Class Genius is Always Trying to Flirt with Me Chapter 94

Lu Jinnan put the photos that Lu Xiao picked up on the tea table, pointed to them and said, “You know about this?”

Ye Cheng and Lu Xiao stayed together almost every day. Secretary Zhang said that they had to eat together and go to the toilet together. Some people in the company teased that they were better than brothers rather than brothers.

Ye Cheng couldn’t shake his head and admitted, “I’m sorry, Grandpa.”

Lu Jinnan sighed heavily and looked at him in disappointment, “I thought you were a good boy who wouldn’t lie, so let me say something like this.”

Ye Cheng lowered his head silently and did not answer.

“Tell me the truth, does Lu Xiao dislike this girl, or does he already have someone he likes outside?”

Lu Jinnan observed his expression and seemed to notice something.


Ye Cheng hesitated, but at this moment, Lu Jinnan’s cell phone rang.

He glanced at the screen, put it in his ear and said, “Hey, Xiao Li, what’s the matter?”

At the same time, he waved to Ye Cheng and motioned him to go out.

Ye Cheng breathed a sigh of relief and bowed out of the room.

Not knowing what Meng Li said to Lu Jinnan, he went downstairs to greet Lu Yuelin and Ye Cheng, and hurried out.

Lu Yuelin made an inviting gesture and said, “Xiao Ye, there is no one else at home, let’s have dinner together.”

Except for banquets, family meals and activities are all in the old building at the back.

The old building is different from the previous one, and it is more inclined to the ancient school building.

Pavilions and pavilions, eaves and walls, the spring water in the garden ding-dong. Auntie led them through the corridor. There was a pond in the yard. From this part of the road, the light was much darker than the front yard.

Ye Cheng looked at the other side of the pond, where was the ancestral hall.

Lu Yuelin didn’t care about his eldest nephew at all, and politely asked Ye Cheng to sit down at the round dining table, waiting for the chef to bring the dishes one after another.

In the previous life, Ye Cheng had hardly been alone with him, and now he felt awkward everywhere.

Lu Yuelin was delicious, introduced the dishes enthusiastically, and asked him, “What did Xiaoxiao do wrong? Did he miss out on the account, or did he lose his temper and annoy the customer?”

Ye Cheng’s face was light, and he said, “Do you feel sorry for your nephew by asking this? Or, I’ll pick some dishes and put them in a bowl. Would you like to send them to him? He will definitely thank you.”

Lu Yuelin was choked for a moment, and touched his nose embarrassedly: “It’s not that I don’t want to give him food, the old man won’t let him, what can I do?”

According to the rules of the Lu family, one cannot eat in the ancestral hall, which is considered disrespectful.

To put it bluntly, it is punishing you on your knees and making you starve.

Lu Yuelin found out that Ye Cheng could not reveal the news, so he picked up the crab legs of the king crab and gnawed it indifferently.

After the meal, Ye Cheng wiped his mouth and said, “Uncle Lu, I heard from Grandpa, auntie is happy?”

“Huh? Yes, I just got pregnant.” Lu Yuelin put down his chopsticks and said happily.

Ye Cheng said: “Congratulations, by the way, it is best for pregnant women to eat folic acid.”

“What?” Lu Yuelin didn’t know why.

Ye Cheng didn’t say more, got up and left.

In the afternoon, he finished all the documents in the study, and then went to the kitchen to hang out with his pockets.

The chef with a beer belly chatted happily with him and gave him a few pieces of snowflakes.

Lu Jinnan came back at dinner time, his face looked cloudy.

No one dared to make a sound at the dining table, and even Lu Yuelin, the idiot, restrained a lot and ate his head down.

Lu Jinnan went back to the room halfway through the meal, leaving only Ye Cheng and Lu Yuelin to stare at each other. Ye Cheng found it hard to swallow because he saw it, and made an excuse to slip back into the room.

Every time he came to the old house, he stayed in the guest room facing the south.

The clock passed eleven, and the house was quiet. Lu Jinnan’s sleep quality is not good, so at night, no one walks around the house casually.

