Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 92

Jiang Jin squatted under the table, originally scared to death, but after hearing Lu Xiao shouting “Mom”, the corner of his mouth couldn’t help grinning to the base of his ear.

“My dear son, hey hey hey.” He tapped the recording, “Two more calls to listen.”

Lu Xiao’s left hand hidden under the table was about to tear the tablecloth, and he grinned through gritted teeth: “Well, I’m obediently wearing long johns, so I won’t freeze. Don’t worry, I’ve pulled the chair away for Miss, am I very worried? Great, Mom?”

Xia Ran’s fork slammed into the bread before meals, and Ye Cheng, who was next to him, couldn’t help but sweat. Her face was gradually twisted, and her father’s advice sounded in her mind: As long as I don’t make mistakes, I will allow you to move out, and Jiulong’s house is up to you.


Jiang Jin burst out laughing: “No way, it’s too stupid, hahahaha.”

Lu Xiao tried his best to endure: “Okay, I see, I’ll send her back. Let’s stop talking about mom, bye.”

The moment he hung up the phone, Xia Ran said with a dry smile, “You don’t need to send me back, I came here by bike.”

After you finish your meal, get out of your way to the old lady, where you go.

Ye Cheng served the dishes on the plate, and gave a fluttering look by the way. Lu Xiao received his hint and continued to say, “How can it be possible? My mother said that she must send the girl home. I don’t worry about you going back alone.”

Please, big brother.

Xia Ran wants to gag his mouth with bread before eating. Who of us is more worried?

However, she still endured the humiliation and did not spray dirty, and her face was frozen with a smile: “No need, I learned Sanda, it is safe to go home alone.”

Jiang Jin had just climbed over from under the table when he heard these words, and immediately got back in silently, leaving only his **** sticking out.

Ye Cheng came around and dragged him out, scolding in a low voice, “It’s not too late, they have already started eating.”

Jiang Jin cried and cried: “She said she learned Sanda! I can’t, I really can’t! I haven’t fought in a long time, and she’s a woman, how can I start?!”

Drop the chain at the critical moment.

Ye Cheng was completely speechless, “I didn’t want you to fight! Wouldn’t it be okay to say a few bastards? She won’t do anything to you.”

“Wuwuwu, you promise not to let her hit me.”

“…I promise, hurry up.”

Ye Cheng’s patience was completely worn away, and he pushed him hard with his collar.

Xia Ran looked at Lu Xiao’s eating posture, cut the meat into smaller portions than hers, and stuffed it into her mouth awkwardly. She couldn’t help taking a few sips of water, barely suppressing the anger and discomfort in her chest.

Fucking hell.

Every time I hear people say that blind dates are unreliable and weird, I didn’t expect to encounter such a brain-dead for the first time.

At this moment, a well-dressed boy came over.

As he swayed around, his calf shivered.

Xia Ran didn’t focus on eating, and looked at him inexplicably.

Jiang Jin took a few deep breaths, plucked up his courage and stepped forward: “Oh, little beauty, what are you looking at, you are in love with my brother?”

As soon as he opened his mouth, he was an old liuzi, and Xia Ran immediately understood and laughed out of anger.

I forgot to read the almanac when I went out today, and I met everyone.

Yes, there is just nowhere to vent the fire.

She took off her leather jacket and rolled up her cuffs to reveal the flower arm of her left hand.

Lu Xiao was thinking about how to start with “my mother” to educate Jiang Jin as a “little bastard”, but she was stunned when she saw her flowery arms.

Empress Jiang Jincang took two steps back and recited the lines tremblingly: “You… don’t be ignorant, it’s your honor to fall in love with my brother, woman, hand over your WeChat now…”

Before he could say the word “come”, Xia Ran’s stool made a harsh mopping sound, then got up and punched him in the face.

The entire restaurant looked over, and the guests burst into exclamations.

It happened so suddenly, Ye Cheng hurriedly threw the tray to save it.

As soon as he walked over, a long leg swept across the sky and swept Jiang Jin to the ground with a bang. Ye Cheng quickly leaned back and was almost accidentally injured by that leg.

Jiang Jin lay on the ground without saying a word, Xia Ran calmly retracted her legs and straightened her skirt.

Ye Cheng: “…”

Lu Xiao: “…”

The manager clapped and applauded behind the counter: “It’s so handsome! This is a legend, right? The scripts of street interviews are so exciting now.”

