cheng, saying that he planned to move out next semester. Unexpectedly, Ye Cheng quickly took it to heart and bought food for everyone in their dormitory today.

As the saying goes, eating people is soft, and the three of them didn’t say anything, they all ate happily.

Lu Xiao bit the meat skewer and sent Ye Cheng a message:

[Wife, I received takeaway[/Little Love]]

【I miss you so much[/woohoo]]

Recently, he has become more and more fond of expressing various expressions. He always speaks with an invisible coquettish coquettishness. He has to report to Ye Cheng when he takes a shower and takes a shower.

For this, Jiang Jin also complained.

He said seriously: [Brother Xiao, I love you very much, but can I ask you not to use emojis in every sentence? And don’t repeat the rhetoric, thank you. 】

Ye Cheng touched his head—yes, he made a special emoji to reach out and touch Lu Xiao’s head. Special for dealing with spoiled puppies.

Restrain: [Hold on, I will go home after finishing the exam in a week. 】

Suspect X: [Good! [/star eye][/little love]]

Lu Xiao felt that Jiang Jin must have never been coaxed like this before, otherwise no one could resist such a tone! Boys who act coquettish are the best, and cannot be refuted.

After a week of torture, the two finally survived to Huinandu.

When Lu Xiao went home with two suitcases, Meng Lizheng and Gao Qiulan asked two neighbors to play mahjong together.

Seeing them coming back, Meng Li and Gao Qiulan stood up at the same time.

“My God, baby, why are you so thin?” Meng Li said exaggeratedly, covering his mouth.

Lu Xiao put down his suitcase, feeling embarrassed, “No, I often go to the gym this semester…”

Before he finished speaking, Meng Li walked over to Ye Cheng, looked at him and said, “It’s too thin, my mother will make you something delicious to supplement.”

Gao Qiulan also said: “It must be that the food over there is not to your taste. Our family has been picky eaters since childhood.”

Lu Xiao: “…”

Hello? Someone look at him?

Meng Li dragged Ye Cheng and talked for a while, and finally remembered that he had a son.

“Xiaoxiao, go take a shower and change your clothes, and go to your grandpa’s place later,” she said.

Lu Xiao said in surprise, “Am I going alone?”

Meng Li rolled his eyes: “Otherwise, who will accompany you? Xiaocheng wants to go to the old house, or do I want to go?”

Lu Xiao choked.

Fortunately, Ye Cheng said in time: “Auntie, why don’t I accompany him, you and grandma have dinner together.”

Meng Li said hesitantly, “Although you should meet the old man too, but just after returning from the journey…”

Lu Xiao couldn’t listen anymore, “Mom, I don’t get tired if I drive? Is my car good for the whole journey!”

Ye Cheng explained a few more words, and then Meng Li let him go.

“Will it be good for Xiaocheng to go there?” Gao Qiulan was still a little worried.

Meng Li smiled and said, “There’s nothing wrong, it’s all a family.”

Lu Xiao went upstairs and changed into a coat. After going out with Ye Cheng, he hooked his hand and hid it in his cuff.

They like to hold hands like this in winter, secret and warm.

It snows early in Nandu, and the surrounding area is already white. Ye Cheng was wearing high-top boots, stepping on the snow making a creaking noise, and Lu Xiao kicked the snow on him.

“My mother is too partial.” Lu Xiao said with a smile.

Ye Cheng touched the ring on his finger, took it off for him, put it in his pocket, and replied, “Auntie is worried that grandpa is dissatisfied with you, but after all, she still loves you very much.”

Lu Xiao scratched his palm and said, “No, I’d rather she love you more.”

“Stupid.” Ye Cheng felt amused.

But Lu Xiao said solemnly: “You will treat her as a mother in the future. Didn’t you say that you never ate the food your mother made when you were young? Go home and let her cook it for you. Everything I have is yours.”

Although the air was already below zero, his words still warmed Ye Cheng’s heart. The little boy Lu Xiao would fight with him for food, for a game position, and arguing over a hot sheep doll. But he is willing to take out his most precious mother and share it with him.

Just like what he said in his arms when he woke up that day – I will try my best to give you my all, and I will love you unreservedly. I got this rose tattooed and I will do everything I can to protect it.

He looked at his growing boy and nodded vigorously.

On the way from Jiulong to the old house, Ye Cheng kept holding Lu Xiao’s hand.

It is impossible to say that he is not nervous, after all, it is difficult for him to ensure that they will not reveal their secrets in front of Lu Jinnan. The eyes he and Lu Xiao looked at each other were too obvious, what kind of person Lu Jinnan had never seen before, if you look at it a few more times, you will find it tricky.

Fortunately, when they arrived at the old house, they found that Lu Zhanyang’s car had been parked at the door. As soon as this guy appeared, it meant that all the firepower would be focused on him.

Seeing them, Lu Zhanyang waved warmly and said, “Xiaoxiao, Xiaocheng, it’s such a coincidence that you all come to see the old man today.”

