Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 93

After Lu Xiao praised Xia Ran in front of Lu Jinnan, Lu Jinnan started asking questions every day.

“Have you eaten with that girl today?”

“Grandpa find a plane to take you to skiing. Rock climbing is too dangerous, try not to go.”

“How’s it going recently? No quarrel?”

In this regard, Lu Xiao always used “gentle and generous, knowledgeable and reasonable” to perfunctory things, and did not drive his brain to make up.

Fortunately, a few years ago, he needed to go to the head office in China for an internship, and he held meetings and worked overtime every three days. Because Lu Jinnan specially instructed, Secretary Zhang did not reveal his identity as the prince in the company, and the top manager desperately squeezed the newcomer. After going back and forth, Lu Jinnan focused more on his performance, and stopped asking him about Xia Ran.


Every other week, Lu Xiao has to stay in the old house for a few nights – Lu Jinnan has to check his work report.

In his view, this was extremely painful and unavoidable, but in the eyes of his uncle and uncle, he was so jealous that he even changed his eyes. So far, it can be seen that the old man intends to cultivate him hand in hand.

The old house is located in a remote location, it is snowing heavily outside, and the crackling of firecrackers can be heard from time to time.

The nanny took the children to play snowball fights downstairs, and the taste of the year was very strong.

The group chat is also very lively-

Jiang Jin: [Sisters, will you come out to drink all night on New Year’s Eve? 】

Tan Xiaoqi: [Yes, yes! I dare not drink at home, I suffocate! 】

Zhou Minhao: [My brother Xiao, brother Xiao said he wanted to invite me for a drink last time. 】

Jiang Jin: [Brother Xiao must be invited, people are soaring now, what about that hot search, the Lu family’s crown prince has surfaced…]

Everyone was chatting and chatting, while the Lu family’s crown prince was agonizingly worried about a pile of reports and contracts.

He sent a message to Ye Cheng aggrievedly: [Daughter-in-law, I can’t go to you tomorrow, the old man explained that he wants me to prepare for the annual meeting together. 】

After a long time, there was a perfunctory reply: [Then you work hard. 】

Lu Xiao immediately dropped the paper in his hand and typed: [What are you doing? 】

After another five minutes, Ye Cheng replied: [Shopping with your mother and Xia Ran, my mother seems to like Xia Ran a lot, and bought her a scarf. 】

Lu Xiao: […]

He looked down at the contract, and then looked at the chat records, and his heart was instantly unbalanced.

Lu Xiao: [You stay away from that girl! Buy her a scarf, why doesn’t my mother buy you something? 】

Ye Cheng is inexplicable: [She brought me a Lambo and asked me to drive it when I was in Nandu. 】

Lu Xiao: […………]

What’s wrong with this world? ! !

Ye Cheng sensed his irritability, and took the initiative to ask: [Have you come across something you don’t understand again? Send it to me to take a look. 】

Lu Xiao didn’t want to bother him. During this period of time, he harassed Ye Cheng with the problems he encountered, but when he thought that he was shopping with two women, he might as well help him solve the problem, so he took a photo and sent it to him. past.

Lu Xiao: [I don’t understand the people in the red circle, you can help me take a look. 】

On the other end of Ye Cheng’s side, “inputting” was displayed. After a few minutes of input, he sent a large paragraph of explanation.

Lu Xiao buried his head and looked at it carefully, and couldn’t help sighing: [Wife, you’re too good, you can’t even do it… 】

Halfway through his typing, he saw Lu Jinnan knock on the half-open study door and walk in.

He quickly deleted the typed words, put the phone upside down on the table, got up and said in a proper manner, “Grandpa.”

Lu Jinnan glanced at his phone and snorted, “Why, you still can’t sit still?”

“No,” Lu Xiao explained, “I was asking Ye Cheng when I encountered a question I didn’t quite understand.”

“Little Leaf?” A hint of surprise flashed in Lu Jinnan’s eyes, “Isn’t he a medical student, how could this happen?”

Lu Xiao said, “Maybe I followed his father before, but I only understood the ones I circled after asking him.”

He said “circled”, referring to Lu Jinnan’s plans to inspect him. After he gave the answer, all of them were approved by Lu Jinnan, that is to say, most of those plans were taught to him by Ye Cheng.

