Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 91

Ye Cheng coughed a few times and turned his head away: “Got it.”

Seeing him take the initiative to show weakness, Lu Xiao felt a little more comfortable.

After the two finished their meal, they spent the afternoon in the farm. In the evening, after sending him back, Lu Xiao sent Jiang Jin a message saying: [Come to my house tomorrow, Ah Cheng said I need your help. 】

Jiang Jin was extremely puzzled: [You said earlier that you didn’t tell me that you might have to break up? 】

Lu Xiao: [Bah, bah, you broke up, your whole family broke up! 】

Jiang Jin: […? ? 】

Ye Cheng’s plan was detailed and thorough. He analyzed from the perspective of Xia Ran’s character, and believed that the three types she hated the most were Puxinan, Mabaonan and Haiwang. Lu Xiao looks obviously unpopular. On the contrary, his arrogance will attract girls, so the first way will not work; Xia Ran’s father and the old man are partners, so he naturally knows that Lu Xiao has never been in love. Can’t stand either.


The only reliable one is the cowardly and incompetent Ma Baonan.

This performance requires the all-round cooperation of Jiang Jin and Ye Cheng. Jiang Jin is responsible for singing the white face, and Ye Cheng is responsible for singing the red face, so as to form a sharp contrast with Lu Xiao.

The three of them were shopping for clothes.

Lu Xiao expressed a little worried: “What if that girl likes you?”

Ye Cheng easily responded to the enemy: “It’s very simple, I just stick an orchid finger before I leave.”

“…As expected of my brother Orange, I can go out.” Jiang Jin gave him a thumbs up.

“Just this one, it looks good.” Ye Cheng picked up a pair of suspender jeans and said, “Mother and boys wear it like this.”

Lu Xiao: “?”

Jiang Jin laughed loudly: “Yes, yes, paired with a white shirt and black-rimmed glasses, it’s an absolute treasure!”

Ye Cheng gestured Lu Xiao’s body with his clothes and trousers, patted him and said, “Go, put on and have a look.”

Lu Xiao disliked it and protested: “Can I change it? It’s not like Mom’s treasure, it’s like an idiot.”

“No, this suit is the most suitable.”

Half an hour later, Lu Xiao looked completely new from head to toe.

With a shiny big back and black-rimmed glasses, a striped shirt and overalls, it looks not only a mother’s treasure, but also a little mentally handicapped, like a giant baby whose IQ remains at the age of three.

Jiang Jin laughed until his stomach hurt, and took a few photos of him secretly next to him. Lu Xiao chased him all over the mall and grabbed his mobile phone, and forced him to delete the photos.

That night, Lu Xiao was so angry that he pressed Ye Cheng into the bathtub and asked, “You want to make a fool of me on purpose, eh?”

His hair was wet against his face, looking lustful and dangerous.

Ye Cheng couldn’t utter a complete sentence, her slender fingers tightly clasped the edge of the bathtub, her knuckles glowing with attractive pink, “Don’t… I’m going to have a photo session tomorrow, ah…”


“What? Say it, why didn’t you say it?” Lu Xiao was like a hungry beast, without the slightest distressed expression on his fragile expression. The violence in his heart intensified, gradually making him lose his mind.

Water splashed everywhere, and the mirror was covered in mist.

The bathroom was filled with a strong, charming scent until late into the night.

Early the next morning, Lu Xiao went downstairs in his pajamas and served breakfast to Ye Cheng.

Meng Li was on the phone while eating, and seeing his contented look, he couldn’t help but glared at him: “Yesterday was a bit late, right? Don’t just take care of yourself, it’s okay to squeeze Xiaocheng’s shoulders and waist, you know ?”

Today is different from the past, Lu Xiao’s face has thickened a lot, and he said carelessly: “Pinch it, the first thing I do when I open my eyes in the morning is to massage him.”

Meng Li’s eyes were even more contemptuous, who knew whether it was a real massage or a fake one.

She pointed to her neck and reminded: “cover up the scratches here, you are going to go on a blind date this afternoon.”

Lu Xiao carelessly touched his neck, “Got it.”

Speaking of which, it seemed that every time he spent the night with Ye Cheng, he would find scratches on his body the next day. I don’t know if he was too immersed at the time or what, he didn’t notice it at all when he was caught, and he didn’t even feel pain when taking a shower. When I woke up in the morning, I felt a tingling sensation in my skin.

Gee, what a cute little wild cat.

Lu Xiao ate two mouthfuls of bread, picked out Ye Cheng’s favorite shrimp dumplings and porridge, put them on the tray, turned and went upstairs.

Meng Li held his chin in melancholy and sighed, “It’s good to be young, you can indulge as much as you want.”

The girlfriend on the other end of the phone said, “Come to the bar at night, and I’ll introduce you to Xiao Xianrou.”

“Farewell,” Meng Li said eagerly, “Don’t you feel too embarrassed that the kid was only two years older than Xiaoxiao last time?”

The best friend said: “What’s so embarrassing, I always thought you had a physical problem before, and I didn’t dare to call you out. Now that you’ve recovered, you’re so beautiful! All those dog men can’t match you, we A flower in Nandu is the best!”

Meng Li laughed: “Don’t be sloppy.”

At four o’clock in the afternoon, Lu Xiao and Ye Cheng set off on time for a French restaurant.

Lu Xiao put on a hat when he went downstairs, for fear of being laughed at by Meng Li, but there was no Meng Li downstairs.

He made an appointment with Xia Ran at five o’clock. Because he needed to make preparations in advance, he went to the restaurant first.