I can’t get enough of this meal.

Xia Ran picked up the key on the table and said to Lu Xiao, “Eat slowly, I’ll have this meal.”

After saying that, he turned and left without looking back.

The manager chased him out, gave her a distinguished membership card, left her contact information, and chatted around her.

The black Suzuki made a sound of bombing the street and walked away.

Ye Cheng quickly helped Jiang Jin up and let him sit on the seat.


The manager came in to reassure everyone: “It’s okay, it’s okay, the internet celebrity is filming a variety show, you guys continue to eat. Oh, you are too dedicated, your nose bleeds, I’ll go get you some ice cubes.”

Jiang Jin whimpered and leaned on Lu Xiao’s shoulder, covering his nose in grievance: “She hit me in the face! She actually hit me in the face! Woohoo, my nose hurts so much, won’t it break?”

Lu Xiao pushed him away, looked at his nose seriously, and pressed his hand a few times, causing Jiang Jin to howl again.

“No fractures.” Lu Xiao said.

Ye Cheng’s face was terrible, and he took the manager’s ice cube to help him apply it.

Jiang Jin looked at him with tears in his eyes: “Brother Orange, you promised not to let her hurt me! You said you would be the first to rush up to protect me!”

Ye Cheng: “Cough cough, I was stunned for a while, but I didn’t react. I’m sorry.”

After all, who would have thought that when she stood up, she would do it, and if one punch was not enough, she had to make up for it. This Xia Ran is also wild enough, I don’t know where the old man got it.

Lu Xiao was very satisfied. He had a good appetite and cut a piece of meat to feed to Ye Cheng, and said, “How is my performance?”

Ye Cheng nodded, chewing on the meat and said, “She looks very angry because of her extraordinary performance. In this case, she will go back and tell her family that it was the woman who rejected you first, so grandpa shouldn’t blame you.”

After receiving praise from his wife, Lu Xiao happily said to Jiang Jin, “Don’t cry, just order anything, she’s a treat anyway.”

Jiang Jin devoured a big mouthful of meat with tears in his eyes.

Xia Ran rode the bicycle halfway against the wind, and suddenly found that the sunglasses pinned to the neckline were gone.

It must have been dropped when I beat someone just now, it’s **** bad.

She remembered the person who delivered the sunglasses, scolded a swear word, and had to turn around and go back.

When she arrived near the restaurant, she saw the hooligan who molested her just now, sitting with Ma Baonan and the waiter for dinner. Ma Baonan changed his docile look just now, his face was cool and cold, he backhandedly fed the waiter a mouthful of food, and thoughtfully helped him wipe his mouth with a tissue.


Xia Ran narrowed her eyes and looked at them while lying on the motorcycle.

It seems that the young master of the Lu family is not so simple, and things become interesting.

Night falls.

After taking a shower, Lu Xiao turned on the computer and received an email from Secretary Zhang. It contains some basic information of the head office, which is convenient for him to understand the situation during his internship.

The water droplets on his hair have not dried yet, and flowed down the looming chest muscles into the neckline of the bathrobe, completely different from the idiot’s overalls during the day. If the manager saw him, he probably wouldn’t recognize him.

The phone on the table vibrated, and Lu Xiao took the time to glance at it.

Unfamiliar number, he hung up easily.

After a while, the phone vibrated again, and it was the same number.

He frowned and hung up again.

Generally, he doesn’t know who is calling, and he doesn’t bother to answer.

Not even a minute later, the number called again.

Lu Xiao got impatient, put it in his ear, stared at the screen and said, “Why?”

The other end was obviously calmed down by his tone, and after a while, there was a slightly familiar laughter.

“Oh, it turns out that Young Master Lu has such a grumpy temper, I really can’t see it.”

Lu Xiao’s typing hand paused and recognized that it was Xia Ran’s voice.

Fuck, why did she call, didn’t she disgust her enough during the day?

Lu Xiao covered his forehead. After a few seconds, he squeezed his throat and said happily, “Miss, it’s you, I’m sorry, I was busy just now. What’s the matter with you looking for me so late?”

Who knows, Xia Ran laughed even louder.

“Young Master Lu, you are a smart person, don’t go around in circles when you talk.”

“What do you mean?” Lu Xiao’s face sank, guessing what she should know.

Xia Ran said, “I thought about it after I got home, and I think you are actually a good person. I shouldn’t resist the arrangement at home.”