Hearing what he said, Lu Jinnan showed some praise and said, “Xiao Ye is a very smart child, I have already discovered that. Well, you can also call him to the head office and ask him to help you, I will give it to him. Double the salary of regular employees.”

As expected to find a companion for the prince, the opening is extraordinary.

Lu Xiao said in surprise, “Really?”

“But you have to ask him what he means. Since he chose medicine, maybe he is not interested in these.” Lu Jinnan said.

If you’re not interested, you have to come. Who made him my wife, Lu Xiao thought with schadenfreude. It happened that Ye Cheng was just a freshman, and he had not been able to enter the hospital for an internship, so he had to get someone over quickly.


Lu Jinnan checked his progress, then turned and walked away.

As soon as he left on the front foot, Lu Xiao couldn’t wait to inform Ye Cheng of the “good news”.

His lovely wife replied to him: [No way, get out. 】

Lu Xiao had a fierce look on his face: [It’s up to you, if you choose to come to the company, you won’t have to pay back what you owe me fourteen times. If we don’t choose to come, then we should do it a few times. 】

He hadn’t seen Ye Cheng much in the past few days. According to the frequency of the two, he really owed more than a dozen times.

Ye Cheng was shaken: [== The company is too boring. 】

Lu Xiao threatened with temptation: [I’ll accompany you, you don’t have to do anything, just lie on the sofa in the office and fight the king. 】

Ye Cheng: [Aren’t you a clerk, where did you come from? 】

Lu Xiao: […Not for now, but there will be in the future! 】

Under his abduction, Ye Cheng finally agreed reluctantly.

Unexpectedly, after going around in a circle, he still returned to his old business, but based on this starting point, Lu Xiao should be able to get started much faster than in his previous life.

Lu Xiao came forward in his place and went to Lu Jinnan to discuss salary.

“Grandpa, I think twice is too little,” he said plausibly, “they are big A, big A, my country’s double first-class A, key 985 and 211 universities. Just twice the salary, it is a precious thing to replace the elite pillars. Winter vacation, do you think it’s appropriate?”

The Lu family has always admired intellectuals, especially when Lu Jinnan’s three sons were bluffing with bought college diplomas, he respected those college students from famous universities even more.

He nodded in agreement and said, “It’s really not suitable, let him set a price for himself. This kid’s ability and character are top-notch. If he wants to change careers in the future, the Lu family will welcome him at any time.”

Lu Xiao stretched out five fingers: “He’s too embarrassed to ask for it, why don’t he give it five times as much.”

“Okay.” Lu Jinnan said happily.

In this way, Ye Cheng became the prince’s companion during the winter vacation with five times the salary of ordinary employees.

And Lu Xiao’s purpose for doing this is also revealed. Every Saturday and Sunday are the days when he lives in the old house, and Ye Cheng naturally moves in with him.

It was not the driver who came to pick them up this Saturday, but Secretary Zhang.

Today is the last inspection before the annual meeting. After the annual meeting, Lu Jinnan will give them a holiday.

Lu Xiao fastened his seat belt and asked, “Uncle Zhang, why are you here to pick us up?”

Secretary Zhang coughed twice and looked at Ye Cheng in the rearview mirror.

Ye Cheng looked at him and reacted, “Do I need to get out of the car first to avoid it?”

Secretary Zhang looked embarrassed.

“No, Uncle Zhang, I never hide it from him.” Lu Xiao frowned and said.

Secretary Zhang said, “Okay, young master, I came here to remind you that the master is very unhappy today.”

Ye Cheng breathed for no reason, Lu Xiao patted the back of his hand and asked, “Why?”

Secretary Zhang’s face became even more embarrassing, and he hesitated: “Master asked me to check…Miss Xia, he knew that you were dealing with him during this time, and he lost his temper in the morning.”

The two people in the back seat glanced at each other and immediately understood.

Damn, this pig teammate will only cause trouble, Lu Xiao cursed inwardly.

Secretary Zhang added, “Young master, don’t be stubborn with the master for a while. The doctor came to check him a few days ago and said that his heart is not very good.”

“What?” Lu Xiao immediately sat up straight, “What happened to Grandpa?”