Ye Cheng gave the manager a favor, telling him that they were recording a street talk show and that he needed to act as a waiter for two hours at the restaurant. As soon as the manager heard that it could be promoted by the way, he hurriedly agreed, and told him which corners were suitable for placing the camera.

Their plan is this-

First, Lu Xiao wanted to show his cowardly and traditional side through his words and deeds; then, Jiang Jin hid in the corner pretending to be his mother and called him to deepen his character; then, Jiang Jin appeared to molest Xia Ran, and Lu Xiao shrank in fright. She didn’t dare to make a sound in the corner, at this time Ye Cheng appeared on the stage to resolve the conflict.

The purpose of this plan is to make Xia Ran understand that the courage of a rich young master is not as good as that of a restaurant waiter.

After everything was arranged, it was almost five o’clock.

Several tables of guests came in one after another in the restaurant, and Lu Xiao also chose a corner seat to sit down and waited quietly.

Ye Cheng put on his shirt and vest, and walked straight through the restaurant with a tray in hand. Jiang Jin hides under a table and compares him “OK”.

Everything is ready, just waiting for the heroine to shine.

When the clock passed five o’clock, there was a roar outside the door, instantly attracting the attention of several customers.

Ye Cheng also looked over and saw a black Suzuki parked in front of the store.

A tall girl in a leather skirt got off the locomotive, took off her helmet neatly, and pushed in the door. Her short hair and skirt swayed as the doorbell rang. Even the manager was stunned.

She walked past Ye Cheng on her long boots, and she was almost as tall as him.

“Hello, where is Table 29?” She asked the manager, her voice not as sharp as a girl’s, but more neutral and mellow.

“In there, please.”

When the manager heard 29 tables, he thought that this is the Internet celebrity who participated in the shooting. No wonder he looks so good-looking.

Ye Cheng also followed with the menu. Jiang Jin at the bottom of the table stared blankly at Xia Ran’s back.

Xia Ran walked to table 29, sat down directly, and snapped her fingers to say hello: “Hey, bro, is that Lu Xiao?”

Lu Xiao paused visibly, and was about to raise his eyebrows to say hello, but after seeing Ye Cheng, he remembered that he is now a “mother boy”, so he stretched out his hand and said, “Hello, Miss.”

Xia Ran chewed gum, blew a bubble, and patted the back of his hand. He looked up and down at his clothes, his expression was indescribable.

She temporarily abandoned the idea of ​​complaining, and said cheerfully: “Order.”

Ye Cheng handed the menu to her, and just as she was about to introduce it, she ordered a few casually: “This, this, and this, another bottle… Forget it, I can’t drink. Brother, do you drink?”

She raised her chin to ask the opposite, her arrogant tone was not like a question, but like a fight.

Lu Xiao’s competitive spirit was aroused, and he wanted to pretend to be forceful in a conditioned reflex, but Ye Cheng glared back.

He silently took a sip from the cup and said, “My mother won’t let me drink.”

Xia Ran’s chewing gum stopped, Ye Cheng was closer to her, and she felt her hand move, as if she wanted to lift the cup to do something. In the end, she just raised the cup and drank, took a deep breath and smiled, “Okay, your mother is right.”

Ye Cheng raised the corners of his mouth, it seemed that this step on the thunder was extremely accurate.

Sure enough, cool girls dislike this kind of boy the most.


After Xia Ran finished ordering, he took it to show Lu Xiao the menu, and poked his arm secretly.

Lu Xiao understood, covered his mouth and exclaimed, “You ordered snails? My God, snails are so cute, how can you eat snails?!”

Xia Ran was drinking water, and suddenly splattered everywhere.

Lu Xiao played the upper body, wiped his overalls in a panic, and said, “Oh, you sprayed on my clothes, my mother will scold me.”

Ye Cheng lowered his head, his shoulders trembled slightly, holding back his laughter until he was going crazy.

Half of the restaurant’s guests watched over, and the manager thought they were acting according to the script, and even asked someone to bring a plate of melon seeds to watch it with relish.

Xia Ran choked and coughed, tears streaming out.

Ye Cheng took the opportunity to hand over the napkin and asked her in a low voice if she was okay. She waved her hand with tears in her eyes, and wrote “What kind of idiot is this”, her chest heaving up and down.

After ordering the meal, Ye Cheng temporarily retreated.

When passing by the bottom of the table, he kicked Jiang Jin below and whispered, “Call Lu Xiao in a minute.”

Jiang Jin covered his mouth: “No! Brother Orange, I don’t dare to tease her, she is taller than me the fuck! Won’t you just throw me over the shoulder?”

Ye Cheng said, “No, she’s wearing a skirt.”

“But…how do I feel like she’s going to beat Brother Xiao.” Jiang Jin witnessed the scene just now and watched Xia Ran pick up and put down the knife and fork, as if trying to endure it.

Ye Cheng comforted him: “It’s alright, anyway, if she wants to fight, she will fight Lu Xiao. I will play before she beats you.”

Jiang Jin: “Really, don’t lie to me.”

Ye Cheng: “Really, now, call Lu Xiao, hurry up.”

The character design needs to strike while the iron is hot, and Xia Ran’s disgusting energy has not dissipated, so she quickly hit her again.

Jiang Jin nervously dialed Lu Xiao’s cell phone.

Lu Xiaozheng blinked at Xia Ran with a demented look, and saw that her face was getting darker and darker, as dark as the locomotive outside.

The phone vibrated, he connected it, put it in his ear, and said in a very happy tone, “Hey, mom, I’m dating the little sister introduced by grandpa.”

Xia Ran couldn’t help but shivered and stared at him with a cold look on her face.



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