Lu Xiao called out “Cousin” indifferently and asked someone to park the car.

Lu Zhanyang came over and smiled maliciously: “Xiaocheng, you are very good. You have the grandson of others, and you dare to visit in an open and honest way?”

“Try talking to Grandpa in this tone for a while.” Ye Cheng didn’t buy his account.

Lu Zhanyang shuddered: “Unless I don’t want to live, why doesn’t the old man like to see me so much? I sent him two bottles of good wine and a box of cigars a few days ago, and I almost sent all the little stars of our company. coming.”

Ye Cheng choked for a moment, thinking that you know Lu Jinnan too? It would be nice not to be thrown out without even bringing gifts.

When the three entered the door, Lu Jinnan was wearing glasses and writing with a brush.

He wrote very attentively, and no one dared to disturb him.

It wasn’t until he put down the pen that Lu Xiao called out “Grandpa”, Lu Zhanyang touched his nose and said, “Uncle is in good spirits.”

Lu Jinnan looked up at him and waved his hand in disgust: “If you want to talk about something, wait in the main hall.”

“It’s not a serious matter, it’s my project two days ago…”

Lu Zhanyang was interrupted ruthlessly when he was halfway through.

“If it’s not serious business, go back.” Lu Jinnan said without entering.

The tea room was very quiet, and the people who studied ink on the side didn’t dare to breathe.

Lu Zhanyang took a deep breath and had to say, “Then I’ll wait in the main hall, uncle.”

After driving away a fly, Lu Jinnan looked at Lu Xiao and Ye Cheng and asked, “Would you like to introduce me?”

Lu Xiao watched the fun and came back to his senses and said, “This is my friend and my mother’s godson, called Ye Cheng. Grandpa, didn’t you say that I can bring my classmates during my internship, what I want to bring is he.”


Hearing this, Lu Jinnan looked at Ye Cheng a few more times.

“Hello, Grandpa.” Ye Cheng politely bowed his head slightly.

Lu Jinnan nodded and said to Lu Xiao, “Your third uncle brought me some tea. You can go to the warehouse and get it for me.”

It was obvious that he supported Lu Xiao, and Lu Xiao couldn’t refuse, so he could only give Ye Cheng a look, and withdrew with the people who studied ink.

Ye Cheng stood quietly, waiting for Lu Jinnan to speak.

He should be the first friend Lu Xiao brought back to meet Lu Jinnan. Of course, he would do a check to see who was around Lu Xiao.

“Little Leaf, sit down as you like.” Lu Jinnan gestured to him.

Ye Cheng sat down opposite him and said, “Grandpa also likes thin gold bodies?”

Lu Jinnan was a little surprised. He thought that the one who got closer to Lu Xiao should at least like to have fun rather than calligraphy.

“The writing is not good, have you practiced calligraphy?” he asked.

Ye Cheng looked at it and said, “It’s already very good. I can write like this after only a few months of practice. I learned calligraphy in elementary school, and the teacher who taught me was Mr. Liang from the Calligraphy Association.”

Lu Jinnan was even more surprised. Liang Qi was his old friend. It was because Liang Qi showed him a copybook of the thin gold body a few months ago that he suddenly wanted to practice the thin gold body. Seeing his expression, Ye Cheng felt slightly relieved. It seems that this flattery is right, he really likes to study calligraphy and painting.

“I can’t tell. You are young, but you know a lot.” Lu Jinnan looked at him with admiration.

Ye Cheng licked his lips and saw the chess endgame next to him, and continued to draw closer: “It’s not that I know a lot, it’s just that what I like is very similar to my grandfather. Hey, this endgame is so ingenious, can I watch it? ”

“Of course.” Lu Jinnan made a “please” gesture.

Ye Cheng sat a little closer to him, and the two discussed how to break the endgame next to each other.

After discussing for a long time, there was no result, but Lu Jinnan spoke to him with more than a little bit of kindness.

Ye Cheng talked along his previous experience, talking about the part of him being a soldier when he was young and going to sea to start a business, Lu Jinnan seemed to have opened the chat box and got out of control.

Before Lu Xiao got the tea and came back, the two quickly changed from strangers to elders and juniors with many common interests.

Finally, the topic returned to Lu Xiao. Lu Jinnan agreed to let him come to the company for an internship and asked him to help take care of Lu Xiao.

In his eyes, Ye Cheng is already a child with excellent academic performance and a calm atmosphere.

Lu Jinnan kneaded an “elephant” in his hand and said, “Hey, besides his business ability, what I’m worried about now is whether he can find a good match. You are still young, and you don’t understand that in a big family, How important it is to have a good helper.”

Ye Cheng’s heart froze, what should have come is still here.

Lu Jinnan sighed and said, “Like your Aunt Meng, who used to be my most important daughter-in-law. It’s a pity. Xiaocheng, you and Lu Xiao get along well, do you know what kind of woman he likes?”

Ye Cheng paused, he didn’t know what kind of woman Lu Xiao liked, but he knew what kind of man he liked…



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