Secretary Zhang said: “…heart, arrhythmia.”

Ye Cheng looked away, looked out the window, and gradually understood.

If he guessed correctly, most of these words were said by Lu Jinnan to Secretary Zhang, and they were used to deter Lu Xiao.

The heart rhythm is nonsense. Lu Jinnan was a soldier when he was young, and since then he has maintained the habit of running in the morning. He does not know how much better his body is than his peers. Moreover, Secretary Zhang has always been a talkative and sullen person. He doesn’t seem like someone who would take the initiative to talk to Lu Xiao about this.

It seems that the old man’s careful thinking has not changed for so many years.

Ye Cheng narrowed his eyes and remembered the exact same routine he used before—arranging a blind date, saying that he had a heart attack… Going back a few years ago, even the process has not changed.

It sounds outrageous, but how did Lu Xiao find out that he didn’t have a heart attack, because Lu Jinnan couldn’t wait to sign up for a marathon, and he was photographed and posted on the Internet halfway through the run. The title is “Sixty and seventy year olds fight a marathon!”

Lu Xiao was a little worried and urged Secretary Zhang to drive quickly.

Ye Cheng didn’t say anything, but secretly searched on his mobile phone to see if there was a marathon in Nanyou recently, thinking about how to let the old man see the registration notice.

After they arrived at the old house, they met Lu Yuelin at the door and looked at them up and down with a smile.

Sure enough, he heard the wind and moved to watch the excitement.

Lu Xiao didn’t even call “Uncle” and went straight to the tea room upstairs. Ye Cheng nodded to him and followed.

Lu Xiao knocked on the door and walked in, leaving Ye Cheng and Secretary Zhang standing outside the door face to face.

Ye Cheng: “…”

Secretary Zhang: “…”

There was a sound inside, and Ye Cheng hurriedly looked through the crack of the door. Secretary Zhang asked nervously in a low voice, “Master won’t do anything, right?”

Ye Cheng looked at him suspiciously: “You don’t know, how do I know.”

Lu Jinnan threw a bunch of photos on Lu Xiao, and said angrily, “You said that the date was like this?!”

Lu Xiao looked along his toes. In the photo, Xia Ran was at the door of the bar, hugging a long-haired beauty… kissing, her clothes were half-open, and her hand was still touching the beauty’s butt. All in all, it has nothing to do with “gentle and generous, knowledgeable and reasonable”.


Looking at the time, it happened to be the day he and Lu Jinnan said they were going out on a date a few days ago.

Why is this happening? !

Didn’t she get dumped and cut her wrists? Fuck it.

Lu Xiao was speechless and opened his mouth.

“Don’t say you don’t know! With your cleverness, you can let her hide from you for so long? Unless you colluded a long time ago!” Lu Jinnan said angrily.

Lu Xiao was dumbfounded.

Lu Jinnan looked at him sadly: “You don’t want to go on a blind date, can you tell grandpa, did I force you? What did I tell you, don’t use these little tricks to deceive people! I…”

He covered his chest and took a breath.

Lu Xiao panicked and quickly supported him: “Grandpa, are you alright? I’ll call the doctor to come over.”

Lu Jinnan waved his hand and slowly calmed down.

“You actually united with outsiders…”

There were bursts of chatter from the tea room.

Ye Cheng glanced at Secretary Zhang and said, “Aren’t you worried? Old Man Lu almost passed out just now.”

Secretary Zhang was having a good time eating melons, but he forgot to perform for a while, and said in a panic, “I… I’m going to rush in, but I didn’t push the door when I saw that the master was fine.”

Ye Cheng sneered.

Inside, they rustled for a while, and after a while, Lu Xiao came out in dismay.

He looked at Ye Cheng and said, “You go to dinner first, I have received the fine and I have to kneel in the ancestral hall all night.”

Ancestral hall! Another shrine!

When you mention this place, Ye Cheng is horrified.

He couldn’t say anything, so he nodded sympathetically and watched Lu Xiao leave.

Lu Jinnan said, “Is Xiaoye outside? Come in.”

Ye Cheng instantly wanted to go to the ancestral hall with Lu Xiao, but the old man called him, so he daringly walked in.



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