Lu Xiao scolded inwardly, not expecting this woman to be quite refined.

The other side continued: “Unfortunately, I happened to see you with your boyfriend. Hey, Young Master Lu, it’s not sincere to lie.”

Hearing her mention Ye Cheng, Lu Xiao’s voice turned cold, “What do you want?” He asked blankly.

Xia Ran said: “Don’t be so fierce, I didn’t think about it, how about we make a win-win business?”

Lu Xiao sneered, “I don’t have to talk about it.”

He was most afraid of others threatening him, and was about to hang up when Xia Ran said, “Don’t hang up yet, I’ll confess, I don’t really like men.”

Lu Xiao was stunned, his hand tightening on the phone.

Xia Ran said: “My dad arranged this blind date. The reason…is very complicated. In short, he said at least a few weeks to have a look. If I turn my head and tell him that I’m gay, he will definitely lock me up.”

Lu Xiao understood and said with a smile, “So, are you asking me for something? Are we familiar with each other? Why should I help you?”

Xia Ran said, “I took a picture.”

Lu Xiao: “…”

“No, I’m joking.” Xia Ran said hurriedly, “I don’t need you to pretend to be a couple, I just want to trouble you to say something nice in front of your grandfather, just say I’m gentle, generous, knowledgeable, etc. In two weeks , and then it’s fine if you think it’s inappropriate. I wish you and your family’s longevity and eternal **** in bed, okay? ”

The last sentence hit Lu Xiao’s heart, and he snorted coldly, “I can praise you for your last sentence. But don’t expect me to date you or meet my parents. I’m not a philanthropist.”

Xia Ran was happy and said, “No, I want to vomit when I fall in love with a man. It’s no exaggeration, I almost vomited during the day today.”

Lu Xiao’s cheeks twitched, not knowing for a while whether she was praising herself or scolding herself.

He remembered something again and said, “However, I have to ask my boyfriend’s opinion on this matter. Unless he doesn’t mind, I will help…”

Xia Ran interrupted him excitedly: “I asked him before I called you. As long as your eyes are not blind, you can see which of you is in charge. Thank you, Master Lu, goodbye.”


Lu Xiao was depressed.

Xia Ran hung up the phone and happily sent Ye Cheng a WeChat message.

[He agreed, thank you very much. By the way, your family loves you so much, I didn’t love my ex-girlfriend so much. 】

Ye Cheng: […How do you know that he was attacking? 】

This Xia Ran added his Wechat through the manager, and with snot and tears, he said how he was abandoned by his ex-girlfriend, and finally was locked up at home and forced her to go on a blind date. Those who saw it were sad and those who heard it wept. Ye Cheng heard it as if he was watching a third-rate drama, and was moved by her involuntarily.

Xia Ran: [It’s not easy. With this height and good looks, it’s a decent 18cm. Well, he has such a straight nose, I guess you can’t resist it? 】

Ye Cheng: […Don’t say anything. 】

He hurriedly closed the dialog box, thinking about what happened to the girls now, and talking more and more openly.

The day after the blind date, Lu Jinnan really called Lu Xiao over.

The grandfather and grandson were chatting in the tea room, and Ye Cheng went to hang out in the garden, planning to fold a few newly opened plum blossoms.

“How is that girl?” Lu Jinnan asked after drinking a sip of tea.

Lu Xiao said with a straight face, “gentle and generous, knowledgeable and reasonable.”

Lu Jinnan was choking on the tea, and thought that the other’s father didn’t say that. He clearly said that his daughter was a bit perverse, and asked them to bear with them.

But maybe the lover sees Xi Shi, Lu Jinnan said clearly: “So you have a good impression? Don’t worry, let’s take a look first.”

Lu Xiao gave a vague “um”.

Lu Jinnan waved his hand: “Go downstairs first, call your Uncle Zhang in, and stay here for lunch at noon.”

“Yes, Grandpa.”

Lu Xiao went out and let Secretary Zhang, who was waiting at the door, go in.

Secretary Zhang entered the door holding the document bag, handed it to him and said, “Elder Lu, this needs your signature.”

Lu Jinnan took the document bag, took the pen from his chest, and said to him while signing his signature, “You go and look at that girl from the Xia family. Xiaoxiao said that she is interested in her. It’s better to know the bottom line, so as to save another trouble.”

“Got it.” Secretary Zhang said respectfully.



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