Ye Cheng took out the snowflake cake given by the chef, turned over the bag of milk that he hadn’t drank at noon from under the pillow, and went downstairs in the dark.

He first found the refrigerator, only to find there were no leftovers in it.

So I opened the kitchen cabinet again, except for all kinds of unprocessed ingredients, not even instant noodles…

Fortunately, there was still some white fungus porridge that my aunt had not finished drinking in the pot. He filled it with an empty mineral water bottle and walked cautiously towards the ancestral hall.

Ye Cheng is very familiar with the old house, the only thing that hinders him is the darkness around him.

In order to match the building complex in the backyard, even the chandeliers in the corridors are imitation ancient lanterns.

When the wind blows, the lights and shadows sway, strangely.

He wrapped the blanket tightly around him and stepped up to the ancestral hall.

Through the crack of the door, the smell of burning incense wafted from it.

Ye Cheng endured the discomfort and quietly shouted at the door, “Lu Xiao, Lu Xiao?”

– No response at all.

This dog thing, 80% fell asleep again.

He had to push the door and enter, silently saying “no intention to disturb, sorry sorry”.

The heavy wooden door made a creaking sound, which was especially harsh in the silent night. The howling of a wild cat came from the pond, and the water dripped down.

The light from the ancestral hall came over, Ye Cheng was horrified, and rushed in resolutely, shouting, “Lu Xiao!!”

Lu Xiao was sitting on the futon dozing off when he vaguely heard a familiar voice calling him.

He opened his eyes in a trance, and a figure slammed into his arms.

“Ah, ah, can’t there be a light at the door!”

Lu Xiao: “…”

“Why are you here?” He looked at Ye Cheng in surprise, “No, how did you find this place?”

Ye Cheng took a breath and tried to calm his pounding heart. He said speechlessly, “Can’t the wild cat at home be caught and sterilized? It has to come several times a month.”

Lu Xiao was a little confused.

Ye Cheng shook the bag in his hand and said, “I’m hungry, I brought you something to eat.”

He turned around and put his hands together again and said, “The ancestors and ancestors, you can’t bear your little great-grandson to starve.”

“Pfft—” Lu Xiao couldn’t hold back and laughed.

The first time they were punished for kneeling together, Lu Xiao hid a roasted sweet potato in his pocket with experience, and took it out for Ye Cheng to eat at night. At that time, Ye Cheng was still very disciplined, and said embarrassedly, “Didn’t Grandpa say that food is not allowed in the ancestral hall.”

Lu Xiao peeled off the skin of the sweet potato, gave the meat to him, gnawed the meat on the skin himself, and said vaguely, “What he said on purpose was to make us hungry. My father, my uncle and them all eat it, and the ancestors are reluctant to let us go. starving.”


“As expected of the daughter-in-law of our Lu family, she’s really clever.” Lu Xiao smiled and took a bite of the Snowflake Cake.

He was hungry all day, and his mouth was full of scum.

Ye Cheng looked at him, as if seeing Lu Xiao in his memory.

No matter how old you are, you are still as childish as ever.

He couldn’t help but reached out and wiped his mouth, saying, “Sloppy.”

Lu Xiao handed the half-bitten snowflake cake to his mouth and said, “It’s Master Qiao’s craftsmanship. I’ve loved this bite since I was a child. You can try it too.”

“I’m not hungry.” Ye Cheng avoided his hand, but his stomach growled.

How could he eat at night, and now his stomach started to strike.

Lu Xiao laughed loudly, so scared that Ye Cheng quickly blushed and covered his mouth.

As a last resort, he took a sip from Lu Xiao’s hand. He didn’t expect it to taste really good, and even he, who didn’t like sweets, found it delicious.

But sweets are sweets after all, and Ye Cheng got tired of it after a few bites.

But there is a kind of hunger that makes your husband think you are hungry.

Lu Xiao heard his stomach growl and insisted on sharing the rest of the white fungus porridge with him.

Ye Cheng was almost vomited by the greasy smell, and he resisted saying that he didn’t want to eat it.

In order to “coax the disobedient wife to have a good meal”, Lu Xiao suggested that they guess their fists, and whoever wins will drink a mouthful of white fungus porridge.

“Why don’t you drink when you lose?” Ye Cheng said, “I don’t want to drink at all, okay?”

Lu Xiao is fluent in kindness: “Okay, let’s drink if you lose, come on.”

He rolled up his sleeves and held out his right hand with great interest.

Ye Cheng: “…you’re so boring, can you drink it yourself?”

“No, darling, don’t make trouble.”


So the two of them were rock-paper-scissors, and whoever lost would take a mouthful of Tremella porridge, one after another, to finish the bottle.

Ye Cheng was full, and felt that he was about to vomit when he touched his stomach.

“I’m going back to bed, good night.” He dragged his body and stood up.


Lu Xiao tugged at the corner of his clothes: “Let’s continue to guess the boxing. If you win, I will sleep with you in the ancestral hall. If you lose, sleep with me in the ancestral hall.”

Ye Cheng finally couldn’t bear it anymore, and in front of the ancestors, he gave their little great-grandson a kick, “Go away!”

Early the next morning, before the chickens in the cage were crowing, the sound of “huhuhuhuhu” sounded outside.

Ye Cheng opened her eyes sleepily, knowing that Lu Jinnan was running in the morning.

When he first moved into the old house, he didn’t know Lu Jinnan’s habit.

I had to get up early that day because of the guests at home. He was tossed too much the night before. After brushing his teeth with his eyes closed in the morning, he was forced to drink milk by Lu Xiao.

Ye Cheng didn’t like drinking milk at first, and her rebellious heart was faintly moving. When Lu Xiao turned around, she pushed open the window angrily and poured the milk down.

The consequences can be imagined. As soon as Lu Jinnan walked out of the door, a head of milk was poured on him.

In the cold winter and twelfth lunar month, Lu Jinnan ran around the yard in a tunic suit.

When he ran to the door of the ancestral hall, he stopped to see his precious grandson.

Lu Jinnan pushed open the door and stepped in, only to see his grandson lying on the blanket, sleeping on his back, drooling, and cake crumbs on the corners of his mouth.

On the navy blue coat, a few pieces of white fungus porridge solidified.

Lu Xiao turned over, rolled under Lu Jinnan’s feet, tugged at his trousers and said, “I’m so sleepy, baby, sleep a little longer.”

Lu Jinnan: “…”

Five minutes later, chickens and dogs jumped in the yard.

Lu Jinnan took the branch he folded at random and ran after Lu Xiaoman’s yard.

“You stinky boy! I ask you to reflect, you are eating and drinking! And you are still having that nasty dream!”

“Grandpa! I was wrong! If you have something to say, don’t do it! I’ll go, how can you run so fast…”

Auntie stood by the door with a broom to watch the excitement, and greeted Ye Cheng, who had just come downstairs, with a smile: “Student Xiao Ye, wake up, Master is doing morning exercises. Would you like to come with me?”

Lu Yuelin rushed out of the room on the first floor, his mouth full of toothpaste, and asked while putting on his clothes, “What’s the matter? I heard the earth-shattering outside early in the morning.”

“Oh, old man, that’s a peach tree that I’ve been planting for almost ten years. Why don’t you beat it with a feather duster?” Master Qiao in the kitchen squatted beside him with a big belly and said regretfully.

After some uproar, in the tea room.

Lu Xiao lowered his hands obediently and knelt down in front of Lu Jinnan.

Ye Cheng stood aside awkwardly, not knowing what to do.

Lu Yuelin probed his head at the door, and was thrown out by Lu Jinnan with a teapot, “Go away!”

The tea room was quiet again.

Ye Cheng secretly touched Lu Xiao with his foot, signaling him to take the initiative to admit his mistake.

Lu Xiao looked stubborn and turned his head away angrily.

Seeing this scene, Lu Jinnan’s eyes became deeper.



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